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Why I Quit Trim Healthy Mama

Why I Quit Trim Healthy Mama

Someone emailed me last week to ask if I were still following Trim Healthy Mama and I realized I probably should write a post about the subject. I’ve kind of been avoiding it for a few months because, well, I’m not one to be a quitter.

But I also want to be honest here. And since I raved about Trim Healthy Mama, I figured I should also tell you why I quit Trim Healthy Mama.

First, though, let me tell you why I didn’t quit it:

1. I Didn’t Quit Because It Was Too Expensive

So many of the THM recipes can be made very economically. Plus, I used Amazon gift cards earned free from Swagbucks to purchase a few of the specialty items.

Why I Quit Trim Healthy Mama

2. I Didn’t Quit Because I Got Tired of Eating This Way

There are SO many great recipes that are THM-friendly. I fell in love with many of them and we still eat some of them just because we loved them so much. The THM Facebook Page shares all sorts of amazing recipes daily in case you need more inspiration.

3. I Didn’t Quit Because It Was Too Hard

Yes, I had to learn how to eat this way and yes, I had to make some adjustments — especially when traveling. But overall, I found it to be very, very simple to eat this way.

Why I Quit Trim Healthy Mama

Why did I quit, then? Well, it might surprise you, but it’s true:

I quit because I was losing TOO much weight!

For real.

I had lost a few pounds when I first started Trim Healthy Mama — a few pounds that had crept on over the past year and needed to come off. I was at my ideal weight and I felt great!

But then, after about five or six months of eating this way, I started struggling with feeling hungry all the time. And I couldn’t seem to eat enough.

Even with Crossover Meals. Even with cheats. I kept losing weight. Until I was a few pounds underweight. Since I’m short and small-framed, a few pounds make a big difference for me.

I felt tired and lethargic and hungry all the time. Jesse suggested I start tracking how many carbs and fats and proteins I was eating every day and we quickly realized that I was eating way too much good fat. But I was reaching for the good fat and the S meals because the E meals weren’t filling me up.

Unfortunately, all that good fat just revved up my metabolism even more. So, after agonizing about it for a few months and trying so hard to make it work without success, I finally just quit.

Why I Quit Trim Healthy Mama

I learned so much while eating THM. I learned that I could live without sugar. I learned that I loved protein more than I realized. I learned that I don’t need to always be reaching for homemade sugar-y carbs like I used to.

I stopped using sugar in my coffee. I learned to savor flavors more. I tried a lot of new recipes. And I am guessing I will forever eat better as a result of eating this way for so many months. I crave much healthier foods and I find that I don’t enjoy super sweet desserts like I once did.

If you are struggling with your weight and looking for a great plan to help you slim down and feel good, I definitely recommend reading Trim Healthy Mama. You can also follow their Facebook Page for more inspiration and encouragement.

I can attest to the fact that this plan really works. In fact, in my case, it ended up working too well! 🙂


Update: Since I published this post, there is a new & revised Trim Healthy Mama book out. It’s much better written, much more concise, and much easier to follow. I would highly recommend it over the original book pictured in this post. Also, there is also a new Trim Healthy Mama cookbook available that is filled with really yummy-looking recipes.

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  • Sarah says:

    Good for you for sticking with the healthy habits you developed, with some adjustments for your personal needs! I have similar issues to yours, so I understand.

    Your post made me think of a blog post you might like to read (it’s short!)…

  • Melissa says:

    Would THM work for someone who is dairy, gluten, corn and nut free?

  • Tawra says:

    Thanks for you input on this. I gained 30 lbs. this year with everything that went on and I had read the book and was thinking of trying it but it just seems so complicated. I just kept thinking that God is not the author of confusion and this book certainly confusing!

    • April says:

      I suggest reading this to help you understand the book:

    • kristen says:

      Me too! I cannot make heads or tails of the eating plan. Could someone recommend a good place to start? Like just with dinners, or something. I get completely overwhelmed every time I pick it up. Thanks for any input!

