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Super Savings Saturday: A freezer full of meat

A few weeks ago, there was a Groupon for Kansas City Steaks. I had accumulated some Groupon referral credits (thanks to some of you who ordered through my referral link!), so I bought five $50 vouchers to Kansas City Steak Company for $25 each (well, they were free with my Groupon credits). And then we worked it out so that our orders totaled less than $0.50 each shipped.

We ended up spending less than $2 out of pocket for a freezer full of meat which included lots of steak burgers, beef hot dogs, steak and more:

And just for fun, here are a few pictures which give you a little peek into our week:

Not too long ago, we went through one of Jesse’s boxes from his childhood things and the girls were delighted to discover his soccer shirts. They are one of their favorite things to wear now! Early this week, the girls decided they all wanted to dress up in soccer shirts and have me take their picture, so I obliged.

We also took a field trip to a nearby museum which re-creates what some of the buildings in our county would have looked like in 1865 to 1880. The children thoroughly loved it.

The girls loved the schoolhouse, log cabins and general store as we’re reading through the Little House on the Prairie series together at lunch and these were similar to the ones in the Little House books.

The tree swing was a favorite!

Silas tried his hand at the hoop ‘n stick. Can you tell this boy has some personality?! Since it ended up being colder than we were expecting, I turned my scarf into a sort of head wrap for him to bundle him up a little more. So he was sporting quite the interesting look. But he didn’t care; he was having a blast!


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  • Amy says:

    Looks like a great week!!! Thanks for the link up

  • Ralphs (Southern CA Kroger affiliate) is having a super double coupons event! They’re now doubling coupons of $1 to $2! This is closer to how their coupon doubling used to work ALL the time (still not as good as it used to be, but so thankful anyway!)! For those in Southern CA, it’s a great time to use coupons at Ralphs!

  • I enjoy seeing the shots of your children as much as your shots of your shops each week. Thanks for sharing and for the linky.

  • Megan says:

    We did the cash system for a long time a while ago, since everything was going so smoothly we decided to start using our discover card instead and this has paid off big time (we are able to pay it off each month) because thanks to putting gas in our car, we get use our cash back bonus for Omaha Steaks. We are lucky enough to have a store to go to so we don’t have to pay for shipping and for $40 bonus sometimes they offer double rewards so we could get $80 in Omaha dollars. We would stock up the freezer with quality steaks and not spend any out of pocket!!!! Discover also offers CVS cards, which I used to get me started on CVS rolling ECB and since I still buy diapers helps with the little oop I spend each week!

  • Mrs. White says:

    Your children are adorable! They look so happy!

    Mrs. White

  • Julia says:

    Pictures are really cute. I especially love the one of your son – he looks really happy!

  • renee says:

    this is awesome! DH just bought me a chest freezer for my birthday and I am envious of your stash 🙂

  • I LOVE the pictures of your kids. They are so cute! Thanks for the link up.

  • Debi says:

    Great job! I love the pictures, so adorable!
    P.S. Sorry about posting a Rite Aid link here- it was a mistake.

  • Heather Shaw says:

    Such cuties! I love Little House on the Prarie. Can’t wait until my kids get a bit older to enjoy the series. It makes me so happy even thinking about reading through those books again (which I totally ruined as a child from overuse…so we’ll have to buy a new set!).

    Thanks for letting us link up!

    • Maria says:

      @Heather Shaw,

      Thrift stores and Half-Price books have Little House books all the time, for less than a $1 each, just a heads up! (That’s how I bought our set, same with Chronicles of Narnia, and Series of Unfortunate Events.)

  • Julie says:

    How great to stock your freezer!

    I love the pics of your kids more!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’m off to get the family ready for church!

  • Elizabeth says:

    I have such great memories of Cowtown as a kid – my girl scout troop went there for camp a few times and got to be “actors” in costume every day with character names, background info and daily chores and activities to take part it. Such a fun place! If you get a chance to go when they do their Christmas at Cowtown stuff you really should – it’s pretty neat!

