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Negative comments, internet bullying, and why I stopped saying I wasn’t a fashionista

Do you struggle with style and fashion? This post will encourage you SO much!

This post is pretty vulnerable for me to write. Not only am I going to talk about some things that have been transforming in my heart in a really honest way, but I’m going to talk about clothes and fashion.

And any time I talk about clothes and fashion, it seems to evoke a lot of negative comments. I’m not sure what it is, but this is a very real thing.

I Didn’t Know Fashion Was Such a Controversial Topic

For instance, last year, when I decided to get brave and take the Get Your Pretty On Summer Style Challenge and post my outfits every day, I received dozens of completely unexpected comments from people.

Not only did people have all sorts of opinions and share lots of unsolicited advice (“I don’t like that color on you AT ALL.” Or, “I wouldn’t wear those two items together. They don’t go together at all.” Or, “Yesterday’s outfit was SO much better than today’s.”), but there were people telling me they were upset that I’d become so self-centered that I would talk about clothes and post pictures of myself.

Some people even wrote in saying they were going to unfollow my blog because they were so turned off by me posting outfits and acting so full of myself. They couldn’t believe how much I had lost my way since I started blogging.

And then, of course, there were the downright mean comments telling me that I looked unkempt, my hair looked so greasy, or even that I looked like a boy in one outfit. (No, I did not make that comment up!)

It’s Not Like I Was Telling You Who to Vote For!

Here’s the thing: I know I have a public blog. I know that posting on said public blog means that I am opening up myself to any and all responses and comments and criticisms and opinions.

But y’all, I was just trying to challenge myself outside of my clothes comfort zone and I knew that committing to post my outfits each day would guarantee that I’d actually follow through.

From the response, it felt like I’d posted about who you should vote for as our president or that I’d written an essay on breastfeeding versus bottle feeding. But nope, I was just sharing pictures of my outfits every day! 🙂

Apparently, that’s a hot and controversial topic. Or at least one that people have very strong opinions on and they aren’t afraid to freely share them — even if they haven’t been asked! 😉

I’m Kind of Scared to Talk About Fashion Again

So, I am writing this post with a little fear and trepidation and hoping that I’m somehow not kicking the hornet’s nest by talking about clothing and fashion. However, I really wanted to write this post because this is something that has been brewing in my heart and life for many months.

In fact, it all really started when I took the Get Your Pretty On Summer Style Challenge. I thought that was just going to be a simple challenge that would push me out of my comfort zone. But it was more than that!

Yes, that challenge pushed me really far out of my safe little clothing rut. Yes, it inspired me to try new styles, pair outfits in new ways, and even to buy (and wear!) dresses again (something that I really hadn’t done in a long time)!

More than that, though, it caused me to realize that I actually really, really enjoyed looking put together and putting outfits together. It made me feel great all day and it made me smile every time I looked in the mirror.

Why I Stopped Saying I’m Not a Fashionista

If you’ve been a longtime follower, you’ve probably heard me say a number of times that, “I’m not a fashionista!”

I believed this for a very long time. I made it my truth and I lived under this truth.

And I let it hold me back from trying new styles and new colors. It kept me from branching out and getting creative in my closet. I let this belief keep me stuck in a very simple, bland, and minimalist wardrobe.

But the Get Your Pretty On Summer Style Challenge changed all of that. I discovered how much I loved looking great. I learned a lot about what styles I liked and didn’t like.

(I also found out that the mirror often makes you think an outfit looks okay, but that when you take a full length photo of it, you often get a very different impression of the outfit!)

Best of all, because the Get Your Pretty One Summer Style Challenge had all of the wardrobe pieces suggested for you and daily outfit ideas all put together for you, it was so much easier to figure out how to pull together outfits that looked great and that I loved. And because of what I learned from those outfit formulas, it is much, much simpler for me to put together cute outfits now.

I Also Stopped Deflecting Compliments

Over and over again in recent months, people have come up to me and complimented me on my clothes or talked about what great style I have. At first, I was like, “What?? You must have the wrong person! You’re talking about someone else, right?”

But no, it was me they were referring to. And I slowly realized that I didn’t have to shrug off their compliment or say something back like, “Oh this outfit? Um, I’m not a fashionista so I just threw it together. I don’t really know how to dress or what looks good together.”

Instead, I slowly began to realize that I did find a lot of joy in wearing a cute pair of shoes or an outfit that I especially loved and that I felt more confident and happy when I put a little effort into what I wore.

