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My Goals for 2012

Last year, I set out to be more intentional in setting goals. I broke many of my goals down into monthly pieces and then broke those down even further into weekly bite-sized pieces.

I was amazed at how well this worked! Not only did I follow through with almost every single one of my goals for 2011, but I also was able to accomplish some extra projects.

Since this more specific and intentional method of goal-setting worked so well, I’m following the same pattern with my goals for 2012. Here’s my list of goals:

Goals for 2012

Read through the Bible in a year using this plan.
Read through the 24 books on my 2012 booklist.
Listen to 12 audiobooks.
Run in at least one 5K race.
Complete the Couch to 10K program.
Tackle 12 Do-It-Yourself Projects.
Focus on one habit per month (I’ll be sharing my list of habits in a few days).
Learn to use my new DSLR camera (huge surprise Christmas present from Jesse!!) & improve my photography skills.
Take at least one photo a day and put together a page every week for my Project Life album.
Memorize Colossians using the plan and free download here.

Go on the Love Like You Mean It Cruise.
Go on two Marriage Retreats (overnight trips sans children for planning, talking, goal accountability).
Have monthly date nights.
Read four books together.
Read at least 3 books on marriage.

Continue regular dates/outings with each of the children individually.
Continue Grace and Truth memory book.
Ice-skating lessons for all three children.
Swimming lessons for all three children.
Finish second grade, begin third grade with Kathrynne.
Finish kindergarten, begin first grade with Kaitlynn.
Start preschool with Silas.
Go on at least one field trip every month.
Go on at least one family vacation.
Finish at least 15 read-aloud books.

Ministry/Friendships/Extended Family:
Write at least two handwritten notes every month to encourage someone.
Continue being involved in our local church, homeschool group, young couple’s group, and blogging accountability group.
Continue with weekly get-togethers with both sides of our extended family.

Continue to take Sundays off from blogging/business work.
Continue keeping strict Office Hours for the business/blogging time each day
Switch to a paperless planning system.
Follow my weekly blogging plan.
Plan blog posts out at least a month in advance.
Write and schedule blog posts at least a week in advance.

Continue to tithe 10% of our income.
Give generously to needs in our community and around the world, as God prompts us. (We’ve been looking for 1-2 specific needs to give to each month and find so much joy in giving as God leads us!)
Pay cash for a new-to-us vehicle to replace our family’s van.
Finish saving for and purchase a rental property with cash.

What Are Your Goals for 2012?

If you’ve posted goals for 2012, I’d love for you to share your link below. If you’re new to goal-setting, be sure to read my post on how to set goals and then download my free printable goal-setting worksheet.

On the fourth Saturday of each month in 2012, I’ll be posting an update on my goals and encouraging you to share the progress you’re making on your 2012 goals, too. Let’s encourage one another to live lives of intention and purpose!

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  • Thanks for hosting the link-up Crystal. Your list continues to inspire-as always!

  • Jennifer says:

    I love the idea of coming back at the end of each month to share our progress! Great for accountability!

  • Linda says:

    I just started a blog to be more accountable to my goals. I love your goals. I am still working on adding more to mine but decided to do monthly goals instead of yearly goals.

    • Vanessa says:

      I love the idea of monthly goals instead of yearly. Breaking up the yearly goals into smaller parts would definitely keep me from getting overwhelmed!

    • Linda, I’m doing monthly goals too! I’ve done them in the past, and found that they work much better for me.

      I admire people who plan out a year at a time and stick to it, but life has changed so much in the past year, and will continue to change rapidly (we adopted a 6 and 8 year old this past year, and plan to continue to add more kids to our lives through adoption), so I really don’t know what my life will look like 12 months from now.

      Anyway, if anyone is interested, I recently posted on my goals, and a little more on why I do monthly goals at my blog –

      I’m encouraged to see so many people excited about living intentionally and working towards goals – and I’m excited to hear about everyone’s progress soon!

  • Tracy says:

    That you for this link-up. I look forward to reading others goals. This is my first year actually writing down goals (instead of just leaving them up in my head).

