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Today’s Target shopping trip

Here were the deals we picked up Target today:

Bought 10 SoBe Lifewater (20 oz) at $1 each = Got $5 Target gift

Bought 1 Merona tee at $6, used the $3/1 Merona coupon = $3 each after coupon

Bought 4 Degree Men’s Travel Size Deodorants at $0.99 each, used 2 $2/2 Degree Men’s Deodorant coupon = free after coupon

1 Neutrogena Lip Balm at $2.24, used $2/1 Neutrogena cosmetics coupon = $0.24 after coupon

1 Aquafresh Toothpaste at $3, used $1/1 Aquafresh coupon stacked with $1.50/1 Aquafresh coupon = $0.50 after coupon

3 Banana Boat sunscreen at $0.97 each, used 3 $1/1 Banana Boat coupons = free after coupons

Total with tax: $14.74 + I got a $5 Target gift card back

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  • brenda says:

    where is the banana boat coupon ,what insert??and it is good trail size/

  • Tonya says:

    i printed the banana boat coupon off target’s website. It says no travel size. Where did you get your coupon? Thanks for all your awesome deals

  • Meredith says:

    Just and FYI, the degree coupon is still up and working.

  • mireille says:

    glad i printed those sunscreen coupon before they added size restrictions! thanks for posting your target deals: will stop this morning for the toothpaste and lip balm.

  • Liz says:

    Great deals, Crystal! I really wish we had a Target where I live…then again, that might be too dangerous. 😛 I do have a question. I am striving to become more “minimalistic” and trying to decide what this will look like for our particular family. So I am trying to ask questions to people I know are minimalists. I know a long time ago you did a Vlog about your minimalist wardrobe. I think a lot of us were fascinated and very encouraged that indeed we could get rid of TONS of clothes in our closet. Would love to see another Vlog from you sometime. Anyhow, here’s my question. I’ve noticed that you have gotten quite a few very inexpensive ($3 after coupon?) cotton t-shirts from Target lately. Do you have a stockpile somewhere of new shirts for when your current ones get worn/stained/holes or do you just add the new shirts into your current wardrobe and have quite a few since these are the ones you wear daily? Thanks again for all you do–your blog is so uplifting, inspiring and motivating!

    • Crystal says:

      A few of the shirts were for me, some are gifts for others. If I can get a great deal on a shirt, I’ll usually buy it and then pass it on to someone who I know will use it!

      My wardrobe is still very similar to the video with six mix and match outfits (right now it’s two pair of jeans, one black skirt, and six tops — so I guess it’s not exactly six mix and match since I only have three bottoms right now, but that’s what’s working well for me) that I wear on a regular basis.

      I also have added a few things for wearing to speaking engagements (that I don’t wear on a regular basis) and I also have a few more accessories and pairs of shoes than I used to have since I’ve found that helps me add a bit more variety — especially for traveling and speaking.

  • Penny T. says:

    You may want to check the skin and makeup database on (Environmental Working Group website) before purchasing some sunscreens (regardless of the price). I bought any brand of sunscreen in the past that had a coupon and was a good deal but not anymore. I play lots of tennis in the hot Atlanta sun and since I’ve made the switch, I have been skin cancer free ever since.

    • Emily says:

      Penny, what sunscreen did you switch to? I also used to use just any sunscreen that was broad spectrum and covered UVA and UVB rays. I’ve recently decided to switch to sunscreens with zinc or titanium dioxide as the main ingredient after reading a few articles; however, I’m having a hard time finding common sunscreens with those ingredients. I just discovered that Banana Boat came out with a natural version of their sunscreen this year, so I bought a few of those to try. I also know that Coppertone makes a “sensitive” version of their sunscreen with those ingredients, but I’ve had a hard time finding it. Do you have a particular sunscreen you like and is easy to find?

