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Stop making excuses

Our treadmill wouldn’t fit into the room it’s supposed to go into in our new house without being taken apart (4 different guys tried getting it in on Saturday without taking it apart and it didn’t work).

We haven’t had time to make that happen yet, so instead, we set it up in the hallway for the time being so that I can still exercise until Jesse has a chance to take the treadmill apart and get it into the workout room.

Is it ideal, no. But it works and it means I’m getting in a run every day — even while we’re in the middle of getting settled into our new house.

It’s so easy to make excuses and not do something because the set up or conditions aren’t ideal. We can rationalize that we will get on a budget when we make more money. Or we say that we’ll invite people to come over for dinner when we have a more organized home. Or we’ll sign up for that workout class when we can start getting up earlier.

It’s so easy to make excuses and wait for perfect conditions. The truth is, the perfect conditions are probably not coming. So instead of pining away our life waiting for them, let’s just get up and start doing the best we can — creating a budget based upon our current salary, inviting a friend over for coffee and letting that motivate us to clean up a little bit, or setting our alarm clock earlier and going to bed earlier so we can actually make that early morning workout class.

No more excuses. Start today. Your conditions might never be ideal, but today is a great day to stop waiting around and starting doing some of those things you plan and hope to do in the future.