      • Joellen says:

        I’m trying to get back on plan with Trim Healthy Mama. It works for me, and once you find a rhythm, it’s not too difficult. I got off track during a difficult pregnancy, but that baby is almost a year old now. Morning sickness is no longer a valid excuse. 😛 I’m easing back into it one meal at a time. I’ve started with breakfast, just because that seemed the easiest place to start. Eggs or low-carb muffins for S, oatmeal or 0% greek yogurt with fruit for E, cotrage berry whip for FP. I’m getting better at making good breakfast decisions, so it’s time to start making over my lunches. Dinner will be last, since the whole family eats the same thing for supper. Gwen’s Nest is a good resource, as is the Facebook group. I hope that helps some.

  • Nikki says:

    Crystal, are you & your husband still using that meal plan? I can’t remember the name of it.

  • Jessica says:

    I have Hashimoto’s disease and can’t seem to lose weight. I don’t have diabetes or celiac. I live with a bunch of picky eaters too.

  • Jennifer says:

    Wow. i definitely need this book. I am so tired of the junk. I crave fruits/ vegetables and fresh foods but I have no idea what to make. I saw the book on amazon, but I may just have to wait for a while to buy it. =) Can’t wait though!

  • I just picked up a copy of the Trim Healthy Mama book at my library this week and have been excited to try this way of eating….so when I saw this blog post, I was like, “Oh no!” LOL

    I’m glad to hear that you really liked the plan and that it was easy to follow 🙂

  • Dani says:

    What are some of the speciality items you referenced? Nothing is mentioned on amazon and got some negative reviews because of it. Thanks!

  • Liz says:

    I didn’t care for THM. I don’t think it’s for everyone. I tried it and lost only 3lbs. I went on their Facebook pages for support and there were people who lost weight, but there were also many frustrated people that weren’t losing, but following the plan. I also found it to be confusing and constantly referred back to the book and tried to figure out the best meals and snacks. It just seemed to take up a bunch of my time and the lbs lost didn’t reflect the time and effort I put into it.

    • Melissa says:

      Yes…….just like ANY eating plan one plan does NOT fit every person. I too experienced little (very little) loss and saw many many others in the same boat. Bodies are so different–it’s one of those things that we have to find out what works best for ourselves.

  • Jessica Ryan says:

    The new Gentle Sweet is amazing! I can have coffee again with “sugar” without the bitter taste of their stevia or Sweet Blend.

  • Laura S says:

    We followed a low carb/high protein way of eating for about 2 years. My husband and I both lost a lot of weight, which was a wonderful thing for us. We both enjoyed focusing on vegetables and healthy protein/fats. Ketosis really does work!

    The problem we had is that my husband developed a HUGE kidney stone. It was so large that he had to have surgery, which costs about $6,000. The doctor said that the stone developed in him because of high uric acid levels, which is a result of a lot of animal protein. Anyway, we had to leave that eating plan and have gained weight as a result. We are trying to figure out how to lose weight without too much protein.

    Thanks for your feedback on the THM!

    • Mary M. says:

      I started trying what was recommended in the book “Eat to Live” by Joel Fuhrman last year. He focuses almost solely on plant-based eating (I NEVER thought I could do that). The first six weeks are pretty drastic but I was able to give up the pills I have been taking for my stomach for 13 years (within the first week!). That in itself was pretty unbelievable to me because I had always been skeptical of an eating plan that seriously restricted or eliminated certain foods. And of “diet books.”

      I am now doing my own version of the plan, which does include some meat, fish, chicken, eggs and dairy but I try to get most of my calories from plant-based foods. I feel better and don’t feel deprived anymore (though the weight loss has plateaued). I really do believe (as many have said) that one thing won’t work for everyone, and sometimes you just have to find out what your body responds to.

    • Dana says:

      If eating a lot of animal protein causes kidney stones then we should be seeing a lot of them in cultures that consume a lot of animal protein, like the Maasai who are still herders, or the Inuit before they got put on industrial foods. That doesn’t bear out. My daughter’s dad gets kidney stones sometimes but he finds that if he remembers to take magnesium, he gets them much less often. Lots of people are deficient in magnesium. You probably are too.