  • Crystal says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your goals and for encouraging us to set our own. I feel like doing so has given me so much direction as a stay-at-home mom, which can be hard to find!

  • Thanks, hope we can catch up soon! 🙂 I loved your free downloadable goal sheets!

  • Allison P says:

    I wish I could link up with you to show my goals… No time for a blog these days… But I did want to mention one goal that I have… Reading through the Bible in one year. If I stay on the plan I am on now, I will be finished in September (I started in Oct ’11). Check out this plan… Its very easy to stick to. It gives you a few days at the end of the month to catch up if you need to. I love it so far. I have been on it for 3 months and I haven’t come to the end of a month without finishing that month’s plan. Very doable.

    Thanks for your encouragement!

  • Valerie says:

    Thank you for all your wonderful posts on organization and goal-setting. You are an inspiration! I pray that you will get to accomplish all the amazing things on your goal list this year. God bless! 🙂

  • Kelly says:

    I love your financial goals, it’s encouraging to see what’s at the top of your list and know that the information I get from you comes from someone with the right priorities. I’m ready to set my own goals and see what I can accomplish in 2012!

  • Meredith says:

    I came up with goals for the following areas: Health, Mothering, Marriage, Home, Habits, Attitude, Work, & Financial…. I then broke down each area into ways I can improve in all those areas I picked. I like your idea of a habit/month. I also love your idea of the accountability at the end of the month. In Dave Ramsey’s most recent newsletter, he used the quote: focus on winning today. I really like it and it’s helping me think about what I can do to reach my goals on a daily basis.

  • Chelsea says:

    Sharing about your goal setting and progress in addition to the printables you make available to your readers has really helped me in my own goals, so a big thank you!
    I’m so excited you’re going on that cruise. I hope one day to be in the financial situation where my husband and I can go on that cruise and be able to pay for airfare as well. I hope you enjoy yourselves!
    One of our 2012 goals is to save to be able to buy a mini van to replace our current small family car. So we have somewhat similar goals there! Yay for accountability!! 🙂 Thanks again!

  • Alli Harden says:

    I was really excited to actually plan and organize goals this year. And I finally feel like they are doable!

  • Christina says:

    Thanks so much for the inspiration, Crystal!! You inspired me all of last year each time I read your goal recaps. Now after reading through your book, I was so ready to make some goals for 2012 and get to work!

    Linked up at #1 – can’t wait to see how much more I will accomplish and grow this year following my goals 🙂

  • Teresa says:

    So, I actually wrote the bulk of, and published my post late last night giving you credit in the opening paragraph because we were encouraged to do this by your priorities post last week! When I saw you were hosting a link up today on this very topic I got really excited 🙂

    God Bless,

  • Samantha says:

    As usual, I’m impressed with how organized you are!! Great goals, by the way.
    I want to do Colossians this year too so thank you for posting the link for that.
    That’s so sweet of Jesse to get you a DSLR. What kind? I have a Canon Rebel Xsi with 3 diff. lens and LOVE it. You’ll have fun!

  • Alicia says:

    I’m trying to steer clear of electronic planning. Things feel more ‘real’ to me when put on paper. If I physically write something, I seem to remember it better.

    I also spend SO much time connected that I want real paperwork. I run several websites, write novels, freelance, consulting, etc. I also read on my Kindle, watch TV, peruse Craigslist with my iPad, even use an app for cookbooks. I’m tired of staring at screens for everything!

  • Thanks for this post! I love the photo at the top. I’ve got my goals in my post that I linked up and am currently working on my goals worksheet to get them all planned out.

  • beth b says:

    When I started brainstorming professional goals it made me realize I need to find a new profession. One where setting goals isn’t an exercise in futility. So my biggest goal for 2012 is to explore what else I might want to do. Since this hadn’t been my original plan I need to spend January developing a game plan as to how to go about this.

  • Becca S. says:

    I did the couch to 5k program last year and it was great! I’m looking to at least run a 10k this year, maybe even a half marathon.
    Thanks for all the great resources and tips you share, I love having you on my facebook news feed page to see what deals/freebies are out there! 🙂

  • Resolutions for us happen all year long, it is goals that make them actually happen for us.