And I realized that I think flies in the face of my longtime declaration that, “I’m not a fashionista!”

So I’ve stopped saying “I’m not a fashionista” and I’ve started believing that I do have fashion sense, that I can put together cute outfits, that it’s okay to let myself spend money on clothes that I really love and that fit me well (provided it’s in the budget, of course!), and that I can have fun trying new styles out — even if I decide I don’t like them!

There has been so much freedom for me in this and I’ve let myself really pay attention to what types of styles I love on others and ways that I can “copy” those styles for my own. And it’s been so fun!

(Full disclosure: Many times, when I realize I’m feeling this way, I’ll be all, “Who are you and what have you done to the person you used to be??” And then I stop myself and say, “But I like the person you are becoming, so don’t try to go back and be who you once were!”)

I credit so much of this transformation to doing the Get Your Pretty On Summer Style Challenge. I loved how it told me exactly what I needed to have in my closet, exactly how to pair those outfits together, and lots of variations and ways to dress things up or dress things down, depending upon my mood or the circumstances of that day.

Get Your Pretty On offers a number of different Style Challenges just like the one I participated in. Each is designed as a guide to building a functional, fashionable wardrobe that works for your every day life. These are each downloadable resource that tells you exactly what you need to have in your closet in order to create dozens of cute outfits!

Not only do you get a list of all the items you need to have in your capsule wardrobe, you get pictures of the items, you get details on exactly what to get and why to have each item in your wardrobe, AND you get links of where to purchase the items, if you don’t already have them in your closet.

If you don’t want to do a Style Challenge, but you’d like to get your hands on a very comprehensive resource to help you put together amazing outfits with a minimal wardrobe, check out The Big Book of Outfit Formulas written by Alison Lumbatis from Get Your Pretty On.

This downloadable book offers 300 Mix & Match Outfit Ideas for the every day woman and it’s packed with outfit inspiration! You’ll have almost a full year of different outfit ideas to choose from! 🙂

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  • Brooke Arroyo says:

    I don’t mind your clothing pictures. I never thought anything of you posting pics of yourself in your outfit for the day.

    • 😉 And I’m guessing there are a lot of you out there who felt like that! It was just so interesting to me how many negative comments I had to delete on my Outfit of the Day posts. I was all, “What did I say and why is this bothering people so much??” 🙂

      • Joy says:

        I loved your gypo posts and it actually inspired me to purchase the summer challenge…followed by the fall challenge, winter challenge and currently the spring challenge. I have never really spent much on clothing before or known how to pair things together – and gypo has totally changed that! I too have felt so much more confident and like I can now go from work to an event or dinner without feeling like a total frump. Thank you so much for being brave enough to try gypo and post about your experience – because hearing about it through you has really been life changing for me!

    • Jennifer Thomson says:

      I Agree with Brooke. I have followed you for many years and didn’t even think twice about these posts except to think, wow I REALLY like that, where can I get it. My heart hurts for you that you’ve had to go through this and ppl can just be so mean especially with the ananimity of the internet. You do you. You’re amazing, inspiring and real. I really appreciate the realness you show, it touches my heart and helps me very week as a woman, a wife, and a working mom.

  • Isn’t it amazing how the most innocuous things bring out the trolls?! I’ve been reading your blog for 10 years now and I’m scratching my head at how anyone would think that you’d “Sold out” or whatever. You’ve always done blog series where you post about what you’re doing for accountability and challenging yourself, and you’ve always mentioned that you were minimalist and not a “Fashionista”, so it makes total sense that you would do a fun clothing challenge! I, for one, love clothes and it’s so much fun to see different outfits. You’ve always looked great and it’s so neat that you discovered having fun with clothes, I have always loved fashion and it’s a really fun and creative hobby! Of course, there’s nothing like commenting on a woman’s appearance to bring out the trolliest of the trolls in any situation, so keep on deleting their comments and posting your fabulous photos!

  • Jessica says:

    People can be so weird sometimes! I didn’t mind at all. As a stay-at-home-mom to 4 (almost 5), if I look cute I try to take a picture–it might not happen again for awhile! My sister is a high school teacher and likes to dress in cute professional outfits and occasionally post an #ootd image on Instagram. So I didn’t think anything of it when you did it. I’m sure your husband and kids love to see you taking good care of yourself and caring for your appearance in one of the ways you can do that! 🙂

  • Brenda H says:

    Sometimes people say mean things to make themselves feel better. They should follow the golden rule if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.
    I think your outfits are super cute if I was younger and thinner I would totally wear them.
    Have a blessed day!

