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My 25 Favorite Things to Buy at Dollar Tree

Ever wondered which $1 items at Dollar Tree are actually great deals and worth buying? This list of things to buy at Dollar Tree is SO helpful!

Last week, I shared a post on My 25 Favorite Things to Buy at ALDI and so many of you loved it that I thought I’d do a similar post on my favorite things to buy at Dollar Tree.

Here’s the thing about Dollar Tree, while everything in the store is truly only $1, not everything in the store is worth $1. Some things are GREAT deals. Some things are cheaply made and/or can be found easily for less than a dollar elsewhere. So when you shop there, remember this: just because it’s a store with great deals, doesn’t mean that everything in the store is a great deal.

For those of you who might not shop at Dollar Tree, I thought it would be fun for me to share some of my favorite things to buy at Dollar Tree.

1. Tissue paper

2. Wrapping paper and bows

3. Plastic serving trays and bowls (great for entertaining!)

4. Greeting cards (2 for $1!)

5. Plastic table cloths, silverware, cups, plates, napkins (these are great for parties and entertaining!)

6. Glow Sticks

7. Make-up (I usually only buy only brands I am familiar with, but I’ve had great success with buying lipstick and lipgloss from Dollar Tree.)

8. Pregnancy tests (yes, just $1 for real! And they work!)

9. Photo Frames

10. Beach Toys — great for when you are on vacation and forgot to bring beach toys or don’t want to bring them along with you!

11. Puzzles = super cheap entertainment for kids! And you don’t have to worry if they lose pieces! 😉

12. Party Supplies

13. Cheap Toys — we buy stock up on these for road trips or chore incentives. I will wrap them up and the kids get to open them and they love it! 🙂 {And yes, your kids might not be like mine and they might think that’s weird!}

14. Books — Most of these will be ones I’m not interested in, but you can usually find a few fantastic gems in the middle of all the junky titles! 🙂

15. Socks — They aren’t the highest quality, but they have two-packs for $1 for kids that we’ve purchased and had great experience with.

16. Waste Baskets

17. Flip Flops

18. Organizational Supplies

19. Hair Items

20. Spices & Seasonings

21. Plastic Wrap & Foil

22. Plastic Bags & Freezer Bags

23. Glassware & Mugs

24. Brooms

25. Sunglasses — yes, these are cheap, but they work great in a pinch!

Dollar Tree Shoppers: Do you agree with my list? Anything you would add or take off? I’d love to hear!

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  • Cortney says:

    Holiday decorations and stocking stuffers.
    Glow necklaces for when the kids play outside after dark.
    Note pads and pens
    Kitchen utensils and towels

  • Oh our family just loves going to the Dollar Tree! The kids are able to spend a few dollars of their own money and come out very happy. Our dollar tree also has name brand bread, and it’s usually more fresh than what I can get at our local grocery store! A lot of your favorites are also mine as well, and I always get all my gift bags from Dollar Tree. Thanks for sharing!

  • Lisa says:

    Reading glasses – great styles usually.

  • Caroni Lombard says:

    I have found that the make-up at Dollar Tree leaves much to be desired. I haven’t tried that much, but, for example, the mascara just makes a mess around my eyes.

  • Berna says:

    I definitely agree with your list especially the hair accessories, I have two girls and lose rubber bands like crazy and you get a bunch for a dollar, how can you go wrong. Sometimes I go overboard getting stuff. I also get the hand soap, detangle spray for girls, body wash, I hate spending so much on just one bottle at another store. But am picky on my shampoo and conditioner lol thanks

  • Margaret says:

    I agree with your list. I also like the hygiene things. The toothpaste and brush are very good Quality and toothpaste as well

  • dawn says:

    Yes your list is great! The snacks are a great deal. My kids love the Whales crackers. Sometimes you can get name-brand donuts too!

  • Rita says:

    I was charged with making amenities baskets for the bathrooms at my sons’ weddings. At the Dollar Tree, I was able to pick up meds, tampons, panty liners, nail files, lip balm, sewing kits, hair ties, combs, lint rollers, etc. They were a huge hit.
    And to comment about wrapping toys as incentives for the kids, I did this for my sons. And they’re now 39 & 35! Most of the toys were prizes from cereal boxes or mail-in promo items. But I also shopped for bargains anywhere I could. Dollar Tree was non-existent at the time, but there were other discount stores that fit the bill. I would wrap the toys in the comics section of the newspaper and put them in a big bowl at the top of the fridge. When the kids would do something good, they got to pick a package. Worked GREAT for potty training!!!

  • angela reyes says:

    your list is great,just to add the food section is also to find very good deala on spaguettis sauce,jambalayas rice in box and so dollar tree store.

  • Nicole J says:

    Excellent list!
    I always buy: minced garlic ( one kitchen shortcut that’s well worth it to me!)
    Faygo 3 L pop/soda for parties

  • After buying the Dollar Store flip flops, I use the “hanger” on them to put on the back of the car headrest and hang their plastic shopping bag for a car wastebasket.

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