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10 Goals For This Week

One of the things I stress in my upcoming book is the importance of goal-setting. Not only has setting goals and breaking them down into bite-sized pieces revolutionized our finances, but it has also been hugely beneficial in our personal lives.

Before each week begins, I set down and map out goals for the following week in six different categories: Marriage, Mothering, Personal, Home Management, Business, Ministry. While I never actually accomplish every single goal on my list, having a written list gives me purpose, focus, accountability.

It’s always encouraging to review the list at the end of week and see what things I accomplished. You know how you have those days and weeks where you feel like you just go around and around in circles cleaning up one mess after another? Well, having written goals to review at the end of the week helps me to see that I actually did something productive during the week!

As a way to keep myself accountable and hopefully inspire you to consider implementing weekly goal-setting, too, I’m going to be sharing my list of 10 goals each Monday morning. I’d love to have you participate by sharing your goals in the comments.

Next Monday, I’ll post a follow-up post with my progress and will encourage you to share your progress, too!

Note: Since this is a public blog, I won’t be sharing all of my goals (such as my marriage goals, etc.), so if you’re wondering why it seems a little unbalanced in certain areas, that’s why. 🙂

10 of My Goals for This Week

Mothering Goals

1. Start school (I’m so excited about our new curriculum plans this year and the schedule I’ve put together!)

2. Finish reading Revenge of the Red Knight aloud to the children.

3. Put together Busy Bags for Busy Bag Swap.

Personal Goals

4. Run 12 miles (total).

5. Finish reading Good to Great, The Charlotte Mason Companion, and Eat That Frog.

Home Management Goals

6. Vacuum underneath beds.

7. Make Homemade Fruit Leather and Homemade Scrubbing Bubbles.

8. Wash, dry, fold, & put away one load of laundry every day (except for Thursday-Saturday when I’m in Indianapolis).

Business Goals

9. Shoot videos and send to publicist.

Ministry Goals

10. Write two birthday cards, one anniversary card, and one thank you note. Help girls write birthday cards to those who have birthdays this week.

What are your goals for this week? If you feel comfortable doing so, I’d love to have you share 5-10 of them in the comments section. And then come back next week to share your progress!

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  • Nicole says:

    thank you for sharing. i am trying to get my week down on paper too! 🙂

  • Amanda says:

    Ooh homemade scrubbing Bubbles I hope it works well. Sounds like the ingredients would be pretty cheap. I think I’ll try and give it a try sometime this week.

    Thanks for posting.

  • Melissa N. says:

    I need to sit down and write down some goals. I feel so scattered and unfocused lately. I also am feeling bored with life. What are your recommendations for those that feel bored with life as a mom and wife?

    • melissa says:

      I was just making the same comments to my husband last night. When I saw this article, it made me think that this would probably help. Like she said, I feel like I do the laundry, fold it, put it away, get it out, dress the kids, put it in the hamper, do the laundry, fold it, etc. and I never have anything to show for my days. But there are things that get accomplished and I think having goals written down and being able to cross them off will help me find some purpose and feel a little less bored.

  • Chelsea says:

    1. Rest more so I don’t miscarry again (I’m not very good at resting – hence on my “to-do” list)
    2. Plan what school will look like for my 19-month old son this fall
    3. Start Facebook page for my blog
    4. Add items to my Etsy store
    5. Wrap gifts and make cards for all the “occasions” both last week and next week

    • melissa says:

      I’m so sorry to read about your miscarriage. I just went through my 3rd one last week. I hope you’re not blaming yourself, though. Sometimes you can rest all you want, eat and do all the right things, and if things aren’t meant to be, there’s nothing we can do about it. I don’t mean to sound discouraging, though. I’m guessing you are pregnant again and I pray that everything goes well this time. I have 3 beautiful, healthy children of my own, but child-bearing has been a difficulty from day 1. Blessings to you!

      • Chelsea says:

        Thank you, Melissa. I’m sorry that you had to go through three of them, I will be praying for healing for you and for a successful pregnancy in the future. I have had 2 miscarriages, both this year. We have one healthy and fun son. We can’t wait to add more to our family – either by birth or adoption. It’s still touch and go with this pregnancy, but things are a little better than the last 2 times. 🙂

  • Oh, Crystal…this is great. I always have so many goals in my head it is hard to see the progress sometimes. Here are mine (in no particular order of priority)

    1. Add 4-5 more “original content” ie: my own voice posts into my pipelilne of pending blog posts.

    2. Now that the kids are in school, fill two shopping bags of their outgrown clothes and donate

    3. Reach out to and invite one mom to our “Ladies Night” at our church. Where we will worship, fellowship and decorate a cake.

    4. Make dinner at home every night this week. We have football and gymnastics that run late and often interfere with this.

    5. Read 3 chapters of Cutting with Stone. And not at bedtime when I’m falling asleep three words into the paragraph!

  • Shannon says:

    Crystal, this is a great idea! I have been thinking alot lately “Why do I even bother with housework!” Setting goals and seeing the progress will definitely motivate me. Here are some of my goals for this week:
    1. Organize summer photos so that I can scrapbook them when school starts.
    2. Create a monthly menu plan so that I can do more cost-effective and healthier grocery shopping.
    3. Go through my kids drawers to find leftover school supplies from last year so that I know what we actually need on the school supplies list
    4. Write a letter to a friend I’ve been thinking about lately
    5. Cut my youngest son’s hair (this has been on my to-do list for a couple of weeks already-I finally found some clippers on sale and can get this done!)

