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6 Companies That Will Pay You for Taking Online Surveys

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Surveys are a great way to make some extra income on the side! This is a great list of legitimate survey sites you can trust!

This list has been updated with new sign-up links!

Looking for something to do to earn a little extra side income or gift cards? You won’t get rich taking surveys, but they are a nice way to earn a little extra income on the side. This is something I enjoyed doing when Jesse was in law school, I had a lot of free time on my hands, and we had little money.

If you’re looking for legitimate survey companies to sign up with, here are a few to check out:

Pinecone Research: This is my personal favorite survey site. They pay $3 promptly for every survey completed. Go here and sign up to see if you qualify.

Swagbucks: The best part of this site is how easy it is to cash out. Save up your points if you want, or redeem for a $1, $3 or $5 Amazon Gift Card right away! Get paid $0.50 to $50 per survey, depending on how long it takes you, plus a $3 bonus for signing up. Swagbucks will also pay you to watch videos, try products, shop online, and even search the web. Go here to sign up.

MySurvey: This is a reputable survey site that I have used in the past and earned money from. You can redeem your points earned for cash or prizes, and every 1000 points equals $10. Go here to get started.

Ipsos i-Say: A reputable, global survey-based market research company that gives its community members a chance to provide opinions in exchange for survey points that earn you money. Earn towards gift cards to spend at your favorite places such as Starbucks, Amazon, Target, and more. Or just trade in for cash through prepaid VISA gift cards or Pay Pal funds! Go here to see if you qualify. (Spots fill up quickly and reset each month, so if you aren’t accepted, try back around the 1st of the next month!)

Opinion Outpost: Pays in point rewards for every completed survey. You can cash these in for instant win opportunities, sweepstakes, or cash. There are also opportunities to do free product testing. You can choose to get paid at $5 for an Amazon gift card or at $10 for cash. Go here to sign up.

Harris Poll: When you sign up for Harris Poll, you will receive 50 points to welcome you to the site. When you reach 1250 points, you can trade in for a $10 gift card. Most surveys take less than 15-20 minutes to complete and can be done from your mobile device. Go here to sign up.

What are your favorite legitimate survey companies? Tell us in the comments!

P.S. You can also sign up for Inbox Dollars where you’ll get paid to read emails, search the web, take surveys, and more. I loved earning free gift cards from Inbox Dollars when Jesse was in law school and I had a lot more time than money.

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  • Rochelle says:

    American Consumer Opinion. Easy to make $$ but not a ton of surveys (like toluna who bombards you!)

    • patricia says:

      I am going to try it.

    • Kelly says:

      Does anyone know of survey companies that are looking for the over 50 target demographic or parental surveys it child surveys? I can’t find them.

      • Debbie Oliver says:

        Apparently so I’ve been told there are no specific survey sites for the over 50 crowd. You simply have to hope for the best and hope you don’t get disqualified after spending 20 minutes on a survey only to have them disqualify you! I’ve signed up with C ashCrate, Inbox Dollars, Vindale, Earning Station Survey Junkie, just to name a few and hardly ever qualify. I’ve earned $16.72 with Inbox and that has taken almost a year!!! I m 64. I’ve even signed up with Focus Groups targeted at people over 55 and still get disqualified. It’s so discouraging.

    • Laura says:

      Instagc is by far my favorite site. There are tons of surveys, email sign ups, free sample offers, videos, etc. Once you earned enough (usually about $5) you can redeem for gift cards INSTANTLY. They also have pay pal and direct deposit. As a stay at home mom with a tight income, Instagc has been a godsend. It’s free to join, of course. Here is my referral link:

  • Erin says:

    Toluna is new to me! Thanks for sharing, I thought I knew them all.

    My fave is Survey Savvy. I’ve been with them since 2002 or 2003? This is the sign-up link Yes it’s a referral link, you can use it, or not 🙂 I’d refer them regardless of the link.
    I’ve always gotten paid, and the minimum to get paid is $1.00 I think?
    What I like about them is they also run focus groups in the San Diego area. I signed up to receive phone calls and get them. I have little ones at home so it doesn’t quite work out for me to attend right now, but they do pay well. They were looking for adult men once to attend a focus group about food, and I shared the info with a friend’s husband who was out of work and made $80 in 2 hours with them at the focus group.

