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We Paid Cash: A Living Room Set

We paid cash!A testimony from Amanda

My hubby and I recently paid off our mortgage — YAY!

We had planned to use our first month of post-mortgage “payment” to purchase a couch to replace the very loved, mostly broken, and odd-smelling couch currently in our living room. As we headed to the various furniture stores to scout out our potential new furniture (a first-time experience for us since we generally purchase used), we finally settled on a two-piece set that was a floor model.

Because it was a floor model, the store was offering a 50% “buy now” discount. We headed up to purchase our furniture only to be told that our set would be available for pick up or delivery for nearly two weeks. Confused about why we couldn’t take home our “buy now” discounted furniture when we had cash in hand for the total amount, we asked for another sales representative. And she gave us the same odd story.

This time, she added that we couldn’t remove the furniture until the new floor model was in, assembled, and ready to take its place. Out of desperation, we sought the help of a manager, who listened intently to our dilemma.

His reply? “These people have CASH…take their money and give them their furniture!”

We backed up our trailer, loaded our couch and loveseat, and chuckled the rest of the way home!

Amanda lives in rural central Nebraska with her hubby of 15 years, nine kids, and one spoiled schnauzer.

Have you saved up and paid cash for something — large or small? Submit your story for possible publication here.

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  • Amy says:

    Great story! 🙂

  • Jessica H says:

    Congratulations on paying off your mortgage and the good deal on the living room furniture! We have found that since we have paid off our mortgage paying cash for items is so much easier. It is also easier to save as well!

  • julie says:

    Good for you Amanda. I think that is great. Give me encouragement for when I need to buy something like that. Thanks for the inspiration for everyone.

  • J says:

    So terrific. Couldn’t be happier for you! Great score on the furniture. One time when I unfortunately still had a car payment (I know, I know) and I went into the bank to make the payment and pay $500 extra on the principle the teller told me I couldn’t! It took a manager to accept the extra money. Simply amazing.

  • LOL. Great story. Congratulations on paying off your mortgage!

  • nicole says:

    I’d like to know how she paid of her mortage

  • Kristen@DSG says:

    Great story! It is baffling how employees will make it difficult for you to give them money. lol

  • HAHAHA!!! I love this one! Way to be persistent. I used to work at a furniture store and most people didn’t realize that they could actually get what they wanted when they eventually got to the higher levels of corporate businesses. All it take is persistence and no fear. Congratulations on paying off your house! That’s wonderful!

  • Lauren says:

    Forget the couch – paying off your house with 9 kids who eat all your money is impressive! I’m sure rural Nebraska is a far different situation than a lot of us have, but I am still impressed!

  • Jessica says:

    Yeah I want to know more about affording 9 kids!

  • Dana says:

    Amber, PLEASE Write another story about how you paid off your mortgage! Pretty,pretty please. I really need the inspiration!

  • Lenetta says:

    Amanda, it’s not that big of a state, we must practically be neighbors! 🙂 keep up the good work-

  • trisha says:

    My husband went w/my parents to buy a newer car. They found one, price was right and they wrote a check for it. The salesman wasn’t sure to take it or not, you see there was another lady there looking at it (and had been looking at it for over a week!). She was still looking around at the other vehicles too, but was interested in this one that mom/dad just wrote a check for. After about 15-30 mins my hubby went to either the salesman or manager and told them they were NUTS, they had a guaranteed sale, check in hand for FULL PRICE and they were waiting around for some wishy-washy lady who can’t make up her mind. He also told them they can give them the keys or they will take their check back, leave, and go elsewhere to buy a car. They agreed, they were insane and they gave them the keys.

  • Laura says:

    Chuckle, chuckle! : )

  • Jeni says:


    I never understood when stores had strange policies. This makes me think of when I used to shop at the clothing store Forever 21. The size I needed would be the one on the mannequin, and of course, it was the last one available. On several occasions, the store associate wouldn’t let me purchase the one off the mannequin because it wasn’t time to change the outfits; I was told to come back in a week. Now doesn’t that just seem against the whole idea of making a sale? Glad you dealt with a manager who had a head on his/her shoulders!

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