  • Valerie Henry says:

    Great post! And I am going to do this starting NEXT week. This week, my one and only goal is to get my two girls off to college!

  • Alison B says:

    I have had a really hard time here lately with getting it all done. I know that it won’t all get done each day but I like the categories you use because it makes it easier to find and maintain a rhythm in life all week. Thanks for posting!

  • Crystal says:

    I live in Indianapolis! What will you be here for?

  • I love this idea! I want to start trying to do weekly goals too. I think I’ll help motivate me and encourage me at the end of the week!
    I want to:
    Run 2 times
    Do weights once
    Make power puck bars
    Do a craft with daughter and boy at babysitting
    Scrub bathtub

  • Jodie says:

    Love this! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  • BethB says:

    I really like how you say you never actually accomplish all the goals on your list! My husband came from a family with a more Fly By The Seat Of Your Pants philosophy and my Dad is more of a Super Planner At All Times. So we have much different time management styles. 🙂 I’ve learned to be much more laid back while helping him see the value of planning ahead and setting concrete goals. He used to think that stuff was very restricting but I think now he’s finally starting to understand the freedom it gives you. Even though most of the time I don’t stick to my plan or reach all my goals just having them written down helps me so much. Thanks for this post!

    Oh, and my main goal this week (broken into many subcategories) is to get the household organized after two weeks of vacation and travel, work on a game plan for my fall schedule, and gently get my kids back into a more strict morning routine by the time school starts on September 1. Baby steps. 🙂

  • Becky says:

    1. Get my girls clothes entered into the computer for the Just Between Friends sale, so I can put the tags on next week. (this can only be done during nap time which slows me down)

    2. Get every last spider OUT of my basement… I don’t know why they are this bad this year.

    3. Get a babysitter lined up for the days that I have to clean other peoples houses.

    4. Finish my busy bag for our road trip coming up Labor Day weekend.

    5. Find a portable DVD player (used) for the trip for $25 or less.

    6. On my never ending to-do list is to find a back up “lovey” My daughter fell for the Kohl’s Care’s cat from If you Give a Cat a Cupcake, and we only have one, and I’m so scared to lose it, and they want $30-$40 on ebay, and I think that’s absurd for a stuffed animal that was $5 originally.

    7. Clear out the garage and sell some stuff. Its time to clear out some clutter.

    8. Hopefully harvest some ripe tomatoes and make spaghetti sauce for winter… those tomatoes are still stubbornly green.

    9. Plan my fall planting.

    10. Finish reading the Tightwad Gazette, and return it to the library.

    • Diane says:

      That’s great! I have the Tightwad Gazette out from the library for the 7th time and it’s due this week too! 🙂

    • Meredith says:

      What kind of busy bags do you put together for a road trip? We are going to the beach next weekend and it’s a three hour drive. I’d love some ideas. My craft busy bags would make me a busy momma cleaning the car when we get home!

      • Karen says:

        My kids are 8, 8, and 9. For their busy bags each has a clipboard, colored pencils, and regular pencils. I also put paper in there. On the clipboard they have math sheets, mazes, dot to dots etc. I print these free off homeschool sites. My kids love them. I have been doing this since my twins were 5. I never bring crayons because they melt when left in a hot car! Each also has their own MP3 player that they got from their grandparents for Christmas. It can get annoying listening to 3 kids sing 3 different songs at the same time and not being able to hear the actual music, but if they are happy then I am happy!

      • Becky says:

        My daughter is 2 so its a little harder, but I found some printables, and laminated some of her favorite characters, and then stuck a magnet to the back…. her busy bag is in a tin from some christmas cookies so these act kind of like colorforms.
        I have also added, paper, crayons, safety scissors, scrap paper and a coloring book.
        I am also adding some flash cards so we can work on our alphabet while Daddy drives.

        I feel like I’m missing something though.

  • mariah says:

    1. Buy my husband 2 work shirts (he recently lost a ton of weight)
    2. Send off letter my son wrote to his friend
    3. Finish some legal paperwork
    4. Organize toy closet (again)
    5. Get a menu plan of school lunches together for the school year
    6. Continue reading program and fine motor skills training with my kids
    7. Get the kids to bed every night at 7:30pm

    • Kathy says:


      I like your ideas! Especially about the meal planning lunches for the school year. I’ve done this week’s but have never thought of having a plan for the year (would be so simple to roll it over every couple weeks).

      And I will be organizing our toy closet yet again too. Wonder when daughter will be able to do this on her own (and well!)?

    • Tanya says:

      Do you have any tips, Mariah, for toy organization? I’m constantly having to pick up and put away and keep thinking there HAS to be a better way to do this!

      • mariah says:

        picking up toys is a daily task, and motivating little ones can be a challenge. I try and turn cleaning up toys into a game. We race to see who can pick up a certain of toys faster than the other person on the other set. Or we play “basketball”, tossing the toys into their boxes.

