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Why You Need to Schedule Time for Rest


Guest post from Jaime of Like a Bubbling Brook

You’re tired.

If you’re like many moms, you wish you had less stress, a shorter to-do list, and ninja time management skills.

We dream of getting so much accomplished in a day, but we struggle with feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Or maybe we know someone close to us who is struggling with depression, and it weighs on us. Maybe you’re in a season where simply taking a daily shower is an accomplishment.

Moms everywhere feel pressured to be Supermom, red cape and all. We want to be everything to everyone.

But we need to rest.

I know, you want to rest, but you don’t feel like you can take the time. There’s just so much to do. I understand.

Many of us think that resting is something we get to do after our work is done. The problem is, my to-do list is never-ending. The laundry is piling up. Phone calls need to be returned. Dinner needs to be made.

God created everything in six days and rested for one. He gifted us the perfect example of rest so our soul may thrive in relationship with Him. Our weary, earthly bodies need rest! We need dedicated time set aside to recharge and reflect. Without it, our soul, mind, and body will suffer.

If we assume that we can only rest after our work is complete, then we will rarely ever rest. There’s always more to do, another project to get to, another email to send. We live in a society that glorifies busyness, and we’re running on empty. Our days are consumed with worry and anxiety rather than peace and purpose.

Structuring time for rest is challenging when there are young children at home. There are seasons of life when it seems impossible to devote a day to rest. Think outside the box; can you find two half-days in the week for scheduled rest? It may not always happen perfectly, and that’s okay. Make the most of it, based on the season you are in.

Find ways to fit rest into the margins. Teach the principle of rest to your children. Carve out pockets of time to recharge together: have meaningful conversations, watch a family movie, build a lego creation, or go for a nature walk.

Here are five intentional ways to welcome more rest into your schedule:

1. Take a social media fast.

Don’t get me wrong; I think social media is a wonderful tool. I use it myself.

It can also be the biggest time-waster in your day. When I intend to spend five minutes scrolling through my news feed, I look at the clock and realize thirty minutes has flown by.

Could you gain extra time in your week by fasting from social media?

2. Plan a health fast.

Focus on simple, cleansing meals for a season, such as salads, smoothies, and fresh vegetable juices, etc. No elaborate, heavy meals that are time-consuming and labor intensive to prepare.

Think of green, nutrient-rich foods in their most basic form.

3. Be early to rise and early to bed.

Crystal’s Make Over Your Mornings course is a great place to begin. Have your day properly planned and off to the right start; this will help you stay productive and find margins of time that can snowball into a defined time for rest.

Then set a consistent bedtime and make a good night’s sleep a priority.

4. Remember that “less is more”.

Get rid of the extra stuff in your life. Don’t just organize, but clear out the clutter.

I’ve found the fewer possessions I have to care for, the more time I have. More stuff = less time for what matters. Collect experiences instead of things.

5. Plan a trip.

Recent research has suggested planning for a trip or experience is more fulfilling than buying a material item. The anticipation of an upcoming trip, even a short weekend getaway, helps you feel more rested and happier overall.

Set a date to spend the weekend at a state park, visiting family in a neighboring state, or at a hotel with a small waterpark.

We were created to crave rest. We’re able to give our very best to our families when we’ve had time to recharge and refresh.

Strive for one day each week, or at the very least, search for ways to welcome it into the margins of your schedule. You’ll get better with it as you make it a priority!

Are you being intentional about making space for it in your schedule? Are you modeling it for your children? What can you do differently?

Jaime is the creator of Like a Bubbling Brook, a blog about intentional, inspired homemaking, spending money wisely, and cooking real foods at home. She’s a pastor’s wife and mom who lives life in awe of the grace of God, as He has carried them through infertility, job loss, illness, and other trying seasons. She loves encouraging young moms and drinking a mug of steaming white mocha on a cold, snowy day.

Photo credit: via / CC BY-NC

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  • Monica says:

    I totally agree with #5. While it might seem counterintuitive to plan a trip while you are already tired, it certainly works for me. It makes me feel hopeful and excited and gives me some extra energy to push through whatever my current circumstances may be. Great tips!

  • Tina says:


    Thank you for your inspiring article! I am a grandmother who feels exhausted. Our family has moved twice since July, and a third move is on the horizon!

    I am caregiver to four precious girls ages three to nine. I am the busiest I have been in my entire life! I plan to implement intentional rest in my life. God bless you for sharing!

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