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5 Easy Ways to Save Money as a New Mom

New mom on a budget? Save money with these 5 simple tips!

Guest post from Heather of Happy Humble Home:

Becoming a mom is exciting for so many reasons. You created a person! Life doesn’t get much more amazing than that.

But being a new mom can also be challenging for your finances.

There’s a new person in your family. And that person is going to need some stuff! Between diapers, nursery supplies, and all the adorable baby outfits, the cost of your new bundle of joy can really add up.

These 5 easy ways to save money as a new mom will help you to stop stressing about costs and focus on the important things – like snuggling with your little one!

1. Graciously accept hand-me-downs.

Hand-me-downs are a win-win for everyone involved.

Moms love to pass their gently used baby stuff on to new moms. They have paid for baby items that may have only been used a few times and they love for those things to get used again for another child in their lives. And the mom receiving the hand-me-downs gets free baby stuff!

Except for a few special outfits, all of my 5 month old’s clothes are hand-me-down. Some close friends of ours were moving away and gave us all of their baby boy clothes from newborn to 2T. The clothes were beautiful and barely used! I was so excited that I was raving to a friend about it and that reminded her that she had a bunch of baby clothes she was hanging on to and she offered me hers too.

Another close friend of mine passed down her Ergo 360! That saved me $180 that I was able to spend on something else I needed for my little guy.

This doesn’t mean that you have to go around asking your friends and family for their leftover baby goods. Just casually mention that you’re so grateful for the hand-me-downs you’ve received and I’ll bet you end up with a closet full of previously-loved baby loot.

2. Buy used.

If you aren’t able to collect enough hand-me-down baby clothes, buying used is the next best thing. There are many consignment and thrift stores dedicated to recycling baby items. Even if you don’t generally buy used in other areas of your life, used baby clothes are the way to go!

Just think about how quickly babies outgrown their clothing. Many outfits only get worn once or twice. So, many of the clothes in these second-hand stores are really almost new.

You will probably find a ton of other hardly-used treasures in your local thrift stores as well. From baby carriers to strollers, or even baby swings, the possibilities are endless!

3. Buy in bulk

Think about all those baby things that you feel like you’re using a million of. Those are the things you should be buying in bulk.

Diapers, wipes, and formula are a good place to start. But don’t stop there! Think about household supplies that you use every day and go through quickly, like laundry detergent, too.

There is a larger upfront cost to buy the bulk sized item but over time you’ll have significant savings.

Buying in bulk will also mean less shopping trips, which is always a big perk for a new mama who is adjusting to shopping with baby in tow.

4. Take advantage of rewards programs

There are so many rewards programs out there! From diapers to formula, and even baby clothes, there is a rewards program for just about everything you buy for baby.

Huggies and Pampers both have rewards programs that let you earn you free diapers just for entering a little code that comes inside your diaper box.

Similac and Enfamil both send you free boxes of formula in the mail when you sign up for their rewards, plus you get great money saving coupons in the mail.

There are several baby clothing stores that offer valuable rewards programs too. Carter’s, Gymboree, and The Children’s Place all over rewards once you spend a certain amount.

If you’re buying all those baby supplies without participating in the rewards program, you are missing out on free baby stuff that could save you tons!

5. Think long-term.

When you’re deciding on those big-ticket baby items, think about how you will repurpose to reuse them in the future.

If you’re planning to have more children, you want to be able to keep using those big items again for all your future little ones.

So, aim to purchase quality products in gender neutral designs.

Of course, there’s no rule that says you can’t use a pink crib for a boy. But you are much more likely to actually reuse things that are gender neutral.

Stick with grey, white, aqua, red, or yellow. These colors usually work regardless of the child’s gender.

You also want to consider ways that you can reuse a baby product for the same child.

Many baby products are convertible and can grow with your child, like cribs, strollers, and car seats. The initial investment in these items is a little higher, but they’ll save you in the long run when you don’t have to replace something that your child has quickly grown out of.

Now start saving!

These money-saving strategies can definitely bring you huge savings – but only if you actually use them! Soon, you’ll be enjoy being a new mom without having to stress over how much it costs.

Heather is the founder of Happy Humble Home, where she helps women take control of their finances and have fun being frugal. Heather struggled financially for years before she finally learned how to save money without suffering. Now, she is passionate about sharing her frugal tips with women who need them.