  • Your goals inspire me! I only wrote a few of my personal goals on my blog, but you reminded me to make concrete goals for my family and homeschooling:) Thank you for all you do!

  • Kim Philpot says:

    Thanks for posting this – I laid out the skeleton for my 2012 goals in a recent blog post and will giving more information and fine tuning things in the next few days (organizing, making a place for those goals on my blog, etc). Since some of my goals focus on 12 in 2012 (like 12 books), I may not have all 12 items picked out yet, but I have the shell of the plan which is a good start. Thanks – peace!

  • Heather says:

    Great goals!
    Although if I had an overnight kids-free trip I would forget the goals, planning, etc. and have some FUN! Like sleeping in, eating out, or touristy-stuff, or whatever . . . .

  • Katy says:

    After searching and searching, I could swear there was a downloadable, pretty 21 day habit checklist somewhere?

  • Thank you so much for your continued inspiration! I LOVE reading your blog and I have been looking forward to reading your goals all week!

  • Thanks for the link up! I’ve really enjoyed all of these goal setting posts you’ve been doing this year.

    I’m considering signing my 3 yo up for skating lessons. It should be interesting!

  • Paige L. says:

    Wow – your goals may make me add a few more of my own! I now see some areas of my life that I’m neglecting!

  • You’re an inspiration, as always, Crystal. I’d love to know more about your blogging accountability group. What does that look like exactly and what do you do?

    • Crystal says:

      It’s three of us right now. We meet every other month and keep in touch via email a lot. We share goals, bounce ideas off each other, keep each other accountable for projects, and just generally encourage and pray for each other.

      • That’s a great idea! Important in any endeavor. Thanks for sharing.

      • Ashley - Embracing Beauty says:

        That is an awesome idea! …now to find bloggers! 🙂

      • Christina says:

        Love that idea! Went to a blog conference (Bloggy Boot Camp) in October and was encouraged to find my “tribe” – a group of blogging friends that I could connect with and basically do what you described. I already had a few personal friends that were also blogging friends and we had been sharing and writing back and forth on facebook. I cam home and started a facebook group for our group and it has been wonderful! We bounce ideas off each other, share new things we found to make our blogs work/run better, encourage one another when one is down, congratulate on accomplishments, etc.

        Glad you have this too!

  • Esther says:

    Thanks for posting your goals. I love having the motivation to review and streamline my goals. One quick question–when you do your family read alouds, how is Silas? My youngest is nearly 3 and not super cooperative for sitting still. 🙂 I’ve tried reading aloud while they’re finishing a meal and while that works with some success, I’m curious as to how you handle it. Thanks!

    • Meredith says:

      I would just read while the kids are playing, if it’s a long book. You can also build up their stamina with shorter read alouds. Don’t make it a chore for them, you want it to be enjoyable.

      • Esther says:

        Meredith–Thanks for the reply! I’ll have to look for some shorter read alouds. We love picture books, but those are great for snuggling up and reading. My daughter loves the Magic Tree House books, so perhaps I’ll try those out as a read aloud. Thanks again for the input!

    • Stephanie says:

      My kiddos are older now, but when they were small we would have “training times” for things like this, train your child to quietly play while you read aloud. It may take some time before you actually get a book finished this way, but once you train, you reign:)

  • Joyce says:

    Thanks for being real and accountable and an encouragement to so many. You have been a real encouragement to me over the past year and I look forward to learning more from you!

  • AnneJisca says:

    I posted my 12 goals of the year, inspired by your other post wher eyou shared your 12 DIY projects for this year. 🙂

  • Davonne says:

    I love this post!

    And, competely off topic, but there was a guest post earlier in 2011 by someone who had written a fictional novel about a mom who homeschools her kids. The book was written under a pen name and was supposed to be released sometime last year. I want to purshase the book but cannot find the information anywhere! Can someone please point me in the right direction?

