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Money Saving Mom is back… er, getting there!

Excuse me for a moment while I take a deviation from our usual Super Savings Saturday post and share something personal…

If you've been reading this site for awhile, you've probably noticed I haven't been myself recently. As those of you who follow me on Facebook
know, I've been having a really difficult time the past 8 weeks with postpartum depression. I didn't allow myself to believe that's what it
was for the first few weeks but it finally got so bad that I realized
this was something more than just my hormones getting back to normal
after having a baby.

I am usually a very even-keeled, motivated, productive, Type-A person
who has tons of things I want to do and never enough time to do them
all. PPD hit me like a mac truck; I was barely functioning many days.
I made myself get up in the morning, get dressed, and do the very basic
things I had to do to take care of my home and family, but I had completely lost my
zest for life. There was nothing I wanted to do, nowhere I wanted to
go, and no one I wanted to talk to.

Things finally got so bad that I was willing to admit this was a battle
I could not fight on my own. And, through the help of my wonderful
husband, wise professionals, much research, and friends who have been
where I've been, I'm back on the road to recovery.

This past week was the first week in what seems like a very long time
that I've really started to feel somewhat "normal" again. I'm beginning
to wake up again with my old vivacious, vibrant self again instead of feeling as if I'm
drowning under an ocean of anxiety. The dark clouds which have been
swirling around threatening to suffocate me are beginning to dissipate
and the sun is peeking through them.

I share all of this publicly because I feel it is important to be open
and honest about this. I've done an enormous
amount of research about postpartum depression in the last few weeks
and I've realized that there seems to be a real lack of information out
there and few who are willing to admit to how difficult this is.

If you think you have something more than just the normal "baby blues",
please don't hide it, reach out for help. You need the support of
family, friends, and wise professionals to help you pull out this; you
can't do it yourself. Believe me, I sure tried!

I'm hoping to get back into the swing of writing more posts and sharing
more from my life here very soon but I'm learning to give myself some
slack while I recover. So thank you for your patience and
understanding. I really appreciate it!

I've closed comments on this post since it's a rather sensitive subject, but you are more than welcome to email me if you had something you'd like to comment.

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