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Worth Reading: Yard Sales and Cloth Diapers

::Yard sale season is officially underway in most parts of the country. The Nester has an excellent post up here  with helpful hints and ideas for both the shopper and the seller.

::Thinking about cloth diapering? Simple Mom is hosting a cloth diaper themed week on her blog this week with everything you could possibly ever want to know on the subject.

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  • Andrea says:

    Thank you soooo much for this post!! We’re getting ready to do our first garage sale in ten years and this article is full of great tips!!! Wish us luck! (Someone’s gonna get some great deals on baby girl stuff!!!)

  • Going Green Mama says:

    Cloth diapering is great – and very easy. I figured that even doing it weekends-only in our home we would “break even” in half a year by buying all-in-ones (the only type my husband would consent to.) Financially it’s great, froma landfill perspective it’s great too!

  • Indymoney says:

    Thanks for introducing her. The post is wonderful.. I added her in my followup list 🙂

  • joy says:

    Um, I am SOO glad that these were 2 separate articles. I was feeling a little gaggy thinking about buying cloth diapers at a garage sale!

  • Jerry says:

    We really liked the cloth diapers that we used with our daughter, they would lead her to very comfortable diapering overall. The only thing that we didn’t like was not having any insurance that she would stay dry. Are any of the cloth diapers able to prevent leaks?

  • Carrie says:

    Joy, I was on the same wave length as you. I was thinking “Ugh, I don’t think I’d want to buy used diapers at a garage sale”. ROFL

  • karen says:

    Jerry–too bad about leaks. The only poop explosions that we had were with disposables! It can be hard to get a good fit if you have a skinny leg or a tall waisted baby–try Green Acre, they have lots of snaps for leg adjustment and a ‘tall’ option.

    Joy–I would LOVE to find diapers at a garage sale. Almost all of our diapers were purchased second hand. I do strip and sun everything first, just in case.

  • Erika says:

    I find that with cloth diapering and staying dry the best bet for that is to use Fuzzi Bunz. They are expensive overall compared to all-in-one diapers, but they are the best (in my opinion). I use a combo of regular cloth diapers with covers (and snappi fasteners…boy are those things awesome!), all-in-one diapers and Fuzzi Bunz (and disposables when we are out and living out of the diaper bag just for sanitation sake and sometimes just for conviences sake when I haven’t had an opportunity to sort the laundry yet and such).

    I’ve used Bum Genius all-in-one diapers and they don’t do quite as well for preventing leaks as the Fuzzi Bunz (they are okay so long as you change them very regularly and your children aren’t heavy wetters…my daughter was a horribly heavy wetter). Fuzzi Bunz do the best that I’ve found to wick the moisture away from the baby and into the pocket where the cloth diaper (or whatever you use) sits and the baby does stay dry 99% of the time. I always saved them for my daughter at night because I had better assurance that she’d stay dry if I collapsed in exhaustion and didn’t change her right away.

    I would have used Fuzzi Bunz only…well for the most part sometimes the covers and regular cloth diapers are just easier because you don’t have to worry about washing the cover after a single use like you do the Fuzzi Bunz…But they are expensive. The ones I have I got for a steal off of E-bay and at garage sales and used stores (once you wash them in very hot water a few times with some good detergent and such you’d never know they weren’t new). They are normally 15.00 a pop just for the pocket diaper without any inserts or anything and you have to go up sizes as the baby does, so Fuzzi Bunz get spendy very quickly.

  • Erika says:

    Oh and Fuzzi Bunz are also the best that I’ve found to prevent blow outs as well *laugh* sorry about that.

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