  • Angie D says:

    Ohhhh!! I’m so excited for you and the cruise! The Bauchams and Gary Thomas are my favorite life-changing influences. I hope your socks are blessed off! Let me know what races you’re signing up for; maybe we can run together…or you can run way in front of gasping me!

  • Looking forward to linking up for accountbility. Ths will be the year that we are finally debt free!

  • Chasity says:

    Thanks for the link up…I am trying to be more purposeful!!

  • Jana says:

    As always, you have great goals that make me reflect on my own.

    I didn’t include it in my goals, but I did announce on my blog that I will be donating 10% of my blogging income each month to charity. I have at least one other blogger who’s going to participate and I plan on encouraging others to participate as well. Individually, we may be small but together, we can do big things!

  • amy jeffreys says:

    I loved your goal. I had some of the same similiar goals, especially the ones on marriage and writing encouragement letters to others!

  • Thanks Crystal for always hosting these link ups. I have always been a big goal setter but I find when I come and read a number of everyone else’s goals that they are working on I get so many other ideas of things I really would like to be able to accomplish.

  • EEEK! I am so excited for you that your husband got you an DSLR camera…mine did too, totally unexpected! I LOVE it…as a mom, blogger, and a scrapbooker, it’s wonderful! I didn’t know how great my pictures could be until I got my Canon DSLR. Yay!

  • robyn says:

    wonderful goals! i think you’ll enjoy having a rental property, our bulk income is passive due to rentals. my hubby started buying them as a teen and we’ve flipped a few over the years. we’ve had a lot of friends want/try to get into the rental game but finance their properties and it just doesn’t work as well…cash is the way to go for investment/rental properties and we stick to a 1% rule…if the house cost you $150,000 you have to be getting at least $1500 per month. obviously you can do better than the 1% rule too… we just bought a property at auction for $44,000 valued at $145,000…and total rents are $1000 each month.

  • Tiffany says:

    I am also going to do 12 DIY projects this year! I am pretty excited about it. Here’s my link to what I am doing:

  • Kaidi says:

    This is the very first year I’ve set any goals for an entire year. Wait, no. I’ve had a goal to read at least 12 books a year since 1994 (minimum), and other than one year, I believe it was 1997, I have always succeeded. The year before I had my first child, I read 96 books (but I still decided to start with 12 per year from January and not “roll it over” =)

    That said. Setting more goals including about my children, spiritual life and such has been most liberating. I don’t expect to be 100% successful. I will strive but I know I won’t feel defeated if I don’t always do what I had written down. I honestly didn’t think that writing goals down could feel liberating. Actually, I had no idea I needed any liberating =)

    Finding an accountability partner is going to be difficult since I am a very introverted person. And independent. And I might have to work around it. But either way, thank you for your inspiration.

  • Love your goal’s list. Very impressive:)

  • Debby S. says:

    Thanks for hosting! I just love your blog. I’m always stopping by several times a day!

  • Amanda says:

    Please share your DSLR camera learning journey! I also was surprised with a dslr and am having a time trying to figure it all out. I would love to hear if you find anything helpful with this.

  • Kayla says:

    I posted my link. You really inspire me to stick to my goals and your downloadable pdf’s help a ton. I like to write things down, and have it handy to look at. I have a small list, but I plan on having semi-annual goals as well. Thank you!

  • Elise says:

    Thanks you so much for the link to the Bible reading plan!

  • Hi Crystal! I love all your goal setting that you have done and made it very specific to each area of your life! I have been a follower for quite some time and check your website everyday and on FB! I too remember getting my 1st DSLR camera and being overwhelmed! I have turned that hobby into a profession now and if you are interested in having some guest blogging about how to learn about using the new camera, I would love too assist you in this!
    Thanks for all you do!

  • Lisa-Panamom says:

    Your goal lists look great!!

    I do wonder if I’m the only person who doesn’t do this sort of thing. I decided to pray and have the Lord give me a single word to guide my 2012. I know it’s right for me, but it feels a little minimal compared to all these great long lists.

    Many prayers that y’all are successful with your goals for the year!!

    • Johnlyn says:

      I’m with ya! In fact, every week I post my one word goal here on Crystal’s blog.

