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Q&A: How do you stay motivated to get housework done?

How To Stay Motivated to Get & Keep Your House Clean - with free printables!

You are always so motivating that I am hoping you can help me. It seems like I try and try to get my “chore list” done each day and it just doesn’t happen. I used to be motivated by my checklist method and I spread the tasks over several days, but that’s just not working anymore. Thoughts? -a reader

1. If It’s Not Working, Change It

At the end of last year, I switched over to a paperless planning system. I really, really wanted to make a paperless system work, as it works so well for my husband and it seems like it’s the “smart” thing to do when you’re running a business. But, after five months of really trying to make it work, it just wasn’t working.

My motto is “Do what works for you”, and while it seems like a paperless planning system works well for many people, it was pretty obvious it wasn’t working for me. So, earlier this month, I gave up on the paperless planning system (at least for now!), pulled out my homemaking binder, downloaded the Motivated Moms Printable Chore List, and started in afresh.

I’ve been amazed at how this changed has re-ignited my love of cleaning! Sometimes, a fresh change of scenery is just the boost you need to get inspired to clean again.

If your current cleaning system isn’t working, try implementing another cleaning system. If you don’t want to start from scratch, at least rotate things around a bit so that it feels new and different.

4 Different Cleaning Systems

1. A Cleaning Schedule for People Who Hate to Clean — A weekly task list you can pick and choose from depending upon your time and motivation each day. If you don’t enjoy cleaning, you’d probably be encouraged by reading Sarah Mae’s ebook, 31 Days to Clean.

2. 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home — 20 days of simple cleaning tasks to whip your house into shape. You can download a printable list or sign up for daily email reminders.

3. Motivated Moms — A year-long printable list of chores and home management tasks. I just started this two weeks ago and am loving it so far! They also recently released an app, if you’re more of the paperless type than me. 🙂

4. FlyLady — Daily email reminders and tasks to help you get rid of clutter and find more order and peace in your home.

I also have a number of free customizable home management forms you can download.

2. Get An Accountability Partner

It’s amazing how effective regular accountability can be! Find a friend or neighbor who is struggling to stay on task with keeping their home in order and ask them to be your accountability partner. Check in daily or weekly via text, email, over the phone, or in person.

Don’t know anyone locally who will be your accountability partner? There are many different online groups you could join to help you stay on task. Or, you could blog, Facebook, or tweet on a daily basis about your successes and failures.

3. Reward Yourself

Set up a reward system to celebrate your success. I’m always much more motivated when there is something to look forward to at the finish line!

My reward for accomplishing my tasks is often relaxing with a good book for 30 minutes at the end of the day. For some of you, that might not sound too exciting, but it’s something I love to do. And I can enjoy it even more when I know that my tasks are caught up!

Need some more motivation to get your house clean? Check out Having a Martha Home the Mary Way: 31 Days to a Clean House and a Satisfied Soul. Whether you feel like you feel like your house is in pretty good shape and you just need a little extra encouragement to keep it clean or whether you are buried under mountains of clutter and dirty laundry and feel helplessly overwhelmed, this ebook will bless and challenge you.

Unlike some home management books, you won’t read it and feel discouraged. Sarah Mae makes it easy, doable, fun and simple to get your house and life in order. Having a Martha Home the Mary Way: 31 Days to a Clean House and a Satisfied Soul is inspiring, motivating, and grace-filled.


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  • Thanks for this post! I needed this. I was just telling my husband how I feel like I am a hamster on a wheel, always running and doing things here at home, but accomplishing little – and cleaning is one of them! Maybe a change of routine in my cleaning schedule will help. 🙂

  • Diana says:

    Ditto to “if it’s not working, change it.” Especially if you have an infant who grows and changes so fast. I used to do the dishes during his first morning nap, but then that started waking him up. Now I do them while he’s awake in the afternoon, and it’s working much better. Also, I had to change which days I do which chores due to my changing energy levels. I’m sure in about 3 weeks, I’ll have to change it all again! 🙂

    • Crystal says:

      When you have an infant, life truly does change all the time — and just when you think you’re getting into your groove, it seems like they change things up all over again!

      • Diana says:

        And this is my first, so it feels like it will be this way forever! 🙂 I’m trusting that as he gets older, he’ll stay in each stage long enough for me to enjoy my new routines (especially since it takes me awhile to figure them out in the first place 🙂 ).

