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A Peek Into Our Week This Past Week

Welcome to my weekly post where we take a break from money-related posts and I share about what I’m loving right now and give you a little peek into our life from the past week.

You guys. I never thought I would be a pet person. Ever. Um, well, Quill has changed all of that.

Earlier this week, I was showing the ladies at my Discipleship Group *pictures of him on my phone.* And then I caught myself and was like, “Who are you anymore?!?” Well, apparently, this little guys has weazled his way into our hearts… including my formerly-non-pet-loving heart. 🙂

I spent all of Saturday at a retreat with the ladies from our Discipleship Group group at church. We had sessions, we had team building exercises (here we were given the challenge of getting 11 ladies onto this platform with no feet touching the ground — we came up with a creative solution!), and some in-depth small group time. It was so good!

I just love how much this boy loves baseball! Their team has struggled to win games this year, so he was so excited that they won two of their three games this week!

I don’t share many pictures or videos of Kathrynne online per her request, but she gave me permission to share this. I just love watching how much this girl loves life. [She had came straight home from Jiu Jitsu in this photo and (still in her GI) started in on her homework. ?]

This year, as I’ve changed the way I’ve parented, my relationship with her has grown so much richer. We used to butt heads a lot; now she’s one of my closest friends.

I used to struggle to get to her to open up. Now she and I have long heart-to-heart conversations multiple times per week.

She tells me often, “Mom, I love when you hang out with my friends. They all think you’re so cool. And I do, too.”

I’m so grateful that God opened up my eyes to how I was micromanaging my kids and helped me to change from parenting for behavioral modification to parenting out of a heart to point my kids to Jesus and the Gospel.

I’m a work in progress, but the fruit of these changes in my relationships with my kids has blown me away.

Last year, I just didn’t know how I was going to survive the teen years. Now, I can say with all honesty, I’m excited about them! Thank You, Jesus!

One of the highlights of this past week: getting to hang out with MacKenzie and her friend, Rebekah, who were in town for a conference.

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  • Emma Burroughs says:

    Crystal! I need a book recommendation!!

  • Thank you for being real, and sharing your parenting struggles. This post really encouraged me, because I worry about the teen years too. I have three girls, and the oldest is 8. I know I fall into micromanaging sometimes, and I want to get away from it. It is helpful to hear that God has guided you through it. <3

  • Sam says:

    Can you please share,any ideas what you are doing differently in parenting.

    • It was really just understanding what the Gospel truly is (that it is finished! I don’t have to try harder, do more, be better, etc. — I can rest in His finished work on the Cross and parent out of the love He has for me) and how I could stop trying to parent for behavioral modification and instead parent to nurture and love my kids and walk with them and point them to Jesus.

  • Jennifer says:

    What influenced the change in parenting style? Was there a book that you recommend that you read?

  • Jodi says:

    This really spoke to me. I am a micromanager of my two girls and while it “works” with the younger one, it is putting a great burden on my relationship with my almost 8 year old. I love what you said about “parenting out of a heart to point my kids to Jesus and the Gospel.” That’s what I want and what I’m praying for our family. I’m reading a book called, “The Connected Child” which is actually intended for adoptive parents which we are not. I just picked it up at the library so haven’t gotten too far but it was recommended to me by a counselor. She advised that we can’t just have structure alone. Kids need structure but they also need nurturing. I’m the queen of structure but I forget about nurturing which is the opposite of Jesus. He always was more concerned about the hearts of people and did not demand a religious obedience based on fear. I have a lot of learn so I appreciate your story. It gives me hope!!

  • LOVE your perspective on parenting. We definitely should shepherd their hearts more than modify their behaviors. Such a great lesson. And how sweet that she loves when you hang out with her friends too?!?!?

  • Beth says:

    Have you shared in a post somewhere more specifically the ways you’ve changed your parenting or the details of what you’re doing differently? I want to learn from you! My oldest is 11 and both my husband and I butt heads with her a lot, and I know something drastic needs to change in our relationship. I would love to be able to say she’s one of my closest friends, instead of being irritated by her much of the time, and her being upset with me! I feel like I’m going to lose her to her peers in the next couple of years if something doesn’t change.

  • Nicole says:

    Is there anything you can recommend on this discipleship program? I NEED this kind of perspective on parenting.

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