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2012 Goals: September Update

How are you doing on your goals for 2012? September was a hard month for us on a lot of fronts, so I didn’t make as much progress on my goals I would have liked to, but at least there was some progress. I’m trying to remind myself that progress in the right direction is always a good thing — even if I’m going at it a lot slower than I’d hoped!

Here’s my update for the progress I’ve made so far this year on my 2012 goals:

Read through the Bible in a year. {I’ve been keeping up with this faithfully.}
Read through the 24 books on my 2012 booklist. {Finished through September. I have also read quite a few other books!}
Listen to 12 audiobooks. {I’m still finishing up listening to August’s audiobook — hoping to finish that this week & start on the next audiobook.}
Run in at least one 5K race. {This goal has really been hanging over my head the past few months & I’m really, really hopeful to have it crossed off the list this month!}
Complete the Couch to 10K program.
Tackle 12 Do-It-Yourself Projects. {Still behind on this one, but I did make some progress in September!}
Focus on one habit per month. {Totally bombed this one this month. :(}
Learn to use my new DSLR camera (huge surprise Christmas present from Jesse!!) & improve my photography skills. {I’m excited to be seeing some improvement and progress with this! And I’m also excited that I’m beginning to feel more and more comfortable using my camera!}
Take at least one photo a day and put together a page every week for my Project Life album. {I’m behind on this one, too. But maybe I’ll catch up this month, maybe?}
Memorize Colossians using the plan and free download here. {I didn’t do very well on this one this past month; must make this more of a priority!}

Go on the Love Like You Mean It Cruise. {Done–read my recap here.}
Go on two Marriage Retreats {Went to Cincinnati together in April & we’re headed to Pennsylvania in a few weeks!}.
Have monthly date nights. {We had one date in September.}
Read four books together. {We’ve done two books so far this year and we’re working on a third.}
Read at least 3 books on marriage

Continue regular dates/outings with each of the children individually. {I didn’t do so well with this in September, but that was mostly due to the fact that my usual babysitters were out of town & Jesse had to work long hours.}
Continue Grace and Truth memory book. {The children memorized a few verses in September.}
Ice-skating lessons for all three children.
Swimming lessons for all three children.
Finish second grade, begin third grade with Kathrynne.
Finish kindergarten, begin first grade with Kaitlynn.
Start preschool with Silas.
Go on at least one field trip every month. {Jesse took the kids to the fair while I was out of town one weekend.}
Go on at least one family vacation.
Finish at least 15 read-aloud books. {We’ve finished 23 read-alouds so far this year!}

Ministry/Friendships/Extended Family
Write at least two handwritten notes every month to encourage someone. {I wrote & mailed six handwritten notes this month.}
Continue being involved in our local church, homeschool group, young couple’s group, and blogging accountability group. {Ongoing}
Continue with weekly get-togethers with both sides of our extended family. {Ongoing}

Continue to take Sundays off from blogging/business work. {Ongoing}
Continue keeping strict Office Hours for the business/blogging time each day. {Still plugging away on this!}
Switch to a paperless planning system. {This is the one goal I think I’ve officially decided to drop this year as it just wasn’t working for me. Back to the paper.}
Follow my weekly blogging plan. {I mostly stuck with my blogging plan in September!}
Plan blog posts out at least a month in advance. {I’ve been doing much better about this — yay!}
Write and schedule blog posts at least a week in advance. {I’m not getting the posts fully written, but I’ve been at least briefly outlining things a good week in advance.}

Continue to tithe 10% of our income. {Ongoing}
Give generously to needs in our community and around the world, as God prompts us. {Ongoing}
Pay cash for a new-to-us vehicle to replace our family’s van. {We bought a new-to-us vehicle in July — yay!}
Finish saving for and purchase a rental property with cash. {We looked at rentals this past month and have one picked at that we’re planning to put an offer on this week, provided the inspection goes well. We’re doing an inspection before the offer since you have to buy the house as is. I’ll keep you posted!}

How Are You Doing on Your Goals for 2012?

If you’ve posted goals for 2012, I’d love for you to post an update on how things are going and share your link in the comments. If you don’t have a blog, feel free to just leave your update as a comment. Let’s encourage one another to live lives of intention and purpose!

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  • Emily says:

    I’m finally getting back into goal-setting, after taking a break during morning sickness this summer. September went pretty well for me:

    And here’s what I’m planning on accomplishing in October:

    Now it’s time to get off the couch and get to work on a few household projects! 🙂

  • Molly says:

    Something that may help you memorize Colossians…

    Good Morning Girls (dot com) is doing a Bible study on Colossians (we’re currently in week 3 of 6) and someone has graciously put the words to music each each week to help us memorize it. I have not done it myself but we all know it’s easier to memorize a song than it is to memorize words.

    Here is the link to the first three weeks. If this helps you I’ll post the links to the remainder as they are released as well. (Well, maybe not as they’re released. I’m 9.5 months pregnant so I can’t guarantee a time frame right now but I will do it as soon as I can if you like! lol)
    http://www. content/uploads/2012/09/ Colossians-1.15-23.mp3
    http://www. content/uploads/2012/10/ Colossians-1.24-2.5.mp3

  • Crystal, how amazing that you’re already so near your BHAG of buying rental property. Wow! You are such an inspiration.

