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Thursday’s Walmart Shopping Trip: Free-plus-overage Millstone coffee & $0.12 Gain dryer sheets!

My husband and I made a quick trip to Walmart on Thursday night after our monthly date night because I needed to get bread for lunch with friends on Friday and Dollar Tree hadn’t gotten their shipment of Nature’s Own bread in yet.

I happened to have my Walmart coupon envelope in my purse and I was able to snag a few other deals while we were there:

2 Millstone Coffee packages — $1.64, used 2 $2/1 coupons from the 2/13 RedPlum insert (expires 3/31), free plus $0.36 overage on each (Thanks to a reader who tipped me off to this deal!)

Purex Laundry Softener — used free coupon I received for being apart of the Purex Insiders

3 boxes of Gain Dryer Sheets — $3.12 each, used 3 $3/1 coupons from the 2/13 RedPlum insert (expires 3/31), $0.12 each after coupons

4.62 lbs of bananas — price-matched to the local store’s Thursday-Only $0.18/lb. special — $0.83

Nature’s Own Bread — $2.28

My total after coupons with tax was $4.19.

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  • My hubby and I love cheap grocery shopping after date nights! Great deals you got!

  • I went to Walmart last week and saved over 67% by price matching and using coupons. I got the Walmart’s price of over $91 down to $31!! If you’re curious, you can read here:

  • Sharon says:

    Yay! I also go to the Dollar Tree for bread. They have Roman Meal at our store and it’s super great. Plus yesterday I found a 12 pack of hamburger buns (they were made for chickfila-the golden wheat buns that their char grilled chicken sandwich comes on.) I was so excited that I blogged about it.

  • Shannon says:

    About a year ago I read about an alternative to using to using dryer sheets. Just take some foil and roll it into a ball and place it in the dryer instead of a dryer sheet. My ball is the size of a medium super ball, or what a quarter might look like if if were a ball. When you first put it in the dryer, the ball won’t be smooth, but after the first cycle it smooths itself out. It really does work. There was more static in my towels so now I only use 1/2 a sheet for those loads. I use the foil ball for several months – until it starts falling apart.

    • Allison V. says:

      I’ve also heard of using tennis balls (maybe it was just for cloth diapers). Don’t know how it affects the static cling though.

      • Daisy says:

        I used tennis balls to help dry the cloths faster. With two of them it works like those dryer balls they sell for ten to twenty dollars. Works just the same.

    • Shannon says:

      Great idea. I’ve never heard of it before, but I’m gonna try it. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sarah says:

    Speaking of Dollar Tree…. I was so excited when I went there this week. I found Infant Sundresses that can easily be turned into dresses for American Girl Dolls!!!! I bought 1 of each of the 3 patterns they had and am going to fix them up for our daughters’ Easter baskets. Can’t beat an American Girl outfit for $1!!!

  • Theresa says:

    Oooh great deal on the Millstone coffee! I’m going to have to try that! I keep forgetting to check my dollar tree for the bread too, but I won’t have to for awhile because I stocked up on Rudi’s for .99 at on of my favorite healthfood stores! YEA

  • Jennifer Brown says:

    @Sarah…. LOVE the idea of Dollar Tree clothes for the American girl dolls… Never would I have thought of that. Wonder if I can turn anything else they sell into Build A Bear clothes….Thank you so much for the inspiration!

    • Rae says:

      I have seen “bear” clothes there in the toy section before. I don’t know if it’s the right size for your Build A Bear animals (I don’t have any of those) but you could keep an eye out to see if they have them at your store.

  • Rae says:

    You’re killing me with those banana deals lol. Now I would even settle for the price to go back down to $.39/lb. Here the price of bananas is slowly creeping up with the cost of gas. I used to get them on sale for $.29/lb or regular price $.34/lb. Now I have to jump on sales of $.39/lb and we love bananas 🙁

  • Julie says:

    What size are the millstone coffee packs? Are they prepack bags?

    • Jennifer says:

      They are the small 1.75 oz packages, most are flavored. I went and used 5 coupons and had a $1.80 overage, no beeps either! I’m generally really reluctant to coupon at Wal-mart but I thought I’d give it a try and thankfully it worked!