        I organize all our toys into rubber tub/boxes. I have several clear ones, 18 gal and shoe box size, it’s amazing all the toys you can actually fit into a shoebox. We paint the clear boxes with little designs and wrote the “set name” on there, for example. “Lincoln Logs” or “play doh” or “mr. potato head”. Then we the kids have pulled out five boxes of toys, they can easily sort through them all and put them back into the correct toy boxes. I put all the boxes into a closet. Simple…the boxes get pulled out and not put back all the way, so it needs organizing ever so often. Plus I have other items in the cloest, not just toys, that need some organizing too. Oh, and for all the toys that aren’t in a set, I have a “Boys toys” box and a “girls toys” box. I have 2 boys and 1 girl. Before my daughter, who is the youngest was born, I had a labeled box of each boy with their name on it. Hope that helps.

    • Whitney says:

      Mariah and Kathy, in my Back 2 School Series this week, I am sharing ideas for 10 easy school lunches!

  • Here’s my list for the week – we’ll see how many I get through 🙂

    Make chiropractor appointment (and keep it) so I can stand up straight again
    Hire a new employee (we’re getting ready to make an offer, crossing fingers he accepts)
    Schedule vacation day and buy tickets so I can take my daughter and her friends to a waterpark next week
    Make progress on my basement project
    Find way to permanent get rid of underground bees nest in backyard (what we’ve done so far isn’t quite working)
    Make sure my husband can relax and get some sleep. He had an awful weekend with very little sleep so I want to do what I can to help him get caught up.

    I’ve enjoyed reading everyone else’s to day list. Great post – thanks for sharing.

  • Julie says:

    I love how you posted your top 5 on Facebook for awhile. It inspired me to write a top 5 list every day. This morning I actually started writing weekly goals so this post is perfect timing. Here are a few of mine:

    1. Read 5 more chapters of my book.
    2. Start a new board on pintrest for school lunch ideas.
    3. Organize my coupons.
    4. Plan a special day for oldest who is about to start kindergarten.
    5.Get the laundry caught up and stay caught up.

  • 1. pick one area everyday and work for 15 minutes organizing/cleaning
    2. have Andrew write his thank you notes
    3. take care of insurance check for roof
    4. one load of laundry every day (M-F)
    5. read 7 chapters in my book
    6. work on bibs for 3 hours
    7. work on organizing/purging toys
    8. getting up early to work out
    9. get things ready for school
    10. focus on what we have
    11. try to get my husband signed up for classes
    12. schedule a dinner date with friends

  • Carissa says:

    Are you doing Charlotte Mason? I just started homeschooling and we are doing Charlotte Mason. My oldest is Kdg. so we are mainly outside a lot.

  • I make lists weekly and daily but I’ve never categorized them, this seems so helpful. Thank you!

    Mothering Goals

    1. Practice making homemade baby food.

    Personal Goals

    2. Work out for 30 minutes daily.

    3. Memorize 5 more Bible verse. (I’m working on memorizing Phil.)

    4. Mail birth announcement cards too!

    Home Management Goals

    5. Wash sheets & clean guest bathroom from our recent company.

    6. Practice making homemade baby food.

    7. Pack for weekend trip.

    Business Goals

    8. Finish Lesson 7 in my Extreme Couponing series.

    9. Finish writing my article to submit as a guest post.

    Ministry Goals

    10. Write two sympathy cards, one get well card, and 10 thank you notes.

    11. Prepare for upcoming AWANA.

    12. Clip & sort unwanted coupons for coupon box at church. Mail expired coupons to military families.

    13. Research how to start a MOPS program.

  • I make lists weekly and daily but I’ve never categorized them, this seems so helpful. Thank you!

    Mothering Goals
    1. Practice making homemade baby food.

    Personal Goals
    2. Work out for 30 minutes daily.
    3. Memorize 5 more Bible verse. (I’m working on memorizing Phil.)
    4. Mail birth announcement cards too!

    Home Management Goals
    5. Wash sheets & clean guest bathroom from our recent company.
    6. Practice making homemade baby food.
    7. Pack for weekend trip.

    Business Goals
    8. Finish Lesson 7 in my Extreme Couponing series.
    9. Finish writing my article to submit as a guest post.

    Ministry Goals
    10. Write two sympathy cards, one get well card, and 10 thank you notes.
    11. Prepare for upcoming AWANA.
    12. Clip & sort unwanted coupons for coupon box at church. Mail expired coupons to military families.
    13. Research how to start a MOPS program.

  • Megan says:

    Crystal, are you still using “My Father’s World” this year?

  • Sara Z. says:

    My daughter and I just moved into a new house over the weekend so my goals are a little skewed this week, but aside from getting the new house in order, here are some other goals for me:
    finish buying school supplies
    read a bedtime story at least 4 nights (I really want to start doing this every night, but I’m not in the habit right now)
    start using envelope system (with my upcoming paycheck)

  • Oh, I’m sorry! I realized I had too many spaces when I first copied my list in a comment so I took away the spaces and pasted it again…not realizing I couldn’t delete my first comment. Oops!

  • Laura says:

    What an excellent idea! Do you make your list up during your Weekly Planning Retreat that you’ve written about before? I really need to get into the habit of doing something similar on Saturday or Sunday. It’s so much easier to stay calm and centered when I have a clear idea of what I want to accomplish (with the Lord’s help, of course!).

