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My New Morning Routine (er, at least, the PLANNED routine!)

My Planned Morning Routine

Whew! It’s been a busy morning! We had soccer camp for Silas, swimming lessons for Kathrynne, and Kaitlynn had to get a tooth pulled at the dentist (poor girl!).

I promised you that I’d post my planned new morning routine for June this morning. And well, it’s not morning still, but I figured you all would understand that life just happens like that sometimes!

In between the busyness of the morning, Jesse and I had a chance to talk about our morning routine, though, and here’s what we came up with:

My Planned Morning Routine

5:30 a.m. — Up, read Bible, pray

6:00 a.m. — Run, shower, dress (start laundry)

7:15 a.m. — Breakfast, Family Bible Time, read 1-2 chapters aloud to kids

8:00 a.m. — Morning Cleaning Time — make bed, straighten room, switch laundry, help clean up kitchen, load dishwasher

8:30 a.m. — Computer Time

In an effort to be consistent and follow through with this plan, I’m going to be brave and post an update around noon each week day for the next week (and possibly longer if I’m still struggling with the routine after the first week!) to let you know how my morning routine went that day. I’d love to have you join me and let us know how you’re doing, too!

Today’s Project

Come up with a simple morning routine and post it in the comments below. Then, come back here every week day around noon for the next week to let us know how your morning routine is going. Let’s all encourage each other to be more intentional and make the most of our mornings!

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  • I so need this right now!! 🙂

    5:00 a.m.- Wake up, RUN (this is when I need to get up in order to run before hubby leaves for work)
    5:40 a.m.- Shower / Read BIBLE (right now I read while I blow-dry my hair)
    6:10 a.m.- Writing
    7 a.m.- Boys up ?.?. /Breakfast
    8 a.m.- Chores

  • I’ve been working on this too! I’m very impressed by your routine. Mine is simply. Wake up at 6:00. Read bible/prayer while sipping a quiet, calm, cup of coffee. Water my plants. Check in on emails to get ahead for the day. If I can fit that in I feel much better throughout the day. 🙂

  • Laura says:

    Thanks for the encouragement – I desperately need to get back on track!

    5:45 am – Wake up, walk or exercise dvd
    6:30 am – Shower and dress
    6:45 am – Read Bible and pray
    7:30 am – Kids start getting up, breakfast
    8:00 am – Chores
    8:30 am – Start homeschool (we do year round)

  • Ash says:

    5:30am- wake up, coffee, stretch, Jesus time.
    6:00am- make James lunch, breakfast, coffee
    6:30am- wake kiddos up, take James to work
    7:15am- exercise, dressed and ready for the day
    8:30am- breakfast for babies
    9am- kids dressed, morning chores
    10:30am- kids preschool lesson (W,F) or park, play date, fun outing (M,Tu,Th)
    12:30- kids nap, mom retreats into cave.

  • Libby says:

    So I find it difficult to come up with a morning routine as I was in a morning routine getting up at 6am to do my bible study, see hubby off to work, and get breakfast before my 15 month woke up. I was finding I could do it for a week and then I would get a cold, or be so bogged down and exhausted after a week. My husband is in Law Enforcement so I am running the home. I am finding 7am works best right now but that’s getting up with our daughter…..suggestions??

    • Pat Cobb says:

      When my children were small, my husband worked long hours also and I was tired. I found I did best to sleep till about 7:00 or so and if my kids woke up at the same time, it was ok. I homeschooled and we would not begin until 9:00 or sometimes 10:00, and that was ok. I simply pushed my schedule back accordingly. I had friends who got up early, began homeschooling by 8:00 and finished by noon or early afternoon. I didn’t and that was ok. My kids turned out fine, things got done, and we were happy. Do what works for you in this season of life.

      Concerning Bible study, consider doing that while your little one naps. I suggest you get a devotional book, pray throughout the day (you know Paul writes about praying without ceasing) and keep your head up. Enjoy your little one, this will pass.

      • Amy says:

        When my littles were REALLY little it made me feel so much better to decide that God would want my BEST time instead of my FIRST time. Giving Him the first time after kids went down for afternoon naps ended up working so much better for me – I had a clear, ready mind and I didn’t have to feel guilty each morning when I couldn’t get up before the kids!

      • Amber says:

        Pat- thank you so much for saying this! I am in this exact season, 18 month old and husband with a police schedule… thank you!!

    • Ash says:

      The only thing that works for me is to go to bed by 10pm or plan in a nap for mid morning/ afternoon. It gets easier as your kiddos get older 🙂 I would also suggest drinking more water (your body gets used to it and you won’t be running to the bathroom as often :)) water really really helps with energy levels!

      • Pat Cobb says:

        When my children were little, my husband worked irregular hours. I kept the kids up late so they could see him before they went to bed and we did not get up early. Most days they got up around the same time that I did and that was ok. I homeschooled and did not start my school day until 9:00 or sometimes 10:00 and we homeschooled through the afternoon instead of finishing by noon or early afternoon.

        I did my devotions during nap/quiet time and prayed throughout the day. In Philippians it says to pray without ceasing and I took that to a whole new level.

        Anyway, it all worked out, my kids turned out fine, everything got done, and we were happy. Don’t compare yourself with others. Remember this is a season of life and seasons change.

    • Jenny in UT says:

      I have a list of things I want to accomplish in the morning with no time table set. I call it my foundation– but it is similar to my ranching friends who say they do chores first before getting to work.