      I think we’re all so different that what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. When I tried doing SMART goals, I no longer listened to God’s calling in my life and added an enormous amount of stress in my life. In fact, I made my husband’s life miserable.

      I use FLYLADY routines and to do lists. I also used bloggingwithAmy’s eBook to figure out my main priorities. Then based on those priorities I created a to do list. Very very short to do list.

  • Dana says:

    One of my goals is to start preschool at home with my almost four year old son. He will go to preschool next year, but I want to do some fundamental things before then with him at home. Do you (Crystal) or anyone else have any recommendations for a great preschool curriculum that is not too pricey? Thanks in advance.

    • Ac says:

      We use the Abeka K-4 curriculum and it’s been great! It can be a little pricey but you can often find the materials on eBay. Our daughter has really enjoyed it as well.

  • Arlene Mullen says:

    Thank you for posting this. It helped my get more specific goals and help me accomplish more. I started my blog back up so that I could keep myself more accountable and share what I do with my husband who is deployed.

  • Stephanie says:

    Would love to hear more about your camera! One of my goals this year is to get a new one, and I am not sure which one to get. It can be a bit mind boggling to shop for a new camera when I know so little about them!

    • Crystal says:

      Jesse picked the brain of some guy friends of his who are photographers and then did a bunch of research online. I’m really happy with what he got me–though I was totally shocked when I opened the package! His ability to surprise me and knock my socks off always amazes me as I’m not an easy person to surprise! 🙂

  • Carrie says:

    I linked to my main page, not to my goals page–I’m so sorry!

  • Leslie says:

    wow. good luck! I only had 12 and I thought that was a lot!

  • Thanks for posting about your goals yearly and monthly and for the link-up! I always look forward to reading your goal posts and seeing your progress.

  • In February 2011 I started memorizig Colossians from the link on Ann Voskamp’s site. By God’s grace I will finish in Feb of this year. It feels great to have stuck with a goal for so long and to have hidden so much of God’s word in my heart. Even today, I have been asking God to work Col. 4:6 in me….that my speech would be with grace as though seasoned with salt so that I will know how to respond to every person. I trust the Lord will bless you as you set out on this spiritual BHAG (big hairy audacious goal)! A girlfriend memorized along with me and her accountability was a great encouragement. Yea for you…go for it!!

  • Daisha says:

    I love your take on goal setting . . . such a great example for us all to follow!

  • Andrea says:

    Just curious, with all these goals/plans, how do you find time for spontaneity?

    • Crystal says:

      I enjoy spontaneity so long as it is carefully planned. 🙂

      I saw that quote on Pinterest and realized it fits me to a tee. But in all seriousness, I have to plan to be spontaneous–as contradictory as it sounds. Meaning, I have to plan ahead to carve out an extra hour or two each day to just “be” and just enjoy life, my children, and my husband without a to-do list. Or, plan to take a day completely “off” from life every once in awhile. Yes, I tend to be as Type A as they come!

      One thing that has really helped is for us to keep our weekends really flexible and set aside for fun, relaxing, etc. But yes, I’m sure I drive some people nuts with how goal-oriented I tend to be… I’m working on finding a good balance. 🙂

  • Tracey says:

    I always enjoy reading the goals that others set for the year – they inspire and encourage me! I am seeking to be more focused on others in 2012, so I linked up with 12 “others-oriented” projects (one for each month) that I want to do with our children this year.

  • Tommie says:

    I am as always inspired by your goals.
    I have begun what has been dubbed the “Anti-Procrastination Project”
    Using ideas and inspirations I learned from Money Saving Mom.
    Thank You Crystal

  • Cortney says:

    Crystal, I have been so inspired by your goal setting posts over the last few weeks! I’ve linked up my own. My husband and I are currently much like you were in your basement apartment- I love the encouragement that I get by reading about how you were able to do it, and it gives me hope that we can too! Thanks so much for the work you do on this blog, it really is making a difference!