  • kristy c says:

    I went by my doller tree today and saw a sign outside that said we now accept coupons.

  • Allison V. says:

    My grampa has been saving his coupons for me, even though I hadn’t seen him since October! So i’m going to dig in and find that Gain coupon, I just opened my last box from my stash.

  • Shannon says:

    Wow! Great deal on banana’s! We love banana’s around my house, so I would love a deal like that.

  • Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the coffee deal! Got 4 of them for free plus the overage. But I did have 3 bottles of McCormick GrillMates Seasoning in the cart. Total for 4 coffees & 3 McCormick was $.83!! Thanks!

  • tiffany sexton says:

    Quick ? on the Millstone deal. My Q’s say 1/2 pound or larger- do yours?

    • Crystal says:

      No, mine say “any packaged coffee”.

    • crystal B. says:

      Look closer…I think there was a tearpad Q for 1/2 lb or larger only. However, for the insert Q, the wording is similar to this:
      ANY prepackaged coffee, 1/2 lb+ bulk, or k-cup portions…so there are 3 choices listed on that insert q, one of them being for any size of the pre packaged coffee.

      • tiffany sexton says:

        Thank u so much! I was reading it too fast and did not apply my english skills, it’s all about the comma- lol!

  • tiffany sexton says:

    Ahhhh! That’s why I can’t seem 2 find this deal – lol! Been trying at all my stores and coming out confused. Thank u for clearing it up!

  • kimme says:

    A friend of mine wrote to Millstone (regarding those $2/1 coffee coupons) asking of the coupon was valid for the 1.75 oz packages. One of her friends said the commissary had received notification from Millstone that stated the $2/1 Millstone coupons (from the 2/13 RP) are not valid on those 1.75 oz packages. Millstone said the coupon was supposed to say “not valid on 1.75 oz packages” and that the stores won’t be reimbursed!! Well I don’t think that is right because if it is their mistake (and obviously it is) then they need to reimburse the stores. Millstone needs to make sure that the coupons state very clearly what it is valid on and if it’s not intended for a particular size then they needed to have that on the coupon. I already bought a bunch a couple of weeks ago and I feel bad but you know what, it is not our fault!!! Just wanted to give you guys a heads up on this 🙂

    • crystal B. says:

      Wow. I’m going to write to Millstone right now and let them know I heard that rumor and how dishonest I think it is. It’s really underhanded to refuse to honor the coupons after the fact, because it forces the stores to lose money because of the mfr’s mistake! Maybe if enough people let complain about them doing that to stores, they will honor the coupons after all. It wouldn’t be the first time public backlash has changed a policy.

      Either way, thank you for sharing this.

  • Julie J says:

    I went to WalMart today with my coupon stash. The cashier told me I could only use 2 of my coupons. What?! He said I couldn’t use the Pert Plus coupons because Iwas buying trial size. (Trial size wasn’t excluded on the coupons.) He said I could only use one coupon for the Scotch Brite sponges and on and on. Then he pushed back my entire stash of coupons. He said they just had a coupon meeting. So I kindly asked him to call over the manager. The manager let me use all my coupons except the Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon for Prezel crisps. I had 6 bags and she told me to do three different transactions. So ladies, it definitely pays to stand firm with the cashiers. I told him I wasn’t there to cause him trouble and apologized for the inconvenience. He ignored me but out of all my couponing experiences I’ve only faced two coupon Nazis. One at Target and one at WalMart so I’d say that’s pretty good odds.

    • Janet says:

      Last week the cashier at Kroger yelled at me ! So loud that the 5 customers around me were outraged!
      Now I know and am close friends with the head at Kroger for my region and so she was wrong and I was correct and her yelling might have cost her a job.
      I certainly do not go shopping to be yelled at and all stores do make money on the coupons!
      Millestone will have to honor the coupons for the coffee any size and the store will be paid the amount of the coupon plus 7 or 8 cents whatever the coupon says on the bottom of the coupon.
      Not sure why any cashier feels it necessary to become the coupon police it does not come out of their pay ! The store makes money on coupons!
      So it is only great biz to accept all coupons.