      My list includes: 1 load of laundry in the washer, 30 minutes to an hour in the garden (summer), breakfast, dishes and kitchen cleaned and 30 minutes of cleaning.

    • Libby: I think that it’s best to do what works for you in the season of life you’re in. If 7 a.m. works best, go with it and don’t feel guilty!

  • Melissa says:

    6:40 Get ready for day (as early as I can get up due to health issues)
    7:00 oil pull, read Bible
    7:30Drink lemon H2o/ Make breakfast (big eaters)/teach kids to cook
    8:00 Eat
    8:30 Family devotions
    9:00 Garden work

  • Jessi says:

    This sounds a lot like the routine I started this wk now that my daughters are out of far it’s been working great and helping to be productive in the mornings so there is more time for other stuff later 🙂 my girls are 4&6 and having them help with small things now is nice. I never let them before because it took too long but now it is getting easier and they are getting hang of things.

    7am: wake up, feed baby, get dressed, make bed, clean up any clutter in my room.
    730am: girls get dressed and do morn chores upstairs like straightening room and their bathroom.
    8am: breakfast, clean kitchen,laundry ,devotions
    9am: baby down for nap, emails/couponing while girls have play time.

  • Julie says:

    I need to back into a good morning routine, and I need to get up earlier to get it all in. Hopefully this will be a good start!

    5:30-Wake up, read Bible, Pray
    6:15-Start laundry, exercise, shower/dress
    7:15-Breakfast, Family Bible, Clean-up
    8:30-Start school with littles (I need to focus more on my littles, Kindergarten age, and getting in their “school” time)

  • Y’all are brave! I don’t get up until my clock has a 7 as the first number! Although, I’m sure you go to bed earlier than we do. Our littles are in bed by 9 and then the teens stay up until 10 or 10:30 so after that hubby and I need some time to catch up and visit so most nights we are in bed after 11:30.

  • MK says:

    I wish I could jump right into Bible reading first–but my prayers are all slurred and I can hardly keep my eyes open, ha!

    6:00 Get up, get dressed, putter or read or surf the web until I’m ACTUALLY awake
    6:30 Bible and prayer
    7:00 Girls usually wake up (if not, I sneak in extra reading time!); get them dressed, breakfast, fix their hair (so much easier while they’re focused on food!), make husband’s lunch
    8:00 Morning chores and off to the races!

  • Crystal Rose says:

    8am- Wake up, pack lunch, & make/serve breakfast
    9am- Relax, eat breakfast, drink beverage, do worksheets, & read devotions
    9:30- Get dressed & start the daily household work

    Mine is a lot more laid back I guess.

  • Lana says:

    You can do it!!! We have had the same routine for 25 plus years and once you get going it will be automatic. This morning I just could not get awake but since we have done the same thing for so many years I could just do it without having to think.

  • Cheryl says:

    This is the first week that my kids are off from school so I have liked sleeping in till 6:30 instead of the 5:00 I usually get up. Here is our schedule that we have started following for the summer.
    6:00-6:30 Get up, Bible time, devos morning exercise/walk
    7:00 Kids are usually up around this time
    7:30 ish 8:00 Breakfast for them, they now read devos after and journal. They help with dishes/vacuum. We follow Dave Ramsey and the commission for jobs they help with.
    9:00 They work on Summer Bridge books while I tidy up kitchen, laundry, etc. Computer time.
    I work on Tues/from 1-5 and Thurs from 9-1 so we adjust on these days. Wednesdays we go to the library, and they practice violin and percussion during the summer too.

  • I used to have a very similar routine and loved it. What I have found is that the success of this routine starts the night before with going to be at a decent hour.

    5:30 – wake up, shower get dressed, read Bible passage for the day, begin Swagbucks videos
    6:00 – start load of laundry, start or set out breakfast for kids, prep lunch
    6:30- blog/read book/do quick pick up of main rooms – as needed, eat my breakfast
    7:00 – breakfast, read aloud
    7:30 – kids finish morning routines, pick up kitchen
    8: 00 – kids do morning “summer-school” time, read together
    9:00 – daily chores, errands, etc.
    10:30 or 11 – begin lunch

  • Tara H says:

    My husband gets up at 4 and leaves about 4:30. I get up with him and lay back down after he leaves. That really makes it hard to get up at a decent time, for me anyway. Any suggestions??
    Also we live with my inlaws so I have a hard time getting the kids up and then having an “audience”. My mil is very good about things but it’s hard for me to have a routine until she leaves for work. Does that make sense?
    Do you, Crystal, wake your kids up or do they get up on their own? I’ve always just let my boys get up on their own but we’re starting My Father’s World curriculum next year so we are going to have to have a better schedule!

    • I usually let my kids get up on their own — unless they are still asleep when it’s breakfast time. 🙂

      • Tara H says:

        Thanks, Crystal! My boys are really good sleepers so I must confess that they sleep past breakfast “time” sometimes. I’ve got some work to do!! 🙂

    • Leah says:

      Oh, I’m in the same situation as far as getting up, Tara! It’s not much fun. 😛 My husband wakes up at 4:20, and I get up to get him breakfast. Honestly, I’ve found that adjusting to his schedule is the only thing that works for me. If I lay back down after he leaves it takes a while to fall back asleep, and then I always end up sleeping in more than I want to and then my whole day is off, and not nearly as happy or productive. It’s just much easier for me to go to bed when he does and get up for good at 4:20. If I’m tired, I give myself grace to take a short nap in the afternoon. Maybe you could try it for a little while and see if that works better for you. (If you are having trouble going to bed early because of the littles, try getting them up earlier too so they’ll be tired earlier too. 🙂

