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7 Tips to Save You Up to $100 Per Year on Razors

7 Tips to Save You Up to $100 Per Year on Razors. This is a great post that compiles all of the BEST ideas and suggestions for anyone who is looking for new ways to save money on razors!


Earlier this week, I posted a funny post about how I have been using a disposable razor head without a handle to shave this week because I left my razor in Dallas and am too cheap to go buy a new razor when I can make do for now with a razor head.

So many of you commented on that post on social media and on my blog and gave hilarious suggestions, funny money-saving confessions, and tips and tricks for saving money on razors.

I took some time to compile all of these ideas and investigate the suggestions into a post for anyone who is looking for new ways to save money on razors:

1. Don’t Shave 🙂

This is sort of a given, but it’s definitely one of the best ways to save money on razors… just skip shaving altogether. Of course, if you’re weird like me and you shave every single day and like your man clean-shaven, this really isn’t an option! 😉

2. Dry Your Razors Off

Rachel shared this tip: “I heard many years ago that the thing that makes your blade dull is not the shaving but the moisture which breaks down the blade. Ever since then, I dry my razor off and store it under the sink (rather than in the shower). True diehards swish the blade in rubbing alcohol but I don’t go that far. I only shave a couple of times a week but a single blade can last well over a year that way.”

I actually didn’t know this one, but it makes a lot of sense and I’m definitely going to try to remember to do this from now on!

How to Save Money on Razors

3. Use a Safety Razor

Jesse switched to a safety razor two or so years ago and he absolutely loves it. It’s much cheaper once you make the initial investment of the Safety Razor (you can find them for as low as $20 on Amazon).

Kim had shared this reader tip back in 2013:

I recently bought my husband a safety razor. It’s becoming a new “fad” amongst men. He was using a Schick Hydro and when I was not able to get a deal on the cartridges we were spending $12-15 for four cartridges! And on top of that, I was using them also.

Add on shaving cream and we were easily spending $30/month just to shave. After a lot of research, I bought him a safety razor. The blades are just pennies each.

He has gotten into wet shaving…took to it like a pro. He gets as many shaves from a 10 cent blade as he got from a $3 cartridge.

On top of that, his can of shaving cream would only last him a month. He has been using a $2 puck of shave soap from Walmart for two months and it looks new and untouched. I’m expecting it will last him a year and he shaves everyday.

By the way, he LOVES shaving now. He said he’s never had as close of a shave in his life, all of the irritation once caused by shaving is gone.

I bought myself a women’s safety razor and I love it too! It’s the closest shave I’ve ever had and I get 7-8 shaves out of one 10 cent blade also. -Kristin

To be perfectly honest, the blade is way too sharp for me (or at least it just looks scary sharp!) so I stay far away from it. Yes, I’m kind of chicken like that when it comes to sharp blades!

4. Pair Coupons With Drugstore Deals

For the first few years of our marriage, I always had a surplus of razors I had gotten free by pairing coupons with the drugstore rebate programs. We got so spoiled with nice, high-quality razors this way that when the drugstore deals became a lot less abundant, I realized that we had fallen in love with great disposable razors and the thought of going back to cheap ones wasn’t really appealing.

The deals at drugstores aren’t as prevalent now, but you can still occasionally find a good deal on razors by pairing a coupon with a sale and/or drugstore rebate.

5. Buy From Amazon Using Swagbucks Gift Cards

Just as the deals on razors started waning, I discovered Swagbucks and, ever since then, have used the free gift cards I’ve earned there to cover the costs of razors. I usually just get whatever is least expensive but still good quality and will look to see if there’s an e-coupon I can pair with it to lower the price even more.

How to Save Money on Razors

6. Buy From

Okay, I have to tell you that I’ve never even heard of before. Have you?? I’ve been investigating the site and have been really impressed with what they offer and their very reasonable prices! Definitely check them out.

Jeanne said: “I buy my razors and blades at They razors are less than $3 and the blades are a buck each shipped free!”

April said: “I swear by Dorco disposable razors and coconut oil. I’ve tried most of what Dorco sells and the disposable ones are the same blade but attached to the handle, so they don’t break off when I drop them (daily), and they are the only ones I recommend. They are about $1.50 each.”

