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Super Savings Saturday

Life was more than a little busy this week with me finishing up the final edits for my book, Jesse prepping for a big case, two of my children being sick, and all of us preparing for the big bridal shower we’re hosting this evening. So other than buying things for the bridal shower tonight, I didn’t buy any groceries and we just ate from the freezer and pantry.

We did get some great deals at Office Max, though.

And we bought a bunch of strawberries to make chocolate dipped strawberries for the bridal shower. They were $0.88 at Aldi this week, so we price-matched at Walmart and got 10 packages!

We also got two fun freebies in the mail yesterday: the free sample box of Honey Nut Cheerios and the free Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner coupon.

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  • One of our favorite ways to save is by making our own foaming soap. Enjoy!

  • Is that YOUR picture? The strawberries look amazing!!

    • Crystal says:

      Yes, I took it this morning. 🙂

      My brother made them for the shower — that was just one plate of three that he made (he’s fantastic in the kitchen and I’m spoiled to have his help with this!).

  • Thank you for the link up! I had a good bargain week. And, we paid cash for our little one’s new bedroom set. Very exciting 🙂

  • Kassandra Wood says:

    I am so sorry to hear your little ones were ill. A summer cold visited out home this week. We weren’t nearly as busy as you, but we were moving things from our old home into storage in 100-105 degree heat indexes. That wasn’t so fun. So glad to see you accomplished your goals amidst the busy schedule and the illnesses of your children. Way to Go! Have fun with the bridal shower tonight. Those strawberries are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Claudia Matei says:

    I was gonna ask how do you get the white stripes on the chocolate strawberries but then I saw that you brother made them. Anyone else know?

  • Thanks for the chance! I hit a few garage sales this morning for the first time in a looooong time and wondered, “Why don’t I do this more often?!?!”

  • Those strawberries look amazing! Anytime you want to send your brother to Ohio is fine 🙂

  • Debbie says:

    I realize this may be a little off topic but I’ve been feeling a tad sorry for myself lately because I can’t afford new clothes and was wondering if you get tired of the same 6 or 7 mix and match outfits, or have you splurged and broadened your wardrobe lately?? You seem to be so content to make do and I admire that in you.

    • Jessica says:

      Do you have freecycle in your area? If so, post a request for clothing in your size. Your area might also have a ‘dress for success’ program if you are in a job training or returning to work after receiving aid or a layoff. Thrift stores and garage sales are where I shop for my own clothing. I do not pay more than $4 per item for myself and I am able to find very nice, name brands such as Ann Taylor. I just try to be patient, go on sale days and stop in frequently.

    • Crystal says:

      I usually buy a few new things each season and get rid of a few old and worn out things. That keeps it from getting too dull.

      I guess because I went for so long without really buying anything new, I just rarely take the time to buy clothes and just try to make do with what I have. Of course, it means that I dress really simply and probably people get tired of always seeing the same thing on me again and again, but oh well! 🙂

      Can you see if any of your friends want to have a swap party? Or maybe check out some garage sales? Have you gone through your closet recently and pulled everything out and laid it out? Sometimes you can come up with a few new outfit inspirations when you do that!

      • Debbie says:

        Gee thanks guys. I have shopped thrift stores and had some success there. Its hit and miss as you know. But these are some great ideas about setting all my clothes out and also the freecycle and the swap. I’ve recently thought about this for my kids since they go to a private school (and have a dress code) and also swapping school books since these can be so expensive. I just never thought about doing it for MY clothes! Glad I asked. Btw I love that you don’t really care if people get tired of seeing you in the same clothes over and over. I kinda feel the same (most of the time). = )

        • Andrea Q says:

          Target has has some great deals lately with their clothing coupons. This week, I got a pair of shoes for $5, a colorful scarf for $3.74 and a free t-shirt. The shirt was on clearance for $2.50 and I used the $3.00 coupon I printed a couple of weeks ago. I feel like I have a new outfit for only $9…even though I’ll be wearing the same worn out jeans 🙂

          • Brandi says:

            I garage sale for new clothing for me. If I do go to a store, I don’t spend more than $15 on a pair of jeans (I like it to be under 10 if possible), I only look at sale racks (because even a $9.99 tank top is too much to spend on a single item!). I also shop the dollar store when they have BOGO sales, I got two sleeveless shirts for $5 the other day!

  • Jessica says:

    We have had a terrible, horrible, very bad week. My son got sick last week and then shared it with me. I developed bronchitis, pharyngitis and it made my exercise induced asthma flare up so I had to get an inhaler for the first time in 10 years.

    My husband has been stressed by a temporary change in his job, causing us to be short tempered with each other… not good.

    My Dad had a major surgery. An uncle died Tuesday, unexpectedly, of a heart attack.