      • Tara H says:

        Thank you, Leah! It’s so good to hear someone else’s story along the same line as mine. I’m definitely going to be changing some things. When my husband works on Sundays, I go back to sleep and wake up at 6:00. If I can do it on Sunday, I should be able to do it all the time. 🙂

  • Florence says:

    Here’s my plan:
    6 am Up, exercise, shower, dress
    7 am. Breakfast, clean up kitchen
    8 am. Bible study

    The hard part will be the Up, exercise part…..:(

  • Ashley says:

    I will definitely be following and using this as motivation to get myself back on track as well.}
    I’m 17 weeks pregnant and am really struggling to get and STAY on a schedule/with a routine with how tired I am.
    While I know the extra rest is a ok thing right now waiting and getting up when my kids do is proving to not be the best way to start my day :-/ Yet I’m torn because I want to stay up later to spend the time with Hubby

  • tori says:

    This is our routine for the summer months:)

    5:30 wake up,run

    6:30 shower, Bible time, morning coffee

    7:15 Pack my husbands lunch, start laundry, make bed

    My little ones will wake up sometime between 7:30 and 8:00

    8:00 Everyone sits down together for breakfast

    8:30 Clean up, help little ones with their chore packs/getting dressed

    9:30 Farm/barn chores

  • Amy says:

    Your attitude towards accountability is great and inspires me to give it a go. Thanks Crystal!

  • Ashley says:

    Wake up
    Wash face/dress/hair etc
    Breakfast/scripture reading with kids
    Check in on our business
    Make daily to do list
    Outside work/chores

    I’ve been waking up anywhere between 7:15 and 7:45 this summer. I like not having to have a set time to do things…that will change once I go back to work and the kids go back to school in the Fall.

  • My morning routine is more of a list of items to do first before starting the rest of my day. I don’t even try to get up before my kids right now and we don’t set any alarm clocks (we’re all usually up by 7am).

    I’m six months pregnant and also have an 11 month old who still wakes up to nurse once a night as well as four other children (7, 5 1/2, 4, and 2 1/2).

    My morning list:
    ~ get dressed
    ~ start a load of laundry
    ~ unload the dishwasher and put any dirty dishes into the dishwasher
    ~ look over my to-do list (written the night before)
    ~ oversee the kids during their morning work
    ~ help the kids start breakfast (they take turns and do most of the work, but the younger ones still need some guidance)

    If I have a few minutes I jump on Facebook to chat with my sister (she’s in South Korea and we have to deal with a 13 hour time difference so this is the best time to talk to her).

  • Ann says:

    I haven’t committed to this 12 month challenge, but I love the idea and want to start with this month. I work outside the home and I have a problem with finding myself rushed in the mornings.

    6:00 get up, wash face, drink coffee
    6:30 walk or exercise
    7:00 shower, get ready
    7:30 eat breakfast, more coffee
    8:00 off to work

    I have a feeling I will need to reevaluate after the first week and tweak my routine.

  • Heather says:

    Love yours, but I can’t get up and exercise until after I have been up a bit…otherwise I am nauseated 🙂 So…this is my routine:

    600AM Get up with Hubby, Make Bed, Pack Lunch, Start Laundry Load
    630AM Devotion Time/Prayers
    700AM Daughter up, dressed (maybe bath in the AM)
    730AM Breakfast for Daughter while I read to her (usually a daily devotion)
    800AM Walk/run or a DVD (daughter either joins me or plays/reads) 830AM Shower & Get Dressed
    900AM Drink Smoothie, Finish Laundry, Wipe Bathrooms, General Pick Up
    930AM Whatever we want 🙂

  • Melissa says:

    Being 34 weeks pregnant, struggling to get good sleep, and trying to keep up with a two year old I’ve found that trying to get up early and set certain times to do things in the morning more discouraging than anything else. I have found though that having a general order for the morning does help me get the day off to a better start so that’s what I’m going with right now! 🙂 I started this routine a few days ago:

    Put a load of laundry in
    Breakfast for me and the munchkin
    Clean up the kitchen (put the laundry over)
    Get both of us dressed and ready
    Exercise (a brief walk or some gentle yoga) – If I don’t do this early it doesn’t get done!!
    15 minutes of cleaning
    15 minutes of organizing
    Spend time doing something fun with my daughter

    Seriously, if I can manage to do all of this in the morning these days I’m thrilled. This pregnancy has taken a LOT out of me… I keep reminding myself this is just a phase!

  • Tracy S. says:

    Well, here’s what I think I’m going to try:
    5:30 up, tub, coffee, devotion
    6 switch laundry to dryer (love I have a time delay on my washer!), empty dishwasher, lunch out to thaw (our big meal since hubby works evenings)
    6:30 read, write letter, some me time
    7 kids start getting up, breakfast, start our day as a family

  • I need to get a good morning routine in place. I have been floundering since my grandson (now 21 months-old) came to live with me two months ago.

    I have had to start getting up at 5:15 a.m. to take my 22 year-old son to work.

    My routine will be this:

    5:15 a.m. Get up, dress in my exercise clothes, weigh myself, wash face, and brush teeth

    5:30 a.m. Take son to work

    6:00 a.m. Return home, read Bible and pray

    6:30 a.m. Exercise

    7:00 a.m. Work on writing projects and blogging

    8:00 a.m. Grandson up, breakfast for all

    9:00 a.m. Housekeeping

    This is for the days I am at home. I hope to see increased productivity and a closer relationship with God.