How to Save Money on Razors

And then another reader gave these tips on Instagram: “Look into, and Google for coupons! I got more than 3 years’ supply of razor heads (I replace about 1x a month — if I remember) for less than $20. I use the Shai 6 heads and it’s better than the Venus original blades. Be sure to calculate the price per blade when buying… Buying two sets of the middle option replacement heads was the cheapest when I last ordered. Oh, and if you create an account and leave items in your basket a few days, you’ll get emailed coupons, first a 10%, then a 15% for proceeding to check out what’s in your basket. 🙂

How to Save Money on Razors

7. Sign Up for Dollar Shave Club

Can I be really honest? I’ve been super skeptical of the Dollar Shave Club. I don’t know why, but I just have. So I was super surprised that reader after reader after reader highly recommended it to me after reading my post.

Summer said: “Have you considered Dollar Shave Club? I was so skeptical at first, but my husband and I both LOVE it. (We get the middle of the road razors and the cartridges are $6 a month for 4.) They will auto mail them out but one really good thing is that you can change it either from monthly to bi-monthly at any time AND they will email you a few days before they plan to mail it out and you can decide to change it to bi-monthly even at that time – or change razors. (Speaking from experience!) I even got my mom hooked on the program, too.”

Another reader commented and said, “I don’t know how you haven’t discovered the wonder and joy of Dollar Shave Club. I am an every day shaver. I can’t even handle it. These razors are fantastic (even the dollar blades) and you literally can’t beat the price.”

And Lindsay agreed: “We love Dollar Shave club!! My husband and I use the same razor blades and each have our own handle and pack of blades. We share the refills and only order once every other month, so $36 a year for both of us. Frugal and I love how I never ‘run out’ of refills.”

That’s only a handful of the many comments singing the praises of Dollar Shave Club! I do have to say that Kris shared this link that says most of the razors from Dollar Shave Club are from Dorco and encourages people to order directly from Dorco — which I think is a great suggestion! However, I think one of the selling points of Dollar Shave Club is that you never mess with worrying about ordering razors; they just show up at your door at a price less than you’d usually pay at the store.

In the name of wanting to investigate this out to see if it was really a good deal and also wanting to follow my own mantra of “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it”, I signed up for Dollar Shave Club (I got the $6/month subscription) and ending up really liking it! You can check out my completely honest review of Dollar Shave Club for more info.

What are YOUR best tips to save money on razors? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Carisa says:

    My razor lasts longer now that I use the Norwex Body Pack cloth rather than shaving cream. Just rub back and forth on your legs and shave with just water. My husband has been using the Norwex body cloth for 20 months when he shaves. This has saved money on shaving cream and has been a blessing to those in our family who have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

  • Amy says:

    Great post! And oh man, I miss the days of the amazing drugstore deals!! Back when the manager and ass’t managers at Rite Aid all knew me by name. 😉
    I tried DSC for a while and didn’t love it for my own really sensitive skin, but my husband does the $3/mo deal and loves it! So I’d say it’s worth a shot, especially if your skin isn’t particularly sensitive.

    I just recently ordered my first Dorco razor when another blogger posted a deal. Haven’t tried it yet but I have high hopes. 🙂 If not I really need to stick with Venus original or (the best) Schick HydroSilk and just keep watching for deals. It can definitely get expensive!

    I have the Norwex body cloths but had never heard of using them instead of shaving cream! I’ll have to try that!

  • Jen says:

    I use an electric razor. After I used it for a few weeks, my hair doesn’t come in as dark or as thick. I got a Panasonic one for $20 on Amazon and I was surprised that it works great!

    • Amy says:

      Same here! Mine broke recently after a year or so and I just bought a new one. I’d say that’s a pretty good deal!

  • Amy says:

    I have been using the Dollar Shave Club for several months now. I started out with the $6/month razor but I didn’t feel like I was getting a very close shave so I switched to the most expensive razor and I love it! I get a delivery every other month. It saves me money and it is so convenient. I would definitely recommend Dollar Shave Club.