  • I have different sets of goals this year. I have my yearly goals and then I have monthly goals which are completely different. I’ve never done it this way before and I am hoping I will get more accomplished this way 🙂

  • angel says:

    I’m not sure why my link is bold. ??? I didn’t do anything to make it that way. Maybe it’s bold only for me because it’s my link? I hope so.

    Thank you for all you do. I’m excited we have a place to post and help each other stay accountable. Good luck to everyone!

  • Lena at frugalandthankful says:

    Great goals!! You are such an inspiration!!

  • Angela S. says:

    I linked up my thoughts on the new year and my blogging goals for 2012. As always, I love your blog!

  • What a great comprehensive list! I listed projects that we want/need to do to our new home – so that I don’t get sidetracked with the decorating and ignore that foundation things. I also listed things that we have talked about for a couple of years and just haven’t done it because we haven’t been intentional.

    I’m super excited about the accountability that posting goals on my blog will bring, I also want to be sure that readers understand that these are things that we believe God wants us to do – they need to do what God tells them to do, even if it looks different than everyone else.

  • Kristen@DSG says:

    I’m writing out a series on my goal setting. Today I shared about my volunteer goals – an area where I need to focus attention on organization especially. (I linked at #98.) I find it’s easy to just slide by with volunteering – everyone is happy you’re doing it so no one tells you where you could improve. This year, I’m going to really apply myself to create improvement in all of my volunteer roles. Later this week, I’ll be sharing my fitness. health, and finance goals. I’ve got blogging goals too… and doggie mommy goals LOL, but I don’t want to bore everyone with never ending goals! 🙂

  • Meagan says:

    I am writing goals for the first time this year! Thank you for the encouragement.

  • Becky says:

    I know I should be inspired but I feel so discouraged reading this. Maybe because I remember reading your list last year, didn’t make such a specific, measurable over for myself, see how much you accomplished and feel like i’m in the same . I’m not giving up but I wish I could have your focus for one day. I couldn’t even keep up with your discipline series, which is the topic of the book we’re reading for my church’s women’s discipleship, which is meeting this Saturday and I haven’t even read this month’s chapter (we only meet once a month)

    Good for you though! I’m excited to hear you’ll be buying the rental this year. That’s one of out long term goals but we’re still working on raising the capital through other real estate investment first.

    • Crystal says:

      Don’t be discouraged, okay? Remember that I tend to be a very goal-oriented person and that I’ve been working at this for years.

      One thing at a time… babysteps… you can do it!

  • thanks for the linkup, I’ve already found some other fun blogs through it! I love that you’ll share each month at the end, I’m using the #3in30 format to take my big goals and break them down monthly.

  • Lisa says:

    Wow Crystal! You are so insirational! I am actually trying to limit my goals! 🙂
    Today I blogged about my familygoal to STOP multitasking my family. Something you are already good at!
    Tomorrow I am sharing my blogging goals and Thursday I am sharing my NEW business goals.

  • I decided to spend a whole week reflecting on 2011 and end with a “forecast for 2012”. It was a great exercise. I want to do more of it next year!

  • Diana says:

    Hoping that we both meet our goals. Good luck! Let the new year begin.

  • Shannon says:

    Wow, I thought I was being ambitious with my 20 goals… your list is killer! I keep thinking though that it’s not necessarily about completing the list, it’s about staying focused on what you want to improve and making small changes to help the big ones come about. Good luck with your list, I know I’ll need it with mine!

  • Jacquelyn C says:


    Have you always been a goal-setter? What inspires you to set your goals? I think I’m afraid of failing, so I never end up setting any goals. Do you have any recommendations? How do you decide what you’re goals are going to be?

    • Crystal says:

      I’ve always been a to-do list maker and, since getting married, my husband has challenged me to become much more of a goal-setter. As I’ve set more goals and then followed through with some, I’ve learned more what works for me and how to set realistic, achievable goals and then break those goals down into bite-sized pieces.

      Here’s a post where I talk more about this:

      If you’re completely new to goal-setting, I’d recommend starting really small with a few tiny goals and gradually working up from there.

  • Good luck, everyone!! We can do this!!