  • Liz M says:

    Thanks for posting this list! It’s encouraging to me to see in print how you are tackling various facets of your life. That’s where I tend to get overwhelmed – that there are so many aspects of life that need my attention. I was also encouraged to read that you are a real person too who doesn’t complete every goal every week! 🙂 Thanks for always being so open and real on here.

    I also like the idea of doing this weekly. Right now I’ve been doing this (on an abbreviated scale) once a month, but I think doing it weekly would help me bite off smaller, more manageable goals.

    Two of my goals this week are to start school with my son and to go through 2 boxes of old high school memorabelia that my mom dropped off recently.

  • Meredith says:

    1. Rest and don’t overwork myself. I spent the evening in the ER last night because I was cutting onions making your breakfast burrito recipe. I missed and cut off some skin. I’m a hard headed worker sometimes and am making myself rest.

    2. Go to library and check out a new book.

    3. Eat healthier

    4. Get clothes together for my husbands internship next week.

    5. Get neighbors a gift for watching daughter last night.

    FYI, I didn’t finish the burritos. At least the onions are chopped!

  • Dona says:

    Too funny…one of my to do list items is completing a busy bag swap too! A friend of mine in my homeschool coop is organizing this swap with 10 women…we are each doing 2 bags so this will be fun to have for the upcoming school year. I often faulter on ministry goals…that is one I challenge myself every year to get better at…you have encouraged me 🙂

  • Thanks for encouraging to set goals- I cannot WAIT to read your book.
    My goals for the week:
    1.) Get prepared for homeschooling my son- 1st grade!
    2.) Spend time with a friend that is moving.
    3.) Keep the laundry caught up to a reasonable amount. (haha!)
    4. ) Work out at least once- time to get off the summer schedule!
    5.) Go on a date with hubby- it is long overdue and it is happening tonight!

  • Jenn says:

    Crystal, do you have a customizable printable for your goals of the week that you could share? Thanks!

  • Emilie says:

    one/two from each category:
    – work out (yoga or zumba) everyday and log all food
    – clean the toy closet and order prints to scrapbook
    – read my daily devotion book and keep up on gratitude journal
    – not spend another penny until payday (Friday) and do payday sheet
    – organize Tastefully Simple paperwork and create sale to reach $1000 goal for the month
    – stay off the computer and spend more time with my husband in the evening

  • heather harris says:

    I’ll be in Indy Fri-Sat for the WOF conference…hope to see you there 🙂

  • Florence says:

    Goals for August 15-21, 2011

    1.Exercise bike 30 minutes each day
    2.Follow meal and snack plan
    3.Rest every day from 12-2
    4.Read Bible chapter each day
    5.Pray for those on prayer list
    6.Finish One with Christ by Hudson Taylor
    7.Paint one wall in hallway
    8.Make meal plan and grocery list for next week
    9.Continue reading in The Greater Journey by David Mccullough
    10.Check into candle making class

  • Hope Easter says:

    Thank you for sharing! I should really do something like this as well. I feel like all I do is run around in circles and not getting anywhere.

  • sarah says:

    what exactly is a “marriage goal”? Other than more alone time, I cannot think of anything to work toward

    • mariah says:

      some examples, that are practical, would be:

      1. sit down and make sure you’re on the same page with finances, monthly or weekly (esp. if you have joint accounts)—having the same mind set on finances can be a real stress reliever in your relationship.

      2. work on communication, figure out your love languages, and try and do practical things to encourage that language, more hugs, small gifts, etc.

      3. Read the Bible and pray together, that connects a married couple more than anything, and makes other connections much, much sweeter.

      4. Cook/clean together when possible. Being creative and productive together can really help bond a couple. My husband and I aren’t always on good terms, but we are mostly, and this past weekend we cleaned the garage together, and it was actually FUN…it connected us.

    • kj says:

      I’m not Crystal, but here are some ideas:
      pray for him daily
      make his favorite meal
      hold his hand more
      ask how his day was when he walks through the door
      leave him notes in his car telling him you are thinking of him
      cherish him
      go out of your way to make him feel appreciated

      My latest is doing everything I possibly can to not give him extra work around the house. If I can do it myself, I do. It frees him up to do other things I can’t do or spend more time with the children (and me!). 🙂
      Just some ideas, hope these help.

      • I agree with KJ…these are also my goals for the week. My husband is so tired and has a hard week at work ahead of him so I’m going to try to do more around the house and do little things to cheer him up.

      • Karen says:

        I try to do this too. Physically, my job is more demanding (I work fulltime), but his job is longer hours with no set break schedule. Where my job doesn’t allow for overtime, his has mandatory overtime. He works a lot of 12 hour shifts and 60+ hour weeks. I am very thankful for his overtime, it has helped us straighten out our finances. When he is home I like to let him take it easy. I do the mowing (he often will come out and do the weedeating), cleaning, cooking, shopping, doctors appts etc. I am also primary caregiver. I wish I could do more for him, but he says I do more than enough already. He works 2nd shift so he doesn’t see the kids a lot especially during the school year so I like for him to be able to spend time with them instead of doing the chores around the house.

  • Hi Crystal,
    your awesome!
    Goals this week…

    1. get my calendar up to date! Made a big boo boo last week by not having this done.