  • Cathy says:

    I have no idea why folks need to tear others down, especially when you were trying to be nothing but helpful. I’m so sorry that happened to you! I always glean everything useful for me in all things and leave the rest.

  • Susan says:

    I guess since I don’t blog I was naive to how brutal people can be. Not everything you write interests me, so I read through what I like and pass by what I don’t want to read. They have that option. And even if you publicly put it on a blog that does not mean that respect and human decency should go out the window. We can blame all sorts of problems in our nation on politics and celebrities, but the reality is it starts in the home.
    I have always thought you had a cute style and you being honest about your makeup lessons from your friend has had me making an effort to look more put together too.

  • Melissa says:

    I really enjoyed your daily summer outfits. I think it’s fun to get inspiration from others. I’m in a style rut myself and don’t feel very fashionable at times. Especially over the last several years since I’ve been a stay-at-home mom and I’m not getting dressed up for work anymore. It is amazing to me how many people will write exactly what they are thinking even though it may be hurtful to someone else. As if you are not a real person with feelings. I know I’m sensitive and would have a really hard time with that. That is one of the biggest reasons that I have never started a blog myself. So I think it’s awesome how you put yourself out there and want to continue to grow as a person and we can follow along and learn new ways to improve ourselves as well!

  • Sara says:

    Since I have been following your blog, I’ve felt that your posts are always very “real”, and I appreciate that! I looked forward to those posts over the summer, probably because I have no sense of fashion whatsoever and I felt like I could relate (lol). Don’t let the negative comments bring you down… I think some people are just scrolling the internet looking for something to vent on. And some people are just mean… Also, thank you for posting this today. Another example of how real you are about what is on your heart and mind 🙂

  • Alessandra says:

    I love this! As we are all “finding” ourselves, sometimes it’s hard to be vulnerable to share, especially when it’s somerhing that seems different but is also really great!! Good for you!

  • Nikki says:

    Sorry to hear people were so mean about your fashion posts. I enjoyed them. I can always use ideas on new outfits.

  • Kathy in Illiois says:

    Every person has their own likes and dislikes in clothing. People should wear what they love and feel comfortable in. You look lovely in all your outfits.
    God bless, Kathy in Illinois

  • Sheila Smith says:

    I actually love your clothing posts. You only answer to an Audience of One. Screw the haters. 😉

  • Kandice says:

    I loved watching your posts about that challenge. There are always hits or missed in challenges. That’s the point. Try something new and find out what works for you.

    This is the post that finally pushed me over the edge to buy the bundle. I’ve been working part-time and my kids are now teens. I have decided just this week to go back to work full time. I’m hoping the stress free homemaking will help ease the transition for my family.

  • lizzy says:

    Reading this as a follower from the very beginning, I actually feel a little teary (“happy tears”) and like this exemplifies the verse “The Lord is my strength”. Your honesty, maturity, and strength both humble and encourage me. Blessings to you!

  • Ramona says:

    If I remember correctly, you were the one who told me about buying clothes on Amazon as long as they had free returns. I do the same now, for some clothes. Maybe it was during the clothes outfit pic times.
    I thought your outfits were nice, the ones you picked looked flattering on you.
    Can’t make everyone happy, but for me, I have read your blog for years, you taught me how to save a bunch of money, so I thank you. I will continue to read your blog. Thanks and may God bless you and your family!

  • Carol says:

    I love these posts! I always need outfit ideas, so keep ’em coming! I’m about to release three books next month, and I know there’ll critical reviews and possibly negative comments, but at the same time I know a lot of people will appreciate the books. Your posts and Instagram stories are just fun to watch; I’ve enjoyed them during the long months of tax season (which are almost behind me – yay!). You’re authentic, and I think it’s wonderful. Keep being you!

  • Lisa L says:

    There will always be mean people Someone actually stole the baby blanket i knitted for our first grandchild from the hospital today. I had in gift bag at lobby desk. So ignore the mean people

  • Suzanne says:

    I thought the Challenge was perfectly in keeping with the theme of your blog. If you experiment a little and find out exactly what you do and don’t like, you ultimately save money by not buying clothes that sit in your closet because they don’t fit properly or you really just don’t like them.

