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12 Months to a Healthier You: May Challenge


One of my goals for 2014 is to focus on my health. It’s easy to let our health take a back burner to everything else on our to-do list. But as I share in my new book, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, I’ve experienced what happens when you put your health last… and it’s not pretty!

With this in mind, I’m committed to making my health even more of a priority this year. And I’d love to have you join me for the 12 Months to a Healthier You Challenge.

We’re be focusing on one challenge area each month — all with the goal of being in a healthier place as a person by the end of next year. My hope is that as we work on instilling one new healthy habit each month, these won’t just be month-long challenges, but lifelong changes.

12 Months to a Healthier You Focus Areas for 2014

Here are the focus areas I’ve planned out for 2014:

January: Exercise Regularly
February: Eat More Fresh Fruits & Veggies
March: Drink More Water
April: Cut Back on Sugar
May: Get More Rest
June: Create a Morning Routine
July: Read More
August: Go to Bed Earlier
September: Declutter Your Home
October: Cut Back on Caffeine
November: Keep a Gratitude Journal
December: Simplify & Say No

How This Challenge Works:

At the beginning of the month, I’ll introduce the focus area and encourage you to set a small goal for that specific area and I’ll share my goals.

Then, every Friday, I’ll have a check-in post where I’ll encourage you to share your progress & struggles and I’ll share mine, as well. If you want to blog about your progress, I’ll include a link-up at the end of the post so you can share your blog posts on this challenge.

Are you on social media? You can also share your progress on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter by using hashtag #12MonthstoaHealthierYou.

My Get More Rest Goal for May

My goal for May is to get at least 7.5 hours of sleep every night. I’m also hoping to keep up with January’s habit of exercising at least 4-5 times every week, February’s goal of eating a big salad at least six times a week, March’s goal of drinking 8 glasses of water every day, and April’s goal of eating dessert once a week.

Will you be joining me for this May Challenge? If so, leave a comment letting us know you’re planning to join and what your get more rest goals are for May. Remember to keep them simple and doable!

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  • Maria says:

    I think the timing of this challenge is quite humorous with Flylady’s Monthly Habit for May is Moving (exercising more!). I completely wiped out on April, so I’m hoping to restart in May. My goal is to be in bed between 10:30-11:00pm on most nights.

    This will be an interesting challenge for me. I’m quite convinced that the reason I stay up way too late now is because my youngest had colic, so I got used to staying up with her and keeping her soothed while my husband got enough sleep to go to work safely. Even though she’s 3 now, I think I still stay awake and alert until the wee hours to make sure she’s okay and not sick or upset.

  • I’m in on this challenge. I think 7 1/2 hours a night is a good goal for me. I often have set 8 hours as a goal, but it is much harder to achieve. I feel so much better and am so much more productive with more sleep yet I have to force myself to go to bed sometimes. I’ve been working on sleep for the last few months, but the last few days haven’t had enough sleep. I know my alarm goes off at 6 am, but sometimes I’ve had children waking me in the middle of the night or early in the morning. All I can really control is what time I go to bed so I’m going to aim for 10 or 10:30 for the month of May.

  • Wish I had seen this sooner! Still,, late is better than never :).

    For May, I actually get plenty of sleep. My problem is that I work nearly all of my waking hours, and rarely get a chance to unplug. So, my goal is to 1. Take some semblance of a vacation (check!) and 2. Stop checking email after 5pm (almost there!).

    The best way for me to do the second one is to disconnect my phone and tablet from syncing with emails. Sometimes, I’ll get countless text buzzes, Skype bleeps, and easily 30 email dings per day on my phone. Looking forward to silence in May! ~Brenda from SuperMoney.

  • Megan says:

    I’m thinking that maybe you meant to say “… drink 8 GLASSES of water”? (The post says ounces.) 🙂

  • Yes! I’m joining you!

    Rest has been a major theme in my life since getting a pretty severe illness last year (mostly due to my lack of rest).

    I’m aiming to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night and give myself at least 20 minutes of quiet rest in the afternoon. Just sitting on the rocking chair and drinking tea.

  • I think my issue is that I often find I can carve time out for myself, blog, and self late at night when everything is quiet and calm. The next morning I suffer or a lack of sleep. Its very hard balancing both.

    • Ann says:

      Oh, this is my problem exactly! There is just something about being the only one awake in the house – no one wanting/needing my attention, so I can just do what I want….

  • I am joining you! I really need to make it a priority to have more sleep and make my teen daughter to go to bed earlier as well.

  • Mary says:

    I am going to try for 7 to 7 1/2 hrs. a night, going to bed between 10:30 and 11pm. since I have to get up at 6 with hubby and the kids.

  • Rae'Shelle Drayton says:

    I’m excited to jump on this train as I continue to work on a healthier me. I’m a college student so I feel like I rarely get enough sleep. Now that school is over until August I’m really going to work 8hrs of sleep into my schedule

  • Bethany says:

    I’ve been watching with envy your other months of growing more healthy and I think it’s time to jump in! I’m making it my goal to go to bed at 9:30 most nights, and to unplug by 8:30. There are nights when I’ll have to break it, like when discussion gets good at Bible study and we go late, but other than what I can’t help, I will do this. I’d also like to start exercising more regularly.

  • Linda says:

    I’m in! I am a night owl by nature but have been really trying to do better with sleep.

    My problem is that I don’t get sleepy until after 11pm on most nights, then I try to get to the gym by 5:30am (3-times a week) which means getting up at 4:45am! By the time noon rolls around, I am wiped out and ravenous.

    I know the TV is a big issue but I can’t seem to fall asleep without it. I set up the timer so it goes off without me noticing. If I turn it off, my mind starts racing and I am wide awake.
    Anyone else with this problem? If so, how do you turn off your brain?!

  • Amy says:

    Love this! I am on board….looking forward to more sleep!

  • Rachele says:

    I’m a little slow but I definitely want to do this challenge. My get more rest goal for May is to get at least 8 hours of rest. I have a new baby and I can get all the rest I can get but sometimes I have a hard time going to bed at a decent hour. I’m also hoping to turn off all electronics by 8:45 so I can give myself time to unwind.

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