    2. Go to a women’s ministry bunco night at our new church….I’m lonely since we have changed churches and it’ MY responsability to reach out.

    3. Make my son feel loved and special for his 15th birthday.

    4. Make sure not to miss the great deals from Money Saving Mom and others to match my budget and needs so I can save, save, save.

    5. Exercise in some way shape or form:)

    6. Get all my laundry done from Kids coming back from camp.

    Thanks for holding us accountable Crystal

  • I really need to do this every week!

    1. Organize pantry
    2. Deliver donation items to Gospel Rescue Mission
    3. Put girls’ clothes that don’t fit into bins
    4. List items on Craigslist
    5. Make a meal plan (and stick to it)
    6. Stick to blogging schedule
    7. Put new mattress cover on bed
    8. Mail expired coupons to Coupon2Give
    9. Make Homemade Pizza Dough
    10. Art project w/ daughter

  • Tanya says:

    Goal #1 – check out all those links you shared – homemade scrubbing bubbles! A busy bag swap!
    Goal #2 – Finalize school schedule/decisions for the kiddos this coming year.
    Goal #3 – Laundry, laundry, laundry… and get it all folded, too (not my favorite thing to do)!
    Goal #4 – Get together with three other moms for playdates – find out how I can be praying for them specifically and ways to specifically encourage each of them in the upcoming month
    Goal #5 – Pray about someone to go through my “Seeking Him” study by Nancy Leigh DeMoss
    Goal #6 – Add the new video tutorial section to my blog.

    Thanks so much for the motivation to actually put these in writing!

  • amber says:

    Here are a few of my goals I would like to do this week.

    1- Try a new recipe. I want to start doing this every week. This week it will be refried beans in the slowcooker.

    2- Start school here at the house for my youngest. She is four and this is the last year she will be home with me.

    3- Make more progress on the baby quilt I am making. I am using old baby clothes to make a patchwork quilt.

    4- Read a few more chapters in the book I am reading.

    5. Make a Samson and Delilah cardboard house for the girls. I plan on using old toilet rolls for the columns. With a cardboard floor and roof, that can fall down.

    6- Go to the state fair friday and have lots of fun.

  • Jessica says:

    An added “bonus” to having the written goals written down is that over the course of the year it is incredibly encouraging to look back over past written goals and see how God has answered the desires (goals) of our hearts and/or how they have completely transformed.
    It is an incredible exercise in witnessing the faithfulness of God to have a written log.
    This week I am:
    -putting together a photography class to teach this fall
    -striving to keep dishes washed as they are used
    -finish reading Winnie the Pooh to the 3 yr old (have you read the old, originals? Very funny!)
    -do second coat of paint in the bathroom
    – looking for a way to creatively encourage a friend

  • 1. Have this baby (I’m 39 weeks but I’m ready to meet him!)!
    2. Keep walking every day until #1 happens.
    3. Sweeper the house, wipe down the bathrooms.
    4. Spend time with my husband hanging out.
    5. Finish The Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obrecht (really good book!).

  • JeniferR says:

    I just sat down and planned out my week. I have been so discouraged lately because I feel like I have not done what I need to. Thanks so much!!!

  • Heather says:

    I need to do this – a great idea. Now to follow through


    1. Run 15 miles total this week
    2. Print out and organize all hotel reservation numbers, maps, and other needed information for family vacation next week
    3. Stop by Post Office and fill out a Hold Mail form
    4. Stop by school and check the Ed Foundation mailbox
    5. Make appointment for oldest son
    6. Write letter to President of Colony alerting them about mechanical bull we are renting for Friends of Education night to be held in community hall
    7. Follow up with insurance rider policy for above mentioned bull
    8. Clean and organize Sunday School Classroom as new class and quarter will start upon return from vacation
    9. Drop off donation box to local Mission
    10. Pick up new discount cards for son to sell to raise money for Marching Band
    11. Organize car poll for band camp Wednesday – Saturday and practices starting next Month
    12. Make sure oldest son finishes Pre-Calculus course through online instruction
    13. Make sure all school supplies are organized and ready for first day back to school
    14. Buy sneakers for all three of the boys – they will need them for hiking and for the start of school
    15. Decide which half marathon to register for this fall – one in October or one in November Fill out and complete registration and secure lodging reservations
    16. Help husband get everything he needs in order for the Lance Armstrong Bike Ride this weekend

    Now – if I can finish all of that………….. I can relax a little before leaving for vacation

  • GM says:

    1. Work on my soul journal every night.
    2. Do my daily worksheet.
    3. Complete my stocking for Craft Hope.
    4. Make more laundry soap.
    5. Teach Geekette about primary and secondary colors.
    6. Finish reading at least one of the chapter books I’m working on.
    7. Sign up the Geekette for a nature class.
    8. Get boxes from the liquor store for our move & pack said boxes.
    9. Finish cleaning up/out the bathroom.
    10. Do 1 kind thing each day- and have the Geekette help or do one of her own.

  • Sarah says:

    1. Clean the whole house before parents come to visit.
    2. Finish making baby food,soup & pizza snacks for the freezer.
    3. Have my son watch less televison and do other activities indoors.
    4. Reorganize my kitchen cabinets
    5. Finish son’s christmas stocking and advent calender
    6. Start scrapbook.
    7. Keep eating healthy at home and lose 7lbs of 10lb goal.