  • AmeliaB says:

    I love your blog. It is so helpful (and it looks pretty too). Thank you for the inspiring post. Blessings towards your goals for 2012.


  • Z says:

    That’s an awesome list Crystal! You have inspired me to write goals for this year. I have been following your blog for a few months and you are so motivating! I started writing down weekly goals like you do and i share them with my husband and sisters and i get so much more done! Thanks a bunch!

  • I’m loving reading everyone’s goals! Best of luck accomplishing them!

  • Katy says:

    Love this. Just finished setting up my binder with my goals…One piece I found helpful is that right now, life is relatively calm. I used to do this sort of thing all the time but then life got too hectic to stop and plan. Good lesson on staying simplified.

    One tool that I am using is plastic sheet protectors and wet-erase pens. I have a master daily schedule for each day (every day has a different schedule!) in the sheet protectors, then I can make necessary changes with the wet-erase pen. They smear less than dry-erase.

  • Jamilla Yipp says:

    I love this post, I was recommended to your page by the Frugalista, and let’s just say this page has been a life changer for me. I am a mother of 3 young children, 2 with special needs, and have been deseperate to get my life in order. Alot of your tips, advice etc, has really helped me in the journey. Congrats on your new camera! I am a photographer, and know the joy of pictures, if your need a few good recomendations on good websites to check out in your learning process, I am a self taught photographer, and these were the resources that added me in my journey. check out, (wonderful wealth of information here, though there is a min fee) also (again min fee, but worth it) oh and of course the pioneer woman has a great section as well. Would love to see posts of your pics, hope you stay encourage to do it in a year. I do one each year but never make it lol, hoping this year is better. My goal is to get my pics printed this time .
    Thanks again for all you do with this blog.

  • Tracy O says:

    I have many of the same goals…nice to have someone else working alongside me (& keeping me accountable monthly). I really hope to tackle my projects and work on my personal goals this year. Thanks for the link up!

  • JB says:

    You have been such an inspiration to me to live more intentionally. Thank you for all you do!

  • Steph says:

    Thanks for hosting the link-up! I love reading about your goals and you inspired me to come up with my own goals this year.

  • Allison says:

    Thanks so much for some great motivation. After reading through your recent posts, I am trying to become more goal-oriented, with more specific rather than general goals. So far, so good!

  • Pam says:

    Great goals! I love this time of years and I love setting goals and making plans in general. It’s been fun to check out some new blogs too!

  • Thanks for hosting this link up and inspiring me with your goals!

  • Thank you for sharing your goals with us! I just LOVE your site and refer back to it often! THANKS!

  • Thank you for posting your goals and allowing others to link up. I find it motivating and encouraging to read the goals and plans of others!

    Happy New Year!

  • Nicole says:

    Thanks for holding me accountable! I need this!

  • Bridgett says:

    I love your idea on goal accountability! I think it’s fantastic! As well are your goals! Best wishes as you embark your 2012 adventure!

  • kriswithmany says:

    Thanks for encouraging me to actually share my goals. Hopefully I will stick to them more closely, now that the world can see them!

  • BalancedLife says:

    I truly love your website. Very inspiring!

  • Kelly says:

    Thanks for inspiring me to make my goals public this year! I need the accountability as someone who is not a natural-born goal setter. God has bigger plans for me, though, so I’m ready to stop sitting on the sidelines and get in the game. 🙂

  • jen says:

    thanks for all your inspiration! i have a dslr and learned a lot from KarenRussell. i took her fantastic online course in 2010. here is a link to the website….

