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Girly fun

A poofy dress-up skirt from Grandma and Grandpa + a swing set built by Grandpa in her back yard = hours of pure delight, fun and giggles.

Who says you have to have all them fancy toys with bells and gadgets and gizmos to make a little girl happy? Sometimes, the simplest things are the most enjoyable and memorable!

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  • Shelah says:

    We also have two girls about the same age as yours. We have several princess dresses given to me by a friend whose daughter is much older and out-grew them.

    Recently a new neighbor moved in and she asked me if our girls wore princess dresses EVERY DAY. The answer is, “Yes, yes they do!”

  • Chrissy says:

    OMG, too cute! My daughter also has extremely curly blonde/brownish hair. Love the outfit…did she dress herself :)~

    • Crystal says:

      Um, yes. How could you tell? 😉

      One of her very favorite things to do is dress herself. Which means you’ll usually see her in quite the interesting outfit combination!

      • @Crystal, How fun! I can’t wait until my daughter does this, she is only 1. I already have a Snow White princess outfit waiting for her!

      • Anitra says:

        @Crystal, My not-quite-2-year old often “dresses” herself, too. (I give her 2-3 choices of tops & bottoms and help her put them on as needed). But in our case, that means she’s often seen in a Red Sox shirt and a simple skirt she can get on by herself.

  • Adorable!!! I’ll admit, one of the reasons I wanted a little girl was the poofy skirts. Love it!

  • Davonne says:

    So sweet! I’m still waiting for more photos of your new home. I can’t even imagine what it feels like to own a home debt-free. We’re working towards that though, so hopefully one day I’ll know!

  • ann says:

    What a pretty picture! 🙂 These little joys of life are the most memorable ones.

  • Darlene says:

    So true … the simplest things make the best toys and give the most fun.

    The swing is truly a delight worth memorable hours. Our boys have also enjoyed boxes of all shapes & sizes … and making tents with blankets & sheets etc. — also worth hours of FUN!

  • Joy Y. says:

    The best things in life are the everyday types of moments…

  • Monica says:

    How cute!! My girls would love that dress-up skirt.

  • Such a pretty picture. We are in the process of saving up for a swingset for our kids. We had one last year and it was the best investment. Hours and Hours of entertainment!

  • Colleen says:

    Some of my best memories are just playing in the back yard with my sister. Swings or tree climbing or riding bikes. Love it!

  • Kathy says:

    I was wondering how Grandpa built the set (where he got materials and what design he used).

    • Crystal says:

      He designed it himself and bought the materials from a local store. It was his Christmas present to the girls — but he had to wait until we had a house with a yard to build it for them!

  • christi says:

    Yes, the best childhood memories are justsimple, fun stuff with brothers and sisters. Playing matchbox cars, catching fireflies, tea parties and dress up gatherings. It warms my heart watching my children enjoy each other.

  • blue-eyes says:

    She’s so cute! I wish I had a little girl..i’m the mom of 3 boys, 7,3,and 2. Their idea of a fun time is passing gas and burping. I’m seriously outnumbered.

    • Melissa says:

      @blue-eyes, Haha! That’s hilarious……my boys are 2 and 9 months but they are already like that! 🙂 So it doesn’t get better??? Hehe.

      • Lee says:

        @Melissa, I have 3 boys, it doesn’t change…but I love watching the way they interact together as brothers….when they aren’t fighting!!! Mine are 7, 4, and 5 months. Oh and the baby his favorite past time is watching his brothers…who needs toys with them around??

    • Lana says:

      @blue-eyes, A friend has 9 children and the first girl was #5, then a second one came along#9. You most likely will have a girl eventually if you are going for a houseful! As a mom of 2 girls and 3 boys, I’d tell you the best way to keep boys in line is to give them a sister no matter what age. They just boss those boys around!

      • blue-eyes says:

        @Lana, You must be superwoman! 🙂 We’re done having kiddos, I have to content myself on drooling over other mom’s little girls. Sigh.

