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10 Goals For This Week

We had a hard week last week. And, as a result, most of my goals went by the wayside. But that’s okay… goals aren’t the be all, end all of life.

And sometimes, you just have to set aside all of your ambitions and focus on just doing the basic things — like making sure everyone has food to eat, clothes to wear, and knows that they are loved and cared for.

Last week’s goals:

Family/Marriage/Mothering Goals

1. Start reading A Way Through the Sea aloud to the kids. Continue reading one chapter of The Borrowers aloud at dinner each night. {I did not read at all as much as I usually do last week and all of the reading was pretty much picture books from the library.}

2. Write a love note to Jesse. {Gulp… does texting count??!}

3. Read together with Jesse before bed at least three nights. {Um, this totally did not happen}

Personal Goals

4. Finish reading Running For My Life, Eats, Shoots, and Leaves, Now, Discover Your Strengths, Unglued, Abundant Simplicity, and Happier at Home. {I had all of this big plans to read while I was on my trip to and back to Illinois last week, but I ended up reading through my stack of magazines and some of the ebook I’d downloaded for free recently. Yes, I know, I’m so easily distracted and so good at starting new things instead of working on finishing the things I already have started.}

5. Listen to two chapters of Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard. {I think I only listed to about 20 minutes total.}

6. Exercise at least five times. {I only managed to exercise four times.}

Homemaking Goals

7. Try at least two new recipes. {Progress here: a big fat zero.}

8. Finish at least 25 rows on the scarf I’m working on knitting. {I think I got a grand total of 12 rows done. Hey, at least it’s something, right?}

Business Goals

9. Write at least two articles for other blogs/sites.

10. Prep for my speaking engagement in Bloomington, IL on Saturday.

This week’s goals:

Family/Marriage/Mothering Goals

1. Start reading A Way Through the Sea aloud to the kids. Continue reading one chapter of The Borrowers aloud at dinner each night.

2. Write a love note to Jesse.

3. Work on getting back on our Fall routine after falling off the bandwagon last week.

Personal Goals

4. Finish reading Running For My Life, Eats, Shoots, and Leaves, Now, Discover Your Strengths, Unglued, Abundant Simplicity, and Happier at Home.

5. Listen to two chapters of Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard.

6. Exercise at least five times.

Homemaking Goals

7. Fill freezer using Lunchbox Freezer Cooking Plan. (More on that in a bit.)

8. Spot clean and wash curtains in kitchen.

Business Goals

9. Write at least two articles for other blogs/sites.

10. Blog four posts in the Lunchbox Freezer Cooking series.

How did you do on last week’s goals? What are your goals for this week? I’d love to have you share your progress on last week’s goals and your goals for this coming week in the comments. Of, if you’ve blogged about it, leave your direct link below. Let’s cheer each other on to live purposeful and productive lives!

You can download a free customizable weekly goal-planning sheet here.

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  • Mackenzie says:

    One of my goals for this month is to make 4 new recipes. So far I’ve only made one and they were a recipe for cookies. Does that count? 🙂 They were cranberry oatmeal and they were yummy!

  • I actually loved your honesty in sharing that when it ended up being just a HARD week of real life, that it was okay not to have everything crossed off. We tie our worth to the wrong things so many times (actually a topic of the blog post I’m sharing Wednesday on my blog!) All those other tasks and goals are to help us meet our big priorities (happy, healthy families, etc). Praying for health to be fully restored and your family to have a blessed week.

    • Crystal says:

      Thanks so much for your kind encouragement — and you are so right! It’s important to focus on really matters, not on what we sometimes *think* is most important!

  • Anna says:

    I moved into a new home. During the weeks before and the week after the move I was completely out of routine, balance, etc. I still have lots and lots of boxes to unpack but now we can settle in. For so many weeks I felt so unsettled!!!!

    My ten weekly goals are the following:
    1. Unpack new place
    2. Complete budget for September
    3. Re-establish AM and PM routines
    4. Health care for family members
    5. Work on organization
    6. Catch up on things at work
    7. Identify car needs and schedule work
    8. Put natural gas bill on automatic payment
    9. Review requirements for daughter to get license
    10. Take child to buy new uniforms
    11. Set up new phone
    12. Notify businesses of new address

  • Vicki says:

    It showed that you did a great job prepping for the expo here in Bloomington, IL. Lots of great information!

    • Crystal says:

      You’re so kind! The set up was completely different than I was picturing and all the noise of being in the expo hall was a new (and distracting!) experience for me. I guess I need to start practicing giving talks with lots and lots of background noise! 😉

      Thanks so much for coming!

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one!

    So, I’m trying again!

  • Stephanie says:

    “Only managed to exercise 4 times”….umm ok, if I get to 4 times a week, I am quite pleased 🙂 Hope you have a much easier week this week Crystal!

  • Bella says:

    Crystal, I am so thankful for your blog. I am learning so much. I wonder if you’d write more about marriage. First of all, I am starting to slip notes/cards into my husband’s suitcase when he travels, but I’d love to learn more about your “weekly love note to Jesse”. I truly want to honor the LORD with our marriage and since my husband is a fairly new Christian (PTL!), I want to encourage him to be our spiritual leader without being manipulative. Praying for him, esp w/ Stormie’s book, is my priority. I can’t wait to hear more about your notes, or texts. Thanks for using your “A type” energy to encourage us to live for Him! You are a precious gift to our family, from our loving Father.

