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Super Savings Saturday: The I-Didn’t-Use-Any-Coupons Edition

I went to four different stores this week and used a grand total of zero coupons. Here’s what I bought:

Dillon’s Shopping Trip — see the full price breakdown and shopping trip details here.

Aldi Shopping Trip — see the full price breakdown and shopping trip details here.

Health Food Store Shopping Trip — see the full price breakdown and shopping trip details here.

Walmart Shopping Trip — see the full price breakdown and shopping trip details here.

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  • Thanks for the link up! It looks like you got a lot of great produce this week! I see fruit smoothies in your near future! 🙂 I love when you can find produce and meat marked down! Great shopping week!

  • Darlene says:

    Wow! Your pictures look yummy! Don’t you love summer savings? Thanks for the link ups!

  • Rae says:

    I just got back from a road trip this week and went shopping today and bought almost exclusively produce as well. Raspberries (4 6oz packs), blueberries (2 dry pints), plums (a few lbs), and peaches (a couple lbs)…. yum! We had unopened/unexpired soy milk from the Silk deals last month and still had some eggs from pre-trip so I didn’t need anything else. I did get 2 Chicken of the Sea products (my $.50/1 coupons were going to expire) and 2 1/2 jugs of Turkey Hill tea that was on sale (is not something that I’ll normally buy even if it is on sale but I got them as a treat 🙂 ). I spent about $10 total for the week 😀

  • Thanks for the link-up. I found some good clearance deals at Target. I noticed they were starting their semi-annual toy clearance…already got 2 Christmas gifts for my little one, hope to find more next week!

  • You, NOT using coupons? Is that even allowed?! 😉

    I’m kidding, all that produce looks yummy! Does WalMart have good produce selection? I have 2 here but have never been there for food!

    • Kristine says:

      It varies by store. Our local Wal-Mart’s produce is not as good as Aldi’s, so I usually shop at Aldi.

      • Shannon says:

        See, and for us, our local Walmart typically has better fruit than our Aldi’s. However, Dillon’s (Kroger) is the best. I still will get bananas and strawberries at Aldi’s though, because we go through them so quickly at our house it doesn’t matter if they’re a little more ripe.

  • Toni says:

    We got a good deal at CVS tonight. Purchased 3 Maxwell House 34oz coffees and 2 Hellman’s mayo 30 oz. The Hellman’s were BOGO. Didn’t have Hellman’s coupons with us, but knew that 2/$5.29 was a good price. The coffees were $10.49 each. We had $5/$20, $10.99 in ECBs, and earned at $10 gas card. Total was $36.76, less $5, less $10 gas card earned =$21.76. That’s $5.49 for each of the large coffees. Our OOP was $20.77 after ECB’s, but we also earned the $10 gas card.

  • I have been enjoying visiting yard sales with my children. One church had clothing for $.25 per bag, and my daughter filled a bag with baby clothes for her dolls and I found some things for my son and me also. I also got craft supplies at a different sale, and a NWT shirt at the garage sale the cat shelter did. I spent $7.65 for some very nice things for my family! We’ve only spent $75 on clothing for the four of us for the year, which includes a 30# 1 year old boy, 4.5 yo girl, me and my husband. Yay yard sales!

  • Ashley says:

    Love all the great deals out there this week!!

  • Mary says:

    Love the produce- especially bananas at $.18/lb! I keep wanting to make smoothies, but my poor blender died : ( Guess I’ll just have to breakdown and go shopping to get a new one, lol.

  • lisa says:

    The aldis price down page can not be found?

  • Amanda says:

    When you shop at different stores do you go on different days? I tried to shop the sales this week by going to Winn Dixie and Target in the same day and I got really overwhelmed with kids in tow. Any tips?

  • Ann says:

    I wish I had a health food store that marked down stuff like yours. Our family went blueberry picking this past Friday (we got ~15 lbs!). When we went inside to weigh and pay for our berries there was a small market. They had “day old produce” that they marked $0.50/lb – I saw 6 peaches and picked them all up. I haven’t see peaches for less than $0.69/lb in our area in years.

    Here is a picture of my oldest daughter with all of our blueberries (that made it home) and my day old produce –

    • Kristine says:

      Our nearest health-food store doesn’t mark down stuff either. I’ve never seen anything on sale there.

  • Wow! Ground beef is super expensive. I guess gone are the days when they used to grind up the cheap cuts of meat.

  • April says:

    BOO! BOO!
    You are taking an easy way out, Crystal

  • Betsy Pool says:

    I also had a similar grocery shopping trip – no coupons, but good deals (with ad-matching and manager’s specials)!!

  • Tony Peavler says:

    We got a great deal on Nabisco Chocolate Chip Cookies this week at Food Lion. They were B1G1 at $3.69 and used $1/2, making them 1.35 each.

    Also, FREE Vitamin Waters during Kmart’s DBL coupons. They were on sale for $1 and we used the .55 tearpad. Gotta love FREE!

  • Julie in IN says:

    Have you changed your weekly spending goal yet, Crystal?

    How much free groceries do you get with your swagbucks each week?

    • Crystal says:

      We’re doing $50 to $60/week for groceries. I haven’t been buying many groceries with Swagbucks except for an occasional item here or there that’s on a spectacular deal since I’ve been spending the Swagbucks money on homeschool materials and buying gifts for others. I do still get diapers and wipes and my husband’s protein bars/drinks through Swagbucks, but other than that, I’m buying mostly all the groceries with my grocery money. I do get some items for free from companies (due to blogging) sometimes, though, so it’s hard to say a figure that is 100% accurate for what we truly “spend” on groceries since there are some variables in our situation.

  • Katie H says:

    I haven’t gone to Aldi’s in a few weeks, I need to check them out. I might try the produce match up at Walmart if the produce at Aldi’s isn’t that good. That’s great to know its that easy! Our local farmers market has started on Saturdays now, so that is also a great way to get fresh local produce, at usually great prices! Thanks for all your great advice & link ups!

  • Interesting, isn’t it, how some weeks the good deals are found even without coupons? What a great produce week for your family!

  • Jenna says:

    You do such a good job! May I make a suggestion? I see in your pictures those thin plastic bags you use for your produce- you should consider investing in some reusable mesh produce bags, since you buy so much fruit. They can be washed, and are just more “green.” I got mine a while back and love them!

  • Sara says:

    Hi Crystal! I am guessing, because I don’t see Sprouts in your regular line-up, that you might not have one near you. However, I thought I’d mention for people who do, I regularly find that they have great prices on produce. Almost always their produce sales prices are the cheapest prices of anyplace near me. It’s particularly beneficial to go there on Wednesdays, when it is double ad day – two weeks of sales ads overlap, offering more options. Thanks for everything! Love your blog!

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