  • april says:

    Here are some of mine:

    continue purging
    clean out the truck
    attend a wednesday playdate
    attend a football kickoff
    start deep cleaning
    enjoy the last full week of the big kids being home from school
    catchup reading

  • Nicole says:

    I just made homemade fruit leathers last night! But I used a recipe from with just honey no sugar and no stewing the strawberries…super simple and they were amazing! I used my awesome deals from the aldi’s grand opening this week… .79 strawberries and blueberries! yay!

  • takeya says:

    thank you for sharing your goals

    1. work out every day this week, walk 3mile 2twice and do my work out tape have to loose 48pds

    2. Start my blog this week.

    3. Get my prayer and devontional schedule back on track and get in my 1hour in the morning

    4. Write out a new plan for buying off my credit card

    5. Work on showing more love and patience to my husband and on my job

    thats all right now

  • Jen says:


    Just wanted to say thanks for all the ways you cheer on your readers. You continue to inspire me to be more focueds and prioritize more and it has blessed me and my family. Thanks so much for all you do!

  • kacie says:

    1. Build button for my new blog
    2. Work out an advertising plan for the blog
    3. Post items on craigslist and local yard sale website
    4. Do Freezer Cooking for the remainder of the month
    5. Clean bathrooms

  • Amy says:

    Can I just say that the next month terrifies me? This summer I took a few online classes and decided to take the summer off work. I basically adapted my fiances schedule, going to bed at 7 am and waking up at 4. This was great for our relationship but horrible for my well being. Ive got to get my sleeping back to a normal schedule in preparation for classes starting again next week, need to make sure my wedding planning is on track, start working again, start planning for grad school and on top of all that, I finally invested in a new scale last night, only to find that my old one was a good 9 lbs off.
    This week I am up to 26 goals, including
    1. meet with my advisor about graduation requirements
    2. make deposits with our wedding travel agent
    3. get new clothes and some kind of book bag
    4. Take the dog to the vet
    5. find the time to work out
    6. Try not to have a nervous breakdown!

  • Amy Reynolds says:

    Great post!!! I am adding one category to mine – probably most important to me – Marital. It’s so easy to forget him.

    This week is VBS for us so some of this may be a little unrealistic but it’s worth a try…
    Personal: Eat breakfast daily, Exercise at least 4 days
    Parental: Make 4 skirts for Maddie, Get Jordan closer to a school schedule
    Home management: Finish bathroom art, Switch craft closet and office supplies to maximize space, Load of laundry 5 days, Eat dinner at home every night except date night (again…with VBS…might not happen)
    Ministry: Take dinner to our new pastor and his wife on move-in day, survive VBS!!!
    Marital: Write him a thank you note for being perfect – well, close any way! Make sure he has everything he needs to preach VBS nightly so that all he has to worry about is the actual preaching part. Have a date night Saturday to celebrate surviving VBS.

    • Crystal says:

      Just so you know, as I mentioned in the post, I, too, have a marriage category, but I’ve decided not to post those goals since this is a public blog. 🙂

  • Whitney says:

    What an awesome idea!

    Goals for this week:
    1. Clean house top to bottom. We were dog sitters for my parent’s puppy this weekend, and my husband is mildly allergic to dogs. Going to try to get all of the dog hair out of here for him.

    2. Keep my blog schedule. Research more ways to be a successful blogger.

    3. Call a few sisters from church to chat.

    4. Read my scriptures daily, alone and with my husband.

    5. Stay awake after my husband leaves early to go to work! It is so easy to crawl back into bed after he leaves, but so much more rewarding if I don’t.

    6. Go to bed at a regular time, preferably at 10:00.

    7. Start reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.

    8. Spend less time on the computer.

    9. Continue to clean out the Craft Room. Whew. It is still such a mess.

    10. Continue to purge, purge, purge. We have so many things that we do not need or do not use. I am donating them to Goodwill as I get things cleaned out.

  • Debbie says:

    My goals for this week:

    1. Finish reading “The Help” so that I can go watch the movie.
    2. Clean the kitchen’s window screens.
    3. Take clothes to the Salvation Army’s Thrift store.
    4. Stick to the Weight Watchers plan.
    5. Eat more veggies.
    6. Walk.
    7. Order a 16 pc. dinnerware set to replace the mix match sets using my swagbucks and amazon credit card rewards money.
    8. Research some volunteer apportunities in my community.
    9. Try to earn a $5 amazon gift card using Swagbucks.
    10. Continue to be a good steward of God’s blessings in my life (MOST IMPORTANT GOAL).

  • Heather says:

    love this 🙂 thanks for motivating people!

    1. send out party invites
    2. write another chapter in my book
    3. get some pictures of preschool getting ready things 🙂
    4. figure out how in the world to organize this horrible office/playroom/guest room…ugh
    5. find a magic wand to do #4

  • Denise C. says:

    I am an avid runner and have registered for 3 upcoming races (10 miler, 5k and 2nd half marathon) so….I want to increase my miles per week, I’m shooting for 12 miles Saturday or Sunday and 7 miles M-F. (I give my legs one day off.) 🙂

    Continue mindful spending, cutting back on trips to Target has made my bank account happier (my husband too!) 🙂

    Less yelling and frustration with my kids. This is an ongoing goal that I seem to get good at, then fall off the wagon with. I’ll be honest here, I grew up in a home where I was always yelled at for everything. I seem to be following that pattern and am trying my hardest to break it.