  • Sarah says:

    People with time to make comments that serve no useful purpose, and are nasty besides, have too much time on their hands! My Mother would have put me to work to “cure me” of that kind of attitude (Proverbs 16:27-29). These grown women need to give themselves some “tough love” and do the same.

    I’m glad you’ve discovered you like feeling pretty and that it’s a good thing. Maybe your middle child actually got some of her “inborn style” from your genes but your upbringing/life up until now kept it squelched. Glad to see it “born” for all the world (and especially your family) to enjoy!

  • Sara N says:

    I like the idea that you are challenging yourself to make a positive difference in your own life, and at the same time, inspiring *most* of us to do the same. Sorry we all didn’t speak up sooner to boost your confidence along the way. I guess the nice folks tend to be the quiet ones. 🙂

  • Flcrewof6 says:

    Would love to hear your thoughts in a blog post regarding specifically how you deal with negative comments in a healthy way. I guess I mean strategies as a Christian, as a strong, healthy person or books you’d recommend on the subject. Maybe I am a people pleaser because tactless comments (I’m not a blogger) in real life stick sometimes and cause me bitterness. I do get over it of course but sometimes I just avoid or cut the person out. This week my mom, a proud grandmother, after viewing tons of photos of another grandmother’s grandkids said, “I have two beautiful granddaughters of my own” and proudly showed by girls’ photo. The woman responded, “only the younger one” implying that my older daughter isn’t beautiful. My mom was speechless and told me about it later. It is amazing how cruel and tactless people can be, and I’m sure hiding behind a screen gives them even more courage. Would just like to hear more thoughts on this and how to deal with it. 🙂

    • Janet says:

      One easy way to deal with negative is just say “I can not afford a negative thought” and walk away.

      It is true, and it is not hurtful.
      Just keep positive thoughts in there!

      LIfe is great and we can make it grand with all things beautiful!

    • Flcrewof6 says:

      Thank you Janet, that is beautiful. My husband is wayyy more thick skinned than I am. It is just hard sometimes to know the right approach, turn the other cheeck, call the person on it..I love what you wrote.

  • Marilyn Groneng says:

    Candace Cameron Bure just published a book:” Kindnesses is the New Classy”. In our society today I think this should be required reading!!

  • Jennifer says:

    Wow, why do people care so much if your clothes match or not? (in their opinion!) Everyone is different, people need to worry about themselves.

  • ND says:

    I think you and your blog rock! Sadly we live in a day and age when people can be so mean and cruel, especially behind a computer. I admire the honesty and openness you’ve been showing and owning up to this being out of your comfort zone.
    Keep up the great blog! Look forward to seeing more.

  • Theresa says:

    Isn’t it weird how an attractive successful woman who takes care of herself and her appearance is often treated poorly or even meanly. I witnessed this with my high school history teacher. She is a wonderful woman and teacher with incredibly high standards for herself and her students. She pushes her students because she cares about them and considers her class a college prep class. She also enjoys fashion and exercising. The year before I started high school, a group of parents tried to get her fired and made up nasty rumors about her (none of which were true). If they had succeeded, I would have missed out on one of my best teachers and mentors all because she was an attractive female who enjoyed looking nice and had high standards for her students.

  • Liz says:

    Be yourself! It is YOUR blog and therefore your opinion to which you are entitled! I hope this encourages you. I know where you are coming from and it is hard not to take the nasty comments to heart but the Bible tells us to think on what is pure and right. I LOVE the words of the song by Zach Williams – Fear is a Liar. Don’t let others put/get you down. Yes, constructive criticism has its place but not on a blog post comment. PLUS there are many other there that use criticism to cover up jealousy. Keep up the good work.

  • Treanna says:

    I loved your outfit of the day posts! As someone who lives in leggings (no seriously, I can go a whole month with out repeating a pair) I loved seeing you step outside of your comfort zone and try something new!

  • Stephanie says:

    Folks get bored sometimes when not enough drama is going on in their own lives. They have to look for others that are an easy target to attack. You’re an easy target because there is no sass back from you. Being a blogger you unfortunately have to take it.
    Keep pleasing Jesus like you are, the rest of us don’t matter a lick. We will get happy in the same pants we get mad in ?
    You’re an amazing mother, wife, friend, and everything else.

  • Serena says:

    You are a beautiful woman who is so inspiring to me, so no matter what you wear you are still beautiful. I really love your outfits! You rock big time! Keep going and never stop going!thank you for all your posts !

