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3 Books I Read Last Week + What I Plan to Read This Week

3 Books I Read This Week

3 Books I Read Last Week

The Grain-Free Table — This book showed up in my mailbox as a gift from the author and I was really impressed with it overall. Some of the recipes were too complicated or too time-consuming to be ones I would be interested in making (I’m all about keeping it simple!), but I picked out at least 20 different recipes from it that look like ones we’d like to try. I also found the author’s personal story in the book quite compelling.

The Anxiety Cure — As someone who struggles with anxiety during different seasons of life, I’m on a mission to learn more about it and what I can do to help prevent or minimize it. I read Sleep: It Does a Family Good by Archibald Hart two years ago and learned so much from it that I picked up this title to check it out, too.

I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I did his book on sleep just because it felt more like a psychology textbook at times and it also seemed a bit dated (for instance, referring to being able to order a cassette tape from the author, etc.). However, it did have some good nuggets in it — especially on the topics of stress and worry — and it caused me to step back and examine my own life and consider changes I could make to have more peace and minimize anxiety in my life.

From This Day Forward — I saw an article about this book on Ann Voskamp’s site and was intrigued so I picked up a copy of this. I really wanted to like it because the writing was funny and many parts of it had great advice. However, I was bothered that it felt like they were using fear of divorce as a motivation for why you should follow their advice, not that it would result in a strong marriage — oneness in your relationship and the wonderful blessings that come from that.

4 Books I’m Reading This Week:

Lizzy & Jane — I just started this and, so far, I’ve found it really engaging!

The Cricket in Times Square — I’m reading this to the kids right now and we’re about halfway through it. They’ve all enjoyed it and beg for me to read more chapters each — which is always a good sign!

Long Walk to Freedom & Kaffir Boy — I’m working through these as I seek to understand more about South African history.

What did you read this past week? Any must-read book recommendations?

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  • Abby says:

    I just finished reading Wreckage by Emily Bleeker. It was one of those books that I raced to finish because it was so good, but when I was done I missed the characters. It’s one of the best books I’ve read in a while.

  • Stephanie says:

    I really enjoyed Lizzy and Jane! The relationships are well developed and I loved the story.

  • Amber J says:

    Marriage Matters by Winston T Smith. Truely outstanding. More than a marriage book, it challenges you personaly in your relationship with Christ.

  • Jenni says:

    I had tge anxiety cure on my list, but had forgotten about it until you mentioned it a few weeks ago. I felt the same way as you did. But I also got a few nuggets, the biggest was the idea of a slow transition time after stress. I’ve been implementing this at night with my own strategy, particularly on “one of those days” kinda days. It’s helped tons! A warm lavender bath, some extra time in prayer, and some streching really brings peace. I can then spend a nice evening with my husband instead of venting and crying to him the whole time!

  • Victoria says:

    I finished $10 Great Dates last week and really enjoyed it. There were a lot of great ideas for inexpensive and meaningful dates in it. It inspired me to try a few new ones out (once the weather warms up since most of the ones I like involved outdoor activities). This week it took me a while to settle in on a book but finally I got into “The Antelope In The Living Room” and I love it. Just as good as the author’s first book “Sparkly Green Earnings” I am just one chapter in and already had 3 laughing fits.

    • I laughed out loud multiple times in The Antelope in the Living Room. Her style is different, but I really enjoyed it — especially because there was a lot I felt I could relate to!

  • Diane says:

    I just started James Herriot animal stories for children with my 5 yr old. Most of the reading I do is reading aloud with my kids right now although I love to read myself, too.

  • Crystal, I took your recommendation this week and ordered the 5 Love Languages, and so for Valentine’s Day I’ll be reading it, to hopefully “speak” more with my husbands feeling in mind! As for my monthly reading list, I’m half way done, and thus far have really loved “Worry Less, So You Can Live More,” by Jane Rubietta; as well my other books can be seen here

  • Laura says:

    I have also dealt with anxiety myself, and in each of my three daughters at different points in their life. A book that we have found helpful is “The Worry Cure: Seven Steps to Stop Worry from Stopping You” by Robert L. Leahy. It focuses on real, practical steps and thought patterns that can start helping almost immediately. Honestly, I’m unsure whether anyone I’ve suggested this book to has read the entire book, because at some point they just find that one piece of information or suggestion that starts making the difference for them.

  • Guest says:

    Thank you for being honest about your struggles with anxiety. Like you, I struggle with it at different seasons of life. For a long time, it was such a shameful thing for me. As a Christian, I should have enough faith to not be anxious, right? Over time I’ve come to realize that it’s a physiological struggle, a very (VERY) common one and that there’s nothing to feel ashamed about. I don’t like down on diabetics for not having enough faith to overcome their insulin problems. Why look down on myself for a very real struggle?

    So anyway, thank you for using the platform God has given you to say “Hey, I struggle with this and that’s okay. I’m a work in progress.” It’s much appreciated.

    • YES! This is such a great comment. And I’m so grateful that you’ve been able to work through your struggles and get to a place where you are not ashamed of them or feel you need to hide them.

  • Michele says:

    I read Kaiffer Boy as an assignment in junior high and again in college (though not as a requirement). It was a pretty transformative book for me. I think I will look to see if I still have my copy.

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