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4 Weeks to a More Organized Home: Assignment #19 Update

So, um, I have more windows than I realized. And today’s assignment was a doozy. Sorry, everyone, don’t ask me what I was thinking!

While cleaning windows today, I couldn’t help but think that it sure would be nice to be back in our first apartment that only had one window and one sliding glass door. There were definitely some perks to living in a tiny place — namely, cleaning was a breeze! 🙂

The windows weren’t all that dirty and, gratefully, the few window treatments we have are newer, so I skipped the laundering part. I did find a nice layer of dust on the top trim of each window.

Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever dusted up there — unless I did the week we moved in. Gulp!

So yes, it was good to get those cleaned, even if I was sort of whining at myself for assigning it today. 🙂

And when I got in the cleaning rags basket to get some rags to tackle this project, I noticed it needed to be thinned out.

So here’s my final pile of 7+ things to get rid of this month.

And now I’m off to bed — probably to dream about cleaning windows. 😉

How did you do on Assignment #19? I’d love to have you share your progress and success with us so we can be inspired. Either post a link to your blog post below or leave a comment with your update.

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  • Kristin says:

    I think my house started in a different state than yours. My husband has been laughing as he watches me do things like move the couches to clean underneath them when there are four bins of laundry to fold and papers stacked high on the kitchen counter & my desk and randomness in every corner of almost every room. I guess he thinks I should work on taking my Christmas Village display down before tackling areas no one sees. Oh well, I have still enjoyed following along even if I have another month (or more) of work to do to “get organized”. My home is definitely much more organized than before, and I have had no trouble finding 7 things to get rid of every day. My husband & I are going to see how long we can keep finding 7 things day. 🙂

    • Erin says:

      It will be May 1 on Tuesday! I want to challenge you to take down ALL Christmas decorations this weekend. What on earth are you waiting for? If you have to dust any holiday decorations, they’ve been left out for too long, IMO. 😉 You can do it! Good luck!

      • Kristin says:

        🙂 I usually leave my holiday village up on the mantle until February because I like to look at it and it seems a shame to only have it out for a couple weeks. All of my other decorations are put away, but I have enjoyed looking at it a little longer this year. I’ll put it on my to do list for 4/30 and get it down before May 🙂

        • Meagan says:

          OK, so now I don’t feel too bad that I still have a St Patrick’s day tablecloth on my dining room table 🙂

  • Kelly Logan says:

    Love that cleaning rag label =) This assignment definitely sounded easier said than done!

  • September says:

    This is probably not the place to admit this but I don’t wash my own windows; I have just shy of 50 windows in my house and I have a lady who comes in with a small crew and cleans the windows and frames for $1.50/window. I can sacrifice in lots of ways to justify spending around $75 to save the amount of time it would take me to clean that many by myself.

    • Heather says:

      Why wouldn’t it be the place?! Good for you!! Crystal has said plenty of times that she has help and you shouldn’t feel ashamed if you have help, too!!

  • Shelly says:

    I have really tired arms from all the cleaning of my blinds. But I am sure glad it is done. I did have a mishap or two. One blind broke when I was cleaning it. I also decided since I had washed my curtains a few times I thought it would be safe to throw them all into one load.
    Well my daughters curtains bleed onto my living room curtains so I now have cream colored valance with a greenish blue tie dyed spots. I even had a sample shout color catcher I could have used. Now I wish I had thought of it.

  • Cleaning the blinds are the most neglected task for me. It’s a lot of work and takes me hours to finish. Good for you for finishing it!

  • Julie says:

    there are some good aspects of living in a small house! so glad i only had blinds on three windows, roman shades on two that don’t come off, and just two valances each in both kids rooms! hard, but easy!

  • Today’s job did take a while but I am glad I did it. The windows looks amazing. Can’t wait to see what the final assignments will be!

