Lunchbox Freezer Cooking: Peanut Butter & Jelly Sushi (Day 4)

Okay, so this recipe probably won’t win the award for being the least time-intensive recipe to pull off… especially since it requires a few more steps than a typical PB&J sandwich.

However, it’s creative and different — and might be an fun option for a picky eater. And I think it was significantly easier than the homemade uncrustables were.

By the way, if you want to make things even easier for yourself, just make Freezer-Friendly Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches.

Are you joining us for Lunchbox Freezer Cooking? If you’ve blogged about a lunchbox recipes you’ve made for your freezer, leave a link to your post and recipe below. I can’t wait to see your yummy recipes and ideas!


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    • says

      Depending upon what allergies you have, you could probably change this up to work — using sunbutter instead of peanut butter if you have nut allergies and gluten-free bread instead of regular bread, if you have gluten allergies.

    • says

      What allergies do you your children have? I know there are many allergy moms making their own versions of Crystal’s freezer foods. Maybe we can direct you to the right places depending on the allergies. :)

  1. says

    We made the corn dog muffins over the weekend and they were a big hit at our house. I wasn’t sure my corn dog loving son would go for the muffins but he really liked them a lot. We will be making this recipe often I am sure.
    Since we made the Peanut Butter Sushi Rolls my son has asked for them 3-4 times. He loves for me to make them for his snacks. I even made the kids sandwiches into sushi rolls the other day for lunch. I rolled out the bread then I add some tofutti cream cheese and then the lunchmeat. The kids both really liked them.
    I don’t know if they would freeze very well but it was a fun idea for lunch anyways.

  2. Halli says

    Looks super easy and a nice change from typical PB&J. I made the homemade pizza lunchables today. My kids can’t wait until lunch tomorrow!

  3. Amy says

    Super cute idea! I just started giving my 17 month old little pb and j sandwiches, these would be much easier for her to eat cant wait to try it!

  4. MelissaP says

    You can do this with tortillas also. I got that idea from a birthday party from one of my son’s friends.

    I just spread the PB and honey on a tortilla and roll it up. You could then cut it into “sushi” pieces if you want.

  5. Jodi D. says

    I love when you include pictures of your children. Silas is too cute, love the dimples. The whole mac & cheese on the window made me laugh because that is something my son would do.

    I like this idea because my sons don’t like the crusts. We’ll have to try it out. Of course, I need to try making the homemade croutons also. Thanks for sharing!

  6. says

    Silas looks like the best little helper, ever! And the happiest too! I can’t wait to let my boys help me with these. I already have in my head that using a bread knife to cut the rolls is going to be awesome and easy. I hope it is! 😉

  7. Cristi says

    My Daddy had a tried and true method for making large batches of PB&J when I was growing up and I still use it to this day: premix the peanut butter and jelly in a large bowl. Then you only have to spread once on each sandwich and use one knife. Super efficient for me! I must confess my favorite part of Daddy’s PB&J was always licking the bowl at the end. For my 5 year old I sometimes skip the bread all together and just give him a bowl of mixed PB&J with a spoon. He loves it!

    • Emily says

      My mom did this for me growing up! I have no idea why, but it tasted so much better all mixed up. When she mixed the peanut butter with grape jelly, it looked like chocolate pudding to me. :)

  8. Kelley H says

    Another freezing tip would be to place the sushi pieces on a cookie sheet and freeze for a couple of hours. Then place them in a zippy bag. This is great for the kids who feel like they need a few extra pieces, etc. they won’t freeze clumped together this way.

    I make allergy free breads for families and they aren’t always soft and beautiful like typical white bread. So I tell my families that they can roll out each bread slice and fill/roll. The kids seem to like this better. Nice lunch recipe!!

  9. says

    I love making these for my son. I saw them on Pinterest earlier this year and I haven’t stopped making them yet. I love that I could make them ahead of time though and pop them in the freezer.

