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Super Savings Saturday: Aldi, Dillon’s, the Health Food Store

Dillon’s Shopping Trip

Half-gallon milk — $1.34
Clearanced bananas — $0.87
Gala apples ($0.99/lb.) — $2.83
Kleenex — $1.49, used $0.40/1 coupon (doubled) from the Kleenex freebie = $0.69 after coupon (I thought this was only $0.99 and was going to be $0.19 after the coupon. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized I had to buy 10 qualifying items to get it for $0.99. Yes, sometimes I overlook the obvious! :))
Progresso soup — used free coupon
Cheese — marked down to $0.99 (don’t ask me why as they expiration date is not until March 2012. I was more than a little stoked to get such a good deal!)
Total with tax: $7.33

Health Food Store Shopping Trip

Brown Cow yogurt — $1.99
Pomegranate — $0.99
Organic whipping cream — $0.99
2 bags cranberries — $0.99 each
Total with tax: $6.38

Aldi Shopping Trip

Corn chips — $0.99
Pita chips — $1.99 (total splurge, but these were SO good!)
Bananas — $1.10
Dried cranberries — $1.39
Chocolate chips — $1.69
Artisan lettuce — $1.99
Butter — $1.99 (woohoo!!!)
Baking soda — $0.49
3 blocks of cheese — $1.99
Cauliflower — $0.99
2 cans of black beans — $0.55 each
2 cans of chunk pineapple — $0.89 each
3 packages of strawberries — $1.69 each
Grapes — $2.68
Total with tax: $31.35

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  • Hi Crystal!
    Thanks for the “Mister Linky’s” link-ups! I love hearing about how you saved money during the week, and sharing how I saved money too. I really like how your site is becoming a hub of money-saving-moms everywhere. You bring us all together in one place to share tips, ideas, stories, deals, encouragement, and inspiration. I feel like I learn something new every time I visit your site. Thank you!

  • Carrie says:

    Only one pound of $1.99 butter? I bought 10!

  • Michelle says:

    I’m curious, what are your plans for the cranberries? When I saw the bags, I had immediate choldhood flashbacks of a homemade cranberry sauce my mom would make every Thanksgiving. It was very rich, but supposedly simple to make. I’ve had trouble recreating it, despite having the recipe (I think I just issues cooking sometimes, lol).

    • Katie says:

      Bring 1 cup of water to boil, with 1 cup of sugar mixed in the water. Once it’s at a rapid boil, pour entire bag of cranberries in. Boil until berries pop. Let sit until the sauce sets. Enjoy! 🙂

  • I have been stocking up on Aldi butter too — $1.99 is a low price in my area as well!

  • Pamela says:

    That price on butter beats Costco’s price!

  • I can still get a 4 pack of butter @ Costco for under $10 but that is as cheap as it gets around here 🙁 I am dreading that coming into the holidays. I’m going to have to raise my grocery budget $100. I did find Organic Butter a few months ago @ Grocery Outlet for $3 a lb. I wish now I would have bought every last one they had!

  • Brooke says:

    Wow! Awesome produce deals! I was able to score lots of goodies for Halloween next year at Target for 70% off!

  • Ashley says:

    Thanks for giving others a chance to showcase their savings too!

  • That’s a great price for cranberries! Are you going to make your own cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving?

  • Katie says:

    Oooh, now I’m craving pomegranates! Yum!!

  • Jenni says:

    I was excited about the butter prices at Aldi too! Also got Tyson split chicken breasts for 89 cents/lb and cream cheese for 89 cents!

  • Isn’t that funny about the cheese? I love those surprise bargains!

  • Emily says:

    You always find such great produce deals. My Kroger hardly ever marks down any produce and when they do the bananas are very brown and/or the fruit is very bruised.

  • Laura says:

    Does anyone eles Aldi keep running out of Pumpkin? It seems they get a case and it sells quickly then they don’t restock for a week or two. They have been out of it now for 2 weeks, hope they get more in before Thanksgivng~love the 99 cent price!

  • Isn’t it funny how you get used to paying rock bottom prices, and $1.99 for pita chips becomes a splurge!

  • Mandi says:

    The Kroger “buy 10 items” is a pretty good deal. I love the Green Giant Fresh cut and they ended up being 50 cents…. I got some really good buys- and if you have coupons- bonus!

  • Meredith says:

    I find it fascinating how you rarely buy any drink items. I know water is what you should drink, it doesn’t mean I can make my family drink it. As southerners, we drink iced tea, warm tea, coffee in the morning, an occasional soda, V8 for the hubby, juice for my daughter, milk, etc. I know you buy these things but not even close to the capacity that we do….plus our family is smaller.

  • Karen says:

    Is it really safe to buy things like butter & produce at Aldi’s? I’ve never bought anything other than canned or boxed goods (that aren’t expired) at discount grocery stores like this…how can the prices be so much less & the products still be good there? Are they close to expiring/spoiling or ??

    • Crystal says:

      Well, we’ve been buying them there for years and we’re still alive and kicking. 🙂 Many times, the produce brands are actually the same they sell at the grocery store (Dole, etc.) If you don’t feel comfortable, though, you can price-match at Walmart.

  • Jan says:

    The artisan lettuce is $0.99 a box this week at Aldi! (I’m not that crazy about Aldi but some of their own brands are good- they have the same parent company as Trader Joe’s- but a lot less pricey!)

  • Jennifer says:

    How do you find things marked down? For instance, the cheese; I never know where to look in the store. Thanks!

  • Lisa s says:

    Not sure why, but sunday night my kroger had strawberries on sale for 79 cents a carton, not manager specials, just on sale. And they were awesome, not moldy. The best price I saw all summer was $1.50 a carton. Joyous ecstatic shock. I bought 14. I might have gotton more but I shared with a fellow bargain hunter. We also got to share organic gallons of milk marked down to $1.69. We each got 2. I’d been eyeing the marked down pectin for some time and knew just where to find it. Maybe I need to go on sunday night more often. Anyway, now I have 12 cups of freezer jam, 2lbs frozen for smoothies, and we ate 4 cartons fresh. It is like christmas came early.

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