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5 Things I’m Loving This Week (my first time golfing + more!)

Speaking at Business Boutique

1. The Business Boutique Event in Phoenix

I flew to Phoenix last week for a few days to speak at the Business Boutique — a new event for women entrepreneurs from the Dave Ramsey team. It was a BLAST!

Not only did I love getting to meet so many amazing women and be inspired by other incredible speakers, I also was so honored to have the opportunity to share about a subject I’m intensely passionate about: monetizing your online platform.

{You can watch a short video clip from my interview on multiple streams of income and simple ways to make money online here. If you’re looking for more step-by-step help, be sure to sign up for my free 5-day course on How I Make a Full-Time Income From Home.}

Psst! If you live anywhere near Dallas, there are still a few tickets left for this weekend’s event! 3 reasons you should come:

1) It’s one of the most actionable and inspirational events for women in business I’ve ever attended.

2) It’s only $99 (that’s a STEAL for all the info you’ll take away from it!)

3) I’ll be speaking there — and I’d LOVE to meet you!

5 Things I'm Loving This Week

2. Hot Weather & Quiet By the Pool

While in Phoenix, I got to enjoy some time soaking up the sun and quiet by the pools at the hotel we were staying at. I ended up getting to swim a little all three days I was there. This was exciting and unexpected since I’m usually so busy at speaking events that all I get to do is speak, meet with people, eat, blog, and sleep. But this event had a little down time for speakers built in which was such a blessing and I soaked every bit of it up.

5 Things I'm Loving This Week

3. Golfing With Friends

After the conference was over, the four of us (me + two of our team + a friend) headed to Top Golf for a really fun evening. We laughed until we cried while playing the Wii, had yummy food, and I golfed for the very first time. (Yes, for real!)

I actually wasn’t half as bad as I thought I’d be at golf. In fact, I surprised myself by how much I loved it!

A book I've been loving

4. Colors of Goodbye book

On the flights to and from Phoenix, I read most of this book. It’s beautiful, heart-warming, touching, and inspiring.

It’s the story of walking through great loss and pain and seeing the beauty in the middle of the brokenness. Have you read it?

5 Things I'm Loving This Week

5. Milano Cookies

I woke up 4:45 am PST the first morning of the conference (thanks, time change!) and was so hungry but I didn’t have any food in my room other than the overpriced items in the hotel room mini bar and Milano cookies I had picked up at the store the night before for a special on-the-road snack. Guess what I chose to eat to hold me over until breakfast?? The cookies, of course!

So much for the post I wrote last week about food being fuel and making sure you fuel your body well… I guess I’ll make an exception. Because every once in awhile, it’s okay to have store bought cookies for breakfast. Especially when they are your very favorite in all the world cookies! 🙂

What are YOU loving this week? Tell us in the comments.


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  • Your five things are always so inspiring! The event sounds amazing & I love that they built in down time for the speakers. The Dave Ramsey team knows how to take care of their people!

    Here are my 5 things:

    1) Only working 2 days per week. These are long days (10-13 hours each) but it’s been so nice to have five 5 days off every week!

    2) Time to write. I’ve been making it a priority to slow down enough to write & read from my Bible before anything else on my non-office days and I’ve been so encouraged by how much the little minutes each morning add up!

    3) Running outside!

    4) My home declutter project. We’re on track to have our entire home 100% decluttered by next Thursday!

    5) The anticipation of a full day of one-on-one fun with each child individually during the next couple of weeks.

    Have a beautiful week with your precious family, Crystal!

  • Victoria says:

    Every time I see that brand of cookies in the grocery store I think of you! Oh and glad you enjoyed some time in the sun and pool.

    5 Things I am LOVING this week

    1. My husband joined me on an hour long bike ride to our favorite BBQ place. It shocked me he usually always turns down my invites to bike instead of drive some where. We had an amazing time too.

    2. Sun between the clouds. This is the only way to put a positive spin on the Indiana weather right now.

    3. Almost being done a school year.

    4. Time to start another school year. We are not taking summer break this year but I am super excited about because I know the reason why we are not and it makes it all worth it.

    5. Chocolate and Peanut Butter. Enough said!

  • I’ve never been to a top golf before, but I’m going while I’m in Dallas this weekend. 🙂 I look forward to it because I hear it isn’t like your usual golf place. It is funny you’ve never played before. Every youth group I’ve ever been a part of have gone mini-golfing at one time or another. I thought it was a right of passage as a teenager. Lol…we’ll just put that in the category of firsts, like learning about the teenage mutant ninja turtles. 😀

    Hope your week rocks, Crystal!

    • I’ve been mini golfing lots of times, but this was actual golf — with real golf clubs and where you had to actually use a good stance and swing or you would never score any points! Well, okay, so it was a lot more fun than actual golf in my estimation… since it wasn’t a huge course and the balls are all micro chipped and the score is kept electronically on a screen at your booth… but it was a LOT different than mini golf!

  • Kirstin says:

    I loved The ONE Thing by Keller and Papasan. I saw it on the recommended reading list in the back of Money Making Mom (which is great, too).

  • It was a hard week in our house. Both my husband and I got strep and one of our youngest had an ear infection. It took some real determination to choose happy and choose joy when I felt so icky! But I did find things that brought me joy!

  • cheryl says:

    1. Meeting with the pastor, husband, daughter and I as she prepared her faith statement for her confirmation at church this Sunday (she’s 13) We are so proud of her as she’ll go before the church and speak, such a beautiful, young lady.
    2. Making homemade Rhubarb apple crisp last night, the rhubarb was from our garden. It was delicious! (with ice cream)
    3. Enjoying my working out at the gym I joined last November-it has been fun and beneficial to my physical and mental well being!
    4. Fresh cut lilacs from our garden!
    5. Hugs from the kids this week!

  • Kariane says:

    This week I’m loving rain and thunderstorms. I know the heat of summer is just around the corner, so I’m enjoying the cool, nourishing rain while it’s here. And the opportunity to talk science with my boys? That’s always fun. I wrote about it here:

  • Traci says:

    I never thought I’d enjoy golf – until my husband and I started taking lessons. We wanted to have something to do to spend time together and we are both active. Golf ended up being perfect! We aren’t that great, but we love playing different courses and getting that one-on-one time together.
    1. Homemade blackberry cheesecake – it was delicious!
    2. Just started reading Finding Spiritual Whitespace – loving it so far
    3. Started working on writing my fiction book again. I’m going to finish it!
    4. Started my new homeschool website – we are new to this and will be starting this fall. So excited!
    5. Spending time together as a family since my husband works out of town a lot.

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