        • Lana says:

          @blue-eyes, Before you know it there will be grandchildren and there is your chance! So far we only have grandsons but I wouldn’t trade them for girls even to buy all the cute clothes!

      • Rachel Haugaard says:

        @Lana, My husband’s family has 8 kids…7 boys and 1 girl!! The girl was the 7th kid too…wow. 🙂 Needless to say she has TONS of frilly girl clothes…many of which she outgrew before she even wore! After 6 boys my MIL was SOOOOOOO excited to FINALLY get a girl!!

    • Kelly says:

      I have 3 boys as well ages 8, 6 and 3 so I am right there with ya!!

  • My son is 16 months old and his favorite toy is the lid to the baby

    Love my kids=).

  • Tammy says:

    Some people might think that the swing is a fancy toy.All depends on how you got it.Yours was a gift and some may not have the money to buy a swing especially as nice as the one your dad built.

    • Crystal says:

      You’re right — except most people can probably find access to swings for free at a local park or school. 🙂 We did that for years when we didn’t have a yard for a swing set. Either way works just as good. 🙂

  • Angela says:

    Would you share a picture of the swing set? My husband wants to build one from scratch. I, however, want him to go to the store, buy one with the money my mother gave us for it, and put it up NOW! My kids are dying to swing in their own back yard! This is exactly why I am not his boss. ; -)

    • Lana says:

      @Angela, The store bought ones don’t last but the swingset my husband built will probably go on to entertain all the grandkids. Right now I have a porch swing on it and one baby swing but I think it will be all swings again in a few years.

  • Angie says:

    I save all our Halloween costumes and hand-me-down costumes for the kids to play dress-up. Endless hours of fun.

  • Roxanne says:

    How cute! And those curls!- so adorable!

  • Christy says:

    Two of my sons’ favorite DVDs are Donkey Ollie (the donkey that carried Jesus to Jerusalem). A Christian group gave one to every child at his day care. and #2 Team Geotrax (I got it for free–on this blog maybe??)? His current favorite book is Thomas the tank engine songs with buttons that play the songs $5 at the Consignment shop, which is cheap for a book that plays 9 songs! My husband and I laugh at how his favorite things were the free ones or the cheaper things! Oh, and one of his favorite shirts has bugs on it (size 4T)–got it at a fill-a-bag sale at a local consignment shop–usually pay about 50 cents per item of clothing. My mother-in-law got us a box full of hand-me-downs from a client of hers and the same bug shirt is in it (5T) so I guess he will get to enjoy it again next summer!

    We don’t have a yard (townhome), but we live close to several parks and we have enough grass behind us to play golf, baseball, etc.

    Question: I’m assuming you put $50 in the vacation envelope and then add in every month and save–or do you really spend $50 on a vacation?

  • Emma says:

    Gorgeous! What a blessing to have grandparents like that.

  • Ruth says:

    What a sweet girl!

    For those people who can’t get a wooden handmade swing set, we bought a nice stainless steel/unpainted swing set at Sears years ago and it lasted over 20 years until we gave it to another family. It was very heavy gauged plain metal. I thought that was a pretty good investment since it was unusually sturdy. I wonder if they still make those?

  • WilliamB says:


    The attraction of little kids to the boxes the gifts came in, rather than the gifts themselves, is notorious. And a lot of fun.

  • My father in law built my three year old son and one year old daughter a sandbox and they love it. It really makes things more special when you know that someone put time and love into it- my son was so impressed that his papa built something so cool (I think my father in law had just as much fun building it as my kids have playing in it!).

  • While getting my hair colored today (nearly free, by a salon apprentice, mind you), I picked up a gossip magazine and was horrified by this quote from a Bravo TV Real Housewives of New Jersey star who just filed for bankruptcy after blowing over $10 million on an extravagant lifestyle. After thousands of dollars for her young girls’ rooms, clothes, etc., she said something like, “You can never buy your child too many toys.”

    Then later: “Above all, “I want to teach my daughters morals, that’s the No. 1 thing.”

  • Sara Cart says:

    The skirt is awesome! Oh, to be that young again.

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