    For my husband, I want him to come home and see me in a good mood. I’m always happy when he comes home, my mood doesn’t always show it, especially on days that were chaotic.

    I love goals! Thanks for posting! 🙂

  • Stephanie says:

    1. Work with daughter to be better at dressing herself.

    2. Work with daughter to practice tracing letters in her name.

    3. Try 2 new recipes this week: Chicken Spaghetti and homemade sweet potato fries

    4. Draft a prayer list and pray for items daily with my husband

    5. Resume daily bible reading

    6. Organize file cabinet drawer

    7. Call photographer to arrange family photo shoot

    8. Reduce caffeine intake/drink more water

  • Kaidi says:

    I don’t think it was such a good idea to read through everyone’s goals. I thought I had mine set (sort of) and then it’s like “oh, right, that too!”, “I should have started with this!” “scratch that, I’m going to bed!” =P

    My main goal for the week is to get motivated, encouraged, balanced. It involves every possible area. Writing this down is an accomplishment, so that means – I’m done for the week! =D

  • Leanne says:

    1. Read one chapter 4 days this week of The Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson (spiritual)
    2. Have our new Asst Pastor and his wife over for dinner (outreach/serving)
    3. Take the boys swimming at least once this week with Mommy actually getting in the pool (family time)
    4. Run 24 miles this week and stay on diet (I have 19 more pounds to lose by November☺) (personal)
    5. take little boys to the big library once this week (family time)
    6. Get the boys on their new school routine!! up early and to bed early☺

  • Tara says:

    Hi Crystal, what do you use for math/language arts?

  • Katie Haney says:

    I love having goals and to-do lists! 🙂 Here are my {top} 10 goals for this week:

    1. Dust and vacuum our apartment
    2. Clean out our refrigerator and pantry
    3. Finish post office errands
    4. Outline the ebook I am starting to write
    5. Go to two yoga classes on Monday and run 30 minutes every day Tuesday through Sunday
    6. Update our prayer journal
    7. Write letters to my brother in law in the army, my in-laws in FL, and friends I graduated with
    8. Book our vacation and plan out the rest of my husband’s pre-deployment leave
    9. Get my teaching materials ready for a seminar I’m attending next week.
    10. Figure out meal plan for next week and organize shopping list

    Thank you, Crystal, for all of the hard work you do to make this blog so incredible and encouraging! God bless!

  • Mary says:

    Thanks for this post! I have four kids, ranging from almost 7 down to 2 weeks. Obviously, we are in a reorganizing time of life, but your post reminded me that goals are probably even more important now than when things are ‘normal’. So I set a few:
    1. Praise each child at least once a day (this one definitely came out of the fact that today I made my three older kids cry by yelling at them. Yikes!)
    2. Supervise children’s chores daily (we have a great system, but they aren’t independent yet.)
    3. Put away clothes children have outgrown – thankfully they are already sorted!
    4. Evaluate online options for certain grocery items, since shopping is more difficult now.
    5. Finish planning first 3 weeks of homeschool.
    6. Work on 2009 photo album (this one is for me!)

  • Koree says:

    1. Take recycling.

    2. Clean out fridge.

    3. Fold clothes off drying rack.

    4. Take clothes to Homeless Shelter.

    5. Sell books to used bookstore.

    6. Get textbooks for the semester.

    7. Work on my commissioned painting.

    8. Return Redbox

    9. Tidy bathroom (sweep, wipe counters)

    10. Go to the bank.

  • Ann says:

    I just made fruit leather a few weeks ago. It was soooo easy.
    I had 88 cent strawberries I used. Also made freezer jam with them.

    Goal setting. Definately something I need to work on.

  • I always make a to-do list as we head into the weekend. I love the idea of making it a list of goals for the week. I’m going to try this out! Thanks!

  • Suzanne says:

    I usually write down what I have to get done each week, but have never thought of them as goals. Thinking of them as goal and not just a to do list may make it more fun for me. We will see. My goals:

    1. spent alone time with my hubby
    2. bake boys’ bday cake & cookies
    3. ENJOY the bday party b/c no one else cares if it is perfect
    4. clean house (my parents and in-laws will be visiting Fri.)
    5. read my Bible, ponder the verses and apply them
    6.catch up on the ironing

  • Dani says:

    So funny! I just wrote out a few to do’s/goals for what to do after work each day this week!
    -Daily cleaning, everyday
    -Sand down dumpster-rescued coffee table
    -Sand down dumpster-rescued end table
    -Go to the Iowa State Fair
    -Visit my parents

  • Koree says:

    So great! I did 4 just this evening!! 6 to go : )

  • vicki says:

    I love this idea.

    Here is my list.

    1. Clean both bathrooms.
    2. Sweep and mop the floors.
    3. Start reading a new book.
    4. Make 10 freezer burritoes and precook chicken for make ahead dinners.
    5. Sort kids clothes and donated any that don’t fit.