  10. Cristi says

    My Daddy had a tried and true method for making PB&J in bulk long before Goober Grape was ever invented: premix the Peanut butter and the jelly in one large bowl before making sandwiches. You can tweak just the right amount of each ingredient before it ever touches the bread and you only have to spread once using only one knife. It’s super efficient! I still make PB&J this way and my 5 year old loves it. The best part is licking the bowl afterwards :)

  11. Charity says

    This looks like something fun (albeit messy) for my littles to help with. Hmm, wonder where all I’ll be cleaning peanut butter up from this time? 😉

  12. Margery Hilburn says

    Both the links for croutons and breadcrumbs go to different crouton recipes. I would like to see the breadcrumb link. Thanks.

  13. Heather says

    What a great idea! I will have to try this on my daughter who is the only 3 YO who doesn’t like pb&j sandwiches. She likes bread, PB and Jam/Jelly, but not all together. She usually pulls it apart and just licks off the insides! Silly girl! Will try today with fingers crossed! Thanks for this recipe!

  14. kristen says

    This was cute. I actually just finished making this and I’m on my way to pick up 3 of my 4 girls from school and will offer this to them as soon as they get in the car. They are STARVING every day after school, begging me to stop and buy something to eat. This will hopefully hold them until dinner:) Thanks!

  15. wendy says

    I would so, so love to see real recipes back again!! Your old recipes are so outstanding and absolutely staples at my house. We cook real food here, and your old recipes are real food, as opposed to the boxed mac and cheese cups, freezer peanut butter jelly offerings that have been posted lately. If you don’t have time to cook for your family anymore, please have someone else do your recipe section who does cook each day – thank you!!!

    • says

      Don’t worry! I’m still doing *plenty* of cooking around here — just made Italian Chicken and Pumpkin Bars this afternoon and am getting ready to make Homemade Crackers and Homemade French Bread. And I’ll be sharing most of those recipes soon. :)

      I just try to provide a variety of recipes around here and thought it would be fun to do some quick and easy recipes the past two weeks just for something a little different — especially for those folks who rarely ever find time to cook.

      Be sure to check out these pages for a few recent “real” recipes I’ve done (I know that it’s easy to miss things I post since I post so often!):

      Have a beautiful day — and thanks for your input!

    • Renee K says

      Not trying to start an argument, but good grief- she has always done a great job varying the content on her blog. There are a million food blogs that post on recipes for “real food”. Some people who work, or have kids that only eat these types of food, enjoy these posts. Although, I cook 95% of our meals, no matter what, my kids still like mac and cheese, pizza bites, and pb&j. I hate when people criticize the blogger. I think it is rude.

      • Renee K says

        And, this is a “lunch box food” series, not a dinner, or breakfast series. So don’t read these posts expecting casserole recipes, and slow cooker recipes, and desserts. This is specifically a series for lunch boxes.

        I never post “replies” to other messages but I get tired of seeing excellent bloggers, who are great writers get criticized. Input on blog content is fine, but you don’t have to be rude about it. It can be done in a polite way.

  16. ellen says

    could you just use like the soft taco things..(forgive me I cant think of the name of them for the life of me..) so you wouldn’t have to flaten out the bread?

  17. says

    Silly question here, but is there any tip on how to roll it up correctly?? Mine keep oozing out peanut butter and jelly on the other side! Tips Tricks?? THANK YOU! personally I can’t believe how much better these taste from the regular PB & J’s :-)

      • says

        Well, hee,hee. I was actually doing a top with the peanut butter and the bottom with jelly and rolling up TWO pieces of flattened bread (let me tell you, that was tricky!) and then I realized that it is supposed to be done with just one piece of bread. It works a LOT better! Sometimes I wonder what is going on in this mommy brain….you even had pictures :-)

  18. says

    Could these be flash frozen? Or just thrown into a big ziploc bag? These are great for my toddler, but would rather save all the baggies and just do 1 big bag full and pull out what i need?

    • says

      Absolutely! I was just trying to make it really simple for people who were packing a lunch — to save them an extra step of pulling them out and putting them in baggies. But if you’re staying home, totally just put them all in a big freezer bag and pull out what you need.

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