35 Things to Do Instead of Spending Money

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  1. says

    I clean house and look at all the things I already have. I have really become an anti shopper! Spending time at home is a joy for me. We have been getting our garden in finally after such a long and cold winter. The evening have been spent working in the yard and drinking orange juice and lemonade mixed together, yum.

  2. Joy says

    * Polish my nails
    * Play spa/beauty salon with my girls
    * Write in my journal
    * Become chalk artists (recreate painting masterpieces to the best of our abilities on a sidewalk square)
    * Go through photo albums and school memory boxes
    * Play the “Would” game (What would you like to be when you grow up; Where would you like to visit one day; What invention would you create and why; What super hero power would you choose; etc)
    * Visit Brownielocks website and celebrate a random holiday (Recently we celebrated National Penguin Day!)

  3. says

    I looove the library! I always grab a book or two (or five) for myself and my kids load up on picture books. Not only is reading good in and of itself, but there are lots of books that inspire kids to great playtime together that is totally free.

  4. Lana says

    This time of year I like to do anything at all outside. We would rather eat in our screen porch than go to a restaurant. I love to sit on my deck with coffee or a cold drink, water my 100 plus flower pots, weed flower beds or swing on the porch swing in my backyard. No way I want to get in my car and go into town where it is so hot and lug some stuff home.

  5. says

    Thank you! I have a giant car repair looming and so, so need to read this, actually I need to print it out and glue copies to my wallet and my arms…

  6. Molly says

    Play Nintendo Sports with my girls, bake something sweet, fold the laundry together, watch The Voice and vote for our favorite contestants, head to the library for arts and crafts, listen to music and dance around, clip coupons, organize our rooms, clean out drawers, go through the girls clothes and see what does not fit anymore (which ends up being a fashion show!).

    • Joy says

      We turn “Switching out the wardrobe” into a fashion show too! I love it as much as the girls do!

  7. says

    I look online for deals, then I can justify spending if its a great deal. I also read, or craft. I agree with what Lana said, going outside or enjoying coffee on the porch is awesome!

  8. says

    Watch the wild birds in my backyard. They have a hotel of houses high on a pole, a bird feeder and birdbath. They don’t have to leave my yard. I hear the babies they are raising and watch them grow up each year.

  9. Sherry Hill says

    Paint with the grandchildren. We especially like watercolors.
    Sew on one of my already paid for projects.
    Cruise Pinterest for fun ideas of kids crafts with items I already have.
    Read books with the grandkids. We especially enjoy seek and find books.
    Bake and eat something from the freezer.

  10. Mickey says

    *Pack a picnic lunch, go to the local park…we like taking bread to feed the ducks from the lake.

    *Go on a nature hike with a journal…collect leaves, or take notes about what you saw, how you felt, future goals. From the collected leaves, lay them flat on wax paper & add in all colors of shaved crayons. Then top with ANOTHER sheet of waxed paper. On low setting, use an iron on dry heat setting…the crayon wax will fuse together the sheets creating a “mosaic” placement.
    *Go to the local museum (bank of America card holders get in to all museums for free on certain days)

  11. Stephanie says

    Completely clean the dryer and find the loose change from laundry.
    Go through things that can be donated.
    Hug my kids.
    Repaint furniture and repurpose it.

  12. says

    I garden (which saves money when I grow veggies), read, take a walk, or I look at my net worth. It’s not very high, so looking at it gives me reason not to spend!

  13. Nola Russell says

    We do jigsaw puzzles. They are available at thrift stores and I have a collection at home from which to choose. We play pinochle or other card games with friends. My hubby and I play Scrabble. I write in my gratitude journal, reminding myself of all the many blessings in my life. I try out new recipes. I play games on my computer. I go to either the library website or BookBub and download free books and settle in and read. I have a stash of fabrics so I can create a quilt. We go to the local library and find books on a new topic of interest. And then, of course, there is always cleaning and gardening to do…..but not so much fun!

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