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Life update: Pregnancy (week 29) + our brand-new hedgehog!

29 weeks!! And what a week it’s been!


Well, this week has definitely been different than what I anticipated! Silas woke up with a high fever on Tuesday morning and all three kids ended up coming down with Flu B over the next two days.

So we’ve been quarantined at home all week and Jesse has been playing round-the-clock nurse to all three kids. He’s been a saint and it’s been so hard for me to not be able to help do much to take care of the kids (it’s dangerous for a pregnant woman to get the flu).

The kids have never all been this sick at the same time, but they’ve been such troopers. Jesse has them on this regimen of elderberry, vitamins, homeopathics, and baking soda baths + lots of fluids/rest + Tylenol/Motrin every time their fever spikes.

They’ve all had such good attitudes despite being miserable. We’re so hopeful that they only have a few more days of fevers before this runs its course.

So none of that was about highlights or pregnancy, but it’s where we are at this week. That said, the highlight has been that I only got a touch of a fever and between rest, fluids, and elderberry, I seem to be dodging the flu bullet so far. And also, I am SO grateful that Jesse has stayed well!


The baby has had the hiccups multiple times this week. I kept waiting for it to happen because I remember all my other babies often having them!

Also, the movements are getting more pronounced and it seems like there’s constantly some baby body part poking out underneath my skin. It has made it that much more real and helped me connect with this child even moreso.


Um, should I admit that almost all I’ve been craving is cheeseburgers?? I have no idea where *that* came from, but Jesse ran to Burger King last night because the cravings were getting pretty ridiculous and for some reason I really wanted a Burger King cheeseburger.

Here’s the crazy thing: I don’t even know if I’ve ever had one before. I can’t even remember ever going to BK in the last decade, but man, the cheeseburgers (yes, I ate two!) tasted SO good!!

Weight gain: 21 pounds

Meet the newest member of the Paine family – Theodore Quiller. (AKA Theo.)

We’ve taken at least 90 videos/pictures of him since we got him and he’s so active that he was basically a blur in most of them. So this was the best we got!

We already love him so much and are excited to have another hedgehog again!

(Theo’s middle name is in honor of Quill, our first hedgehog who died in December from Wobbly Hedgehog Disease.)

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  • Lana says:

    I read something very interesting about fevers a few weeks ago. The fever is caused by calcium lactate pulling out of the bones. The body needs the calcium to fight infection. For over a year I have had the on and off fevers for no apparent reason so I started taking calcium lactate and they stopped. So by taking what the body needed I stopped heating up from the bones releasing the calcium. It must be calcium lactate. This is amazing to know because the misery and aches and pain are gone and by giving the body what it needs to fight infection illnesses are shorter.

    I hope everyone is well soon.

    • Interesting! I’m guessing the flu is a very different situation, but when I had on and off fevers after Silas was born, it was the result of adrenal fatigue. It took healing that for me to no longer have regular fevers. It’s so fascinating how the body works and how different things work for different people.

      • Kelly says:

        I’m so sorry you’re family has been sick. We have been sick in our house hold.

        I was thrilled to learn that you use homeopathic remedies in our home since our family does too. Have you ever heard of cell salts?

        I highly recommend them! They have helped our family a lot through sickness and even it something that our dog uses when sick. It’s something that could really help during your recovery from labor so I wanted to mention it

  • Stephinie says:

    If you keep getting BK cravings make sure you download their app!

  • Julie Holbrook says:

    I hope everyone is well soon. I didn’t realize you had a hedgehog before. Now I understand why you would get one with all you have going on now.

    • Yes, we had Quill for close to three years! Kaitlynn is really into exotic animals (she wants to be an exotic vet when she grows up), so she does all the care and upkeep and does a fantastic job of it!

  • Becky Przy says:

    I hope everyone continues to feel better and you and Jesse stay flu free!
    That’s too funny about the cheeseburger cravings–When I was pregnant, I had a craving for a Wendy’s frosty and I know I had never had one before since the nearest Wendy’s is 45 minutes away. You can bet that we drove to get one;-) Pregnancy is crazy and wonderful!

  • Nikki says:

    I had a cold early in my pregnancy, and I read that you should not take elderberry during pregnancy. Just be careful and do your research. I was bummed that I couldn’t take natural remedies, but safety first.

    • Yes, from what I’ve researched, you shouldn’t take over-the-counter elderberry syrup in pregnancy, but homemade elderberry syrup (like I’m taking) that only has a few natural ingredients is safe. Of course, everyone should definitely do their own research, but that’s the conclusion I came to.

  • Rebecca says:

    We had flu B the end of last year….4 kids and my husband all got it (the last one got sick 8 days after the first). I never had a fever, but did have a head cold that same week. Two of my kids (ages 5 and 7) had fevers for 6 days with it! Praying that your kids are not sick that long. (My older ones, ages 10 and 12, and my husband only had fevers for 3-5 days.) The pediatrician told us to stay home until we’d been fever free for 48 hours.

    • Yes, we’re on our 7th day here… gratefully, it’s our first day with one child who is fever-free and another child who just has a low-grade fever. So I’m really, really hopeful that we’re on an upward trajectory!

  • Amy says:

    I’m glad you haven’t gotten sick with the flu. I hope you stay well. Congratulations on your new family member, he is adorable!

  • Teresa says:

    We had the flu so bad one year (all 5 kids ages 1-11, and both my husband and I) that we had to call in grandma. We could not even get out of bed most of the time to care for the kids. She walked into the house as one threw up on the kitchen floor. I looked at her and she said, “Go to bed, I got this.” I have the best mother-in-law. She took the day off work and not only made us some soup but held each kid and rubbed their backs and heads (somehow she never got it). I have never had the flu like that before or again and I never want it.
    Praying you stay healthy and the rest mend soon.

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