  • Megan says:

    Your bad weeks make me feel better about myself – is that bad? If I had to publish my week goals – they would be hilarious. PS I completely think texting counts! I recently recveived a text from a co-worker by mistake (it was supposted to go to his wife) It said Good night – love you! (he was on travel). I think that’s a great way to infuse a bit of extra love in each day!

  • Emily says:

    We had a crazy week…my DD is teething, and from how it’s going, I’m expecting a full mouth of teeth to just appear one day. 🙂 However, I run my first 5k this coming Saturday, and I have stuck to my running goals! I only have 30 minutes to work out (scheduled, at least) including warm-up and cool-down, so 20 minutes for running (and I’m slow), but I’m now at 1.82 running miles without stopping! My warm-up and cool-down is an additional .6 miles, but it’s just walked. However, I’m extremely excited! I never thought this would be possible.

    On another note, I’ve really noticed that when I exercise I try to make it worth it (sweat and work out the full half-hour). Maybe that could be of some help to people who stated they were struggling with exercising when you did your “make the most of your mornings” posts. I tell myself – If I’m messing up my hair, it can’t just be for nought. I’ve also been sleeping a lot better (sans daughter waking in pain).

    • Crystal says:

      I’m so proud of you! You’re an inspiration!!!

    • Gina says:

      Wow! I’ve had such a difficult time with my commitment to run. I’m proud of you! =)
      My daughter loves to run, so we do it as a mother/daughter thing, If it weren’t for her, I’m afraid I would never run. :/

      • Emily says:

        Thank you so much! 🙂 Ironically, my mother (whose name is Gina, too!) is an amazing runner – to the point where she still can just run for miles, and it barely phases her. She and my brother run together for 15+ miles, so they are my inspiration! They’ve both been very patient with me as I start running for longer distances and amounts of time.

  • Jessica H says:

    This has been a crazy past couple of weeks as every day, we expect our first child to be born so I keep taking my goals day by day! By the way, I can’t wait to see what you think about Abundant Simplicity. Enjoying the Presence of God by Jan Johnson is in my top five favorite books. I had never heard of Abundant Simplicity so I will have to check it out!

  • Sherry Lochner says:

    I was able to get a lot of my goals done, but some didn’t happen at my house either – exercise and cleaning blinds (I did do this yesterday though!) It was such a blessing to attend ladies conference at our church on Friday/Saturday. One of my goals was to make the guest bedroom welcoming, since we had a friend that came in for the conference and I was able to do that.

    This week’s goals
    1. Clean dining room blinds
    2. Decorate for fall
    3. Exercise three times this week
    4. Clean master bath
    5. Sweep/Mop bathroom & kitchen floor
    6. Do craft
    7. Make apple goodies – applesauce, apple muffins, apple cake for blessing our family
    8. Make banana goodies – banana bread for blessing others
    9. Make menu/grocery list/coupons/shop
    10. Date with hubby

  • Gretchen says:

    Thanks for keeping us accountable!

  • Carrie says:

    We LOVED The Borrowers.

  • Amy Looney says:

    Our family had a rough week last week, so I didn’t get any of my goals accomplished! I’m trying to get back on track this week. I think I can, I think I can!

  • I am SO thankful that 1) you post these each week and 2) you are not afraid to “not live up to” your to-do list, Crystal. It has been a huge blessing for me to see that from week to week. So much so that, from the influence of these posts as well as the Make the Most of Your Mornings series (as well as my love for creating lists…), I have decided to *attempt* posting my weekly goals for the month of September to see how it goes. I’m thoroughly pleased with how much I’m able to accomplish when I have a plan! And it also helps me not be so hard on myself when I don’t accomplish something – because I can look back on all I’ve accomplished that day/week and see that I did do a great deal! Thanks for being transparent and not being supermom…all the time. 🙂

  • I’m finally posting my weekly goals! I actually made this a couple days ago and have a couple of the things done already, but still have a lot more to do!

  • Kayla P says:

    I always like to read your goals- it is motivating for me! We are doing lots of “home projects” right now, so one of my big goals is painting bedrooms this week. It’s always interesting to paint when you have five little ones around. 🙂

    • Crystal says:

      Thanks for your kind encouragement! I have big ambitions of breaking out a paint can and brush someday soon! But it’s still just an ambition right now. 🙂

  • Shelly says:

    This past week was a busy week with starting our fall homeschooling schedule. It was a little rough start for my son, my daughter loves school so the week went well for her. I was only able to get one of my pantry mixes done last week but I am hoping to get more done this week. Along with joining in on your lunchbox freezer cooking. I love to have meals in the freezer ready to go.
    Setting up my 15 minutes a day cleaning schedule fell by the wayside this past week along with getting my Facebook cover photo up. But I am hopeful to get these things done this week.

    I think even though your week did not go as planned, whenever you can get everyone in the family fed, clothed and they feel loved and cared for, those are the most important things to do. It sounds to me that you did great on what was most important to you and your family.

  • Gina says:

    I bombed last week, too. It was a tough week for us. “…like making sure everyone has food to eat, clothes to wear, and knows that they are loved and cared for.” <–I like that!

    (I accidentally posted the wrong link on your linky. So my URL may appear to be on there twice. Sorry.)

  • Gina says:

    Every time I try to submit my link-up, it doesn’t show up. So, I’ll just stick it here:

    As I was trying to link-up, I did take a minute to visit many of the blogs listed and found some really great ones!! Thanks!

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