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Reader Tip: A Fun Way to See Our Coupon Savings

Jennifer emailed in the following tip:

I had been wondering how much I actually saved using coupons — and if it was really worth all my time and energy, since sometimes I only saved a couple dollars at one particular store.

So recently, we started to actually track how much we saved in coupons at every store, and then we put that same amount into our savings account.

Now, each month (and each year) we can SEE exactly how much we saved with coupons… and see that my efforts really are worth it. This is a really simple concept and it makes saving a little more fun!

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  • Cute idea! I’m a visual person, so that kind of thing helps me. I often do a chart and track progress to see how those little steps add up to help us reach our goal.

  • Gina says:

    I have a little notebook to track my coupon savings. I even have it divided into sections, such as “Store Coupons”, “Mfg Coupons”, “Restaurant Coupons”, “Rebates”, etc… and get more specific with local deals. I have a section for every time I save money!! I even have sections for money made, such as from garage sales, consignment stores, etc… And then when I use a coupon, I mark it down in that section and at the end of the year, I total up my savings. This will be my 7th year of keeping track of my savings. My goal is to save more each year. The first year I saved $691.00. Last year I saved $3088.00!!!! So, when people say that clipping coupons doesn’t pay……………. :o)

  • cheryl says:

    Many years ago, I kept the coupon savings total noted on every receipt in an envelope. At the end of the year, I added it all up and it was over $1000 ($500 in actual coupons and $500 additional as my store had permanent double coupons). Big savings on products you were going to buy anyway. I love this idea of actually “paying” yourself the savings.

  • Susan says:

    That’s a great idea, but I need to use those savings elsewhere (I use coupons to keep myself within my grocery budget, in other words). Any other ideas?

  • Brittany says:

    Keep in mind the amount taken off by coupons is NOT the same amount you saved if you wouldn’t have bought that item anyways. I like to look at how my grocery budget amount has gone down.

  • Michelle Gonnering says:

    I have been keeping track of our coupon savings for a few years now. We just roll the savings into our budget to purchase organic food and quality items. This year we are at $1,040.00! I love telling my husband how much we save with coupons, he’s always impressed 🙂 Recently we needed some parts for his car and a coupon came in the mail like the same day. We saved $50.00 on the parts, such a blessing! It’s fun to see the final total at the end of and think of how much we saved with coupons.

  • Caroline says:

    I use a savings tracker that I got off another blog. It takes some time and I have to be on top of entering receipts but it’s fun to see how much we save. It shows coupon savings as well as store savings, in dollar amounts as well as percentage.

  • Teri says:

    I came across this spreadsheet that lets you plug in your stores, input your method of savings and calculates your savings by store and by savings method (manufacturer coupon, store deal, etc.) I added in a column to see the percentages, and can track at any given time how well I’m doing with my savings compared to another month.

  • Heather says:

    I keep a similar spreadsheet that others were stating that shows savings too. I actually just saw the other day in line at our local store ahead of me a lady who had a stack of coupons, but she actually wrote out the check the the amount total BEFORE they put in the coupons to pay for her groceries. The clerk then scanned the coupons and she paid that that previously written check and was the given the difference back in CASH! I asked her if she always did this as she gave me a wink when they handed her back cash and she said that she does as often as she can and saves the cash in a jar for her and her husbands yearly trip away…last year they did a weeklong cruise all paid for by couponing! WOW!

    • Kris says:

      I remember my mom doing this when I was younger but wasn’t aware that stores would do it that way anymore. Any idea what stores will work with us like this?

  • Jennifer says:

    We tracked our coupon savings one year and I was shocked to find we had save thousands using coupons that year. It cemented in my head what a great way it is to save money.

  • Jenn says:

    I did this the first year I started using coupons. I tracked everything! That first year I saved over $10,000 and have tried to keep it about the same every year since 🙂 great way to keep you motivated.

  • Mella says:

    I did this once by making a list of the coupons I used. I was amazed with the amount we saved each week!

  • Bargain Becky says:

    I think this would work really well for items I would buy either way. However, it wouldn’t give me “real” savings for any item(s) I was willing to try only becuase they were free or dirt cheap with coupons since I likely wouldn’t have paid the pre-coupon price.

  • I really really like this. We have saved so much with coupons and other things but never can put a finger on just how much.

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