        • Rachel says:

          That is how it works, generally speaking. The first year is the roughest, schedule-wise, but seems to even out somewhat after the first six months. Except for teething. Teething messes up every schedule, and is rather unpredictable, and miserable for everyone involved . . . 🙁

  • Chocolate definitely motivates me, oh and caramel. 🙂

    But I will also try to motivate myself by doing cleaning first and saving a more fun project for later. For me this is often sewing or cooking something special, or just getting to relax reading books or blogs for a little while.

  • Beth says:

    Motivated Moms works for me! I work away from home, and try to balance that with my wife and mother roles, and I was nervous that it would be overwhelming, but the bit by bit approach really works. I’ve been using it for about three years and things have never gone smoother!

    • Crystal says:

      So good to hear a testimony from a work-outside-the-home mom that MM is working for them. A number of readers have asked recently if it only works for stay-at-home moms.

      • Beth says:

        I definitely would say it works (for me). I don’t always do everything listed, but I usually get most of it done. And, it feels good that if I don’t do a chore, I know that in about 2 weeks time, most of the core chores will be repeated. That way, I keep ahead of things, or catch up if needed, rather than feeling overwhelmed about getting everything done.

    • MotherLydia says:

      Thanks! I Work out of the home myself and gave this one a pass because it looked too overwhelming!

  • Kristen says:

    I am looking for a system to use. I did check out the Motivated Moms downloadable lists and app. But I am hesitant to spend 7.99 on an app that I don’t know if it will work for me. I looked for somewhere to provide feedback on their website and couldn’t find it, so thought I would post here. A 2-week or month long trial for the app would be great. That way, people could see if it worked for them or not. Just a thought.

    • Beth says:

      I think when I first bought it, it was in July or maybe even later and I got it for $3.00, since the year was more than half over. I don’t know if they run deals like that anymore, but if you wanted to wait you may get a “trial” for a smaller price.

    • Brandy says:

      I don’t have the app, but I download the checklist. Like you, I was nervous about spending money on a cleaning checklist, but I was so overwhelmed that I figured it was worth a shot. I love it! They really balance different things on different days (ex. It will have you clean the bathroom walls one week, then a different room the next). It seems to have a good balance on the time activities will take so that each day isn’t too overwhelming. I am feeling like I have a cleaner house but more free time (aka- kid time:) ) because I am doing things in a smarter way. Hope this helps!

      Also, I do think there is somewhere on their sight that you can view a page of their checklist. Again, I don’t know how this compares to the app, but it might give you an idea. 🙂

  • Sam j. says:

    With a 3coupon 1/2 year old and 13 month with me, sahm here, my schedule can change from week to week. I dont always do the same chores on the same day of the week. But i do see what the weather is doing and how tje kids are behaving and plan two sets of chores for each day. If its nice out then outside chores. If yucky theninside side chores. And i have tot to help. How else will she learn. But staying flexable with chores helps alot.

  • I am with you girl! I like my paper. 🙂 Glad you found your motivation.

  • sarah says:

    Ha, I’m dinking around online right now due to my lack of motivation. Thanks for the smack in the rear!

  • ClareC. says:

    You should have included your 2 hour clean plan from last December! I love that plan and that’s my jumping off point each week. I really found that doing everything all at once worked better for me than spreading cleaning out over the week. And I totally agree with you on the paper. I took a scheduling class a few years back at church and now I spend less than a dollar each fall to buy 6 notebooks and follow the plan. It may not be the most modern choice but it works for me.

  • Lorie says:

    I downloaded Motivated Moms from your post and started last week. I love it! I don’t stress if I don’t get everything done, but it does keep me motivated b/c it something new everyday. Also, I loved how they thought of clipping children’s nails. I hate to admit, but that’s something I forget. I mean I just don’t think about until I look at my daughters nails and think “oh, it’s time to trim them again.”

  • Lorie says:

    And what I mean by I don’t stress: I do first things first and the rest as I have time. If I miss a thing or two or three I can try to fit it in the next day or don’t worry about it all together because my home is in decent shape.

  • Janice says:

    I would never be able to be “paperless”. I am too visual, and I don’t want the “burden” of only being able to function on-line. Everyone has a different idea of what simple looks like to them. Physically writing down the list helps cement the task in my mind also, so just having a list works much better for me!

  • I have a hybrid system — some parts of the and some parts of 52 weeks to an Organized Home ( I have a weekly cleaning plan and for deep cleaning I have a two month rotation. And I also found I am more of a ‘thematic’ person– instead of cleaning by room, I clean similar items. One day is it all the floors, one day dusting all rooms, all mirrors, etc. I tend to get in a rut when I clean by room. But I really like cleaning by themes and my family really likes it too.