      Uric acid buildup tends to be caused by too much *fructose*. I’m sure there are other reasons too, but that’s a biggie.

  • Amanda says:

    I am curious so I just reserved 2 books and the cookbook from the library. Thank you for the information 🙂

  • Jessica H says:

    I get too skinny with Trim Healthy Mama as well! I have found if I cut out gluten and sugar and try not to eat only a moderate amount of carbs, I am good!

  • Stephanie says:

    I am currently following Trim Healthy Mama so when I saw the title of your post, I literally thought, “Oh no!” But what a great reason to quit, ha!

    I have been following the plan for about 8 weeks and have lost about 9-10 lbs. Not as fast as I’d like but I love that I’m actually understanding the SCIENCE behind the diet and it makes sense! Even though I am not on plan 100% of the time, I find myself making MUCH BETTER CHOICES than I was before THM. It’s definitely a lifestyle – not a fad diet – which is why I think it works so well!

    It can definitely be overwhelming to someone who wants to quickly learn the “Do’s and Don’ts” and then start immediately. I started very slowly by figuring out breakfasts one week, then I incorporated on plan snacks. Then I built upon that and added lunches and dinners. I’m still learning and make mistakes DAILY but like I said, I’m okay with taking baby steps because I know this works!

    • Beth says:

      9-10 pounds in 8 weeks is perfect! It’s dangerous to lose more than 2 pounds a week. Slow and steady is best – and you sound like you’ve found a good balance and are learning how to make great long term choices for you. Good job!

  • Nicole says:

    I have pcos and am looking to find a new plan. I am looking not so much for a diet, but a lifestyle change per se. I’ve had trouble staying on a plan because many are complicated and expensive. I’ll have to check this out.

  • Anne says:

    Does anyone know of a good app for tracking carbs? I lost 10lbs on Weight Watchers this year but I want to get pregnant soon. I’m had borderline gestational diabetes last time so I’m going to do that now with my doctor’s blessing. Tracking in an app is so easy.

  • k says:

    Same thing happened to me.

  • Sounds like you made a good choice!
    I haven’t done THM, but I had an extremely limited diet while nursing my third baby (he, my other boys, and my husband have some autoimmune issues) and I had the same problem – no matter how much “good fat” that I ate, I was drastically losing weight even- I was literally eating 12+ eggs a day, 2-3 avocados, cans of salmon, and much more per day. Finally found a safe, homemade formula for him, and we are both much happier now.

  • Julie says:

    Nutrition is so confusing! Butter is good, butter is bad. Eat mostly meat, eat vegetarian. So much conflicting info out there! I’ve never read THM, but it sounds to me like another diet scheme that works for long enough to get results…then reaches a tipping point because it is ultimately flawed.

    After several years of frustrating research and complicated diet plans, I stumbled across this: It’s a four part video series that goes through simple principals of healthy eating that can be applied to any situation, and it has been life changing for my family. Her why’s and how’s have been so helpful! It’s a bit lengthy, but soooo good, and it’s free!

    • Jenna says:

      If you’ve never read it you shouldn’t be saying it’s another “diet” scheme. It’s a lifestyle change. I don’t feel like I’ve dieted at all on thm and I’ve done plenty of diets. And like many things, it may not work for everyone. But that doesn’t mean it’s flawed. I’ve never eaten or felt better being on thm (even got rid of pcos since I started) and am grateful for the sisters who came up with it and shared it. It’s helped a lot of people. And maybe it reaches a tipping point, because like me, I lost more than my goal weight and am now just maintaining. It’s not a bad thing. Glad you found something that works for your family.

    • Lisa Yvonne says:

      Oh, I love the Bread Beckers site! I definitely feed my kiddos with all kinds of delicious food made from fresh ground wheat 🙂

      But I also feed myself Trim Healthy Mama style. It’s not a fad diet at all; it’s a focused way of eating that encourages eating the way God gave food (cutting out processed stuff), but combining it in a way that we know will help NOT add inches and pounds.

