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6 Money-Savers for Boy-Moms

Raising boys is fun, adventurous, and...expensive! Check out these helpful money-saving tips for boy-moms!

Guest post from Alicia of Turquoise Grace:

So, you thought only girls were expensive to raise?

So did I!

I have always been told, and honestly always thought, that raising girls was where it hurts your wallet the most. However, as a mom of three (soon to be four!) boys, I’m here to tell you this is not necessarily the case.

First off, I love being a boy-mom. They are fun, energetic, and so, so sweet. I have a very special bond with all three of them, and it warms my heart so much.

But, yes. Boys are expensive, too!

Raising children in general is definitely not cheap, but I was caught off guard with the realization that boys in particular bring with them their own special type of expenses. Between eating habits (especially the older they get), clothing they rip through, sports and extracurricular activities, it can really add up.

So here are a few things I have learned in an effort to save money on raising these precious boys…

1.Shop in bulk as much as possible.

I have tried many a time to limit snacks and curb eating habits, but it never lasts for long. The fact of the matter is – boys love to eat.  And the older they get this only becomes more true.

That’s why shopping in bulk not only saves us so much money since we are able to buy lots of the same thing (hello milk, bread and cereal, anyone?) but it also makes life much more convenient.

If I plan carefully, I can usually get away with bulk shopping every other week. This often means less trips to the store, less temptation to buy, and overall less money spent. Win-win!

2. Utilize hand-me-downs.

Having multiple boys has a unique benefit – assuming the clothes make it that long, each subsequent child can wear the older child’s clothing.

For each of my babies, this has been a lifesaver. I have hardly had to buy any baby or toddler clothing, supplies, strollers, and more due to the fact that we already had everything we needed.

We were able to save some serious cash just by previously saving what we already owned!

3. Repair ripped jeans, shoes, or other clothing items when possible.

If your boys are anything like mine, there’s a good chance they most likely don’t have any pants withOUT holes!

To remedy this, you can always try to patch the knees or reinforce knees with patches underneath to give them an extra sturdy layer of protection.

In the past, I have also re-sewn torn off Velcro buckles on otherwise usable shoes just to get more life out of them.

4. Participate in free outdoor activities.

Extra-curricular activities can really add up cost-wise. And when you’re already living on a tight budget, you may not have the extra cash laying around to shell out for multiple league fees every season for multiple boys. (I am already wondering how we’re going to handle this when all FOUR of our boys are playing sports at the same time!)

Better yet, especially for younger boys, take advantage of any free activities. Check your newspaper listings, community Facebook groups, and your local library for fun, free activities to do with your boys that can simultaneously entertain and wear them out!

5. Don’t bother investing in the expensive toys just yet.

Why spend a bajillion dollars on the latest gadget or trendy toy when you know your toddler is going to enjoy the wrapping paper, bow, and cardboard box just as much, if not more, than the toy itself?

My son just recently turned 2 and we held a small family birthday party for him. We did purchase two small toys for him, but his favorite toy? Yes, it was the $1 light up ball his Great-Grandma got him. Lesson learned!

6. Make your own snacks from scratch.

With a little extra effort, you can save tons of money by making your own snacks for your hungry boys!

My boys love any type of homemade granola balls. And I love them, too! They are healthy, filling, and easily made with ingredients you most likely already have. They are also inexpensive and quick to throw together.

I also love making homemade bread in my bread machine. It’s very cheap and easy to make, I always have all the ingredients, but most of all – it keeps them full!

Now obviously these tips aren’t just for moms of boys – I am sure they can also apply to raising girls, too. But if you have a boy in the house, I am certain a few of these points can save you a little money, both now and in the long run!

What are some things you do to save money raising your kiddos?

Meet Alicia. Jesus Follower, wife to an amazing guy, and boy-mom of three (almost four!). She’s also a coffee lover, avid reader, chocolate addict, and self-proclaimed health enthusiast. Alicia’s single most greatest passion is raising Godly men. She blogs at Turquoise Grace, where she offers practical tips, solutions, and encouragement for moms regarding all things raising boys.