  • Liesa says: is another great source for setting up routines to whip your house into shape. It helped me tremendously!

  • I have a written list of what I want to get done. I usually do laundry on Monday and Thursday. All the major house cleaning on Fridays our easiest day for homeschool. Most of my other cleaning is done as needed or when I have extra time. But I do want to get on a better about scheduling other cleaning tasks so they all get done regularly.

  • Melissa says:

    Flylady was a TREMENDOUS help to me several years back. She really helped bring some order to keeping the house.

    With 4 children now, I am looking at the Motivated Moms chart. That might be just the thing for our summer. The kids (those that are old enough) can help me complete the chart (plus any other to -dos), and when we get it done we can go do something fun!

  • Roxanne says:

    I’m an other 21st century paper planner.

    My husband uses paper too.

    It works wonderfully for me. The only downside is I leave my huge calendar at home. Sometimes I’ll be out and about and get a call to change some appointment and I since I have my planner at home I can’t commit to a date or time just then. But that is not an everyday occurrence, and I love writing down my stuff!

  • Laura says:

    The book “Totally Together Journal” by Stephanie O’Dea changed my life. And no, I’m not exaggerating – things just didn’t “click” for me with housework until I read her book and began implementing her super simple plan: a Daily 7 task list, a few weekly tasks, and a few deeper cleaning tasks each week.

    There has not been a week in which I’ve gotten everything checked off, but I get way more done than I did before because I now understand two things: 1) it won’t take as long as I think it will so I might as well just muscle through it and 2) doing a little bit each day really isn’t that hard and you can basically run on autopilot.

  • Jen says:

    I just downloaded the Motivated Moms when you had the coupon code for it a few days (weeks?) ago. I had used it successfully 4 years ago, but then fell off the bandwagon with the birth of my 2nd (and then 3rd) child. I think my problem the first time around was that I’d stress if I didn’t get everything done on the list for the day. Now that I have more children, I’ve had to learn to be more flexible and go with the flow. If I don’t get something done today, oh well, it will be on the list again in a couple weeks and it will be my priority that day.
    I also love to relax with a book at the end of the day. Unfortunately though, by the time I get all the chores done and the kids to bed, I can barely keep my eyes open!!

  • Lyndsay says:

    I generally set-up my cleaning in short spurts. For example. When I get up for work in the morning I try and wake up 5-10 min early and complete a simple task. It could be cleaning off the top of my dressor or putting dishes away. When I watch my favorite tv show, I set goals and use the adds to complete tasks.

  • daisy says:

    I’m generally good about getting my weekly tasks completed with the system I have created. I try to be intentional about my work, keeping in mind that it is part of my value system to appreciate the home I have and the material things that make my life easier. Dusting is my least favorite chore, so every once in a while, I skip a week. And it feels GOOD! ;0)

  • Karen says:

    Maintaining a tidy house helps me the most. Just keeping everything picked up and in place. That way I can focus on small jobs like mopping the kitchen floor. A great motivator to keep cleaning is to have company. We never know when we’ll have friends and neighbors dropping by. Also I see clients a couple of times a week in my home so I know I need to project a professional image which includes a clean house.

  • Thanks for sharing my post / cleaning list, Crystal! I hope it’s helpful (and encouraging!) to folks to whom cleaning doesn’t come all that naturally. The fact that cleaning doesn’t have to be regimented but can be something with flexibility has been such a refreshing epiphany for me!

  • Megan says:

    I hate cleaning. Add that to my 20 month old and expecting our second, there is no telling what we’ll be up for a certain day. So I made a list of all the things that need to be cleaned once a week (or sometimes it’s 2 weeks). I put the list in a picture frame and try to do 2 or 3 things every day and check them off with a dry erase marker! I love it! And it hangs next to the kitchen so I don’t forget about it. I think it could also work for deep cleaning tasks that need to be done every few months but I haven’t gotten there quite yet.

  • Lorna says:

    My friend and I started a grown-up version of the house fairy scheme. We each decide on five things we want to focus on (as general or specific as we like) and send the list to the other one. Once a week, on a random day and time, we send a text asking about one of the five areas, again chosen at random. If that area is done (not perfect, just good enough) you get a pass. Four passes and you have earnt a prize, just a small surprise that the other person chooses and sends. It’s fun to make motivating bookmarks and fridge magnets for each other! Once you have earns a prize you can revise your list and change it if you want to focus on something else.

