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Today’s shopping trip: Dillon’s & Aldi

I needed to head to Aldi to pick up some produce, so I swung by Dillon’s on the way there. Here’s what I got:

Dillon’s Shopping Trip

2 cans of Dole pineapple — $1 each, used $1/2 coupon = $0.50 per can after coupon

2 tubes of Colgate toothpaste — $1 each, used two $0.75/1 coupons (“doubled” to $1 off) = free after coupon

2 Snickers eggs — $0.50 each, used $1.50/2 Mars Easter candy coupon from the All You magazine = free plus overage after coupon

2 packages of Land O’ Lakes butter — $2.50 each, used 1 $0.50/2 coupon (doubled to $1 off) = $2 each after coupon

Total with tax: $5.16

And here were the great deals I scored at Aldi:

Aldi Shopping Trip

1 gallon milk — $2.77

3 packages of strawberries — $0.99 each

2 bags of sweet potatoes — $.099 each

1 bag oranges — $1.48

3 cantaloupe — $0.99 each

10-lb. bag of potatoes — $1.99

Total with tax: $15.19

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  • Melissa says:

    Yay, I went to Aldi’s today too! lol

    I wish we had sweet potatoes at ours, though. Oh well. ^_^ I LOVE that they try to get more locally sourced produce when at all possible.

  • You always get the best deals…love the great produce deals!
    I’ll need to find that Snickers Egg coupon in my All You mag…totally up my alley!
    A quick q: Is your Dillon’s discontinuing double coupons? Our Kroger affiliate just sent out a notice just effective 4/1, they will no longer be doubling coupons. I didn’t know if it was all Kroger affiliates, or just ours.

    • Michelle H. says:

      I’m in the Dallas area, and our Kroger stores discontinued double coupons last year. I’m still a little sad about it.

  • Jill Masuk says:

    your aldi’s has way better prices on produce. i always get so disgusted when i see the prices you list for produce

    • Tablet says:

      Right! The cheapest strawberries I could get this week for 3.49 and I was psyched to get canteloupe on sale for 2.00! I guess it’s all relative and it’s great that we can all get excited about the deals we get in our own regions!

    • Ava says:

      I agree, our Aldi’s prices are NOT nearly as cheap as yours. But, they still beat the produce prices are our regular grocery store!

  • Rebecca says:

    Just started shopping at Aldi every now and then….I am SO enjoying their produce prices. Can’t beat $.79 for a 1 lb package of roma tomatoes and $.99 canteloupe! Thanks for sharing your trip; it definitely reminds me to stop there more often 🙂

  • June says:

    I wish we had an aldi’s. I’m a little jealous when I see your prices. I did find a produce store with pretty good prices the other day when I was in a neighboring town but it is a 45 min drive when walmart is on the way to church and the kids school so I pass it 5 times a week at least. I only hit the produce store when I’m already there. They also have a discount bakery which sells my bread for half the price of wal-mart (Nature’s Own 100% wheat)

  • Amy Gilbert says:

    Love Aldi!!!! They always have great prices! They have gallons of milk by me (Illinois) for $1.68!!!!

    • I must say, I am a bit jealous of that milk price. I am in Chattanooga, Tn and our milk is usually between $3 – $4 per gallon at Aldi. The other day it went down to $2.99 and I was SO EXCITED because my daughter drinking milk like it is going out of style. lol

      I am very happy for you though that you don’t have to pay what I do. 😀

    • Jen says:

      I recently started shopping at Aldi’s again. Milk is regularly $1.99 here (outside Boston 45 minutes). They have the best price on eggs: $0.99.
      I’ve been loving the cantalope ($0.99) and the 3-lb bag sweet potatoes ($0.99). I find with Aldi, some of the items are the same price as a Market Basket grocery store. You just have to know your prices. I don’t always drive out to Aldi because of the gas, but if I’m near there, I’ll stop in for the savings!

  • Jeannie says:

    Braum’s milk is $2.39 per gallon which is less than sale prices… better tasting too… no hormones …win win win

  • Anne says:

    I just got back from Aldi’s. In Upstate N.Y. the strawberries are 1.89, milk is 2.15, cantaloupe is 1.18, oranges are 2.49, baby carrots are on sale for .49 a bag, and I am not sure the prices of the potatoes.

  • L. says:

    What is Aldi’s? Never heard of it. How do I find out if there is one in my area?

  • Margaret says:

    My dollar trees have natures own wheat bread and buns for $1 a pack

  • Marva says:

    I was syked to get strawberries for $.79, grape tomatoes $.79, baby carrots $.39, cantaloupes $1.49, pineapples $1.49, 3 pk. colored bell peppers $1.49, cauliflower $.89….today! I am in Alabama. I have to drive 40 minutes to get to one but I make my trips count!

