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Work-At-Home Opportunity: Become an ESL teacher in China without leaving your home!

(Note: This post was sponsored by VIPKID. All opinions are my own. Read our disclosure policy here.)

Make money from home as a teacher in China! This is such a unique way to earn an income from home, and you can get started in less than a month!!

Are you looking for unique ways to earn an income from home? VIPKID — an online English education platform with 200,000 Chinese students and 20,000 teachers — is currently hiring teachers!

What is VIPKID?

VIPKID is an online English education platform allowing children ages 4-12 in China to take classes from North American teachers, all from the comfort of their homes.

Starting in 2013 and now having 200,000 students in 2017, they have grown exponentially fast and are in need of more teachers.

VIPKID has a unique business model that works for everyone involved. Chinese families can get a quality educator for a good price point, and teachers can have a part-time work-from-home job with flexible hours.

VIPKID differentiates themselves in many ways:

  • Social impact. They have a research institute at Stanford studying how children learn languages, and they also have an ongoing project in the rural schools of China where VIPKID teachers get connected to a lower income rural school and virtually teach English to the class.
  • Teacher Community. They offer a very supportive culture both online and offline at meetups.
  • Curriculum. Their curriculum is proprietary so that they can fine tune it as needed. All lesson plans are created by the VIPKID curriculum team, which takes pressure off of the teachers.
  • Technology. Their technology provides the platform that makes online teaching possible.
  • Students. VIPKID students are engaged, motivated, and have highly invested families.
  • Flipped Classroom Approach. Students independently learn the material and then get a 30-minute lesson with the teacher. After that, they receive virtual homework and practice games.

Benefits of working as a VIPKID teacher

If you’re looking for a creative way to make an income from home, this might be a really great fit — especially if you have an interest in teaching! VIPKID offers the following great benefits:

  • Impact hundreds of thousands of children in China.
  • Flexible hours.
  • Work from anywhere.
  • Earn an average of $19/hour.
  • Incentives including cash, prizes, and even trips to Beijing.
  • Low-pressure teaching. Since teachers do not have to worry about curriculum development, lesson planning, or grading, they get to focus on what they love best — teaching!

Qualifications required to apply to be a VIPKID teacher

VIPKID is specifically looking for stay-at-home moms with teaching experience, current teachers looking for extra income, retired teachers looking for part-time work, or ESL teachers currently in the U.S or Canada.

In order to apply to be a VIPKID teacher, you must:

  1. Have a bachelor’s degree in any field.
  2. Have at least one school year of full-time teaching experience or equivalent hours in similar educational activities (such as home schooling, tutoring, or educational mentoring).
  3. Be eligible to work in the U.S. or Cananda.

Note that you do NOT need to speak Chinese in order to teach!

If you meet all of these requirements, be sure to scroll down for instructions on how to sign-up to teach with VIPKID!

How to sign-up to be a VIPKID teacher

  1. GO HERE to sign-up.
  2. Fill out your basic information.
  3. Go through the interview process that involves a demo of your teaching skills.
  4. Go through their Intro to Teaching class.
  5. Practice teaching a mock class with an experienced VIPKID teacher.
  6. Sign your contract and start teaching kids!

It’s that easy! If you follow these steps and meet all qualifications, you could become a VIPKID teacher within less than a month!

Ready to get started? Go here to sign-up to teach from home with VIPKID!

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  • Sarah Sudduth says:

    I’ve been working for vipkid for 3 months and it’s been awesome for this SAHM! Loving it!

    • Oh yay! Thanks so much for letting us know!

    • Beth says:

      Do you have set hours you work each week? Or is it flexible from week to week?

      • Kerrie says:

        You don’t have set hours. You get to decide how many hours you want to work each week. But the hours are typically in the early morning or later in the evening/night (because of the time difference).

    • Emma says:

      I know this is going to sound terrible and if it wasn’t 2:30am I would go more in depth (I will in a few hours but for now, is this a job I could do under the table for a little while?Again I promise I’ll come back and explain more of my situation!

      Thank you!

      • Sarah sudduth says:

        Vipkid does not take taxes out. They send you tax information in January so you can file your taxes. You will get taxed on this income. Most teachers set aside some money so they aren’t hit as hard during tax season.

  • Dee Wolters says:

    My daughter applied for this job (she is a 25 year old college grad). Unfortunately, our internet connection was not fast enough. Also, most of the teaching is very late at night or early in the morning- basically, when we are usually sleeping.

    • China is 12 hours ahead of the US. So the peak hours to teach are in the morning here since that is when the kids are at home there. I teach 7:30-10 AM each morning, but taught 5-10 AM all summer.

  • I will say that the interview process is NO JOKE! Because it is a work from home job, the process is quite extensive because they want to be sure they are hiring well .

    If anyone is interested, I’d recommend finding someone you know who is with the company to guide you through the process because you will need to learn what VIPKid is looking for.

    Feel free to message me on Facebook if I can answer anyone’s questions. I have been with VIPKid since last April and it has been such a blessing to work from home!

  • Jennifer says:

    I have also been teaching with VIPKID for almost a month. Loving it so far!

  • Rachel says:

    I have been with this company since January and have had a very good experience! I homeschool my kids and have been thankful to work from home while also being able to be at home with my kiddos. I’ve helped coach some through the hiring process with VIPkid and am happy to help answer further questions or help anyone through the hiring process…They they can message me through Facebook: Rachel Pfeiffer Gardner or email me: gardner(dot)rae(at)gmail(dot)com.

    • Meg says:

      Thanks so much for sharing about your experience, and for being willing to help people through the hiring process! -Meg, MSM Team

  • Julie Beck says:

    I have been working for VIPKID for a year now!! Love it!! Love the kids!!

  • Lindsy says:

    This job is so fun I forget I’m working! And I also forget it’s 6 am!
    Love working for VIPKids!

  • Jenni says:

    I willing to answer any questions anyone has! I recently went through the interview process (they updated it about a month ago) so I can help you know what to expect! Just shoot me an email at!

  • Elisabeth says:

    It is a great company (VIPKID) and the job becomes addictive as the pay is so good and the schedule is completely up to you, plus the students are amazing!

    I have been successfully helping referrals become hired (in 1-2 weeks) over the past year. If you’re interested in looking into the company, I would love to answer your questions or connect you with a meet up or training in your area.

    Shoot me an email (

  • Angela says:

    Been working with them for a year, It’s a great job if you can work through the early morning hours. The interview process isn’t easy, but once you get in, it’s a pretty easy job that pays well.

  • Liya says:

    Interested in this opportunity. Can someone email me with more details about how it works and the interview process please.
    liyakhait [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Angie says:

    I’ve been working with them for 2 weeks. The hiring process is grueling but even if you fail the first time, you can apply right away with a new email address. I don’t have many bookings yet, but the students I’ve had are a delight. I’m east coast time, so the hours are pretty great.

  • SP says:

    I am an experienced ESL teacher, so I applied with them. They didn’t hire me. I guess that I didn’t have the personality they wanted. They didn’t even try to work with me to make my videos better.

    • Elisabeth Taylor says:

      I have coached many people to become hired successfully and quickly if you’re still interested, I can help you get through the process. Email me before you apply again. I can give you some good tips to ensure you indicate the correct factors that they consider for your base rate.

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