  • Lisa J. says:

    I used my Gain coupons for the small boxes of the dryer sheets that were something like $1.86 apiece for some nice overage. Will definitely have to do the coffee deal, though!

    • Crystal says:

      Were the small boxes at Walmart? The smallest I could find was the 80-count boxes. I was hoping for overage!

      • Rae says:

        I am not the original poster but yes I have heard that a lot of Walmarts have smaller boxes for less than $2. I’m going this week and hope my store has those. One small box of dryer sheets lasts me a little over a year (I only use them on certain loads and even then only use part of a sheet) so I’d rather the overage 😛 If they don’t have them though, I guess I’ll just get a 2-3 year supply for a few cents 🙂

      • Wendy says:

        Yes, now that most of my coupons are gone I’ve discovered that one store in my Western Ky town has the 40 ct boxes for $1.87. I had checked the other one in town & one about 20 miles away that I drive by on a regular basis & neither one had them so I just figured none of ours did. That’ll teach me! Well, actually it probably won’t – I know how I am. 🙂

      • kristy c says:

        Yes last night i was able to get the small box for 1.87 and then the rest of my $3 was overage 🙂

  • kathryn says:

    My Wal-Mart trip went poorly today at the Norwood park store in Austin. They mentioned just having a coupon meeting and how any identical coupon (even one that is not internet printed) is not to be used in the same transaction…so, they (cashier and customer service manager) made me do 20 separate transactions to stock up on pasta for my family. It took 30 minutes! They also refused to accept any coupon that was over the value of the item. For example…if you are buying fish food for your kid’s fish that is $1.97 they won’t accept a $2 coupon for it and having a copy of their coupon policy doesn’t help with squat! I have made a promise to myself to never shop at that store again. So rude and ridiculous compared to other places I regularly shop at.

    • Rae says:

      I would report your situation to corporate. Even if you decide not to go back, it might save somebody else from the same situation.

    • Chandler says:

      Print a copy of their coupon policy that was updated on March 16th and ask them why they aren’t honoring the corporate policy.

  • Gabby says:

    I’m loving the overages on coupons from WalMart. I ‘shop’ for our animal shelter. Recently a local vet gave some high value coupons for a name brand food. So on Friday I went to WalMart. I got
    6 4lb bags of kitten food
    3 4lb bags of puppy food
    2 1qt containers of half and half
    1 large bottle of international delight coffee creamer
    1 donut (hey, gotta have my shopping treat!)

    All for a whopping $1.90.
    Our shelter director loves me when I get deals like this for our critters!

  • Becca says:

    Do you do the price matches with the cashiers or do you have to go to customer service at walmart for that? Also are you taking the entire flier from the other store along with you?
    I have yet to price match at Walmart, but I would like to as we do not have drug stores that close.

    • Emily says:

      I”m also interested in the price matching at Walmart. Does anyone know if they price match Aldi’s flyer? Aldi’s has some great produce prices this week, but my Aldi’s has terrible fresh produce. Walmarts isn’t much better, but I’d be willing to try it if they price match ANY add.

  • Darlene Sakers says:

    To save more money, skip the dryer sheets and use a cup of cider vinager in your washer. This will soften your clothes as well if not better than the chemical ladden dryer sheets, and no your clothes will not smell like a salad or vinager.

    • Jenni says:

      When do you put the cup of cider vinegar in the wash? Right away with the soap when you start the load? I’m curious to try and see if it really makes the clothing soft… but I’m nervous about the smell! I think apple cider vinegar smells like stinky feet! lol 🙂

      • Darlene Sakers says:

        Sorry, I misstated the type of vinagar, it should be white vinagar and not the apple cider. I put it in my softner dispenser when I am loading the clothes and putting the detergent in the washer. With the white vinegar you clothes will not smell like vinegar.

    • Darlene Sakers says:

      This should have stated do not use the cidar vinegar, use only the white vinegar. Sorry for the error.

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