    • helen says:

      heyy!! your comment got absolutely my attention because i am very interested and suspicious about surveysavvy simultaneously bcz i have to pay in the beginning to be able to take paid surveys and at the same time i don’t have clue about how they will send me surveys or how they will settle the payment..
      can you help me with this?? can you share your experience.. did yo pay 68$ membership fees? how did the work go?

      • ashley says:

        DO NOT TAKE SURVEYS FROM A COMPANY THAT REQUIRES YOU TO PAY UP FRONT!! I take survey’s with survey savvy and they never required me to pay anything. Are you sure it was survey savvy?

      • Erin says:

        I’ve never paid money to sign up with a survey company, please don’t. Legit ones don’t require you to pay, they pay you.
        I’ve never paid Survey Savvy anything, I’m not sure where you see the membership fees listed? Maybe that was a different company?

  • Ashley_P says:

    I like the surveys in InboxDollars. I just wish I qualified for more of them. But then, I don’t fit the typical demographic most surveys need anyway. Once I have a baby, I’ll probably qualify for more. Still, I do get 2 cents for each email I read. I’ve already gotten 1 check this year.

  • cheri says:

    I tried one survey company (don’t remember now which) they sent a reasonable amount of them my way, but I never qualified to take the entire survey…either I had to answer that someone in the household was gluten free or that I didn’t have senior pets or some other random question, and it would kick me out and tell me thanks, but you don’t qualify….got discouraged and gave up 🙁

    • Kentrell says:

      Okay thank you!!! 🙂

    • Kelly says:

      The surveys are based in target demographics. You DO get kicked out of slit of them. If you are 25-40 with a kid in a house and white you will find more of them want your opinion more than the next person. This is the target group. So people who make real money at this fall into that group naturally and do not know why the rest if us can’t make money doing this.
      Does anyone know of survey companies that are looking for the over 50 target demographic or parental surveys or child surveys? I can’t find them.

  • Emily says:

    I love Pinecone!!

    • kathie says:

      I have yet to complete a survey for Pinecone! I signed up and can’t log in with the ID and password that they gave me!!!!!!!

      • Chelsea Fletcher says:

        I know this is kind of an older comment, but just in case you haven’t gotten it resolved yet, just email the address that they have in the email/website. They have always answered me promptly whenever I email them with a question or concern. They should be able to fix the problem for you!! I love Pinecone too; definitely worth trying to have them fix it.

  • joyce says:

    i love myview, because you get 100 points even if you don’t qualify for the survey. most surveys aren’t very long. i just cashed in for a $25 target gift card! i did mysurvey for a very long time, but finally gave it up because the structure changed and it wasn’t nearly as profitable as it used to be.

    • Tina Dalasinski says:

      I use to be with them but since going through my divorce and not being online they closed my account and last I knew to sign up it was by refer only can I get a refer please I really liked the site.

    • Brenda S says:

      What is the secret to getting into Pinecone? I’ve been trying for years!!

  • Kathy says:

    I have a check on the way from inbox dollars. I enjoy the variety of activities you can do to earn cash. My current payout is $40 minus a few cents and I think I have been with them about 4-6 months. In fairness, I don’t do a ton of activities so I accumulate slowly. I like MyView because you get 100 points for each survey you do not qualify for after only a couple or so questions! I have not cashed out with them yet but my Dtr. Has and loves them as well. Thanks so much for the update.

  • Laressa says:

    Opinion Outpost is one I have been doing for the last 7 years (SEVEN! I had to look back through to see how long it was) I have made 260 dollars in that time (roughly 37 dollars a year). I like them because I seem to qualify for a lot of them, (I think I have made a lot of that money this last year) you can cash out at every ten dollars (into your paypal account) the pitfalls they send quite a few emails between 1-5 a day and if you don’t qualify you only get a sweeps entry and in 7 years I have never won anything. it just seems so easy to cash out .