  • Carrie says:

    I love my morning time. It’s so worth it to lose a little sleep 🙂

    I get up between 6 and 6:30. Then it’s

    – Drink water, study my French lessons
    – Read my Bible
    – Pray
    – Blog, look over day’s to-do list, or just meditate
    – Get dressed, cuddle with kids as they wake up and join me on the couch

  • Katie h says:

    I really need to get my morning more together. I think I have it then the littlest (1 yr old) starts getting up at 530 of 6. But I loved the comment about giving God my best time and now a days is when the kids are in bed
    Maybe while my husband is home for the next month in leave I can figure something out. But then he leaves again so it just turns into a crazy cycle. If I can make it to bed by 1030 or 11 my plan would be:

    Up read and listen to praise music
    Get kids up and started w bfast
    Get in a workout of some sort

  • Jenny says:

    Didn’t get a chance to comment the other day– loved your post on “WHY” you moved to Nashville and how brave you’ve been to take this big step. Thank you for letting us in on a very personal decision and the process behind it. I am LOVING the blog this past month with all your personal/life posts (like the old days) and cannot wait to see more money saving ideas/frugality this year like the past.

    My morning routine:
    -Run or Yoga/Stretching (alternating days most weeks)
    -30 minutes cleanup (1 room/day)
    -Oatmeal and coffee breakfast
    -Shower and blog (reading/writing)
    -Spend 15 minutes planning the rest of my day to meet my monthly goals!

  • wow, I feel so impressed by all comments of people getting up at 5:30. I wish I could do it. For me getting up at 7am is a torture, so I always finish getting up at 7.20. So this summer I plan to start getting up at 7am and then slowly move until I can get up at 6:30.

  • Maria says:

    I posted my ‘goal morning routine’ in the June challenge post, and I’m being too lazy right now to retype it up. I will say, I was starting to feel bad that we don’t have a family Bible time like I saw others have. Then I remembered, my mother gave us this box full of cards or ‘blessings of the day.’ They’re Bible verses. Nothing more than 6-7 verses at a time. We attempt to read the card (or two until we get caught up to where we should be) while eating breakfast, so I guess that counts as family Bible time. Never thought of it that way before.

  • Nicholle says:

    Morning Routine:
    6:00 am-wake up,get dressed,put on contacts,brush teeth
    6:15am-wake up my daughter,she dresses herself,feed her,start my coffee,get my lunch box ready
    6:25am-she brushes teeth, I do her hair, I fix my hair, she uses the bathroom, she puts on shoes
    6:35-6:45-out of the door
    7:25am drop her off at school
    7:35am get to work
    8-5 work

    I do a lot of prep work at night and everything is basically ready for the morning. Which I love makes my mornings go so much smoother.

  • Jessica says:

    Does anyone have advice for keeping this routine when the dark, cold winter months come? My body doesn’t want to wake up when it is still dark outside. I find it so much easier to rise at an early hour during the summertime.Thanks!

    • Ashley says:

      I can’t say I have advise on the winter months but you are not alone.
      I’d stay in my bed burrito-ed in warm blankets all winter if I could!

  • Here is my Planned Morning Routine:

    5:30 a.m. — Get Up, Go Over Daily Devotional.

    6:00 a.m. — Walk My Fur-Children, Shower, Take Vitamins, Tell myself how fabulous and worthwhile I am, kiss my husband good morning, and then Get Dressed.

    7:15 a.m. — Be Grateful For Coffee (I have an attitude of gratitude for my Fog Lifter coffee!), Have Breakfast, Make sure my other pets are fed and taken care of, start dishwasher/laundry, take out recyclables, and get the paper.

    8:00 a.m. — Morning Cleaning Time (Motivational Moms); make bed, straighten room, switch laundry, clean out sinks, stock bathrooms, and spray out shower.

    8:30 a.m. — Plug-In iPad, Kindle, Laptop, and Turn on PC; check outlooks accounts (I work from home), check on my blog, check emails, and check out Etsy seller store.

    9:00 a.m. — Make sure my family and grandmother are up and getting ready, and then to check on my patio, tiered gardens, flower beds, and water my plants!

    Hopefully everything goes according to plans!

  • Lety says:

    Everyone seems quite ready to get going with this month’s challenge! 🙂 I actually came up with three routines to accommodate the three variations of mornings we currently have. I feel that writing the three out will help me just wake-up and follow them, as opposed to trying to figure out what to do first from the typical routine. I included wake-up times, but at this time my sleep has been unpredictable. So it might take a bit to follow through on these.

    My Morning Routine When Husband is Home:
    (Wake-up between 6 – 7AM)
    Bible Reading

    My Morning Routine When Husband Has to Leave Early:
    (Wake-up by 5 AM)
    Bible Reading

    My Morning Routine When I Have an appointment before noon:
    (Wake-up by 5 AM)
    Bible Reading

    Wishing everyone a successful month! : )

  • Katie says:

    Thank you for sharing your morning routine. I love your book and you are an inspiring mom and lady to me.

    6:05 AM- Wake up and run/exercise
    6:35 AM- Shower and read Bible
    7:00 AM- Get kids ready, breakfast, switch laundry
    8:00 AM- Clean kitchen, start morning chores

  • Jessica Hanson says:

    My schedule goals
    6 a.m wake up coffee, read
    6:30 dishes from previous night, start laundry
    7:00 kids wake up / prep breakfast, pack diaper bag
    7:30 finish eating, get dressed / boys dressed
    8:00 get out door to go to gym

  • Jody says:

    Looking forward to joining in this one! I just wrote out a routine this morning for the day then thought I better start with just the morning then add in the rest later. Then I saw this post…perfect timing!

