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Jingit: Earn up to $3 today!

Jingit: Earn money by watching videos

Have you logged into Jingit for awhile? If not, be sure to login today because Laura from Our Coupon Adventures emailed me and said:

There are new Ads available to watch on Jingit (I earned $0.30 today). There are new Check-Ins Available which could earn another $2.40! AND then there are new Offers available for products you buy, which includes $2.50 CASH BACK for Pop Crunch Pop Corn and $1.00 Cash Back for TEN sodas you buy, and $0.75 for Hillshire Lit’l Smokies and Smoked Sausage!

If you’re unfamiliar with Jingit, you can read more about it here. And you can sign up to participate here.

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Sign up for Bing and earn rewards for searching the web!

Bing Rewards

Are you using Bing Rewards? If not, you’ll want to sign up here.

Bing Rewards is a way to earn credits for searching online and participating in daily offers. By spending just a few minutes per day, you can easily earn a $5 Amazon gift card every month.

You can read all about how it works and how to use it in my post here.

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Reader Tip: Use ExpoTV to Earn Amazon Gift Cards

Meredith emailed in the following tip:

I’ve seen many posts lately on using Swagbucks to earn Amazon gift cards, but I wasn’t sure if everyone knew about using ExpoTV to earn even more Amazon gift cards?

I have been using ExpoTv for about a year. In short, you record a video reviewing a product that is one to two minutes long. In exchange for your review, you receive points that you can cash in for Amazon gift cards. It takes about one video to earn $5 in Amazon credit.

I will usually check what products they are looking for rewards for, sit down and knock out about 5 videos at a time. I’ll wait until the kids are in bed and record them. They are always looking for reviews on kid’s items so I can usually cash in!

Using these Amazon gift cards, we have been able to purchase all sorts of things:

    • diapers
    • a kid-sized picnic table that I would never have bought on my own!
    • a tent for the beach
    • Christmas gifts
    • all sorts of little items for around the house that we wouldn’t have the extra cash to spend!

Be sure to check out ExpoTV and sign up. It’s totally worth it. -Meredith

Find more ways to earn cash and free gift cards here.

FREE 4 Week Online Blogging Class

Blogelina is once again offering her very popular 4-week blogging class — for FREE! This online class will be held in April 2013.

If you sign up for this free class, here’s what you’ll get:

  • A class manual – packed with 60 pages of information that will help take the overwhelming out of starting your own blog
  • 4 weekly online class sessions where you can ask your questions and get personalized feedback
  • A FREE year of web hosting.
  • Blueprints, step-by-step tutorials, networking with other bloggers – Everything you need to grow your blog.
  • Save yourself a lot of time, trouble, and money – learn from my own experiences what to do and not to do.

Go here to sign up for the FREE 4-week blogging class. 

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Earn Money By Watching Videos on Jingit

Jingit is a newer income-earning program that pays you to watch ads online. You can also earn money for downloading the mobile app, scanning items at Walmart, and answering a couple of questions.

How Do You Sign Up?

To sign up, just go here and follow the steps outlined. You’ll need to create an account, input your phone number, and type in the verification number they text to you.

How Do You Earn Cash?

Once you’re signed up, you can begin watching videos or doing store check-ins. You should be offered at least a few videos you can watch right away. It looks like they add a few new videos each week.

Plus, if you have a smartphone, you can download the Jingit app and get paid to scan grocery UPC codes while you’re in store.

How Do You Get Paid?

To get paid, you just register for a Jingit Visa Debit Card (costs $3 from your Jingit balance to request it) and then add cash for your online Jingit balance to the Visa card.

How Much Can You Make?

There is an earning limit of $15 per week. When you initially join, you’ll have a lower earning limit but this can be raised to $15 by inviting friends to join.

Candi commented on my post about Jingit and said:

I have tried it and found that it is really very easy to make a couple of bucks. They videos you watch are super short, so it really doesn’t take too much time. I have also done the “check in” feature which has you scan in items Walmart and answer a couple of questions and you get money instantly! Fairly simple, but I have had it not scan a couple of items. I will only scan items in store if I need to be at Walmart anyway, you are only going to make a buck or two at a time so it is in no way worth the trip to the store for that. -Candi

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