  • Amy Whitley says:

    This is a great post and I’m glad you shared. I think you always look so nice and fashionable.

  • Cheryl says:

    I think that you look fantastic in all of the outfits!

  • Mae says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for years now and never thought anything of it. In fact I thought it was great you were trying something new. Which inspires me to get out of my comfort zone. I personally feel great when I wear regular clothes instead of gym clothes all day. Sure we have lazy days but I would personally rather take a few extra minutes to feel more confident. Don’t let the mean comments stop you from being you! We have to try knew things or we will never know how it makes us feel and grow.

  • Tasha Fortugaleza says:

    I love that you took the style challenge and posted your outfits online. It was a brave thing to do, and it inspired me to get out of my comfort zone with clothing as well. I really enjoyed seeing all the outfits that you put together, and I hope that you continue to blog about fashion and fashion deals.

  • Kimberly Walker says:

    I love that you share your pictures and outfits and that you are stepping out of your comfort zone. I especially love the bright jewelry you wear with many of your outfits!!! I too am not a fashionista and my current wardrobe is capri sweat pants and t-shirts. I have lost almost 70 pounds in the past year and am trying to find pretty clothes to wear again. I too am trying to find my style and what works well together, but am facing several challenges. One, I had a double mastectomy in 2006 and have nothing “up there” any more. Two, I am still overweight, so the tummy is very prominent. Three, my hardest challenge is that I have no idea what kind of shoes to wear and since I wear an 11 wide, my choices are limited. But everytime I see you in your pretty outfits, it encourages me to wear something pretty, even if it is just a pretty bracelet or earrings! Please don’t stop sharing your outfits! You are inspiring others out here (like me) that are trying to find their fashion styles too!!!

  • Sarah says:

    I’ve read your blog for years and it always makes me sad when you feel like you have to defend yourself! I know it’s a public blog but I can’t see how anyone would find it necessary to tell you whether your outfit choices suit you. Or what your hair looks like, for goodness sakes! Clearly your decision to do that segment made you feel good so it really annoys me that people would try to make you feel bad about yourself. Do just what you’re doing – there’s plenty of us who enjoy it and we don’t feel the need to criticize you!

  • Megan says:

    I believe the proverbs 31 woman dressed well and made sure her family did as well… Not to mention if I had your figure I might run naked! 😉 Haters gonna hate. It’s harder to let it roll off when we are vulnerable or insecure… but you can’t please everyone. As long as your heart is in the right place then all you can do is pray for those who are so hurtful and rude. And what a great teachable moment for your kids too… How to handle hurtful words and not take them to heart.

  • Sophie says:

    Loved this! I remember telling my husband last summer, “good grief people are so rude on MSM’s blog!” You look adorable. Your posts encourage me to get out of work out clothes and actually do my hair ?

  • Angela says:

    I think some people just can’t help but criticize others or tell what to do, and unfortunately, bloggers have to deal with such commenters very too often, just from my personal experience. Maybe there’s something with their self-esteem and they somehow want to take it out on somebody, but are too scared to do it offline, so going online where nobody can see them in the eye and say whatever they up to is really relieving for them, I guess.

  • Kristen Lanese says:

    I’ve been following your blog for years, I adore you and all you posts. I admire you for putting so much out there about yourself and your family. Posting pics and sharing intimate moments about your family. We live in a harsh world where some people think everything is a competition. I read a quote to my nine year old daughter the other day bc I want her to know that things will happen and she has to be strong. Here’s the quote. “ Some people will like you, some will hate you and neither have anything to do with you” pretty powerful. As long as you love yourself you are fine! ❤️ Keep being you Crystal! I love your blog!

  • Christine says:

    I think you’re cute and I like you’re hair. You’ve had so many problems with comments over the years. I hope you consider disabling the comments. Or if that’s not possible, just stop reading them. Let your staff be responsible for reading and responding to comments.

    You’re someone trying to make themselves feel better and when you do, you in the hopes of making someone else feel better.

    Crystal, man’s opinion doesn’t matter; God’s does. You know who you are in Christ. That’s all that matters.

    To the nay-sayers please read Ephesians 4:29-32:

    29 Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. 30 And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. 31 Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. 32 Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

  • Mae says:

    You are beautiful! And people can be so rude!!
    That’s all I have to say!!

