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Good Reads: A Deeper Kind of Calm & Secret of the Prince’s Tomb

I’d read and loved Linda Dillow’s book, Calm My Anxious Heart, last year. So I decided to add two of her other books to this year’s reading list.

This week I finished reading A Deeper Kind of Calm. It’s a short book packed with much to consider and apply in my own life. While it’s a short book (there are only 5 chapters!), I wouldn’t recommend trying to digest it all in one session. In fact, I read one chapter per day and I felt like that was almost too much to chew on.

Linda has a great way of drawing readers in, sharing personal stories of her own struggles and difficulties and sharing testimonies from others who have walked difficult paths, too. While I liked Calm My Anxious Heart more than this book, it was a good read.

We were so excited that Focus on the Family released another book in The Imagination Station series. And, as usual, it didn’t disappoint.

Secret of the Prince’s Tomb is about the Hebrews in Egypt. Jesse read this aloud in the evenings and we all enjoyed it–even if it did end before we were ready for it to be over with.

Have you read any good books recently?

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  • allie says:

    I just finished “Loving the Little Years” and would HIGHLY recommend it!

    • Crystal says:

      I am planning to start it this coming week!

      • allie says:

        I appreciated this book even more because she right in “the thick of things” with five kids five and under. She balances encouragement AND is motivating/convicting at the same time – I finished the book wishing it were several times longer. And she will make you laugh. 🙂

        • Tabitha says:

          Im looking forward to starting this book too!

          • Tanya says:

            A friend gave me “Loving the Little Years” last June, and I’ve been giving it to other friends and mamas adding babies to their families (hey, sometimes we need a mom gift, right?) ever since.

  • Leighann says:

    I just read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. I was appropriately depressed and saddened, seeing how he predicted our culture waaaay back in the 1930s, in such a sad and accurate way. Much more accurate than 1984.

  • Right now I’m reading Seven Habits of Highly Effective People because I’m teaching it this month at our homeschool co-op. Now that I’ve read the book I realize we could have designed a whole semester (or year) around it, instead of just one month! There is so much good stuff in it. I’m also reading The Heirloom Life Gardener by the owner of Baker Creek Seed Company and One Thousand Gifts (what amazing encouragement!)

  • analisa lopez says:

    My son and I just started Kisses From Katie…LOVE it so far!

  • Victoria says:

    I just finished Leota’s Garden by Francine Rivers. It was one of those fiction books that really got you thinking. It reminded me that things are not always what they may seem. We need to think twice before judging someone, we do not really truly understand a person behaviors if we do not take time to know them and their reasoning behind their actions. All stories, have many sides, no ones live is an open book. It was slow going at first, but I am so glad I stuck with it.

  • April says:

    I’m working in a really amazing book right now, a real life changer. I wonder if you’ve heard of it, it’s title is ‘The Money $aving Mom’s Budget’ 🙂

  • I finished reading The First Four Years (Wilder) last week. I wanted to read it by myself before I read it out loud to my girls. I enjoyed it but, I don’t think my girls (age 7 and 4) would enjoy it as much as the earlier books.

  • Katie says:

    I just finished Choosing to SEE by Mary Beth Chapman, and I highly recommend it (but be prepared to cry through most of it!). I also just finished 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp, which EVERYONE recommends! And I have just started Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets You Free by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

  • Tabitha says:

    I just finished The Duggars 20 and Counting. It was amazing to read their background and how the Lord has blessed them, as they have been faithful. They are a really inspiring family. I just got their second book this week from the library. They have recipes in both their books so I’m looking forward to trying some of them.

  • Renee says:

    Your e-book on discipline! =)

  • Michelle says:

    Crystal, I thought you might enjoy this. My two oldest children (ages 7 and 9) are reading the Imagination Station books. I was looking at your site one day this week, and my oldest son walked in and said, “The lady from Money Saving Mom wrote a review of my Imagination Station book. Her name is Crystal P.” It was so neat that he had a connection with one of my favorite Web sites! 🙂

    • Crystal says:

      That is too funny! My oldest was ecstatic when she opened up the book and saw that there. The fact that my name was in the Imagination Station book was much, much more exciting to her than the fact that I wrote a book myself. It was so sweet to see how excited she was about it! 🙂

  • Michelle says:

    That is so sweet. 🙂 She’s obviously very proud of you. One day, she’ll understand how much you’ve done to help grown-ups, too. Congratulations on your book launch, and I’m thankful that you’re doing so much to help Compassion minister to “the least of these.”

  • Karen says:

    I just finished reading book 5 in Beverly Lewis’s series Abram’s Daughters. I love Lewis, but I do like that she pretty much sticks to 3-book series. 5 books is a bit long. However, it was great!

    I am the opposite of you, Crystal: I love fiction and rarely read non-fiction. This year, I’ve made it a goal to read at least 5 non-fiction books (3 on spiritual matters and 2 biographies). I’m starting with Dobson’s Bringing up Boys. Kinda funny perhaps as I’m not a mom…but I am a nanny to 3 boys so I kinda view it as for-work reading. : )

  • Kasey Jo says:

    Just finished Twelve Ordinary Men by John MacArthur. It’s wonderful and hugely insightful. I highly recommend it. I started The Paris Wife this morning. It’s a novel about the first wife of Ernest Hemingway. Set back in the 20’s, it looks like it’s going to be a good read, too.
    I followed your lead and planned out a 2012 reading list as well. I haven’t been reading for pleasure much since I’ve had kids, and I love to read. You’ve encouraged me to find the time to enjoy what I have a passion for — good books.

  • Linda says:

    I finished Parenting is Heart Work. I definitely plan to reread it! I need all the help that I can get for my incredibly strong willed 2 years old little girl. I also skimmed The Magic Room. (Not a favorite, but if Say Yes to the Dress were a book, this would be it.)

    I also listened to A Wrinkle in Time, and am almost done listening to Someone Called Eva. I am so much more content doing my more boring housekeeping, if I can be listening to a book at the same time!

    I also have started Heaven by Randy Alcorn, Walking with the Women of the Bible by Elizabeth George, and When I Lay My Isaac Down. (I realize that I read more, when I can switch it up!

  • Emmy says:

    I have so enjoyed reading the various book reviews. I have discovered new reading treasures and the follow-up reviews have stoked memories of childhood. I remember reading the LHOTP series aloud to my Mom as she completed the weekly ironing…The Long Winter was especially interesting as the family survives months of being snowed in with very little to eat. What a different life from growing up in sunny Santa Cruz, California!

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