    Also Parents Speak and Kidzeyes they are kind of together are GREAT. Kidzeyes is for kids ages 6 and up and my daughter loves taking her surveys she gets 2 to 3 a month and they make money very fast usually 1 to 3 dollars per survey and then they get their very own check in the mail. We LOVE it! It’s usually about an ad or a new two we have done commercial watching , kid food package designs a lot of fun she made $33 dollars in her first year. She was thrilled

    • Chris says:

      I belong to Pinecone, Opinion Outpost, Valued Opinions, and Toluna.

      Pinecone – Great site. Surveys maybe 1-2 a week and fast $3 payment. They changed their payouts and now you get points on a reward page, but you can still request PayPal on there. I do quite a few product tests for them as well and they’re easy.

      Opinion Outpost – Been a member for maybe 5 years. Used to be better. I don’t qualify for maybe 50% of the surveys now. One month it was 9 in a row that I didn’t qualify for. The good thing about them is the Amazon $5 cash out is instant. Their surveys range usually from 50 cents to $4. Payment is instant into your account.

      Valued Opinions – Decent site with reasonable surveys ($2 for a 20 min survey). Everyone is annoyed by this site because they tacked on a $2 few to the Amazon $20 gift card and $5 to the $20 Visa gift card so it costs $22 to get the $20 Amazon and $25 to get the $20 Visa. They claim its because of extra fees they incur. I dunno. Also, it can take weeks to get credited for a survey which is frustrating.

      Toluna – Been a member for maybe 7 years. They probably send 5-10 emails every day! I usually pick and choose 1-2 only because of decent rewards. For them, 3000 points is $1 so you have to be smart about they surveys. Getting 1,500 points for 20 mins seems ok until you realize it’s only 67 cents! Payout is $20 checks that come 1-2 weeks after you request them. It also takes weeks to get credited for a survey.

      • Allie D. says:

        I completely agree! I am apart of all except Valued Opinions. I don’t use Opinion Outpost anymore because I never qualify for any surveys. I also use use I-Say because they seem to send me a lot of different surveys.

  • Jamie says: is the one I use. It isn’t a huge money-maker. It took me like 6 months to get a $20 amazon card.

    • Ruth says:

      One thing to add about MyPoints (I just got a $10 Shell gift card to help with gas) which this blog’s readers may be interested in is that you also earn points by printing & using coupons from accessed through their website (I think there’s an extra bar code on coupons printed this way, so they can track when the coupons are redeemed).

    • Chris says:

      I was a member of Marie Brighton and they were fair at best, but they converted to last year, and the rewards were horrible. 45 cents for like a 30 minute survey. Not worth my time. Once I had enough to cash out, I did, and then deleted my account.

  • Darcy says:

    Swagbucks does surveys, too, but they don’t pay out very well. I pretty much only accumulate points through searches, free codes, and their Android Swagbucks Mobile TV app.

    I also have used Synovate Global Opinion Panels, which is now I-Say by Ipsos. They send you surveys pretty frequently and the points you accumulate can turn into actual money! You can receive an actual check from them, or choose to redeem for a gift card. I haven’t cashed out with them since they changed into the new system, just because I’ve really stopped taking the surveys because I’m lazy 🙂 Here’s the link:

    • Tina Dalasinski says:

      On swagbucks watch videos also it helps. I have been with them for years and done great there just depends on if you want to take the time to do the things to earn on the site.

  • Victoria says:

    My favorites are my survey and my points. Time consuming yes but if you can some how multitask the work a bit. I use to like doing them while sitting next to the hubby while he was watching his favorite sci-fi shows. Or if I was having a energy low in the afternoon I would put my feet up and do a few surveys. I still do the click thru emails for my points but have stopped doing survey’s this year due to being in a different season of life right now than I once was.

  • Rhonda says:

    I joined pinecone research because i heard about it here, but even after months and lots of surveys, I’ve been ‘rewarded’ with points worth a $10 book? I don’t see any cash option.

    • Corrine says:

      Go to the rewards site and click on featured deals, at the bottom you will see a cash out option. You can add this to your cart and get $3.00 for every 300 points you earn. Hope this helps! This is for Pinecone Research.

  • LA says:

    I slowed a bit with Pinecone. They switched over to a points reward system which is way worse than you made when it was $3 a survey. Does anyone else not like the point system?