  • Diana says:

    So glad you wrote this post. I am shocked people wanted to blast you for sharing your outfits! I love those kinds of posts! Thank you for being bold and courageous all the time with your postings you want to share! I am grateful for you being you 🙂

  • T says:

    Crystal I am really sorry you had to go through that. It is sad that people have nothing better to do than make negative comments about you, your outfits, or anything else that they find to complain about. I really like your style and have pinned some of your outfits on Pinterest. You keep being yourself and doing what YOU enjoy. You aren’t living your life for the internet. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  • Nancy says:

    I look at this site every day and I like your articles. It is sad that people want to say negative things. If they don’t like the pictures and articles, just scan over them and move on with your life people. I would miss my daily read if you did not post different things. Thank you.

  • Janet says:


    I am really really sorry you had to go through all of the negative about fashion.
    I will say this, I was not a fashion person. I had a bare bones wardrobe consisting of about a total all seasons of 50 items total counting everything my coats, shoes, bathing suit etc. This past year I managed to get some “free to me money” I decided to spend some on clothing” what I found out. Clothes are outrageously expensive! I bought a number of items used and I am very happy with the purchases I made, but the first thing I did was research and then I wrote a list of what I wanted and I stuck to the list. I am very happy with what I bought all except I can not find a few items I need but I will wait until I find what I want, settling just gives you a closet full of items you don’t use and love. Post what you want it is your blog! and stop worrying so much what people think take it from a lady who is 60 plus! YOU CAN”T afford a negative thought in your head so delete that from you blog and brain. LOVE TO YOU AND YOURS!!!! Thank you for all that you do!!!

  • Janelle says:

    As someone who has no fashion sense at all, I for one LOVED your post. I honestly got some good ideas from it and your outfits. I don’t see how someone who is challenging themselves to better themselves would be taken as “self-centered”. Sounds to me like a bunch of jealous people not happy with themselves so they have this need to try to tear other people down to their level. Rise above that and hold your head high, and please continue to do what you do. I look forward to your emails and reading your blogs! Keep up the great work!

  • Chris says:

    I would like to say something positive – I really appreciate that there is no swearing on your blog. Social media has revealed the depths of depravity of humanity. 🙁 I posted a question about tires/tire shop on a local Facebook swap shop group. It’s amazing how profanity and criticism of a certain company showed up. I was also reading restaurant reviews on a local FB group last night and it is appalling how petty and childish adults are. Name calling, cattiness, etc. It is totally flabbergasting. I do appreciate your blog.

  • Amanda B says:

    I thought you looked fabulous Crystal! It encouraged me to try some new outfits and go outside of my comfort zone too. 🙂

  • Shelley says:

    I loved the clothing post! They gave me ideas!!! And I started buying clothes on Amazon ??
    Keep them coming!

  • Jen says:

    I follow some other blogs that focus on clothing and makeup and can’t believe some of the comments on those either. But then, I’m not a person who will say anything to someone unless asked and I do my best to be diplomatic. Except for my husband, I ignore a lot of his outfit choices unless we are going out. If it’s bad, I tell him.

    I went back to work 5 years ago after staying home to raise our kids and also make a point of trying to look nice with put together outfits. I feel so much better doing so.

    • Cindy says:

      Crystal, I sense a little jealousy on these negative nellies part! You have such a cute figure! You look good in everything!

  • Brittany says:

    For what it’s worth, I appreciate that you’ve posted cute modest outfits that are more budget friendly. There are a lot of bloggers out there who post outfits that are a lil too pricey for me, and while I realize part of that is sponsorships the bloggers receive, it’s still nice to see other more affordable options…which goes right in line with your values, mission, and vision, from what I see. ☺ I’ve purchased from Cents of Style because I saw it here, and think their prices are so reasonable for what you get! Truthfully, I think those negative comments are representative of what we as women often think about other women, tearing one another down to make ourselves look better in our own eyes (myself included, unfortunately). Since the platform allows more anonymity, people are more bold about letting that inner dialogue out, unfortunately at the expense of influencers like yourself. It stinks you’re the target though! Thanks for your honesty, keep doin’ what you’re doin’, I appreciate you sharing and posting on here what you’re learning, even if its learning to assemble outfits. ☺ Oh, and where did you get that blue dress in your first pic? ?

  • Diane says:

    You are beautiful and brave! I love reading your blog, and I am in awe of your ability to put outfits together and fix your hair in so many cute ways. These are skills I do not possess, but I appreciate them in other people. Thank you for your willingness to put yourself out there.