      • Penny T. says:

        Well, I would recommend one of the CVS brand ones mentioned (you have to get the exact one mentioned, though, not just any CVS brand one) on the ewg website (find the sunscreen list) if you are looking for one that covers relatively easy and isn’t expensive. I use Badger brand which I purchase from Amazon but noticed they also now sell at Whole Foods. It’s expensive and does not go on easily (I have to put a little on my finger and then rub vigorously with my other finger to get it a smoother consistency before I apply it to myself). I work my skin up to being used to the sun as far as my arms and legs. I only apply sunscreen to my face, neck, top of back and shoulders and only when I play tennis matches. Otherwise, I’m good in the sun for short periods of time without any sunscreen. Vitamin D can only be absorbed into your body where you have no sunscreen on.

        • Emily says:

          Thanks a lot. I found the list you mentioned on the EWG site. I didn’t know CVS made a mineral sunscreen. I’ll have to check out the price.

    • Andrea says:

      Penny, you might find this article interesting.

      We used almost no sunscreen last year. I am very fair, but wore a wide-brimmed hat and used a beach umbrella to avoid a lot of sun. We also timed outings to be late in the day, wore long sleeve “rash guards” to the beach and found shade whenever possible.

  • san says:

    I went to target yesterday and tried to use the degree, banana boat and waterbabies coupons (all without size restrictions) – the register wouldn’t accept them so the cashier called over a manager. they told me they couldn’t take the coupons because the items didn’t match the picture. i have never had this issue before. maybe they are cracking down on purchasing the travel sizes?

  • Kendra says:

    I had a similar experience to san. While the checker went ahead and accepted my banana boat and waterbabeis coupons, he didn’t accept my Neutrogena lip balm coupon saying it wasn’t a “cosmetic”. Too bad, I was really looking forward to that purchase.

    • Lori in NC says:

      That’s a shame! I used the coupon (printed twice) on two different Target visits. The lip balm is in the cosmetic/beauty department so the coupon should have worked.

  • Michelle says:

    I also tried to use coupons for the travel size deodorants and sun screens but was denied by cashier and manager because the value of the coupons exceeded prices. It has never been an issue before. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Lori in NC says:

      Yes, I had the same problem this morning. The manager came over to my register, too. But it is in writing and I couldn’t really argue with the fine print on the coupon. Got a deal on the Dentyne multi-packs, though.

    • Karen says:

      Yes, I had the exact same problem. I was shopping at a time I usually don’t shop and the cashier and manager both said it could’t be done. I argued that the policy stated that if the coupon amount was more than the item the price can be adjusted down but the manager said no. I think others had gotten the deals though because they were almost out of the travel sizes of sunblocks of both the Banana Boat and the Copper Tone. So disappointing and frustrating when others get the deals but you don’t!

  • Sarah says:

    I tried to do the sunscreen deal yesterday also. My checker was very nice about it, but explained that they used to adjust down the coupons to make the customers happy, but they started getting in trouble for it. So now they can’t accept Target coupons that are worth more than the item – and the coupon even says that in the fine print. I did the Reach floss deal at the same time, but since those were manufacturer coupons, they went through just fine – with overage! Now I know what my Target will allow, so I know not to bother trying those deals again. 🙂

  • Brandi says:

    Has anyone printed the $3 offTarget Merona clothing coupon (either the woman’s or the other)? I’m wanting to use it online but my printer won’t let me print it to see if there is an online code. If you have printed it, could you post the online code (if there is one) here? Thanks!

  • Vale says:

    Degree deodrant coupon has added ‘excludes trial/travel sizes’ on the bottom of the coupon. Bummer!!

  • jamie says:

    Do you guys let the children drink SOBE waters? My son has terrible teeth, we got them all fixed, and now I hate him having sugar (juice). I thought the SOBE 0 Calorie stuff would be a good treat for him but now I am wondering about the additives I am reading about. ??? Maybe I should stick with homemade lemonade using natural sweeteners and brushing afterwards. ???

  • Alyssa says:

    Target has really been cracking down here, i can’t use more than one coupon for anything, even if it’s a different coupon. As long as it says say ‘coppertone’ on the coupons only one will be used. I love target but they are getting super strict. Oh well, had to happen sometime I guess.

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