      Personally, it’s been very healing. Five years in, and I’m so thankful for it!

  • debi says:

    I wanted to share a site for counting calories and carbs.

    I tried Trim Healthy Mama and I loved it, I tend to get kidney stones and many of the staple foods are high in oxalate…the most common form of kidney stones. So I had to discontinue THM.

    Since finding caloriecount, I have lost 14 pounds. I really didn’t realize how many calories I was consuming, it’s a been an eye opener for me. Thank you for sharing your review, Crystal!! Bless you.

  • wendy s says:

    I have done THM for about 2 years and I only lost 20 but was able to maintain. I also lost very slowly. Then this winter I just started gaining. Even on THM I just keep gaining… So… I will have to find a different plan.. 🙁

    Wish I had the problem of losing too much – so far never in my life has that happened! 🙂

    It is hard not to envy my very skinny junk eating friends as I still fal in an overweight cagetory eating healthy and foregoing most carbs. 🙂 such is life! 🙂

  • Jennifer says:

    YES!!!! I just got the Ebook version of this for a whopping $3.50. STEAL! I found this book on Plus I got some bonus 10 day smoothie book too! Wowza!

  • Aileen Cooks says:

    I love how open and honest you are! Things to change in our opinions, lives, bodies – all the time. I wouldn’t consider this quiting at all. You lived the lifestyle, made big changes, and experienced the results. It stopped working for you, but you still have the benefits. Good for you on listening to your body. 🙂

  • I love how classy this was! Some folks aren’t near so kind when they decide to stop the plan. Your story will bring them new folks that need to lose! The plan works! I’ve done it for over 2.5 years now. I have lots of recipes on my blog that are THM friendly if anyone is looking for more.

    Nice post! 🙂

  • Thanks Crystal! It’s ironic that I really want to try THM now :). I would never have thought that after reading the title of this post. I really think different body types do better with different types of foods and you have to listen to your body.

    I seem to have a lot more energy and be happier when I cut sugars, caffeine and carbs and do more of a paleo diet. That being said, I know it’s not for everyone. Look forward to learning more about THM!

  • When I first saw your post I was thinking, “Oh no!” too. I was inspired to try Trim Healthy Mama because of your first post about how it had helped you curb your sugar and carb cravings. As a fellow carb lover, I knew that if you liked it, I probably would too. I am so grateful you introduced me to this plan. I have lost 25 # and it feels so easy! Most diets make me feel deprived, hungry, and bored with the same old stuff, not to mention that I don’t have time to count calories or keep a food journal. THM is simple and if I stay on it at least half the time, I maintain. If I do it 75% of the time I lose. I’m hoping to lose 10# more and will keep on it even after I reach goal weight because I feel so good. I have more energy, need less sleep, and it has eliminated most of my PMS symptoms (HURRAY!) I’m excited to get the new version of their book this week. I was happy to see that your post was actually a positive endorsement of THM after all. You are probably a lot like my husband. He has a naturally high metabolism and struggles to keep weight on. While I avoid mixing fats and carbs, I try to feed him a constant mix of fats and carbs so he doesn’t blow away! He eats a lot of ice-cream too! I never, ever thought a choc-a-holic, cookie-and-muffin-baker like me would be happy to cut most sugar and carbs out of my life, but I’m proof that it can be done and I feel better and no longer crave those things.

  • Tara says:

    Thank you for sharing…

  • Kristy Krehnovi says:

    Posted on facebook

  • Kristy Krehnovi says:

    I would prefer the Amazon gift card. It would help with expenses for our third baby scheduled to arrive in February.

  • Bethany F says:

    I was interested in THM for a while. Read the book, didn’t love it. But was willing to try until I read some research about possible effects stevia has on infertility and miscarriage. Though stevia is natural some research suggests a link. Ive read studies that suggest some cultures use it as a natural way to prevent pregnancy. Any time any of these thoughts pop up in THM world via their website or Facebook page, they are deleted quickly. This was quite a red flag to me. Many women following the plan are of child bearing age and to completely ignore these possibilities seems questionable to me.