    Heres my routine:

    Feed my six week old daughter
    Start my sons g tube feeds
    Prep his water and syringes for the day
    Empty the dishwasher
    Start laundry
    Eat breakfast

  • AMBER says:

    A routine… brilliant idea. My mum has been encouraging me to get into one since she came to stayed over for the last couple weeks. I am not getting enough done! I am a bit all over the place and hard to pin down so getting some routine back will really help – especially the stopping to read the bible and pray part. With a toddler and going back to work part time its all go go go.

    Thank you for the encouragement

  • Mandy says:

    My problem is that my 2 yr old has sleeping issues. It’s impossible to get up at 5:30 when you went to bed at 3:30. I keep telling myself it wont be like this forever!

  • Susan says:

    I am in my final semester of graduate school and I am doing a summer internship. My morning routine is now anything but routine! I have had to push many of my morning activities to the evening, but it is working for us right now.
    Home from internship
    Throw in laundry
    Make dinner
    Play with the kids
    Eat dinner
    Switch laundry over
    Clean up dinner
    Pack lunches
    Start kid showers
    Fold laundry
    Read to the kids
    Tuck my little men in
    My shower time
    Lay out clothes for the next day
    Spend some time with my husband.

    Life is busy but its a temporary busy!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Looks like a good plan 🙂
    I’m on Summer break because kiddos are out of town and no waking up for the bus 😉
    Though I need to try and listen for the alarm. Something about when the kids don’t have to go to school I don’t hear the alarm it’s very strange.
    Summer fun morning schedule.
    Sleep in until husband wakes me (7:10 normally)
    -Computer time / Coffee time
    7:45 Shower
    8 – Breakfast
    8:30 – Work

    Am I bad for thinking of this as a summer break too? 🙂

  • Gloria says:

    Thanks for your blog and posting this routine. I use to always have one but as life changed: kids grew up, started our own business, went back to school, graduated…been flying by the seat of my pants and it feels awful!!!! I’m going to follow your routine and if I see the need to adjust it, I will. I can see that I’m already more at peace with making the decision to do it!!!!

  • Anne says:

    I wish I could start this with you. But I broke and dislocated my ankle (and it’s my driving foot) so I’m completely reliant on everyone else. Plus we have a very active toddler who luckily is in daycare during the day. I can’t wait to get this cast off and try and make a good morning routine.

  • Nina says:

    So timely….was just thinking I have GOT to get in gear. We just moved closer to work and preschool so we have some extra time in the morning and I want to utilize it better….so here is the plan….
    For me it will be vital that I go to bed at 9:30pm to pull this off!

    5:00am – get up – devotional, yoga & prayer
    5:45am – throw a load of laundry in the washer/clean something & prep for breakfast for son
    6:00am – get dress
    6:30am – wake son up and have breakfast
    7:00am – get him dressed
    7:30am – out the door

    Super excited to see how this works!

  • Miriah says:

    I meant to write my routine last night but forgot to post it! I have a hard time making a morning routine as my littles wake up times vary. I go to bed fairly late (11pm) and strive to wake up at 7am but it depends on if I can sneak out of the bed without disturbing my baby (or if we have an earthquake that rattles everyone awake at 4am!!) Last night I went to bed around midnight and was wide awake at 6am so I figured I’d re-write my routine!
    6-6:15am – wake-up, computer time
    6:15-7:45am – spend time with Jesus!
    7:45-8am – read from “Chasing Francis”
    8am – fold laundry, start coffee, pack diaper bag
    8:15am – wake up the rest of the family, eat breakfast
    8:45am – get the girls dressed & ready for the day
    10am – head out the door for my 3yo’s first dance performance with her dance class! Daddy took the day off to see it so we plan to get ice cream after & spend the day at the beach!

    • I recently finished Chasing Francis and LOVED it!

    • Miriah says:

      I totally just realized I had an extra hour in my routine! I am trying to get back into having a morning devotional time of 30 minutes..not an hour & a half! And I discovered “Chasing Francis” through your blog, Crystal, so thank you!

  • Kellie says:

    Spring is always so crazy that once summer starts I let my routines slip and I sleep in more, but this always backfires on me. So, this month’s challenge is perfect for me. I think I will be tweaking my routine for the next week until I find what works. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

    5:55 – wake up, exercise
    7:00 – 8:00 shower, make bed, breakfast, vitamins, laundry
    8:00 – 8:30 coffee and Bible
    8:30 -9:00 home school prep, email, go over to-do list for the day

  • Alysia says:

    I SO need to work on this!