    • Chris says:

      I emailed Pinecone and told them its annoying to have to login to the points system and dig around for the PayPal rewards! I bet it’s cheaper for them now because they probably get most of those store and restaurant gift cards at a discount.

  • Meranda says:

    I love this idea, but none of them I can do from Canada 🙁 So if you ever hear of a company who does this in Canada lemme know!

  • Amy R says:!!!!! Surveys (they call them tests) are typically about 15 minutes long and they pay minimum of $10 per survey. They also have “peek tests” which only take about 5 minutes and they pay $3. Then, you can become a mobile tester if you have a smartphone. There are two different types of mobile tests one pays $10 and the other pays $15. You know very quickly if a test applies to you so you don’t waste 10 minutes answering qualification questions only to find out you don’t qualify. They are fantastic about paying even if something goes wrong with the survey upload. You are paid through paypal 7 days after completing a test. I ended up getting a paypal debit card (it was free) so I have immediate access to that money. I literally get paid by them almost everyday.

    • Brittany says:

      could you send a link to the
      thank you

    • Anne says:

      I am very skeptical about using some of these sites and I was reading the User Terms on and this is why I am not going to be using them… I just wanted to let you know incase you did not see this in the Terms.

      “You agree that UserTesting may collect video or photographic recordings of your face, audio recordings of your voice, and may access the device on which you download the Screen Recorder to capture screen recordings of your actions during User Tests. Specifically, you agree that, in connection with Usability Testing, UserTesting may:

      •Record your facial expressions through the use of a webcam or in-device camera.
      •Record your voice to capture oral feedback.
      •Record your computer screen actions, screen shots, clicks, navigational data and voice as you perform tasks on selected Elements.
      •Record your answers to a series of questions on various topics such as design, content, user-friendliness, as well as offer ratings and suggestions on these areas.
      •Record your written commentary and suggestions.
      •Record the entire Usability Testing session and provide it to UserTesting’s client.
      •Record any other sights or sounds that arise during a Usability Test and are captured by your device camera or microphone.”

      • Amy R says:

        If they are going to record your face, they tell you upfront. In four years of tests, I’ve only had that request once and I declined that test. The rest of it is kind of what the point of these tests are. In order to do this, you download a screen recorder and they follow your movements. You are never asked to enter or use actual personal information. In fact, if a test asks for that, you are instructed to report it. The purpose of these tests is to see how you use the webpage or app you are testing. I have been using them for more than four years now and easily can make several hundred dollars a month vs. the $20 in 6 months other survey sites provide. If your uncomfortable, obviously, this isn’t for you. I just didn’t want someone else to miss out on a great opportunity thinking this was some kind of scam. When my family and I went to Disney in 2013, I earned $1600 in six weeks to pay for food and spending money. is fantastic!

  • Louise says:

    These sites seem interesting I will check these sites out. Thanks everyone for sharing this information.

  • Lysse says:

    Are online surveys considered taxable income?

  • Aneesha says:

    Could you please do a post on legit survey websites that are available for those outside of America? I’ve tried a few of the highly recommended ones but most are exclusively for US residents. I’m in Southeast Asia by the way. Thanks!

  • Anand says:

    This survey sites are really good. Any one can attempt to work on them from home. But i would recommend to first verify the sites before starting to work on them

  • Leeanne says:

    I can never seem to complete a survey because after the questions I get tons of ads. Example: free ring only1.95 shipping. I’m not giving my cc to one of these as I don’t trust them. Is this a problem for anyone else or is it just the sites that I choose? Tia

  • Britney says:

    Why does Pinecone need your street address? And it said something about occasionally sending products to test – what exactly does that mean? I don’t particularly want things sent to me.

    Just wanting to get some more information about the privacy and legitimacy and whatnot about the website before I sign up for it.

    • Amanda says:

      Pinecone asks for your address because your first payout is sent via check to your address. After a few surveys they offer you a paypal option. As far as sending products to test, these are related to the survey you take. I have been with them for a year and they have only sent a few things for me to try out. In the survey, they ask if you would mine trying the product and you can decline. Pinecone is a great company to do surveys with. I highly recommened them!

