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This is love…

This is love...

It might look like a simple pitcher to you, to me it’s a picture of love.

You see, every day, Jesse makes a pitcher of lemon water. Not because I ever asked him to, but because he knows it encourages me to drink more water. And when I drink more water, I feel better and am more energetic.

This is one of dozens and dozens of things he does daily — on his own initiative — to love me and serve me.

Love isn’t just shown in big, grandiose gestures. It’s often shown in the little, everyday things. Like a pitcher of fresh lemon water.

Don’t miss those little opportunities to say “I love you.” They matter… A lot!

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  • Alicia says:

    I love this! It’s sometimes a hard to remember that the little things matter when life is so busy. Something else that I struggle but is equally as importabt is doing these little things regardless of whether or not it’s being reciprocated. Thank you for the reminder!

  • Little “I love yous” are wonderful! My hubby often makes me coffee on the weekends because he knows it’s a must have for me. 😉

  • Niki Roberts says:

    This is how I feel each day when I put on my glasses. Every morning my glasses are neat, lint-free, clean, and in my case. They remain this way because my husband cleans them every night. So for me, I can clearly see his love for me, pun intended!

  • Rosanna says:

    That is so sweet! This reminds me that I need to remember the little things more. I get so overwhelmed with all the big things I need to do, that I forget the little things.

  • Christine says:

    That’s super sweet 🙂 He’s definitely a keeper!

  • Swapna says:

    That’s so sweet!! You’re a lucky woman!

  • Need A Nap2 says:

    Very sweet! What’s your “recipe” for your lemon water??

  • whitney says:

    You honestly have no idea how lucky you are crystal. Things like this lately really sting to see. Your husband would be the complete opposite of mine. He hasn’t talked to me in 4 days because I told him I can’t rely on him. (which pretty much proves my point) You are very blessed.

    • I included this note on Facebook and wanted to share it here, too:

      My heart in sharing this is to encourage all of us to look for little ways to show love — whether that’s to our spouse, co-worker, child, neighbor… whoever is in your life. But for those who are struggling in their marriage and don’t have a spouse who shows love in little ways (I’m so sorry! We’ve definitely had our share of struggles — my husband was NOT like this when we were first married and I was constantly putting him down and getting frustrated over everything he did wrong. It’s been amazing to see his transformation of heart and my transformation of heart over the years!), this post might encourage you:

    • christine says:

      Sorry Whitney. Have you tried praying for your husband? War Room is an excellent movie regarding the power of prayer for your husband.

  • Emily says:

    In case you want to try a little different “flavored” water, I like to add lemon, cucumber and mint! Really delicious!

  • Love it! I can’t remember the last time that I have had to fuel up my car. My husband always gets gas for it (in addition to his own). Just one lovely sign of his care for me.

  • Rebecca says:

    I love this! I love doing little things for people. Today the little girl I used to nanny and her mom came to visit me. I am so used to taking care of little ones, that when I made her mom and myself grilled cheese sandwiches the mom laughed that I automatically cut hers into 4 little squares. 🙂

  • Kris says:

    I think this is beautiful! I was wondering though – how many days do you (does he) reuse the lemons? I have been wondering about that and would like another person’s opinion! 🙂 Thank you!

  • christine says:

    Careful with the lemon water. The acid may damage the enamel on your teeth. Ask your dentist his opinion.

    • Lydia G says:

      Had a similar thought but didn’t want to be a Debbie downer. My hygienist picked up my use of ACV in THM Good Girl Moonshine immediately. Was a real bummer, as I loved the taste.

  • Brenda says:

    That is so nice that your husband does that for you, and I really like that you recognize and acknowledge he does that for you too.

  • Mari says:

    I love that. I work from home as a child care provider and the entire lower half of our house is my business. My hubby always vacuums my 1500 sq ft space and does the stairs too for me every week with out ever asking. Besides doing the cleaning he is giving me a good hour to do something else on my to do list. Never forget the little things.

  • Steven R says:

    You are so right, small gestures of affection go a long way. I like to think that all the little things that I do and say throughout the day pile up to give an accurate picture of my love for my wife. Continual nourishment is much better than a hollow one act show.

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