  • Barb says:

    Wow Crystal! God is good!

  • Blaire Ruch says:

    Glad you were able to get such a fantastic deal on the meat! Way to work it! And the head wrap is so clever…and cute! Have a wonderful Sunday with your family!

  • Kelly says:

    WOW! Thats a lot of free meat!!!

  • Emma K says:

    Sounds like a fun week. I don’t know exactly where you live, but talking about Little House on the Prairie reminded me of when we were traveling through Kansas on the way to Oklahoma. We stopped at one of the sites where the Ingalls family had lived when they built their log cabin in Indian Territory. They have a replica log cabin and a few other things there. It’s near the OK/KS border near Bartlesville, OK.

  • Stacy says:

    Currently looking at an empty freezer, and thinking a deal like that would be amazing. Time to get it together. I was so thrilled to get $92 in savings at Rite Aid, so now I will have to start working on the meat deals!

  • That is neat! Was your freezer completely empty besides that?

  • The love the pics of your kids, they look like they’re having a blast! And I still love Little House on the Prairie, my mom got me all the LHOP books when I was a kid and I loved the tv series. 🙂

  • I was able to pick pomegranates this week for a couple of hours. I took home 2 bushels of pomegranates for free this week!

  • JRFrugalMom says:

    That’s so awesome about the meat! It can be very difficult to find great deals on quality meat…..we’re very low at the moment.

    I would like to invite you to share your savings at theWeekly Savings Linky @ Frugality Is Free. You can also win 5 ALDI Gift Cards, 2 Del Monte Gift Cards and coupons for Free Bob Evans.

  • Jan says:

    oh my goodness he looks like a litle shephard boy how cute!

  • Chelsea says:

    Great pictures! Have you ever been to the actual Little House on the Prairie replica in Independence, KS? We used to go all the time when I was kid, we loved it!

  • Kim N. says:

    Crystal…I would love to stockpile meats but have NO ROOM in my small freezer. I am interested in buying a deep freeze for my garage to help with stockpiling. I am concerned that I am going to see a major jump in our electricity bill. Can you or anyone speak to this? Also, do you know if they sell them with locks? We live in the mountains and I would need to secure it from bears!! Thanks!

    • Stephanie says:

      @Kim N.,

      DH and I were just looking at some in the store last night. The chest freezers had a lock that needed a key. The upright freezers had an electric, push button lock. You pressed it for so long and it locks the freezer. There was one or two low end priced ones that didn’t. If that is the case, I think you can also buy ones to install. But they seemed to be a standard “feature” on the majority (6/8) that I looked at.

    • Maria says:

      @Kim N.,
      I haven’t noticed a jump in our electricity bill. But we did buy a new one, so it’s all “energy star” and all that. Each freezer in the store had a sheet of paper telling you how much it would cost a year for electricity. I think ours was $14/year.

    • Jessica says:

      @Kim N.,
      The main way to lessen the effect of a freezer on your electricity bill is to keep it full. But this is easy to do – if you don’t have enough food to fill it, just fill the empty space with milk jugs full of water (which will turn to ice). An added bonus to having some big chunks of ice in your freezer – if the power goes out, it helps to keep things cold longer.

  • Laura says:

    Silas is getting too big. Seems like you just had him.

  • I have a deep freezer on my wish list in the future–especially when we expand our family. Stocking up is the way to go. Cuts down on making what feels like hundreds of trips to the grocery store! 🙂

    Cute photos!

  • I love seeing your kids. The 1800’s town looks like a lot of fun.

  • Alisha says:

    So sweet Crystal! Precious children. Good job. You’re a great mom.

  • Your kids are so cute! Great deal on all the meats, I’ll have to keep an eye on Groupon. Thanks 🙂

  • Mel says:

    Crystal, you kids are adorable! I must admit, I’m envious of your girls’ beautiful hair-how cute are those curls!

  • Trinity says:

    How awesome is it that you get blessed back for blessing us with such wonderful deals! You kids are so adorable! Truly gifts form God!

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