  • lee says:

    You have to find what works for you and be flexible! I have burned out many times half way through a year because I have not been flexible. I am learning as I go. I have found for me I make a really big list, but I put some really easy stuff on it anyway. Things I do everyday anyway, like make my bed. Then when I look at my list it looks like i have accomplished a lot and I keep going. I also let go of the guilt if something doesn’t get done. Somedays I don’t mark everything off….I just keep going the next day. if it is importnat I do it the next day…if not I forget it. I also reward myself through out the day with a quick game on the internet, a small piece of candy, 5 minutes to sit on my porch and relax.
    Also do the hardest task first, then the others are all ‘downhill’!

  • I feel a little guilty being the first one to mention this, but…..if you can make room in the budget, hire it out. In some seasons of life, cleaning may not be able to be a priority for you, and yet it still needs to get done. My family has used various ideas over the years, but right now, we have a sweet lady come in twice a month to deep clean. Of course, I still need to clean in between too, but it is a lot more manageable. And in our area, it is very affordable too. We homeschool our four children, I am expecting our fifth, and my husband farms, which means I’m alone two seasons every year….it has been so worth it to give up some other things in order to afford some outside help!

    • Jen says:

      I agree! I would LOVE to do this. We’ve been going through 1 1/2 years of various updating and remodelling projects, which has kept our home in disarray. I feel like first, I have to get things organized, decluttered, etc. Once that is done, I’m hoping I’ll feel motivated enough, and it will be much easier to keep on top of things. If not, I totally plan to hire it out! 🙂

    • Sara says:

      I’m with you! That will be one of the first things we do when we have room in the budget. I work FT outside of the home, and a PT job that is hybrid at home/ outside the home. My husband works FT and is in school FT. (Which is actually easier than when he worked FT and commuted 3.5 hours/day). We have a very limited amount of time to “make our lives work,” which I lump in with appointments, meals, picking up after ourselves, time alone, time together, time with families and friends. Cleaning is always dead last on that list, because we can make our lives work in a kind of messy house.

    • Jennifer says:

      I am hoping to be able to hire help after I have my 2nd little one during the holidays this year. I talked to my husband about it a while ago, and he wasn’t opposed, but I know he has also completely forgotten about that conversation. Right now I have a family member insisting that she will help me out (and almost commanding me not to hire outside help) but I also know that her “help” comes with strings attached and insults, insinuations and accusations, so I am trying to avoid using her help if possible.

    • Jessica says:

      I have to agree with that. My husband and I were both working full time. Even before we had 2 kids, the only area we ever argued about was cleaning. Finally, after much resistance, he agreed to try a cleaning lady. Done. Arguments were over. Our marriage was stronger, the house was clean, we were both happier and it is so much cheaper than therapy :o)

    • Jessica H says:

      I agree with this. I can manage our small home now, but my husband would like a much larger home in a few years. I want my priority to be on my family so I told him that if we can afford a larger home then we have to be able to afford someone to come and clean every couple of weeks.

  • WilliamB says:

    Dunno if this would be possible, but one possibility is to take the accountability partner up a notch by having a cleaning partner: you go over to your partner’s house to help him/her clean, he/she comes over to help you. I admit that most people don’t have lives that would allow for this but it can work great.

    Another, more likely option, is to listen to something you like what you do chores. A TV show, a movie, books on tape, whatever. I have noticed that I work faster if I’m listening to fast music than if I’m listening to slow music.

  • Lana says:

    The thing that helpes me the most was realizing just how little time chores really take. I used to think that chores took a huge amount of time but in reality they take very little time if you actually time them. If I think of the small amount of time it takes to clean a bathroom in relation to the whole day it makes me feel ridiculous for making such an issue of it and putting it off.

  • Cherilyn says:

    I have 2 things I do when I just can’t seem to get it together.

    1. I time myself. If I need to get a load of laundry folded for example, I set the microwave timer for 5 minutes and challenge myself to get the load done before the timer goes off. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but at least the job is getting done and I’m having fun doing it (sort of).

    2. The other thing I do when the house it really chaotic and it just seems overwhelming is decide to pick up and put away (not just move to another location) 7 items at a time. Just 7 things and then I stop and move onto something else. It only takes a moment usually and puts a dent in the big job. I do this a number of times a day like when I walk into a room I don’t allow myself to leave until I’ve put away 7 items.

    These are just little tricks I use on myself that seem to help.