  • Kimberly says:

    I’ve been thinking I need to start putting my daily goals in writings, so I can better prioritize the piles! Maybe I should try the weekly goals as well. In no particular order…

    1.) Go on a date with my husband.
    2.) Finish unpacking the house before our open house for the maternity home this weekend (or at least find places to stash the last few boxes!).
    3.) Finish dusting & cleaning the floors on the main floor and basement levels.
    4.) Plan, shop for and prepare a chili dinner for 200 people.
    5.) Organize office (or at least make it look neat before the open house).
    6.) Finish reading or listening to 1 Samuel.
    7.) Work another 13 hours this week.
    8.) Shop for birth supplies (due in just over a month!).
    9.) REST EVERY DAY. Been overdoing it lately and it’s causing exhaustion and contractions.
    10.) Plan menu and go grocery shopping.
    11.) Post as much as I have ready for a donation list on Facebook, blog, and print copies for the open house.
    12.) Finish planning and preparing door prizes.

    Okay, so I couldn’t cut it down to 10…but maybe having it in writing will help!

  • Amy B says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! Now that my two oldest are back in school, I can get into more of a “normal” routine! 🙂

    1. Get 3 year old back into her daily nap.

    2. Do my quiet time every day.

    3. Wake up early so we’re not rushing to school.

    4. Take daughter to first gymnastics lesson.

    5. Prepare for first AWANA lesson; stock AWANA art box.

    6. Go to Target.

    7. Figure out what to do with daughter’s crazy curly hair!

    8. Plan trip to the mall to shop for fall/winter clothes.

  • I am an avid list maker, so I have been writing down my goals each week for a while. And, reading the lists everyone has posted has inspired me with some more goals I want to add to my list!

    A few of my plans are:
    Read at least 2 chapter books aloud to my son.
    Read at least one chapter of the bible everyday.
    Exercise 1/2 hour everyday.
    Get the materials I need for the handmade cards I want to make.
    Plan ahead for two weeks worth of blog posts for my personal and business blogs.

  • Jessica says:

    Thanks for sharing this incredible article! I just finished my goals for the week thanks to your inspiration! You have also inspired me to have my kids also start their own goals each week. Since I don’t want to be too interfering, I will only be giving them support while they write them. Hopefully this goes well…
    Some of my goals are:
    1. begin planning my daughter’s birthday party
    2. find a cheap craft to do with my kids and ACTUALLY DO IT!!
    3. finish tiling the bathroom
    4. go to bed by midnight (I am a long-time night owl)
    5. check on financial aid for college
    6. make apple crisp filling and freeze
    7. begin reading daily devotions again
    8. call sister and remind her to come to church with me the night before

  • Stacey says:

    I love this idea…I just wrote up my list in my Busy Body Book. Here’s 5 of my 11.
    1. Clean out my son’s dresser of too small or worn clothes (maybe I can make that horrible faded stained t-shirt that is his favorite disappear! If anyone has suggestions I’m all ears)
    2. Mop the kitchen floor
    3. Clear all items from horizontal surface of my cubicle at work and wipe down with disinfectant spray…it’s getting pretty gross
    4. Walk a total of 2 hours
    5. Get my son to read at least one more book for summer reading list.

  • Victoria says:

    I love your posts on goal setting. I am not a big detail goal setter, but I do have a daily to do list that I rewrite each day, and thanks to your facebook posts I now take an extra minute after writing it to highlight the TOP 5 for the day. Exercising goals I do every spring as dread tread (treadmill) season comes to an end and I am able to get outside again. This year I started the season with a half marathon and will end it with my second full marathon and for something new to push my limits I signed up for my first sprint-tri. I love hearing about your running! having newbie’s join the ranks of running warms my heart. Running is my best planning time, prayer time, decompresesion time, girlfriend time, and renewal time. This marathon I plan to pick 26 couples and write their names on my arm, and spend 1 mile praying specifically for them. KEEP IT UP!!!

  • Heather says:

    Hi, Crystal!
    One of my goals is to start those ministry cards. As a deacon’s wife, I’m figuring out it really is my duty, since he doesn’t appear to be getting going with them (I waited a year…it’s time to take action!) Where do you find a good deal on lots of cards? I’m not inclined towards the mixed box of dull, obligatory cards. Is making them the way to go? Then, where would I find deals on supplies?

    • Crystal says:

      Cards as in sympathy, birthday, etc.? Definitely check out the boxed sets you can get through DaySpring (look on their clearance section). It’s much less expensive to purchase that way. Also, you can check your local dollar store.

  • Anna says:

    I am posting this kind of late but I had it in my head. Here is my list.

    1. Make healthy lunches for the kids each day for school
    2. Walk 2 miles each day.
    3. Vacuum house thoroughly.
    4. Wash and put clothes away each day.
    5. Make a detailed menu and post.
    6. Make a detailed weekly schedule with all appointments written out.
    7. Say daily prayers for my children and my brother who is in crisis.
    8. Make a list of things needed done each day before we leave the house (lunches, back packs, medicine, etc.)
    9. Make a plan to declutter one area of the house.
    10. Cut coupons each day to get caught up.

  • This is a great idea!! I’m one of those Type A personality types too! I love making lists! The night before, I write a list of 10 things I want to accomplish every day (and then right by my computer I have a dry erase board to add things as I think of them (and that is my go-to list when I need to think of what to do the next day).

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