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A Week of Gratitude (Week 1)

Blessings This WeekAnother blessing: beautiful snow while we’ve been in Colorado the past two days!

It’s November and I’m counting my blessings as part of the 12 Months to a Healthier You Challenge. Here are some of my blessings from this past week:

1. Getting to watch Kaitlynn perform her ice skating competition routine. (So proud of how hard she is working! See a video of her practicing here.)

2. Watching Kathrynne’s swim meet and seeing her confidence blossoming.

3. The love from my children… when I was feeling tired one evening, they all surrounded me and just loved on me.

4. Snuggling with Silas. That boy blesses his mama so much!

5. Turning in my manuscript to a group of friends who are critiquing it! So thrilled to have it be so close to being able to turn into the publisher.

What I'm Thankful For This Week

6. Getting to spend time with some of my dearest friends at The Platform Conference.

7. A group of some of my very closest friends gathering one evening and pouring out our hearts in prayer together… such a beautiful thing.

Blessings From This Past WeekParticipating in the speaker’s panel at the Platform Conference

8. Getting to meet new friends and have some really deep conversations at The Platform Conference & Hearts at Home.

9. Facing a big fear in my life & punching it right in the face. (See picture proof & read more here.) Also, I’m so, so grateful for my manager and friend, Brian, being willing to spend over two hours helping me prep/organize for the talk and my slides the day before I gave it. I was feeling like it just wasn’t coming together and he jumped in and made it so much better than I could have ever done on my own.

10. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law graciously watching our children so Jesse and I could spend a few days together — at the Platform Conference and doing some filming with Focus on the Family.

11. Jesse being so kind to run out at 9 p.m. tonight to find a shirt to go under my jacket for the FOTF filming — after we realized that I didn’t pack anything that met their request for no black/no patterns. Note to self: always carefully read film shoot clothes requirements when packing, not the night before the filming when you are far from home. Oops!)

12. The encouragement of so, so many people this past week as I carried some heavy burdens. If you were one of those people, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

13. Unexpectedly getting to meet my editor (Bryan Norman) for my book, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode. He poured so much into that manuscript and I’m eternally indebted to him. So it was very special that he surprised me and showed up for my talk at The Platform Conference. I’m just sad I forgot to get a picture with him!

14. The encouragement, love, support, and cheerleading from Jesse. I’m so blessed to be married to him! He had to pull a LOT of extra weight this week while I was finishing up my manuscript and prepping for two conferences and he did it all so willingly and graciously. I owe so much to him!

What were YOUR blessings from this past? Leave a comment to tell us about them!

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  • My greatest blessing was being able to buy 6 packs of Huggies and All detergent for only $8.18 after reading about a coupon deal and gift card on your site! Thank you for that tip; it saved me so much $$$!

  • heidi says:

    My new daughter-in-law called me “Mom” for the first time ❤ . Blessed by seeing God reconcile and grow many different relationships in the lives of people I love. God is good, ALL the time!

  • JP says:

    Fantastic. A great reminder to reflect upon gratitude.

    1. A wonderful job that challenges me, supports my life and builds for a growth filled future.

    2. A relationship of love and support

    3. My beautiful niece and the hugging support she gave me Monday night

    4. A growing ability to sit with pain and accept uncomfortable feelings

    5. The warmth this morning as I walked to the gym

    6. Mentors and teachers who have dedicated their lives to improving the fortune of others. I learn an incredible amount from them.

    7. My own tenacity and dedication to get things done. It’s working!

    8. The cosmos and grace. My entire life is a gift.

    9. Breakfast with an old friend yesterday.

    10. The adventure, possibility, growth, unexpected challenges and aliveness that today brings!

  • Victoria says:

    Listing blessings is one of my favorite things. I always find I have so many once I start. I would say a few to highlight from this past week are, watching my son’s face as his computer parts arrived that he had saved for over a year for, then watching his determination as he at the age of 15 built his very own computer. Watching my daughter think through her this year’s Christmas Duplo display idea, I think she had decided on a Christmas village theme. Watching all 3 of my kids run in preparation for an upcoming 5K we are all running together where everyone who beats mom gets $5 (man I best be speedy!).

  • Jenn in Indiana says:

    Crystal I just wanted to tell you that the blue jacket you are wearing in the pic looks very good on you and I love your hair swept up like that, you go girl!