    I am always telling me kids “everything has a home – let’s put it away there.”

  • Brendainnj says:

    I didn’t take time to read all of the above posts so if this has already been mentioned, I apologize. What has worked for me for any task, not just cleaning, is to set a timer for 30 minutes and work for that time. When the timer stops…you stop–finished or not. The idea is that you can do anything for 30 minutes! It may not seem like much but it always amazes me what I can get accomplished inside that 30 minutes window! If it is something that takes longer, I’ll just come back after a break (15 min. or next day) & set the timer for another 30.

    • Rachael says:

      My mom used to involve us in these thirty minute cleaning sprees and called it Blitz. We thought it was a game and loved it.

    • Jessica H says:

      I do this when I am so tired that I don’t feel like I can do anything. I tell myself that I have to clean for a certain amount of time. Once I get going I usually find that I am able to clean and organize for even longer than I had originally thought I would have the strength to do.

  • I turn up the music, give the kids each a baby wipe to wipe down toys, cupboards, and floors and we all dance and clean. It keeps the kids busy while I do chores. 🙂

  • Becky R says:

    I downloaded the Motivated Moms Planner a couple of weeks ago, and I love it. Most of the chores each day are able to be done pretty quickly. It’s easy to assign a task to the children. Some of them are very simple for young ones, and others the older kids can do. This system is working for us. I just put the weekly list on the refrigerator and everyone can see it and check off what has been done each day.

  • Heather says:

    Check list do not work for me paper or non-paper. So, I use a method from the “slob sister”, their book Side Tracked Home Executive It is the method Flylady based her method on.

    I love being in the box. It is the most flexible system I have found. The book is older but you can get all the information from Cynthia Ewer at Organized Home It takes a little work to set up, but it is so easy once it is.

  • Jen says:

    Maybe if I had pretty cleaner bottles like in your picture, I would be more motivated to clean! I may have to try that! The Motivated Moms app looks really good, I just need to see if I can get it any cheaper. I don’t like to pay any more than I have to with the year almost half over, and my budget being tight at the moment.

  • Jamie says:

    I have a weekly schedule (M-Grocery Shopping, T-Bathrooms, W-Dust, Thu-Vacuum, Fri-Organize, S-Menu Plan, Church Prep, Sun-off) and try to do laundry and straighten often, and keep kitchen tidy.

    BUT, my new favorite trick (and I have 2 under 2 1/2) is to go to bed at a good time, so I don’t feel lazy during the kids’ nap time. During nap time, the trick is to start off by sitting down and writing an e-mail to my husband about my 10 goals for naptime. I sometimes put something fun on the list in the middle, for some motivation. It’s really been helping. He often writes back an encouraging e-mail to cheer me on, but even if he was busy and didn’t read my goals, it’s the accountability of “saying it out loud.”

    • Crystal says:

      I love this! You could also do it with a friend — both emailing your naptime goals to each other.

      • Jamie says:

        Yes! Sometimes I call my best friend and just say, “Hey! Just wanted to tell you that I’m about to clean my nasty house. Text me before you go to sleep tonight to ask me if I followed through!!”

    • Jennifer says:

      This is a great idea. Though I think my husband would think I was crazy if I started sending him my to do list every day. And he might actually hold me accountable for it, too. Not sure I’m ready for that 🙂

  • Mandy M says:

    Thanks for posting! I’ve been trying to find a cleaning schedule that fits well with work, kids and life in general. It is something that has to be done (housework) but I always find a hard time finding the time to fit it all in. I keep thinking that breaking it down a little day by day will help me not be so overwhelmed. I look forward to reading some of the links for more ideas.

  • Jeannine says:

    I have found after almost 16 years of homemaking that the old-fashioned Saturday cleaning day works best for me. Mothers and grandmothers did that for a good reason.

  • Andrea says:

    I think the most important thing is setting your own attainable standards, instead of trying to meet someone else’s standard of clean. If you wear socks indoors and keep food out of the living room, do you really need to vacuum it thrice weekly? Do you need to clean barely used toilets everyday? Sometimes, once a wek is plenty!

  • Lynn says:

    This may seem like an odd question and I don’t think I saw it answered anywhere else…but, when you buy the Motivated Moms Chore List, does it just go through the end of 2012 or will you get a full year (so if I buy it today does it go from now through May 2013)? I prefer paper planning, I too haven’t been able to get with the paperless program. I just wanted to know what to expect if I purchase from Motivated. Thanks!