    6:30 up, coffee
    7:00 walk
    8:30 shower
    9:00 breakfast and computer time

  • Kim says:

    I’m so struggling with getting up in the morning. I feel the Lord calling me to get up at 6:00AM. I have a 9, 7 and 3 year old and our schedule is very loose. The kids get to bed around 9-10 depending on ballgames and church events during the week. I’m finding my husband and I are getting to bed between 11:30 (early night) and 1. Obviously; this makes it super hard to constantly honor the Lord with a 6AM wake up. I do feel a lot better when I get up, run and then spend quiet time with Him. The kids then get an overflow of His love in me when I honor Him in this manner. Setting a steady wake up time for the kids and homeschool schedule is desperately needed. They currently get up whenever they wake up and then start school work. Believe it or not I’m a very organized person normally. The Lord called me from the corporate world to staying home 3 years ago. We have a business I run from home, I homeschool and the transition into these new roles have been challenging. It sometimes seems it would be so much easier to just go to work. 🙂 I know that is not what the Lord wants and I’m exactly where He wants me. Any and all advise is accepted. 🙂 This accountability is amazing and I can’t thank you amazing sisters in Christ enough. As I read all of the “get up at 5, 5:30, 6 etc, run, spend time with God, make husband’s lunch, homeschool etc.” Tears of repentance filled my eyes. The road is not easy but the reward is great. Thank you everyone!!

    • My morning routine starts the night before. If I don’t get to bed on time then I just cannot wake up when I want. If the kids don’t get to bed on time then I don’t have time to wind down to go to sleep on time. For the kids bedtimes were a major struggle for a long time and long night were my normal for a few years. (This was beyond the baby stage and due to special circumstances.) That meant early mornings weren’t. If you are having trouble waking up I would begin by looking at the night before. Until then give yourself grace. Your schedule will NOT look like mine or anyone else’s because you life doesn’t look like mine or anyone else’s.

  • Robyn says:

    Oh, wow! All of you parents of little ones…it really DOES get easier!!

    Today is my boys’ last day of school, so I’m REALLY looking forward to ditching the strict morning routine and just letting my day unfold.

    Between 6-8 a.m. – wake up without the alarm and make a pot of coffee
    Until 8:30 a.m. – surf Facebook, drink coffee, read blogs, write
    9:20 – take youngest to swim practice
    11 a.m. – wake the older boys up if they’re not already

    That’s as far as I’ve gotten with my routine. Can you tell I’m REALLY looking forward to a break???

  • Kristin says:

    My kids (my youngest for the most part) run the time in when I wake up. If all goes well, it goes like this.

    8-8:30am: Wake myself and the kids up, get myself and kids dressed.
    8:30-8:45am: Gets kids breakfast and myself a cup of coffee
    8:45-9:30am: Preschool for my 4 year old. Daughter (9 months old) watches from her bouncy seat.
    9:30-11:30am-Free play for my son. Daughter gets some floor time and plays.
    11:30am-12noon: Get kids ready for lunch, eat and time outside afterwards.

  • Krista says:

    Crystal, I can’t wait to hear how you make out with this routine. That seems like a lot to get done in 3 hours. I hope to learn from you! (not turning on the computer until 8:30 might be the key takeaway for me in all of this)

  • Amy Lou says:

    Seeing this post about your morning routine was perfect timing for me! I attempted to start getting organized a couple months ago but got lazy and out of routine for a while. I recently decided I needed to get my booty in gear and get it back together though! Maybe I should post my routine on my blog also so I feel like I have my readers to keep me accountable! 🙂 Here is my routine:

    6:30-7 Wake up when my alarm goes off (aka 22 month old daughter wakes up)
    7-7:30 Get her breakfast and me coffee. Drink my coffee and check emails/social media while she eats and watches educational videos/cartoons. (this is our wake up and relax time)
    8ish Tidy up, do dishes and laundry as needed, clean one room of the house (I have certain days to do certain rooms) My daughter plays while I clean.
    10ish Work with my daughter on alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, etc, and one on one reading time for an hour.
    11ish-11:30ish Lunch
    11:30-12 Naptime starts and lasts a few hours so Mommy does a workout and works on blogging or crafts/projects till naptime is over.

  • Joy says:

    OK, here goes:

    6:00 – up, dressed, quick clean up of main living areas
    6:30 – coffee, make to do list for day, quick glance at email, start laundry, plan dinner
    7:00 – project work, no interruptions
    8:30 – kids up, breakfast, etc.
    9:00 – follow calendar for the day

  • Cari says:

    I maybe don’t have much room to talk about morning routines since I’m single and have no children, but I do work full time and hate being rushed in the morning because I am NOT a morning person. I’ve learned to prep as much as I possibly can the night before. I make my lunch, set up the coffee maker, put things needed for tomorrow next to my purse by the front door, lay out my clothes, etc. so that all I have to do is get up, make the bed, get dressed, and “cuddle” with my coffee while watching the morning news until it’s time to leave for work. This very relaxed morning routine puts me in an upbeat mood all day, and seems to make my entire day go smoothly. A good morning starts the night before!

  • brenda says:

    What’s oil pulling?

  • Angel Pietsch says:

    I have been trying forever to get a morning routine. I honestly set my alarm every night to wake up at 6, and every morning I hit the snooze and go back to sleep. I feel so tired when I wake up. I have always wanted to be a “morning person”, but that just hasn’t been my case. I am going to move my alarm into my bathroom tonight, so I have to get up to turn it off and already be in the bathroom. I hope this helps. has been a huge help with my morning routine once I am up. I just want to add in exercise and more time to prepare for my day before my kids are up.
    5:30 bible study and prayer time
    6:00 run with dog and shower
    7:00 make beds, open blinds, start a load of laundry, empty dishwasher
    7:30 computer time
    8:30 breakfast, kids devotional
    Thank you Crystal for all your encouragement.

  • Jeniffer says:

    5:30 Wake up (because sometimes it takes a while)
    6:00 bible study and prayer time
    6:30 make beds, open blinds, start a load of laundry, empty dishwasher
    7:30 Wake girls up
    8:00 breakfast, kids devotional
    9:00 Start the girls schooling
    Thanks for your example and encouragement Crystal.