    God Bless!

    • Thanks so much for your kind encouragement!

      I went through the Dressing Your Truth course — review & giveaway coming soon! — and I’ve been experimenting with new hairstyles and branching out and trying new things when it comes to clothes and I’m finding that it truly does make a big difference in how I feel and in my overall confidence!

  • Angie Young says:

    I was blessed to have wonderful friends with me this weekend. Funerals are so sad. But it soon became a reunion of friends in the process. So thankful for them.

  • Sarah says:

    I have so much to be grateful for:

    1) God protected me this morning on a harrowing, snow-packed drive, and I made it to my destination okay.

    2) I am extremely grateful to still have my mother and that she lives with me. She’s such a blessing and showers me with love everyday.

    3) For my furry baby. She is a wonderful and loving dog, and when I get home from work, seeing how happy she is to see me, lifts away all my troubles.

    4) For recovering from surgery without complications, and because I know the Lord will help me once the bills arrive… 🙂

    5) For being alive and able to get up, and walk, and breathe. I take these things for granted but it’s not so easy for many others. I may have aches and pains but I can still work, study and go to the gym. God is great!

  • Billene says:

    Increasing the amount of money I place in each of my savings accounts bi-weekly. I enjoyed reading this post, inspired me to think of those things I am grateful for. Is this what you are doing instead of the “Peek into our Week” you have previously done? Also, are still posting your weekly grocery shopping trips? Perhaps I have missed seeing them.

    • Since I’ve been traveling and finishing my manuscript the past few weeks, I had to give myself grace to not be able to get all the posts up I would like to. Such is life, isn’t it?? 🙂

      Our grocery trip posts should be back soon… we’ve not been at home much so we’ve not really done much shopping other than really basic items like milk and produce for the few days when we were home.

      This month, these Gratitude posts might take the place of the peek into our week… we’ll just see.

      {Can you tell I’m kind of living one day at a time right now?? 😉 I wish I could tell you that I have the whole month all mapped out but while I have some plan in place, I’m moreso just focusing on living fully today and trusting God for tomorrow!}

  • Tammy C says:

    What an exciting time in your life you are having right now.

  • Kim says:

    I’m blogging along with you for this month’s challenge.

    BTW, you are sooo lucky to have a husband who will run out to pick up a shirt for you!

  • Leona says:

    For the longest time I struggled with the word purpose and well still am… But thanks to your post about purpose… I realized that taking care of my husband, 2 children, and my elderly mom are my purpose. And I am blessed to be able to do so every day and stay at home with them.

  • Crystal—you’re amazing!

    It’s been so fun watching you and your blog be transformed from way back when I first stumbled on your old blog as my husband headed off to law school seven years ago.

    So I guess one of the many things I’m thankful for this week is you—and getting to see how God uses His children when they step out in faith.

  • KT says:

    I was given the opportunity to interview for my dream job Monday, and was called back for a final interview tomorrow. I’m one of two candidates remaining for the job, and I’m praying that God might provide this exciting opportunity for me and my family!

  • I’ve started a similar weekly blogging post on my blog, where I try to correlate the days of the month, with the number of blessings in my life, each particular Sunday; I’ve found that writing down these blessings, not only makes me more appreciate for the wonderful events in my life, but accountability to help those around my how need uplifting! Thank you so much for your post, Crystal!

  • Claire says:

    My biggest blessing this week was that my husband got a job offer for a state job with great benefits! This is something we have been striving for for many years. We had a job loss a few years ago, and my husband has been happy in his current job (the one that followed the job loss), but a state job was always our ultimate goal because the benefits are so good. If he hadn’t had that job loss back in 2011, he probably wouldn’t have even pursued the state job, so now I can see that what seemed like a traumatic loss at the time actually ended up leading us to a better opportunity.

  • Anna says:

    Great list! Being grateful blesses everyone.

  • Jenny says:

    Crystal, so you were in Rochester, MN? I didn’t get to Hearts at Home this year but so sad I missed meeting you!
    I’m thankful for my littles though even when I’m exhausted caring for them 🙂

  • Jessica says:

    I love this idea to blog about what you are grateful for. I have been struggling with choosing to focus on the joy in things instead of the negatives in life. Yesterday I wrote my own blog post about trying to be more mindful to enjoy the wonderful things in my life if you would like to read it.

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