  • Carrie says:

    The best thing that works for me is to invite people over. The embarassment of a messy house is enough motivation for me to get the house cleaned.

    • Jennifer says:

      yes!! I need to plan to have people over every weekend. And not family because they tend to excuse the mess, I mean “real” people like the preacher and his wife or other people from church or friends who don’t come by often enough to feel comfortable at my home. That is the best motivation for me.

  • Christine says:

    being single, working ft and having any number of foster kids is plenty motivation :). BC the laundry didn’t get done until i was done to my last undie, if no food in house I ordered out, never made my bed, etc. but now if I didn’t have M-F nightly chore schedule it would be massive stress and chaos, not to mention wouldn’t be setting good example for the tykes. the only chore i do on a Saturday is a big grocery shop every 4-6wks. I tend the yard and garden wknds but to me that’s not a chore but a family activity – kids love to dead-head, water, dig for worms, collect bugs, id birds, build fairy houses, etc.

  • Jennifer says:

    Sometimes watching the show, “Hoarders” will really get me going with housekeeping! lol! I actually do enjoy cleaning and organizing…but in all seriousness, if I watch that show, I can’t even sit through the whole thing without getting busy with one chore…like organizing my pantry or something. I also multi-task my cleaning jobs…for example, while my two little ones are in the tub, I will take that opportunity to clorox-cleanup their bathroom…or windex the mirror. I’m in there with them, but also getting a job done. I also reward myself with cleaning up….I like to have my kitchen clean and wiped up before evening….my kids are in bed by 8 pm, and after that, is my time with my husband to relax…if I get that kitchen done, I can sit down and reward myself with tv time or putting my feet up…and the mess isn’t facing me in the morning….which I cannot stand! It’s nice to walk downstairs and have a clean slate.

  • Jennifer says:

    I am sad to admit that homemaking/household management binders do not work for me. I have tried repeatedly with several different systems and I cannot make them work. They get too bulky and I can never seem to get pages to turn smoothly. And I tried keeping recipes in one and found myself still going to my computer to look up the recipes. It is not that I prefer paperless, because I LOVE writing my to do list down and checking it off, I just have an aversion to binders I guess.

  • I have to have a printed checklist. I’m a big fan of FlyLady, so I combine her system with the Motivated Moms planner – I look at the “Sneak Peek for the Week” each weekend and add the daily mission to my MM planner.

    For rewards, I make sure I’ve done at least the bare minimum daily chores before getting online for anything other than work (I’m a freelance writer, so online distractions are a big issue for me). I also put stickers on my calendar when I do everything on my list for the day and, when I get 5, I ask my husband to babysit and spend a few hours to myself either browsing stores, roller skating, or just enjoying some me time and peace & quiet. I stay at home with a 2 year old, so that’s a big treat for me.

  • Kara M says:

    I had someone come in and clean every other week and would fill in the gaps in between, however, about a year ago I decided I could do as good or better a job than the person I was paying to clean. So, I let her go. I still only really CLEAN the house every other week (kitchen sink, potties more often) and….I pay myself a small portion of what I paid her. So, I’m making a bit of my own “fun money”; saving money in not having to pay cost of person to clean and it’s WAY more clean than ever before!

  • Dorothy says:

    I started my own little method similar to the method for those who hate to clean in March. I bought a notebook and every Sunday I write a list of all the things I would like to accomplish around the house that week. I give myself the entire week to complete the tasks at my leisure that way if something pops up I don’t feel guilty for not getting my assigned daily task done. I leave the list out and whenever my husband or I complete a task of our choice we simply check it off. On occasion not everything on the list has been completed for the week and if I still feel it needs done I just roll it over to the next week. I have found this method to be incredibly healpful for me as my weekly cleaning goals can vary and one set list just won’t cut it.

  • Jennifer says:

    I too am a firm believer in “if it doesn’t work, change it”. Life changes. We change. If we ever hope to own our time, we have to be flexy and bendy to get through the mundane. With my 3 and 5 year olds, I’m fortunate at this stage to listen to audio books while cleaning – I almost look forward to pushing that proverbial “rock” up the hill! No matter what stage our family is in, I find lists help me prioritize. Otherwise I may never get past chores that have reached critical mass.

  • Michelle says:

    My problem is I am a little ADD . I get distracted and truly wander to something else . Also I was never truly taught how to clean with out drama in my house growing up . And then I got married and was a young mother with no help . I chose my battles and housecleaning was not one . I do believe I have gotten better but I still struggle.

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