    Then on Tuesday overnight/ Wednesday morning, my house was BURGLARIZED while we were all sleeping. My husband accidentally left the garage door open and apparently the thief or thieves thought it was an invitation for them to come on in. We live in a quiet neighborhood, on a 1-block-long street which you don’t drive down unless you live on it. I am always on my husband’s case though about the garage door and the front door, as this was not the first time he left one or both unsecured overnight. His attitude is always ‘that doesn’t happen around here’. I know I shouldn’t nag him…

    so, he got up Wednesday to put our daughter’s tricycle in the car to take to preschool, and he saw he’d left the garage open overnight. The tricycles had been moved to the driveway by the thief, so the thief could get to our new lawnmower and steal it. They also stole the extension cord (it is an electric mower). Then the thief went through both of our cars (glove box, console, under the seats, etc) and stole my husband’s two ipods (older models, not very good condition, really only useful to us). The thief also stole all my husband’s tools.

    We are lucky the thief did not steal our car, because my husband had left his car keys sitting right there on the driver seat! Needless to say, my husband felt like an idiot. I did not need to say “I told you so” and I don’t think I will ever need to remind him again to secure the doors at night.

    We filed a police report but we live in a county of 1 million people and I know our possessions will never be recovered.

    Then on his way home from work that same day, my husband got a speeding ticket, cost of $146 plus two points on his license, which will make our auto insurance go up! He last had a speeding ticket in 2003 and it stayed on there for five years, ugh! Even though it was just 13 mph over the limit on the interstate.

    Well anyhow. I posted a wanted ad on Freecycle and a kind woman cleaning out a relative’s home responded that she had many duplicate hand tools, so we went over and my husband was able to get a toolbox and selected some tools to replace some of the ones that were stolen.

    And today, the church where my daughter goes to preschool held their annual summer picnic, where they give away clothes, toys, books, household items, school supplies, have a picnic lunch, crafts / activities for the kids, the bookmobile, and health information. So I took the children and we chose some clothing, two books, two toys, some sandals, stickers, and ate hotdogs and chips, then she played with two other children for a bit. So that was a nice distraction. We had donated several bags of clothes outgrown by my son, so it was a nice reciprocal event.

  • …and I was doing SO well with the new “no chocolate” rule at my house. Heading out for some strawberries and chocolate. They look amazing!

  • The strawberries look amazing!

  • Those strawberries look delicious!! I may have to pick some up this week at the store.

  • I hope you have a wonderful bridal shower! What a wonderful occasion to celebrate!

  • Coralie says:

    I was at Rite Aid a couple of days ago and they had ALL of their Lawn and Garden Care marked at 75% off!!! I was so excited. That means I was able to get my Ortho Home Defense Gallon Size ( I LOVE THIS STUFF!) for only $2.50! They also had Round up for only about $4-$5 for a Gallon (amazing price!). Something else they had that got me excited was the Bayer Advanced Flower Spray. Earlier this month I posted about a rebate for Bayer Advanced and I am going to try sending it in and seeing what they will “rebate me” I only paid $1.25 a bottle, normally $5 each. The rebate is good for $6 off 2, so we will see. But as you can see, you just can’t go wrong with these prices no matter what! They also had planters and the trays marked at 75% off (about $1-$4 on sale).

  • Theresa says:

    Are the strawberries still 88 cents at Aldi’s or was that earlier in the week?

  • Danielle B says:

    I haven’t let myself go shopping for groceries in over a week now- which is a pretty big deal since I used to run out several times a week to work deals. We’re eating out of the pantry and refrigerator for the second week now. I’ve never done anything like this before, so it’s been challenging to say the least. I sent my husband a text one night with five items and the prices to find on them, with a total goal of $14. He got everything and spent $13.39. 🙂
    I’m personally finding that my biggest savings right now are coming from just staying out of the stores all together, and making do with what we have as much as possible.

  • Becca says:

    Crystal- Those strawberries look amazing! After hearing about all the great sales stores like Aldi, it makes me jealous that we don’t have any here in New England.

  • Carrie says:

    I got my free Pantene yesterday and the free Herbal Essences today! Thanks for letting me know about both of those deals.

    • Andrea Q says:

      Same here! I’m holding on to the coupons for a couple of weeks to see if the large bottles go on sale.

  • Jenni says:

    I got those same freebies in the mail this week plus my Suave body wash one came sometime in the past couple weeks while I was on vacation. Love the freebies! Thanks for keeping us informed about them, Crystal!!

  • Thanks for your posts! Love all the savings I learned about!

  • Jennifer G. says:

    Just got my free Pantene coupon in the mail on Saturday too, it was a wonderful surprise because I had forgotten all about it! Went grocery shopping today and picked up my free Pantene conditioner. I can use any old shampoo on my hair as long as I have a good conditioner to follow up with!

  • steph says:

    thanks for the opportunity. I am glad I found your blog and hope to read a lot more of it!!! and those strawberries look delish!
    love your blog!

  • Christine says:

    My local Aldi ads don’t usually show the fruit deals, and Walmart won’t honor the price match guarantee without a printed ad. I also like the quality of fruit at Walmart compared to at Aldi. Where do you find the printed Aldi ads containing their fruit deals?

  • chona el says:

    hi all! im sharing freebies at walmart & target that i got this week. also clearance shopping at macys, old navy, target, jcpenny & walmart.

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