  • Lauren says:

    I love your style posts! I’ve been reading your blog since I had my first baby and with three kids now, I’m finally starting to find a fashion style that feels true to the person I am today. We’re all money saving MOMs and I’m glad to have some inspiration here of what a cool, savvy mom can look like. Keep rocking it, Crystal! 😀

  • Angela N says:

    I’m so sorry the haters came after you. I enjoyed the challenge, and it inspired me to break out of my “frumpy cloud” as my husband called it. I can’t wait to see what you come up with in the next challenge.

  • Jennifer says:

    Your post about the summer challenge and you posting outfits is what inspired me to join the Fall GYPO style challenge! I am so thankful that you did, because it has changed my whole outlook on clothing and understanding that I feel better when I look put together and feel pretty. It also has helped my budget, because I only by the pieces I need after I shop my closet and then I don’t feel the “need” to continue shopping. Also I do feel somewhat a fashionista at this point, because I know what trends are in and how to use them because of Alison!

  • Lynn says:

    Crystal, I just wanted to say that you are a beautiful person, both inside and out. There will always be critical people in public blogs/forums who are mean, spiteful and just plain jealous sometimes. I am a little jelly that you can make clothes look so good on you. You can’t please everyone so just keep on finding what YOU LOVE and keep wearing those things. They will help you feel beautiful when you wear them. Keep up the good work spiritually as well! <3

  • Judie says:

    I can’t believe how nasty some people can be with their comments. It’s almost like they think they have to be a judge and jury for social media. Whatever happened to accepting that people are different and that we shouldn’t find the need to make rude comments if we don’t agree with them? I just recently retired and I still dress up and put on makeup everyday. It makes me feel good. You have a wonderful blog so you continue doing what you enjoy on it.

  • Amanda says:

    Last summer’s style challenge was my first one, too, and I was so excited to see you on the boards! It makes my heart hurt to think that people made such negative comments to you about trying new outfits, but I hope you were able to enjoy the positive atmosphere of the GYPO FB group for that challenge. I had never met such a group of amazingly supportive women in my life, and that was a BIG part of why I’ve continued the style challenges. Good for you for trying something outside your comfort zone, and loving the transformation within that a cute outfit can accomplish 🙂

  • Lisa says:

    thank you so much for posting this! I just started following your blog and this makes me want to even more =) Looking and feeling great are a part of being a successful mom and woman! I appreciate your openness and I’m so excited about the ultimate homemaking bundle!!

  • Paige says:

    I know it’s hard to ignore the negative people and someone is always willing to tear someone else down. I’m sorry this happened to you. There is NOTHING wrong with wanting to look nice! Especially if it makes YOU feel better. My mantra has always been that I’m dressing for myself and my husband, if we both like it, then anyone else doesn’t matter! Sometimes I don’t even care what DH thinks (he doesn’t like round toed shoes and they are too comfortable to part with). Anyway, I enjoyed your outfit posts last summer and got some ideas from them. I “got” what you were doing and applaud you for stepping out of your comfort zone. Keep on keeping on sister!

  • Joolz says:

    I love that you are so vulnerable, Crystal, that’s why I keep coming back!

    Your posts about the Bundle are the best- I love that you added so many personal comments before promoting the bundle ?

  • What I love is that you kept doing the style challenge and posting pictures with a beautiful smile anyway!

  • Beth L. says:

    Don’t worry about the haters and nay-sayers, Crystal. You are a beautiful person inside and out. Only people who are hurting hurt other people. It’s a reflection of them, not you. Not sure how our society has lost its manners so quickly, but it saddens me. Like our moms and grandmas always used to say, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” I’ve read your blog for years and have learned so much from it. It’s also saved our family hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, at a time when we really needed to improve our finances. So keep blogging and posting whatever you want. You’re awesome, it’s your site, so you do you!

  • Caroline says:

    I love seeing your outfits and photos…you always look amazing! Seeing as how I only wear scrubs for work and yoga pants when not at work I like to live vicariously through others’ fashions! I love your blog…it was the first blog I ever started reading and one of the few I still read over 10 years later!

  • Jr Davis says:

    Some people are crazy on the internet. Keep doing what you are doing and don t let negative comments stop you. You are a blessing to others.

