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Our gift card came–yay!


After weeks of wondering whether it was really going to arrive or not, one of our Shell gift cards arrived in the mail yesterday for the Sears/Dockers deal. Yay! I’m just hoping the second one arrives shortly, too.

Have you gotten yours yet?

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  • Rose says:

    Both of mine came last Thursday! Whoo-hoo!!

  • I called them a couple weeks ago, and they said they were really behind. I was not pleased, since 6 weeks had long since passed. My gift card showed up the next week. I haven’t used it yet, though.

  • Shayleen says:

    We got our first one last week sometime and are still waiting for our second one too. My husband hasn’t used it yet…to me that is the last step in the “it all worked” process…making sure it has the entire $75 on it!

  • karen says:

    Woohoo!!! I was wondering a bit too so I’m sooo relieved to hear yours came. I got an email last week telling me that mine was in process so I’ve been hopeful that it was still coming as it’s going to be a much needed budget relief for us (very tight month). Here’s hoping your second one and my two arrive very soon!!

  • Nancy Karrer says:

    We have not received our two cards yet but we are encouraged that you have! I did receive and email about 2 weeks ago saying they were coming so I guess that is promising!

  • Heather says:

    I received mine yesterday and filled up today. I love free gasoline.

  • jennie says:

    Both mine and my husband’s came 2 days ago. It’s awesome when you get mail like that!

  • Christa says:

    What was the deal that you all got?

  • Darleen says:

    Ours hasn’t come yet either, however we are hopeful because my parents have come! Thanks for sharing the information… encouraging to know our rebate companies are truthful!

    Thanks Dockers!

  • Anna says:

    Haven’t received ours yet and was beginning to wonder….so glad to hear yours arrived!

  • Holly says:

    I’m glad you posted this. I’ve been wondering if would ever get mine- I haven’t yet but at least now I feel like there is hope! Rebates always seem to take so long!

  • Abby says:

    Ours arrived yesterday! Yippee!

  • Lady Why says:

    Ours came yesterday too! I’m excited about it because gas prices have dropped by about 30 cents a gallon over the last couple of weeks. More bang for your buck!

  • Nicole says:

    We received ours and we had even made a mistake in the purchase…purchasing the total $100 required over two different days instead of on one day. What a deal! I bought my father 5 pairs of pants for fathers day for only $30!

  • ahiltz says:

    We received ours last week! I was so excited when it came and quite relieved we got it! I was so afraid they were going to run out of them! That was such a great deal!

  • Mary Beth says:

    Since it had been 9 weeks since I sent in my form, I called them yesterday and the woman told me they would be sending it to me next week. I guess it’s a forced gas savings account, right??? And with gas prices going down in our area, it will go a lot farther than it would have gone a couple of weeks ago.

  • Windy says:

    We got ours… Yippee!!! Eases up our gas budget for a couple weeks!

  • cara says:

    we got ours last week and my husband used it today to fill up his truck. what a nice reprieve.

  • Krista says:

    We received our cards a couple of weeks ago. I had called to check on them after 6 weeks had passed, and they looked up my rebate submission and assured me that both had been approved. A couple of weeks later, I received the gift cards for both submissions on the same day. Here is the phone number to call…1-866-616-9310. I had written down the sales check numbers and RC numbers so that I could follow up on them. However, they only asked for my name. Hope that helps some of you who are still unsure where your cards are! 🙂

  • Mary says:

    We got both of ours this past Tuesday. I used the first one today, and it worked just fine! What anawesome deal!

  • connie says:

    Yeah! Received both of ours last week, a few days apart, and used them right away 🙂 We, too, were beginning to wonder and were just about to make a call…So thankful for this great deal!

  • Lisa says:

    We got ours about 2 weeks ago.

  • Edwena says:

    We received both of ours. We’ve both used ours once and everything seemed to work. I was able to use mine at the pump, but they made dh come in. I was so glad I did have to drag my dc in to pay for gas.

  • Meredith says:

    We got ours last weekend…got home from vacation and there is was! And the timing was great with gas prices dropping!!!

  • Suzanne Bahar says:

    Yah! My gift card came last week and it is gone already. With a one hour commute each day for both of us, we really have to be careful of our gas use. This deal was great! At least we got both our cars fueled up once for free and the Docker’s clothes, especially the socks are great!

  • irma says:

    I used one card and the receipt shows that I still have a balance
    I was not sure if it had be be used on one transaction
    There is a promotion going on with participating SHELL
    Check out which one before you fill up.

  • irma says:

    I used one card and the receipt shows that I still have a balance
    I was not sure if it had be be used on one transaction
    There is a promotion going on with participating SHELL
    Check out which one before you fill up.

  • Kristen says:

    Woo hooo – ours came too! I was so excited since I had actually forgotten about it.
    But check this out – – I blogged about how we got an even better deal since we had to return one item we bought the day of the sale!
    Sooo great. And yup I’ve already filled my tank!

  • a.k says:

    i did not buy the dockers clothing, but i did receive an ebate check yesterday for purchasing other items i needed through their site! God really provides…i needed to take out 2100 for a class and had almost nothing left in my account, and it was the same time i looked into cloth diapers to save us in the long run…with the money that came through, i purchased 3 happy heiny’s for my son! Yay!

  • Samantha says:

    We received both of ours on the same day probably a week and a half ago. I verified the balances by calling the toll-free number on the back of the cards. I have used all of one of the cards already! It works great and I am so excited to have gotten such a great deal…

  • Michelle says:

    No, I’m still waiting. We sent ours in on the last day. I’ll probably be the last one that they mail.

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