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  • These are all such great ideas! I love #4 – take advantage of rewards programs. I always seem to forget about all the free things that you can get, this was a much-needed reminder. 🙂

  • Diane says:

    Cloth diapers and wipes, getting good breastfeeding support and advice, and making your own baby food save money , too. I had a very difficult time nursing several babies so I’m not ignorant that it can be hard, but many problems can be worked through.

    • Great tips, Diane! I’ve just started making my own baby food – it’s so easy and so affordable!

    • Beth says:

      Definitely on making your own baby food! You can make big batches and then freeze it into ice cubes or muffin tins (or silicone cups) to have a variety to choose from. You can even put the ice cube baby foods in a tub to go if you’re heading somewhere that has a microwave. (Just, as always, when you warm it up make sure there’s no hot spots in the food from the microwave.) As much as possible try to stay away from baby convenience foods – they’re expensive and sometimes they teach kids to be picky because they don’t get experience eating what everyone else is eating.

  • Tricia says:

    I definitely agree with #1. My coworkers pretty much clothed my child for the first six months of his like. It was such a money saver!

  • Alicia says:

    I love hand me downs! I have 4 boys, and we save all their clothes for the next boy in line. We also have several friends that have offered us their hand me downs. Its such a blessing!

  • Charlotte says:

    My boys grew up in hand me downs. I bought little more than underwear, socks and shoes until they were in high school. My baby furniture was even loaned by family members.

    Unfortunately, I’m seeing more and more not willing to give or loan things. They are wanting to sell things.

    • All the way to high school? That is incredible!! I personally have experienced a lot of generosity with hand-me-downs but I’m sure it depends on the people who are surrounding you.

      • Charlotte says:

        Heather, I had several people that gave me hand me downs and often given away many they didn’t wear. Then……..they grew taller and bigger than most of them. Sad day. lol

  • Beth says:

    It also might help to talk to mom’s of 2 or more kids to find out what bigger items are actually “needed” or most valued. Or if possible, even borrow an item to see if you like it before purchasing one. Swings can be lifesavers for some but for others they take up lots of room and don’t get used much. We found a rock n play to be better than a swing for us because it was portable. My sister is going to borrow a certain (and more expensive) type of nursing pillow from me before she gets her own to decide if she likes it. Clearing off the top of a dresser can make a great changing table. We put baby items in closet shoe hangers when my second was first born and sharing a room with us. After he was bigger (and not as messy with diaper changes) we just used a waterproof pad on whatever surface was convenient rather than a changing table (that we didn’t have room or money for.) My sister and I swap car seats because our oldests are staggered in age.

  • Tracy says:

    Where I live there is a government program WIC. It really helps out families who could use some help when expecting a new family member it is available for pregnant women and their kids until the kids turn 5. I was part of this and I only had to buy on my own about 2 cans of formula during my son’s life. This was a huge blessing for me.

  • Jennifer says:

    Baby hand me downs are the best thing in the world! Also, they just grow so darn the fast the first couple of years they aren’t in any one size long enough to wear stuff out!

    A bit off topic–anyone buying baby shower gifts–try not to bury a new mom in all zero to three month size baby clothes. I was given some really adorable outfits for my son through a long distance shower–its a long story–but at least a third of the clothes were zero to three months, which my son was too big for at birth!

  • Jessica says:

    Garage sales, mom-to-mom sales (like mothers of twins sales) and church rummage sales are how I outfitted my children until their school years, and even partly through those still! My 11 year old now, it’s harder to find things second-hand for her.

    I like the sales that are “fill a bag for $5” or whatever. I can cram a lot of baby clothes into a bag!

    The thrift stores near me aren’t very “thrifty” – prices sometimes higher on used tees or onesies than Target sells them at brand-new! So I always turned to rummage sales and mom-to-mom and garage sales first.

  • Great tips! I love the idea of a mom-to-mom sale!!

  • Kristen says:

    Some great tips here! Thanks for sharing. I find it strange that breastfeeding wasn’t mentioned though. That can definitely be a money saver! Especially now that most insurances will cover a pump and supplies.

  • Aw! I’m sure that will happen to me at some point too! But I’m stocked up for the next few years at least. 🙂

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