  • Mary says:

    It is absolutely flabbergasting to me that readers find the need to unlease such negativity in their comments. It’s our choice to read a blog post or follow a blog! I personally love your fashion posts – they’re so down to earth and have helped me recognize and work to overcome my own negative selftalk about my style and body. Thank you for continuing to be vulnerable and sharing yourself with us! You are great. ♥️

  • Heather says:

    Wow that is so mean! I know you’ve grown a lot of thick skin over the years as a blogger, but I just can’t believe people feel like they can be so awful to another person. Are we in middle school?!

  • Amy M says:

    Thank you for your courage and vulnerability in sharing this. I hate that people can get so mean in the comments. You always look so cute and put-together! I also don’t have a lot of confidence when it comes to fashion, hair and makeup and tend to make a lot of safe/boring choices, so I have actually loved watching your evolution in this area. It’s been inspiring to me, so thank you for sharing your growth and outfit ideas!

  • Kristin Dunlap says:

    Ugh! Crystal, I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. Why do people feel like they can be as nasty as they want to on social media? I think you look GREAT in every picture! You’re petite an blonde too which most of us wish we were. For me, I’ve settled on a uniform of sorts and have 5-6 of them: t-shirt dress and Birkenstocks. I live in Florida and homeschool, so it’s pretty perfect. It’s cool, can be dressed up, doesn’t require any special undergarments or freshly-shaved armpits, and hides my mummy tummy. 🙂 Remember: for every one of your bullies I bet there are five fans who want to look just like you and be you!

  • Rachel says:

    Hi Crystal. My eyes welled up when reading this. It took some searching to find beautiful, conservative, fashion blogs. Finding yours was such a gem. I actually started following you during your Summer Style Challenge. I just loved your easy and pretty style. (and still do!) I’ve never sent a message before, but I reallly wanted to tell you how much your blog has inspired me to try to be beautiful inside and out. You ARE a fashionista! It’s a bit odd that people were criticizing you for the same reason I started following you. Thank you for blogging. It is fun, inspirational, and captivating. I can’t wait for the upcoming style challenge!

  • Amanda says:

    I have followed your blog for years and kind of slacked lately with life needs. when I checked in and saw this I was like – really some people. I used to work in and industry that I made things for that was very cruel and cut throat. I mean very cruel everyone felt that it was necessary to cut everyone down, throw people under the bus, and just try to destroy everything about them if it was to their benefit. When I was diagnosed with cancer and had to shut down at least temporarily my services. It was posted that I was hideous looking (because I had cancer) as well as many other horrible comments. That i should provide them free things (because I wouldn’t need them I have cancer ) They waited till I was in the hospital and did charge backs on credit cards for items they already had (because they knew I couldn’t fight it if I didn’t know it happened). Not to mention the numerous social media negative comments and harassment while I was recovering, plus harassment to my actual family and friends that they would find on my social . I owed no one anything – they were just petty they couldn’t have what they wanted now. I guess it made them feel better. I sometimes think that people like this try to put down others in an effort to prove they are in the right in my case they had to find another supplier and I gave them good deals many needed my help to make their businesses work. It takes a very weak person to degrade someone. It takes a very strong person to Smile and compliment someone even a stranger. When someone is successful other people want to be part of the success when they can’t they decide to destroy that person. that was 4 years ago I still have yet to recover from the effects and shut down my accounts because they started targeting my niece who was 9 at the time. Yes a small child. Keep posting your stuff if they don’t want t o see it there is a back button in the browser!

  • Carol says:

    People are unbelievable sometimes. It is your blog and you get to write about whatever you want – even clothes. I actually like those posts a lot. They inspire me to put outfits together in a way I wouldn’t ordinarily do and I like that you are just an honest open person talking about ordinary day-to-day things like clothes. 🙂

  • Brenda Duarte says:

    Glad you shared your experience, but just keep being you and keep pushing forward! All the best.

  • Esther Suh says:

    Crystal, I commend you for stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new! I say I’m not a fashionista, but the truth is I love and admire clothes. What a vulnerable thing it is to put yourself out there, but you did it and you are getting stronger as a result of it.
    Yay! I hope you know how much your blog and life have inspired me since I heard about it on KLOVE six years ago. So many things to count: going down to one car, saving money, using coupons, homeschooling, learning frugality, and ultimately starting my own blog.
    I just wanted to tell you that I am huge fan of yours. 🙂 Keep doing what you are doing!!

  • Linda says:

    There will always be negative comments in this world. More so if you are a public personality! I find this idea encouraging!

  • That’s actually crazy how mean people can be behind their monitors. You look stunning, and don’t let anyone tell you anything else!

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