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  • karen b says:

    Oh goodness so much truth here!!!!!!I will say when they get to a certain age they will stop eating as much. We have a 21 year old still at home & he started slowing down around 18-19 which was huge. We also have a 16 year old & YEP he is still eating :). I will also say we have a daughter also in the middle & some of this can definately apply to girls also. Blessings on your family

  • Karen says:

    I have 2 girls and a boy, ages 14, 14 and 15, and he definitely eats at least twice as much as the girls!. Homemade snacks are a lifesaver. I know when they were young I took them to Lowe’s and Home Depot workshops (free). In the summer we did splash pads and in the winter we did inside mall playgrounds. All free! A tarp, sprinkler, dish soap and inflatable swIm ring also provide hours of fun on hot summer days!

    • Alicia says:

      Love those ideas, Karen! We have taken the boys to the Lowe’s workshops in the past and they LOVED them! I’ll definitely check them out again! 🙂

  • Janet says:

    #1.Snacks Popcorn made from scratch , Apples picked from the orchard, and I make my own sort of Pita chips topped with cinnamon and sugar, ( I cut soft taco shells in the shape of triangles and spray them with melted butter , the sprinkle on cinnamon and sugar , I also make my own popsicles out of anything I have on hand that goes over well as a frozen treat.
    #2.Buy used sporting equipment and skip toys for boys except whatever I was given for free.
    #3. Teach them well early on to save they need to buy a ring someday for a girl and a home. They need to be savers!
    Having one boy is different than having two or more as any Mom of two or more boys can tell you.

  • Amy says:

    It’s not a free or necessarily cheap idea, but it saves us money . This year, we gave all our kids an extracurricular budget. Ballet for our daughter is more expensive than two activities our boys may choose. They all get the same amount to spend in a year. This way they’re learning how to prioritize what is important, find free things they enjoy doing and also not over commit and miss out on one of the best parts of childhood- free play.

    • This is so wise, Amy. Love empowering our kids to make good decisions financially. My parents gave me my government child allowance when I was 13 ($30/month). I bought everything with that money – shoes, boots, coats, clothing and even saved up for church retreats. Played a huge role in my being a frugal Mama today.

  • Great to see you over here Alicia. Love Turquoise Grace and Money Saving Mom! With 4 boys (now 15, 13, 11 and 5) I have mastered the art of stockpiling shoes. I call it being pre-paired ;). I have a bookshelf in the basement filled with shoes that my boys can grow into. I get great deals at Payless and use their $6 coupon if I need to go to a different store for my size. I also use my $4 coupon for filling out a survey. Many pairs have cost just a few dollars. I tuck the receipt inside each pair, because Payless has a generous return policy. So if a pair stays unused, we can bless someone else with it, or return it towards another pair.

    • Alicia says:

      Aw thank you so much Karen!

      I love the idea of stockpiling shoes! In fact, we JUST had to replace 3 of our boys’ shoes this week. It seems they are always going through shoes – and jeans! I need to be more prepared for this and watch out for sales! 🙂

  • I have one boy and he seams to go through shoes like food.

    Where were live shoe cobblers charge a lot of money to mend shoes such that its cheaper to buy a new shoes that to mend old shoes.

    Over the years I have bought him shoes from different shops, buying different brands expensive or non-expensive but still manages to find a weakness in each shoe.

    Within a few days or weeks the shoe is gone.

    I must confess this used to make me angry and compare him with his other siblings whose shoes would last much longer than him.

    But I have since learned and accepted that children are different.

    This habit of his of going through shoes like food, it does not move me anymore.

    So to any mother out there with a child who goes through shoes like he doesn’t care.

    I say to you: Keep Calm and Carry On Buying Those Shoes.

  • Margery says:

    You know, these suggestions apply to girls as much as boys. I have both now, and my 15-year old daughter now out-eats my 18-year old teenaged son. We have used bulk food, hand-me-downs, free outdoor play, repaired clothing, and cooking from scratch for both genders.

  • Jenny says:

    I’m a mom of four boys too! (7, 5, 3, and 4 months). We haven’t even gotten very far, but oh the eating!! My older two can easily eat as much as my husband most meals. It’s crazy.

  • Jennifer says:

    Teach your boy to cook and bake once he’s old enough.

    My son took an interest on his own around age 12. Now, he’s 14 and has taken on responsibility for cooking the family dinner at least one night a week, sometimes two. Words cannot express what a gift this is to me. I’m also comforted that he’s learning life skills that will hold him in good stead.

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