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5 Things I’m Loving This Week (+ my baby turned 7 this week!!)

5 Things I'm Loving THis Week

1. Ice Cream & Learning to Live Life in Color

I took the kids to Sonic and almost didn’t get anything for myself (I rarely do when I take the kids for a treat.), but then I remembered #TheHappinessDare… And the fact that I’m working on not talking myself out of things I might love just because they seem like an unneeded spontaneous splurge (never mind the fact that it’s less than $3 and I had plenty of Blow Money left in my envelope from the past two months.)

So I ordered this Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Waffle Cone Sundae — much to the surprise of my entire family. And I loved every bite! I’m 34 years old and I feel like I’m finally figuring out what it feels like to live life in color!

5 Things I'm Loving This Week

2. If by Mark Batterson

I love Mark Batterson’s books and If is no exception. I’ve been underlining, re-reading sections, and sharing quotes with multiple people. I’m only 6 chapters in, but I think it’s going to prove to be an excellent read.

5 Things I'm Loving This Week

3. My Birthday Boy

This boy turned 7 this week!! For his Birthday Date with mom he chose to go walk around downtown Franklin, check out the new candy store, get crepes at one of my favorite coffee shops, and get ice cream.

Two things you may have picked up on: 1) he loves sweets (wonder where he could have gotten that from??) 2) he’s a huge KC Royals fan.

I love this boy, though it is weird to think that my baby is turning 7 and the season of “littles” is officially over. Even on the hard mothering days, I’m so grateful for the honor of being a #boymom.

Silas, you have captured my heart. I love that you still love to snuggle with me, that you say when you grow up and get married you’re going to live down the street from us, that you have such witty comebacks, that you are so scheduled and like to always have a plan, that you amaze us with your math skills, that you are so driven to excellence in baseball, that you have such a sweet heart toward your sisters, that you have endless energy, and that you learned how to read this year!!!

I can’t wait to see how God is going to use your life in powerful ways for His glory in the future. I love you, Si!!

5 Things I'm Loving THis Week

4. Facebook Live

I’ve been testing out Facebook Live over the past few weeks and I’m starting to really, really like it. I don’t have plans to walk away from Periscope, but I’m loving learning a new live video platform — especially because it’s allowing me to connect with new people in a new way!

5 Things I'm Loving This Week

5. My Little Baseball Player

I’m SO proud of this boy for making the 6-year-old All Star Team! The All Star game was tonight and he gave it his all… Which means he’s now covered in dirt, sweat, and bruises. And he couldn’t be happier!

What are YOU loving this week? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Dee Wolters says:

    #3 daughter graduated from college yesterday. 3 of my 4 college + age kids are home- #4 is overseas. Trying to savor each and every moment with each of them as the visit is short, before they all head back for summer jobs, internships, etc.
    I miss the days they would all snuggle up next to or in my lap for read aloud time after lunch, and rocking them to sleep. But being their adult friend is pretty cool too.

  • Happy Birthday to Silas! My oldest turned 7 on April 30. It’s hard to believe he’s already so big!

  • Kariane says:

    I love that you’re finding what little things make you happy as you go through your day. I feel like I’m rediscovering that too.

    This week I’m feeling blessed to have big feelings, even when they’re incredibly difficult. I wrote about it here:

  • Jessica says:

    Well, what I am *NOT* loving is my sinus infection, out of control allergies and the nasal polyp that I absolutely did not request for Mother’s Day! After spending my Mother’s Day afternoon at urgent care and then the pharmacy, my husband took the kids to a playground so I could have peace and quiet. I am loving that at least! I had multiple surgeries 2 1/2 years ago on my nose and sinuses – septoplasty, turbinate reduction, removal of a sinus tumor, and remodeling of my left and right ethmoid and maxillary sinuses. This is the worst infection I’ve had since the surgeries.

    I am loving the handmade gift my 5 year old son made me for Mother’s Day and the ceramic platter my 3 year old painted in preschool art class! My son filled in this card and under “Mom spends most of her time …”, he completed it with “nitting and croshaying” 🙂

    I am also loving a new little knitting pattern I found from Lion Brand’s website: Prayer Squares. It’s a little knitted square with the same idea as a prayer shawl but it’s small, fits into your pocket and you can knit one up in an hour. You can attach a little card with a prayer or positive thought when you give it to its recipient.

  • Rosanna says:

    Happy Birthday to Silas! My baby boy turned 6 this week!
    Things I’m loving this week:
    #1. Being able to turn my attitude around this mother’s day by texting a whole bunch of other mother’s and wishing them “Happy Mother’s Day.”
    #2. Weather that is so warm it feels like summer
    #3. Reading more often, as I’m working on switching up my schedule.

  • Victoria says:

    LOVE the waffle cone!

    5 Things I am loving this week….
    1. A very relaxing weekend: I had to PLAN for it to happen which seems ironic but it was just what I needed.
    2. Freshly planted flowers in new planter boxes (made by my hubby’s hands).
    3. A LONG solo bike ride Friday afternoon.
    4. A good book and the time to finish it in just 2 days.
    5. A rainy day to cuddle up under blankets and get some blogging work done.

  • Here’s what I’m loving this week:

    Thanks for encouraging us to look for the good and choose joy!

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