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Turkey Noodle Soup–a great idea for using up a turkey carcass


Do you have a leftover turkey carcass from Thanksgiving? If so, you'll want to try out Frugal in Indy's delicious-looking Turkey Noodle soup recipe. She has the full details and step-by-step instructions for concocting this frugal recipe here.

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  • Jessica says:

    That’s what we did! It was perfect to use up the leftover veggies, turkey and a perfect aid to fight winter colds!


  • Michelle says:

    Turkey Soup is delicious! My dear hubby makes it every year from the turkey carcess. Someday I should learn to do it too, but he just does it so well! We have quart mason jars of it that we are heating for lunch all this week, and took some to his 98 year old Grandmother yesterday!

  • Andrea Reynolds says:

    How on Earth can you say “turkey carcass” and be pregnant and NOT have tossed your cookies?!? 🙂

  • Laura says:

    We made turkey noodle soup too! Another great way to use up extra turkey is to put it in your favorite chicken enchilada recipe – yum!

    -Laura @

  • Jennifer says:

    My lesson is: never let family clean up the Thanksgiving kitchen unattended! I’ve been miserable since my brother threw the carcass away that night when he was doing dishes! My turkey stock! My turkey soup! Oh no!

  • We went to my sister’s for Thanksgiving. But she gave us BOTH the turkey carcass and the hambone! 2 Great soups for nothing! (evidently, she’d have just tossed them) I felt so rich because I hate cooking turkey but I LOVE the turkey soup we make with the bones!

  • Super Mom says:

    If the turkey was cooked on Thanksgiving Day… it should have already been used up or frozen. It’s not recommended to store turkey for more than 3 to 4 days in the refrigerator.

    So unless the turkey carcass was frozen to be used later or the turkey wasn’t cooked until Saturday, don’t use it for making soup. Throw it out!

  • Davonne says:

    I had no idea about the turkey carcass stuff – we made turkey noodle soup using chicken broth, turkey, noodles, peas, salt, and pepper. It was really good!

  • Mary says:

    This year we had twelve grandchildren (3-13 y/o) and ten adults, counting my husband and me. I decided to do what my mother has done for years with a little twist. I roasted the turkey on Monday, cooled it sliced it and froze it in an oven safe dish. On Thursday, I placed fresh sage on top of the turkey (the twist) and put it in the oven to rewarm. The sage made it taste like it was fresh roasted. The Turkey carcass was used on Tuesday to make soup for the four grandchildren that spent the week with grandma. It took care of two meals during the week and made my Thanksgiving Day preparation much easier.

  • Helena says:

    I make a big pot of Turkey congee with the carcass and all the bones with any left over meat in my crock pot. It’s a family favorite year after year and works out to about $.075 a bowl since we get the carcass for free from my mother-in-law. It yields about 8-10 big soup bowls which usually lasts us about 3-4 (or more) days of dinner or lunch.

  • Thankful says:

    Taking that carcass thought a step further, we always freeze leftover rotisserie chicken carcasses and add them to the batch when we make chicken stock. It adds some serious flavor, so I would imagine that a roasted turkey stock would be mighty tasty too.

  • LANA says:

    I have some delicious recipes for turkey leftovers, such as:
    Creamy Turkey Pie
    Easy Turkey Sandwich Melt
    Turkey Tetrazzini
    Turkey Pot Pie
    We had to use them as we were so turkey rich! Try them at:

  • karen says:

    I blogged about what I did with my turkey leftovers…didn’t make stock from the carcass (don’t shoot me, I’m sorta new to this) and mine was a rice twist, not noodle, but I was rather proud of my cheap new meal made from leftovers.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I went to read her directions which are good. The main thing that determines GOOD turkey and broth is the turkey. If you will buy an organic and/or kosher turkey, you will never be sorry…regardless of HOW much it costs. Regular store turkeys NEVER taste that good!! My favorite brand is Glatt which is usually carried by Trader Joe’s and perhaps other places.

    Years ago I read to place some large slices of onion, carrots and celery in the bottom of the roaster, lay the breast side DOWN and add several cups of water. (Check to be sure it does not boil dry). We do not eat the skin, so I even cook mine with lid on…we prefer moist meat. This year due to emerging allergies of some in the family, I used about 1/4 C. of cleaned, chopped LEEK, 1 SHALLOT, chopped and left out the onion. OH MY!!! What we have been missing…yea, we loved the gravy/broth before….but between the GLATT turkey, and the shallot and leek…it is the absolute best we ever had. And when cooking the leftover bones, skin, etc…always add a capful of vinegar too…this year I used 2 capfuls of Balsalmic vinegar to mine…it makes the broth darker and RICHER tasting…I cooked it for about 10 hours before straining off. TRY IT…YOU WILL LOVE IT!! And do not try to get the cheapest turkey out there…unless you are fortunate enough to find a GLATT brand one that is on sale…they are worth every single cent!! Go without dessert if you have to, in order to afford the good turkey!!

  • Jenny M says:

    I have to second Elizabeth’s comment about the kosher turkey. This year my hubby splurged and bought an Empire fresh Kosher turkey (on sale at Publix for $1.99/lb.) and EVERYONE said it was the best turkey they’ve ever had. We didn’t even have any leftovers from our 16 pound bird. It was definitely worth EVERY penny! We were frugal in other ways so that we could spend a little extra here. It was nice because this year we hosted it at our house, and everyone brought the sides. All we made was the turkey, some cranberry nut cornbread (delicious recipe from the Publix Homestyle mag) and some sweet potato casserole. Delish!

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