  • Diana says:

    I did that assignment the day you assigned baseboards…I just went on the attack that day! So instead today I did some e-cleaning. Adding to the donate/sell pile any old electronics, chargers, connection pieces…and e-cleaning thru email/blog accounts! Who would have thought that would take longer than the windows!

  • April says:

    I dont have a lot of windows and I just washed all the curtains a little over a week ago 🙂

    only the kitchen and bathroom have mini blinds(the rest have the blackout curtains with regular curtains) so it didnt take too long to clean.

    as for my 7 things, I took out 1 large garbage bag of things from our back storage room, I have 8 boxes Im taking to recycling today, I tossed a bag of expired cookie mix, a jar of baby food, and a somehow opened container of frosting, and put 4 coats in the donation bag(to be dropped off today)

  • Melissa says:

    We had mini-blinds on all our windows when we first moved in 10+ years ago. After trying to keep them clean; both dusting and deep washing occasionally (in the bathtub, hanging on clothesline to dry) I decided they are not worth the upkeep.

    I have replaced all of them with insulated curtains and shades (from Country Curtains). All are washable and of high quality.

    Plus it keeps the heat out in the summer and cold out in the winter.

  • Jennifer says:

    I can’t believe that the box of rags you have was (since you’ve cleaned it out) considered small. I have four folded stacks of old hand towels & wash clothes in our linen closet that are designated ‘rags’ – and that’s after cleaning out half of them a few months ago (realizing we don’t need that many). Wow!

  • Alissa DeLucio says:

    Crystal, I love the tag on your cleaning rag basket. How did you make it? I am working on prepping my house for me to stay at home in the near future, I have a stash of cleaning tags but they just sit on a shelf right now. I would like to do something similar to your basket. Thanks!

    • Alissa DeLucio says:

      *cleaning rags…i guess I can’t type this morning…haha!

    • Crystal says:

      My assistant is the artistic one (and a label queen!). She made labels for all our baskets and bins one week when I was gone — just because she loves labeling things! 🙂 I think she used scrapbook tags, wrote on them, laminated them, and then tied a ribbon on them.

  • Meredith says:

    I totally struck out with this assignment! I got home from work, planning to tackle some of it, but just didn’t do it. Oh well, now it’s on my weekend list. I’ll be glad when it’s done!

  • Ace1234 says:

    To make it more enjoyable, listen to “Cleaning Windows” by Van Morrison…. the original version is best in my opinion. He sings about musicians he’s heard while he’s outside working as a window cleaner and part of the refrain is “I’m happy cleaning windows.”

    Now I just need to go clean my windows… 🙂

  • Danielle Hull says:

    I cannot imagine getting rid of cleaning rags! We go through all of our rags in 3 days or less, just cleaning up spills! Though I have been encouraged to get rid of items, like the potato masher I never use! Still de-cluttering from my days of acquiring “stuff” I thought I needed.

    • Christy Carden says:

      We have a ton and although I do a load of laundry a day, they are often all dirty! I do use my potatoe masher though.

  • rose says:

    what is the best thing to use to clean windows i tried paper towels newspapers store bought window cleaners vinegar and water they still look so streaked after cleaning and i have alot of large windows for view out to lake help!!!!!

  • Camille says:

    I feel like a real slacker with this project. After reading down through the comments it seems maybe I should ditch the miniblinds. I live in town though and I like the way they filter the light and offer privacy. Something to think about I guess.

    • Lori says:

      We use rice paper window film on our kitchen window. We bought it at home depot. You can probably find it at any one of a number of big box stores. Offers privacy, doesn’t diminish the light, and cleans up just like a plain window.

  • MonicaBerry says:

    We didn’t get very far yet, but I’m glad to be getting back in the game after a long hiatus from this challenge:

  • I am finding this day to be super hard. It has taken me now 5 days and I am still working on completing it! Laundering the curtains, and cleaning the blinds, windows, etc. How do you get all of this done in one day? I am also finding that getting rid of 7 items per day is pretty easy! Something that I should probably keep doing!

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