  • Toni says:

    Wow, your milk is $2.77 at Aldi? Ours has been $2.29 and I just noticed tonight that it has been raised to $2.49. We’ve been buying the oranges at $1.49 for about a month now and they’re VERY good (they were even on sale for 99¢ about 4 weeks ago). Our cantelopes are $1.50, but we did buy a fresh pineapple for $1.49 (got one there last week and it was very sweet so bought it again this week). Our canned tuna and sugar prices recently increased as well. 🙁

  • Laurie says:

    Another vote for Aldi’s!!! I solely do all my shopping there. With trying to eat healthier I am buying fruits and veggies about every 3days. I live in Omaha neb. Dole pineapple .99, baby carrots .99, delicious tangelos 1.99 and du kist oranges 1.49. Milk is 2.33 with other local stores about 4.00 gal. I buy all my dairy,eggs,yogurt etc. I have noticed their pieces have slightly increased so my bill for 1 wk was around $60. My Aldi is in my backyard which is awesome. I amp not shopping at any other stores except Trader Joes for organic meat and frozen brown rice. I also buy a lot of fruit and fresh veggies at SAMs. Currently the asparagus is 2.5lbs for 3.90. I buy 2 bunches at a time and steam it to add to my brown rice that I eat all the time. I am no longer a coupon clipper as so many coupons are not things we eat. Coupons in my area are slim pickings anyway.

  • Katherine says:

    People look at me funny when I say I buy my produce at Aldi’s. They think it’s lower-quality… Most of the produce still has the name-brand sticker (if it hasn’t been packaged in a shrink-wrapped tray), and honestly, wouldn’t Aldi’s get their fruits and vegetables from the same supplier as a mass supermarket chain? Of course, those who wrinkle their noses do end up surprised when I say I got a dole pineapple for $1.49 and a 3 lb bag of Sunkist oranges for the same price 😉

    I usually make my grocery list as if I’m only shopping at Price Chopper. I put each item in order (we start at produce and work our way down to dairy), with the sale price next to it, and then the coupon amount next to that. I shop in Aldi’s with my Price Chopper list first, and if I can find a cheaper item I purchase it there. If the prices are equal, I buy them at Price Chopper so it counts towards my gas rewards.

    Basically, I only end up purchasing fruit, vegetables, milk, juice, yogurt, cheese and coffee and Aldi’s, and tortillas if I need them. My husband and I don’t really buy any packaged or canned foods (except for pantry staples like rice, cereal, canned tomatoes and canned beans). Ever since I started reading labels, I’ve stayed away from most snack foods and canned soups. If you look at their Chef’s Cupboard soup (the kind in the big can that’s not concentrate) you’ll see that one can is over 80% of your daily value of sodium 🙁

    • A friend told me that his wife went to Aldi to get some blueberries last summer for $0.99 per pint and then went to Whole Foods later that week and found the same brand of blueberries for almost $4 per half pint. haha

      I have had this happen to me before too. I bought name brand strawberries for $0.99 and then found the same ones at a health food store for $2.50 each.

      I have talked a ton of my friends into shopping at Aldi. They always wonder how I keep our grocery budget so low and Aldi is a major part of that!

  • Rebekah says:

    A bag of sweet potatoes for $.099!! You really can’t beat that price! 😉

    In all seriously, I LOVE Aldi prices. It is a little out of my way so I tend to just price match what I can at Walmart, but I took a ton of cut up fruit (strawberries, cantaloupe, and pineapple) to a party last night, as well as some carrot sticks (from the $.39/2 lb bag sale a couple weeks ago), and fed a ton of people for $5. I LOVE Aldi!

  • Carol says:

    I tried shopping at Aldi’s but didn’t like the quality of the produce. The pineapples were so small for the $1.29 price; same with most other produce. But now I bring my Aldi ad in with me and get huge pineapples, better looking grapes, pears, etc when I just tell the Walmart cashier that I am ‘price comping’. I don’t have to show the ad, but it helps me to remember the prices. Last week I got Pillsbury Grands biscuits $2/1 by comping. Walmart had them for $1.77 each. What a savings. I even opened some, laid them flat on a pan & quick froze them; then placed in freezer bags. Baked a few just to see if that would work and it was great. That saved me some refrigerator room as I have more room in the freezer. I now comp all my produce from Aldi’s ad to Walmart. Lettuce 69 ea, grapes 79 #, carrots 2 #s for 49 c., works great!

  • Jen says:

    Does Aldi accept manufacturer’s coupons..?? They seem to have their own unique brands so maybe this is an irrelevant question.

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