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Freezer Cooking in an Hour: Whole Wheat Blender Pancakes, Crusty Baguettes, and Quinoa Cookies

I had another successful Freezer Cooking in an Hour session yesterday.  The Whole Wheat Blender Pancakes were fun to make (and that photo above? I shot it in manual mode… yes, I’m getting brave! ;))

I love how the Vitamix makes the pancake batter so smooth.

While the pancakes were baking, I mixed up the yeast mixture for the Crusty Baguettes and let that sit for 10 minutes. Then, I whipped up the Quinoa Cookies.

I love how yellow the batter is when I use farm-fresh eggs!

The Quinoa Cookies were a definite success. They are a soft cookie — more along the lines of a breakfast cookie — and they pack a nutritional punch.

The Crusty Baguettes were so easy to make.

The dough was stickier than I expected so I ended up adding a little more flour than it called for.

I didn’t get a picture of the final Crusty Baguettes, but they were beautiful and I was very impressed with the recipe.

And the Whole Wheat Blender Pancakes turned out well, too. They weren’t sweet — since they didn’t have any sweetener in them — but they were wholesome and yummy.

All in all, it was another very successful Freezer Cooking in an Hour session — yay!

Recipe Links:

Did you do any freezer cooking this week?

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  • The cookies look great! I’ll be trying them gluten free- thanks for sharing, Crystal!

  • Sarah says:

    This week I also made the crusty baguettes (I’ll definitely be making them again, just needs a little bit of tweaking) and we ate one loaf and froze the other. I also got a turkey meatloaf and a double batch of banana chocolate chip pancakes in the freezer.

    This week I’m planning to get some pizza/sandwich pockets and a crock pot roast made and frozen.

    I’m so happy that my eyes have been opened to the fact that freezer cooking can be done a little at a time! I was always overwhelmed and didn’t know how to have a full on freezer cooking session and now I’ve realized that I don’t have to!

  • Kim says:

    I’ve never tried freezing pancakes. How do you freeze pancakes to keep them from sticking together? Then, how do you reheat them? I want to try those with fresh ground whole wheat!!

    • Lay them in a single layer on a baking sheet, freeze 1-2 hours, then transfer to a ziptop bag in the freezer. Reheat for about a minute in the microwave.

    • Kim says:

      Here’s the freezer cooking I’ve done so far this week: oatmeal packets (they’re in the cupboard, not the freezer) ; 2 lbs black beans; double recipe black beans & rice; double recipe taco meat; double recipe spaghetti pie; & am making a double recipe of 3 cheese pie today.

    • Whitney says:

      What Heather said – only I reheat them in the toaster. I prefer them that way, because they get a little crispy on the edges like they just came off the skillet. They’ll also work better that way for making a pancake “sandwich” with nut butter and bananas in between.

      • Kim says:

        We already spread pb on pancakes, but had never thought of the “sandwich” idea! Thanks Heather & Whitney!! 🙂

  • We had boxes of Shredded Wheat, free from super double coupons event, and I googled recipes to use it. The end result was a cereal bar similar to the energy bites you have made…easy to make and so decadent we must store them in the freezer to ration them!

    Pancake mix in the blender sounds good. Why do some recipes say the batter should be lumpy? I disagree!

    • kate says:

      i think it’s usually because the batter isn’t supposed to be over-mixed. if you mix it long enough to get the lumps out, it may make the batter too tough and chewy. you’re usually just supposed to mix it just enough to combine the wet and dry ingredients and no more.

  • Tanya says:

    A couple of questions: Did you really throw ice-cubes on the bottom of your oven for the crusty bread? Also, did you use any whole wheat flour? Thanks!

  • Shelly says:

    This week I was able to get a couple of packages of ground beef on a buy one get one free sale. So my freezer cooking this week was preparing that for the freezer. I browned up about 5 pounds of ground beef, packaged some raw for the freezer and made twice baked taco potatoes. The potatoes my family loves so much that not many of them made it into the freezer. 🙂

  • Gwen says:

    Thank you for the quinoa cookie recipe. I would never have thought to use quinoa that way. I am not a fan of it as a ‘savory’ side dish, so this is a great way to get the nutrition. Added bonus- I love almost any recipe that includes coconut.

  • Leigh says:

    Are these pancakes okay to do in the regular vitamix container? I don’t have the grain container and don’t want to scratch up my expensive new toy! 🙂 They look great! Thanks!

  • Jillian Kay says:

    I haven’t done any yet, but I did get my to-do list together and got groceries:

  • Charity says:

    I put five meals worth of sloppy joe meat, two huge spinach lasagnas, and three loaves of banana bread in the freezer this week. This brings my total of ‘after baby arrives’ meals to over 120! Although I didn’t make all the freezer meals I had planned for the week, at 40+weeks pregnant I’m considering anything I accomplish at this point a success. 😉

    • Crystal says:

      I’m *thoroughly* impressed!

      • Charity says:

        You’re kind, and you’d probably be equally impressed with the size of my ankles at this point. Oy! Surely labor is in my near future. My children think Easter weekend would be a perfect time for a new sibling to arrive. 🙂

  • Joy says:

    The Baguettes are wonderful!!!!!

    • Judith says:

      I have the baguettes rising right now and can’t wait to eat the fresh bread! How did you roll them into thin ropes? With your hands? With a rolling pin??

      Did anyone use part whole wheat? How did that go?

      Thanks for the link!

      • Joy says:

        I floured my hands & rolled the ropes, sort of stretching them out as I rolled. I haven’t tried using whole wheat flour, but I probably will try using 1/2 white & 1/2 wheat.

  • Thanks for posting a link to my quinoa cookie recipe, glad you liked them!! 🙂

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