    Oh, and I just love your Pinterest page of books you and the kids have read together. I made my own and can’t wait to check out some of your suggestions. 🙂

    • Oh, and I’ve finally gotten back into having a written list and it has made the last few weeks much more productive.

      (Though a week-long bout of stomach flu was a good reminder that some things, like holding a sick baby, are way more important than crossing something off my list! 🙂 )

  • August and September have been difficult months for me as well, but I’m thankful for forward movement. With you in this journey, and cheering you on, Crystal!

  • Heidi says:

    Here are my goals for this year:

    1. Finish weight loss (lost the last of the 50 pounds lost and made my goal weight in Feb)
    2. Finish the 5K running group (done in March; had a great time and signed up for the 10K group and then another 10K group!)
    3. Run 2 5K’s this year (first 5K in March; 10K in May; upcoming 5K this month; another 5K next month; 10K in December)
    4. Read 50 books this year (on book #57!)
    5. Learn to can and preserve (haven’t even tried this yet) 🙁

  • Jenn says:

    Here in the state of Indiana, you can write an offer subject to it passing inspection.

    • Crystal says:

      We were hoping for that, but since the house is being sold “as is” (it needs some TLC) our realtor said we had to have the inspection first. We feel like it has enough potential and is a good enough price that we’re willing to pay for the inspection out of pocket and we’d rather risk a few hundred dollars for an inspection, then end up buying a money pit.

      We’re total newbies to all of this, but we’re having fun learning as we go! 🙂

  • What a great idea to keeping up with goals! I am a fairly goal oriented person, but feel out of it lately so maybe I should do the same. I can tell you these are my goals so far but I’m still working on it:

    -Reach my first goal weight (about a 45lb loss)
    -Find time to work out, 3-5 days a week until November
    -Schedule my blog posts in the morning for my two websites
    -Continue working on increasing fans and readership (12k Facebook Fans by new year and 5000 e-mail subscribers by new year)
    -launch the new website (in the design phase)
    -get back into building up stock pile (I’m so low!)
    -work on contests for the blog(s)
    -drink at least 8 cups of water a day, and remember to take my vitamins daily

    Ok so those are just starters as I’m really not sure how to go about making goals in my relationship. I’m a college student and my boyfriend works two jobs. Sigh. It doesn’t help that I will be moving out to be closer to college soon too.

  • Karr says:

    Just a thought with your goal of learning photography. Look up No, it’s not a dating site! What it is is a venue that allows people with like interests to meet up locally. You can see if there are any photography groups and join one. Usually, they are all free groups. They meet once a month to display each other’s works, share techniques, and take picture taking field trips. You might like Meetup or even find some other groups in your area to join. Have fun and learn!! Karr BTW, I am in a creative writing group in my area.

  • Cher says:

    You bless and encourage the world. Praise God for all you have accomplished for His glory! Way to go and keep up the great and purposeful poise/discipline/grace filled living!

  • JP says:

    Hi Crystal –

    Regarding your blogging goals…one thing I have struggling with significantly is that my production cycle for my blog posts isn’t too slow. It isn’t fast enough to keep up with how often I would like to post.

    My posts are advice based around eldercare and require a lot of research. They are also long 1,000 – 2,500 words (I usually break them into two posts).

    Here’s the breakdown:

    8-10 hrs research
    5 hrs writing
    2 hrs editing (w/ my editor)

    People have suggested writing shorter pieces, doing less research and a host of other ideas. I’m just not sure which strategy to move forward with.

    Have you written about the practical tricks of producing quality content over a several month period? I would love to learn more! Thanks 🙂

  • Sarah says:

    I like your goal setting list. I took one of your suggestions on writing the upbeat letters for ministry to another level I tuck in a $10.00 bill to let the folks know there is hope. I give these at our church or if I see someone who needs help. Last week I gave one to lady at the grocery who was crying because she could not buy her groceries and another lady I saw at Walmart sitting and crying by the curb because she was out of gas and cash and did not know how she was going to get the rest of the way home or to work the next morning. She was feeling blessed that folks had pushed her car into the walmart lot so it was at least off the street. Folks are out there they are hurting if we have $1.00 extra dollar to do 3 of these per month is it too much for a family to help another?

  • Amy Looney says:

    Our September was pure chaos! I didn’t meet any of my goals for September and even forgot to post them on my blog! I shared my update at my blog, the Frugal Bookworm:

    I would also like to ask that you pray for our family. We’ve gone through a really difficult time in September and October doesn’t look to be much better. We just feel like we’re under attack, but are choosing to draw closer to God and each other through everything.

  • heather bell says:

    I really admire and this blog. I feel like you put your work into it but it isn’t your whole life. =)

  • Stephanie says:

    I did post on my blog how my goals for this year have went (click on my name above).

    This was my first year and so far, it hasn’t gone very well. I only had a handful of goals, they were mostly garden based … then we had a drought. There were several lessons learned along the way, so not all was lost in the process. I’m actually thinking about next year’s goals already. Perhaps I need to broaded my list and vary it up a bit.

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