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My Monday Morning Plan + Today’s Cleaning Project

My Monday Morning Homemaking Plan

It’s Monday and guess what that means? That means it’s time for our weekly deep-cleaning project! Every Monday morning this year, I’ll be assigning us all a deep-cleaning project to tackle (well, that is, if want to join us!)

Today’s project is to go through your purse/handbag/diaper bag. Clean it out, toss at the trash, re-organize it, and add anything to it that you’ve been meaning to or that you’re always wishing you had when you are out and about.

Here’s my plan for this morning:

  • Exercise, shower.
  • Bible reading/journaling.
  • Morning blogging time.
  • Get kids up — morning chores/breakfast.
  • Morning Time with the kids.
  • Get kids started on their independent work.
  • Clean out my purse.
  • Ready to go — coffee made/lunch made — head to allergy appointment and then to work at our office space.

{Thanks to the #Choose30 Challenge, I already have some “big rocks” done for today!}

This evening, I’ll share a post about how my morning well and give you an update (with pictures) on how my purse-cleaning project went.

Need some motivation? Check out my post on 10 Ways to Make Cleaning More Fun.

Want to join me? Leave a comment to let us know you’re participating! If you have time, tell us what your morning plan is, too.

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  • This morning I started blogging/having breakfast/ making a dinner in the crockpot/cleaning outside of kitchen cupboards/and this afternoon I will be babysitting granddaughter. My purse needs cleaning out for sure. I know my piggy bank will love me when I get done. All my change is usually at the bottom!

  • Faith Dossett says:

    What on earth do you carry in your purse/handbag? I can see how cleaning out kitchen cupboards, the refrigerator, and the bathroom closet can be deep cleaning projects; but I can’t understand a purse or handbag! I only carry (and always have carried) a billfold, compact, lipstick, pack of tissues, and my keys in my purse. (Now a diaper bag is a bigger deal because you have to be prepared for a number of baby situations.) But really — a purse?! I’m just asking because I’m curious. Yes, I was a wife and mother who worked outside the home. I’m retired now but have two grandchildren, and I’ve always been, and still am, an integral part of their pre-K and school lives.

    • Ha! Well, it might not necessarily be considered a “deep cleaning” project for everyone, but it’s still something that I try to do regularly and something that can become pretty bad if not done regularly — at least for me. It seems my purse becomes the catch-all for kid’s papers, trash, and all sorts of other odds and ends! And from talking to other women, it seems I’m not alone in this!

      I actually have made a habit of trying to clean it out after every trip, so it usually doesn’t get too bad. And I was pleasantly surprised that it was not at all as bad as I was expecting today… pictures to come!

    • annie says:

      These are good things to carry. I often thought how fun it would be to just carry a cute vera Bradley wristlet. But then I’d be without my other go to items.

      I also have a comb, lotion, pen, a few lip items, lists, receipts, floss, lactaid, mints, hair accessories, and a funeral card. The papers can go. I can turn my purse upside down to remove any crumbs, and then wipe both the inside and outside clean.

      Yesterday I plopped 3 items into my purse from our reorganized kitchen junk drawer. A tape measure, foldable pliers, and a mini screwdriver set. Next time I’m out, I’ll plop those into my car’s glove box.

      It will feel so good to have that taken care of.

      • Lana says:

        I carry a purse less and less and am going to a small credit card case for my driver’s license, my debit card and a bit of cash. I work with a prison ministry and go into some less safe areas of town and I just feel better having that and my keys and phone in my pockets. It has been really freeing. I was surprised how little I missed all that other stuff, or needed it.

  • This is a fun challenge! A good time to do so today as I am having an not-so-fun morning; two power transformers are out in my neighborhood, so without power and internet, working-from-home clerking, blogging, and my ETSY business is on hold! So, it’s time for a little cleaning!

  • I’m in! My diaper bag is gross or as my tot would say “YUCKY!” Lol!

  • Karen Eddy says:

    We must be on the same wavelength… I cleaned out my purse earlier this morning before reading this:) Funny thing is, I found a pair of reading glasses in there that I have no clue whose they are!! Anyone missing a pair of reading glasses?

  • Nati says:

    Thanks for sharing al your practical routines

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