  • Katherine says:

    Hello there – I love your blog. But honestly? Your goal list completely stresses me out. Seriously. Every time I’ve looked at it or tried to explain the sheer enormity of it to my husband, I start sweating and thinking how unable I’d be to do even a portion of it. I looked at the comments expecting others to react like me but almost all commenters were motivated and inspired by your list. How? I keep reminding myself not to compare my life to yours. And to remember that I accomplish things and new projects all the time. I just don’t write them down. I’ve chosen my “1 thing” to do every day for 2012 – it’s not a resolution or a goal. Just something for me. But it’s not written down either. I’ve got an 8-week old and a 2-year old with multiple food allergies. And I want to homeschool. And there are a bajillion things I want to do and routines I’d like to put in place but nothing ever gets done. But again – none of those are written down. So since nothing ever seems to get written down, most of my ideas will just stay dreams and the things that do get accomplished won’t be remembered. So maybe in addition to my 1 unwritten daily thing for 2012, I should add a 2nd and make it a goal – to learn how to set goals and write them down and be accountable to them and accomplish them, etc. Then see how I react to your list of 2013 goals next year. It would probably be a motivated and inspired reaction instead of the stressed out one I feel now. I’ll report back in a year.

    • Crystal says:

      You know what? I’d be totally stressed out by my list if I had an 8-week-old and a 2-year-old. Remember that my youngest is 2.5–it makes a HUGE difference. I promise. My life is so, so easy now compared to when I had babies and toddlers.

      Go read this post and be encouraged:

      I’m sure you are doing a fantastic job as a mom. Don’t give up or feel overwhelmed or discouraged by people who are in different seasons of life than you are. However, I heartily encourage you to write a few simple goals down, to put them in a conspicuous location, and to make them your focus this year. Writing your goals down and reviewing them often makes such a big difference!

      Keep on, friend!

  • Anna says:

    Wow! Your daughters are already doing second and kinder work! That is awesome…u and I have daughters born in the same oldest is doing first grade and my youngest is still in preschool…u r an amazing mom and I am so thankful that I can learn from u thru the Internet…although it is easy to get overwhelmed by how amazing u r at everything…u give me a goal to reach for…thank u and God bless u for being such a great example sof a faithful steward in your time, talents, and money!

  • Ebony says:

    This is a little intimidating for me to actually put our goals out there for everyone to see…but we did…so I guess that will help me be more accountable for our household goals for 2012. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    Here’s our list:

  • Great goals Crystal!! Mine are going up tomorrow and I’ll try to remember to come back and link up!

    One of my goals this year is to finish an ebook on photography for bloggers – designed to help bloggers take and present better pictures on their blog. Haha – I should get on that PRONTO and send it your way! 🙂

  • This is the year that I’m going to stop talking about trying things and just do it! I tried your pizza dough recipe last month and have already used it 3 times! I thought it would be so intimidating, but once I actually looked at the recipe and saw what little time it took I decided to not think about it and just do it! I want to keep that attitude going in 2012.

  • I submitted my goals! Hope you enjoy!

  • Shelli says:

    Thanks for giving us a place to submit these. I’m really hoping that by making my goals public I will actually achieve them 😉

  • Hope says:

    I am planning to homeschool and was wondering how old Silas will be when you start preschool? Did you start all of your kids at that age?


    • Crystal says:

      We started the girls at 3. I was waiting to see whether Silas seemed like he’d be ready or not. Since he’s really interested in school and sits in on lots of our homeschooling and asks for his own papers and worksheets, I’m going to go ahead with it in the Fall and see how he does!

  • Aisha says:

    This is GREAT!!! I would like to start a simple yet rewarding homeschool porgram with my 4 year old (as of September) who I know is more than ready. But I want to keep it simple. What are you suggestions on a curriculum and planning out the home school time. Do I do one big 3 hour/2 hour block or spread it out throughout the day?


  • Heather says:

    I’ve been working on memorizing Colossians along with an in-depth study and I am really enjoying it. I’m in the middle of chapter 3. Good luck and may God bless you as you spend more time dwelling on His Word! 🙂 ~Heather

  • Melissa says:

    Thank you, your post inspired me to write my own goals out for 2012. I think it helps to have it on paper and know what I’m working toward. Thanks again.

  • It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one who makes a ton of goals. Good luck on yours for 2012. 🙂

  • Kandace says:

    Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement. Here’s the link to my goals for 2012:

  • Mrs. Rogers says:

    Just linked-up my goals, and I can’t wait to get started!

  • Donna S says:

    Better late, than never! I finally have my list up! Phew! It’s a long one. I’m excited to hear about your cruise this year – it looks great!

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