  • Kelia R. says:

    This may sound crazy but here’s my routine
    4:15 first alarm (right next to my bed)
    4:30 second alarm (in the kitchen now I have to get up lol)
    4:30-5:00 bathroom, devotion, morning prayer
    5:00-6:00 pack lunch, make breakfast, check weather for the day
    6:00 wake kids (literally drag one out of bed)
    6:15-6:45 breakfast
    6:45-7:15 get dressed, make sure kids are ready, tiddy up kitchen
    7:15-7:20 out the door for work and school

  • Karen says:

    5:30 Wake up and make a cup of tea. Read Bible and pray.
    6:00 Make to-go lunches for three who have outside jobs; Empty dishwasher, do early morning dishes.
    6:30 Dress and go to nearby gym for exercise
    7:30 Return home and water outside plants
    7:45 Shower and dress. Make bed and tidy main living area.
    8:15 Breakfast with those at home; Load dishwasher; Start laundry.
    8:45 Email check while others are finishing their morning routines.
    9:00 Begin homeschooling (we’re doing half days for a few more weeks)

  • Q says:

    I am mom of a 7-month old. I would love to hear another mom of a 7 month routine.

    • mallie says:

      I have a 10 month old. I really want a morning routine but I am not a morning person and neither is my husband and daughter. I have always waked up when she has.

      8-9 AR gets up, change diaper, and feed her first bottle. And I have a cup of coffee. She then plays for a bit.

      10-11 she gets sleepy and wants a nap. Naps for 1 1/2-2 hrs

      11:30-1 wake from nap, change diaper and get dressed for the day. Feed lunch then plays

      2-4 afternoon nap

      4ish wake up change diaper feed bottle and play

      7ish supper

      8ish bath time and getting ready for bed
      9-10 trying to get to sleep

      • Q says:

        Thank you for sharing!

      • Linda Rethman says:

        My heart goes out to you with a little one. Thank you for posting. A routine is so good for your little one, but possibly a little tricky for you. Do what you can with what your little one teaches you with what works. Try as much as you can to stick with a routine. More than anything else simply love and enjoy this special time with your child. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Yes, you will get more done with a routine or a time map. Your devotions might look more like listening to Christian radio and your workout might be more like a walk with the baby in the stroller. Give yourself lots of grace for loving each day as it comes. Stay healthy.

    • Britte says:


      I have an 8 month old, and my routine is usually as follows….. (most days)

      6am- wake up, unless naturally waking up earlier
      6-6:30- Make coffee, empty dishwasher, pick up around house
      6:30- Baby girl usually wakes up & Husband leaves for work
      6:35-Change diaper
      6:40-Heat up bottle, feed baby
      6:50-8am- Play time for baby girl, simple work for mom
      8am-9am- Baby girl sleeps & mom gets done anything that can’t be done with baby
      9am- baby girl wakes up, usually on her own.. otherwise I let her sleep until 9:30
      9:30am- 2nd bottle and play time.

      I usually try to incorporate a trip to the gym, right after a bottle or a run/walk with baby girl.

      Hope this helped!

  • Courtney says:

    This sounds great! I’ve wanted to do something like this forever! My problem/ excuse is that I’m 8 months pregnant and have a 17 month old. I could get so much more done in the mornings if I would just get up at 6 or 7 (not to mention a bible study time!) but I just sleep… I do think I’m going to try and implement a no phone/computer time after we wake up. It’s a start at least

    • Susie says:

      Courtney… SLEEP! You have one more month before you have 2 little ones. You can rethink your schedule then. Not being a morning person myself, I really think God would prefer my time with Him to be when I am able to think clearly and can give my prayer and Bible time the attention and respect it deserves. That usually is late morning or early afternoon for me. I admire people who start the day in prayer and study, but I “say good morning God, thank you for another day” and do the rest when my mind is working.

  • anna miller says:

    I try, I want to have a morning routine but it is just too much fun reading to my kids, snuggling them, and chatting anywhere from 6:30-8:30 depending on what subject we are discussing, or what book we are reading…

    What I would like my routine to look like is this: (and maybe this will be motivation and soon will become habit)
    5:30-get dressed, help husband get off to work, make breakfast for him etc..
    6:00-7:00 coffee, Bible, read
    7:00-7:45 snuggle time with kids
    7:45-8:00 breakfast
    8:00-8:15 kids do chores while I make client calls
    8:30-11:30 schoolwork
    Afternoon finish up school, free play etc…

    I know I will never regret the snuggle times with the kids but I really need to get things moving quicker in the morning…

  • Anne says:

    I really enjoy my early morning time, but I also stay up late much too often and end up feeling worn out in the afternoons. Here’s my basic plan:

    9:30-10pm Be in bed & ready to sleep

    5-5:30-ish am Praying and Bible Studying
    (sometimes 5:30-6 Work on projects or tidying)
    6-7 Exercise (very basic) and get showered & ready
    7-7:15 Flexible time as I push my baby’s waking time to 7:30
    7-7:30 Nurse 1 year old son and sometimes tend to almost 3year old or 4 1/2 year old
    7:30-7:45 Get children dressed & downstairs
    8 Eat breakfast and clean up
    9 “Homeschooling” hour: Pray through ACTS, read a small passage of Jesus’ words, (get 1 year old to nap), exercise together, read independently, read aloud together
    10:15ish Free play/mommy jobs
    11:15-11:30 Get baby and start lunch

    The afternoon is nowhere close to a working routine… Someday… 🙂

  • Allison says:

    Hi Crystal and others,
    I am definitely not a natural morning person at all and really struggle with the morning. How do you suggest a non-morning person use the morning vs staying up at night? Right now I am really not using either effectively. I go to bed early (by 10pm at the latest) and wake up late (between 6am to 9am) depending on my work schedule. I currently work a variety of shifts during the week 7:30a-4p, 8:30a-5p, and 10:30a-7p. I work M-F. I find it really hard to get anything done after putting our daughter in bed (I feel so tired after our bedtime routine) or in the am before work (prying myself out of bed is so hard).