    • Nicole S says:

      I’m a THMer with four kids. I suggest you research a bit further. It has not been proven that it contributes to miscarriage. Read the research please. Most women wh do THM have tons of kids and many who cannot bear children end up pregnant after being on THM and their bodies heal. ? the reason for the delete has nothing to do with hiding any facts. It has to do with hype and misinformation. You could write Pearl and Serene or any of the moderators on this and they can point you where you should go. Blessings..

    • Jenna says:

      They address it head on in their book. Have you read those studies on stevia? You have to eat a TON of it in a small amount of time (like pounds compared to what they were feeding those rats in the study) and most of those “studies” were pulled or proven to be inaccurate. Read the section where they talk about it in their book. They don’t shy away from it. They published it right there for everyone to read. Many many women have gotten pregnant on plan after not being able to.

    • Wanda says:

      THM addresses this issue in detail In their new book. They are very open and honest due to their faith in Jesus. You will always hear negative things about just about anything. Their research is in depth and, I believe, very accurate.

  • Dana says:

    I thought the THM plan say that once you reach goal weight that you start having crossovers? Did this also make you continue to lose weight?

  • Cam says:

    This sounds amazing. just getting started going to go get the cook books today. I’m wondering is this for just women or can the whole family benefit my husband is a diabetic

    • Christi says:

      They have said that they have a heart for women but it will work for anyone. They did write a chapter in their new plan book to the men. For children of normal weight, they can eat the dinner that you eat but serve their meals with both fat and carb so they don’t lose weight. This diet would be great for an overweight child but still be careful as they are growing. That’s one of the neat things about this and Suzanne Somers diets is that if you mess up you simply start over again in three hours. With children you can ‘mess up’ on purpose to keep their weight normalized. Some pudgey kids only need one THM meal a day to bring their weight back to normalcy while more weight might require two meals or all meals and snacks.

  • Missy says:

    I’m curious to know what your pattern was. Did you do full day cycles or different meals in a day? Also, did you do the suggested 7 day cycles for a speed up? (S, s, s, fp, fp, e, e)

  • Sue says:

    Your original post months ago got me started on my THM journey. Thank you so much. I have only lost 22lbs but I feel like a me person. Energy is great and I am slowly losing the weight. Thank you for turning me onto this fabulous lifestyle, I am forever grateful.

  • Carrie says:

    Crystal I remember you posting this and I read it. I wasn’t doing THM at the time but had heard of it. A few months later I started the plan because I couldn’t get rid of that stubborn baby weight this time. I had never had trouble losing postpartum weight before, but the 7th baby was different: a preemie who was 3 months early (11 week NICU stay), extreme stress and anxiety, the aftereffects of bed rest and medications had taken their toll.

    Long story short I lost the weight easily and saw several other benefits on THM, and I love it now. I don’t think I’ll ever go back.

    That said, I am like you in that I can easily lose too much weight! I have to eat Crossovers nearly every meal now in order to not lose.

    But I’m also 41 years old and perimenopausal. The diet has helped with my hormonal shifts and I’m faring much better than I would have otherwise. As we get older our metabolism shifts pretty noticeably, so you might want to keep THM ideas in your back pocket when that inevitably happens to you. 🙂

    I also find that I have to eat more often than every 3 hours.

    • Gabriela says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I truly believe in the program and I want to keep on it forever, with a few changes after reaching my goal weight. I was on it for 2 months then I stopped for one month. I am starting again this month.

  • Melissa says:

    I wish I had your problem! I find it really hard to stick to the plan because I feel so much better, with so much more energy when I eat carbs and fats together. Fortunately, I eat healthy food, so I’m not gaining weight, but it is so hard to lose it!

  • Angel Bogart says:

    The best thing you mentioned here about eating Trim Healthy Mama recipes is that you get to eat only a lot of good fat that your metabolism works perfectly well. Not only would such a diet give my mom a chance to eat all the allowable food she likes, but also the unique metabolism to never go fat anymore no matter how much she eats. This way, she is able to maintain her ideal weight while keeping her penchant for delicious meals alive!

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