  • Diane says:

    My daughter belongs to the Dollar Shave Club, and she loves it. My son gets his razors from Dorco, and he says they’re just as good as the very expensive razors he used in the past. Me…I’m still using up the huge stock of razors I got back when coupon deals were still great!!

  • lyss says:

    Another way we save money on shaving is skipping the shaving cream. I got to where I’d just lather up with soap, and now I just shave with water. Why buy expensive, chemical laden foam when it’s not needed? (to me, anyway.)

    Ordered a bunch of razors from Dorco for my husband and I and we like them. I also happened to see Dorco razors at the store FiveBelow recently, so I might just get them there next time. That’s a good option if you just want to spend a couple bucks to give them a try.

    I try to always dry my razor off after using, although I do store it in the shower. I’d say I go through 2-3 razors a year, so for me, getting razors monthly sounds excessive! lol. I’ve heard they’ll really last if you dry them really good with a hair dryer, but I’m not that desperate to make them last!

  • Amy says:

    I buy a pack of Daisy disposable razors for around $4-5. They last several months, easily half a year. Ten come in a pack. I also do not use shaving cream. I never have, perhaps it’s because I don’t remember my mom having or using it, so i didn’t know any other way. ?

  • Traci says:

    Oh girl…. You may think your blade lasts a year, but they are not designed for that. They shave your skin cells off and all of those microscopic cells and skin and other stuff stay on there and can give you infections. Please save money elsewhere and spend a quarter on a new razor. Not worth the risk!!!

  • Stephanie Stewart says:

    My husband researched Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s (same basic concept with both companies) and he chose Harry’s. He has been VERY happy with Harry’s so I’d recommend checking them out, too. I am not sure why he chose one over the other but he said he’ll never go back to disposables.

  • Elise says:

    My husband also adores his safety razor and you are right – after the initial investment of the razor, the blades are shockingly inexpensive. I am tempted to try one but, like you, am terrified of how sharp the blades are. 🙂 I love the tip on keep the razor blades dry – I’d never heard that and am definitely going to try it!

  • Samantha says:

    I LOVE Dollar Shave Club! I never run out of razors and they are seriously the best razors I have ever used. Me and my husband both use them. I’ve also ordered from Dorco many times, but I feel like the Dollar Shave Club is a better quality razor overall–the handle and the blade. I order the premium DSC razors, so maybe the Dorco razors are more comparable to the middle/lower prices DSH razors.

  • Diana says:

    I’ve been really happy with Dollar Shave Club too. I get the cheapest one, and while it’s not “the best razor ever” it’s much, MUCH better than the cheapest store counterparts (you know the ones with the yellow lids?! 😉 ). I’m not picky about my razors and don’t mind the finicky things about this one. For the price and convenience, I’m sticking with it! If you get a chance to try their Shave Butter as a sample, DO IT! I’m not going to buy a whole tube right now, but the sample was a luxurious experience 🙂

  • Emily says:

    I’m a redhead so my hair is very light. I only shave in the summer, and only the bottom half of my legs and my underarms. Guess I’m very lucky!

  • Adrianna Didur says:

    My husband LOVES his safety razor and they are also better for the environment than disposables are. He really gets into trying new lathering soaps and aftershaves. He is usually NOT into that kind of stuff but he’s always asking me now “do you like the smell of this one? It’s fern citrus and this one is tobacco with hints of rose etc.” It’s so funny.

  • Laurie says:

    I love the Dorco razors for women. I buy the top of the line Shai triple blade. They are better than the top line Venus. I use probably 5 blades a year. Would never go back to drugstore ever again.

  • Janice says:

    I learned a while back that conditioner is great shaving cream!! Even the cheap brand. It softens your hair so you get a close shave, and one of those bottles lasts quite a while!

  • Valentine says:

    I pat my razor dry on the towel after I rinse it off and tap it to remove any hair that might be trapped. Razors last for MONTHS or, in many cases, over a year! As your reader suggested, you could also dip it in rubbing alcohol to clean it since the alcohol evaporates and leaves it dry. I literally spent $0 on blades the last 2 year since I bought a couple of triple packs 2 years ago. Just try it!

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