  • Alexandra says:

    This is a great list, thanks for putting it together! I just heard of Mission Digital Testing, worth reviewing?

  • Darlene says:

    I have been using Survey Savvy for almost 2 years and for a while they were paying out pretty good for access to my e-mails and junk mail. Recently I had problems with them and some (not very bright) account manager that could never tell me if my pc was hooked up. I realized it wasn’t when no money was going to my account. I’ll stick to the $1 surveys for now. Opinion Outpost and My survey have been pretty good. I close out of the site if I am disqualified for 4 surveys in a row. But I just cashed out Opin Outpost for $60 and I am almost up to $50 on My Survey. It takes me about 2 months to earn these.

  • Misty Waggoner says:

    I am looking into doing online surveys because I don’t have a vehicle to do a regular job, so I need more info on the best ones, that don’t require me to pay them anything, just straight cash.

  • maria says:

    Hey thanks I will sign up …does anyone remember alladvantage? do those companies exist anymore??

  • LEE says:

    I will try so of theses sites an see how they go . Do you have to buy a pay pal debit card or how dose that work do they send you one ? I haven’t really do ne any of theses .

  • bill haden says:

    I love pinecone research because if they send you a survey you qualify. they pay cash. I do not get many surveys from them. I am 72 years old.

  • Dinah Mohoang says:

    i am ready to try it

  • Ashley says:

    ** Not a referral post, no links involved**
    But, If anyone enjoys giving their opinions on surveys/polls/etc.. but tired of being disqualified, I would recommend the CNKT app.. Its an app that allows users to voice their opinions, where its heard. Once certain topics reach a good amount of votes, its usually brought to the attn of whoever it may concern.
    I use to use several survey sites to give my opinion, but most of the time, it would make it halfway through the survey and of course, I wouldnt qualify..
    Lately CNKT is hosting a bunch of promos to earn cash too. Definitely worth checking out..
    I do believe it is only for US though.
    Andriod/iPhone (not sure about windows).. just search for cnkt in the app store.

  • Josh says:

    One other well paying survey site is Vindale Research. They have been around for awhile. I just joined them and got $2.00 just for creating a account. The thing I like the best about them is they send you brand new surveys to your email with how much you will be paid to take them. They also offer to transfer your money to your paypal account or send you a check. Check them out and sign up here

  • Leslee says:

    Why is it that when you’re doing a online paid surveys and you answer a question to fill in your telephone number five minutes later you get any phone called where you can’t finish your paid online survey

  • EJ VOYT says:

    I believe it is a really good way for moms to make some money at least to cover starbucks coffee that we all as moms need so much 😉

  • AfricanAmerican says:

    Tried to sign up with Picone surveys and what I found out appalled me. I selected my criteria and chose “African American”, the site responded with “Sorry the offer you are looking for is no longer available, below are some other great deals we think you might like”…
    I put in the exact same criteria and selected “caucasian white”, and it took me to a site to register. SO the offer was available but they do not want African Americans. Ok….

  • Megy says:

    Great content! Participating in online paid surveys really helps my holiday budget! :))

  • La La says:

    My personal faves are:
    VIP Voice
    Consumer Village
    And don’t forget about the sites that send you FREE products for spreading the word about them, such as:
    House Party
    I’m always finding something free in my mailbox. And some days it’s like Christmas! I also recommend the Free Sample sites too. Here’s a few:
    Well, I hope this helps. It’s not all of the ones I go to, but it’s definitely a start.
    A quick tip doing online surveys: Don’t expect a replacement paycheck. These sites are merely for supplementing your income. However, it’s not unheard of to rake in close to $500 a month. An acquaintance does this. But she’s constantly doing them & always signing up for several survey companies. Another thing, don’t begin just to give up. I didn’t start seeing any significant funds rolling my way for about a month or two. And I was doing them daily. Be sure to enjoy what you do. That’ll make things a lot more easier.
    Well, that’s just off the top of my head. Check out There you will find them all. It’s a sort of Better Business Bureau for online surveys. I really ought to start my own blog. Good luck everyone!

  • Dianne Herbert says:

    What are best surveyed forbover 55 group
    Which surveyed pay the best for your time ?

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