  • Jessi says:

    My morning routine is:
    5:10am – Get up, morning prayers, make my bed, wash up, get dressed for the day.
    5:25am – Drink a glass of water, Make a cup of coffee, start washing machine, feed/water cats and clean their litter.
    5:30am – Open for the day (I run an in-home childcare center)
    5:35am – Exercise (while my early morning arrivals lay back down)
    5:55am – Prep for the day: check the weather, expected attendance, fill our outside water cooler, wipe down my deck furniture, check my morning lesson plans, prepare our daily bag to take outside, start sun tea, check the day’s menu
    6:10am – Drink a glass of water, make school lunches, prepare first breakfast shift, do any prep work needed for the days snacks, lunches and thaw anything needed for dinner
    6:45- 8am – Wake up any sleepy heads, be available for all my kiddos, help with breakfast clean-up, bathroom times, getting ready for school.
    8:10am – 2nd Breakfast shift, cup of green tea and clean up, bathroom time. Switch load of laundry, complete attendance records.
    8:30am – Morning Lessons – and our day begins!

    I never used to be a morning person but when I decided to stay home to open my business, I struggled a lot at first with my own expectations of how I was going to fulfill all of my roles. I’ve finally found a great balance and I love how much I can accomplish in a morning. I have specific tasks that I do at certain transition times of the day to help keep up on everything. I’ve learned a lot about organization, balance, meal planning, and knowing my limits by reading your site, so thank you!

  • Beth says:

    We haven’t gotten into our summer routine yet, this being the first day of no school. Our plan is:
    6am: for me to wake with my husband, fix his lunch to take to work, have some decaf tea, and check my emails while he gets ready to go.
    6:45a I either have mommy time to craft, watch a show I’ve taped, or go back to sleep.
    8:15a Wake the kids, have breakfast, and hit the road at 9am for a walk on M-W-F, yard work on T-Th.
    After that it is pretty fuzzy…
    But my husband and I have put a lock on our tv from 10am to 2pm. Shows can be taped to watch later, but noone is sitting on their bum all day. The computer and all electronics will all be off-limits, except for my daughters phone.
    Hope this works for us!

  • Sharon says:

    Ok, so what is bedtime then? I have a hard time because my husband works 2nd shift and does not typically get home until 10:30 pm. That means we don’t get to bed until midnight or so, sometimes later. Getting up before the kids is great, but I typically use them as my alarm clock.


  • Kelly says:

    I’m new to reading your blog. I’m just curious why you do laundry every day? Do you really have enough every day for a full load or are just doing small loads?

    As for morning routines, we’ve sort of perfected ours as it takes a bit of discipline to get four kids and two adults up and ready to go every morning.

    6am my alarm goes off and I get up and shower while my husband goes and wakes up the two oldest
    6:15am Shower done, I check on older kids while my husband starts getting the younger two up and dressed
    6:20am Blow dry my hair and get dressed
    6:30am All kids downstairs for breakfast, most mornings my husband handles this and sometimes I do
    6:35am Flat iron my hair
    6:40am I head downstairs, check to make sure the older two have what they need for school and that I have what I need for work
    6:45am Discuss the day with my husband and the kids
    7:00am Hair brushing, clean up breakfast dishes, last minute check
    7:10am Everyone out the door

    • I try to do one load from start to finish every week day. I typically take the weekends off from laundry. So I find that I usually have enough for a full load every day with the five of us plus towels/sheets, etc.

  • Jayne says:

    6:30-7:00 Get up and make breakfast and lunch for my husband
    7:00-8:00ish Coffee with God aka quiet time/Bible study
    8:00-9:00 Get dressed and straighten bedroom and bath
    9:00-12:00 Blog work This is where I need to get a lot more organized.

  • Linda Rethman says:

    I am so proud of you for posting your morning routine. I did something similar some years ago. It was called a Time Map. The first rule of the time map was not to be legalistic about it or it would be doomed for failure. Flexibility is key mainly because we are not robots. I had to consider it my frame for the morning. I still follow it to a big degree. Something I’ve learned about myself is that for some reason or another I just couldn’t get my devotions in with my morning workout. One or the other just would not happen. Being more flexible with my workout helped a great deal. Having a workout partner helped a ton!!! Going to bed at night is still a big problem for me. I’m a flight attendant so there is no normal for any day of the week for me; however, getting back to routine is a discipline and it does work. OK, back to the time map. Create a chart days of the week across the top and hours of “Your Work Day” down the left hand side. I did mine in hour blocks. Square in the appointments you do weekly. My bible study is every wed morning 9 – 11 so I would block that out including commute time. Picking up my daughter was also blocked out as were lunch and dinner. I also blocked in my family time and chore and side project time. Self forgiveness is huge, but to a great degree the Time Map works with personal discipline. I’m so thankful you have reminded me of this. Let me know what works for you.

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