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Early to Rise Challenge: Don’t Settle for Average!

Welcome to the Early to Rise Challenge! Throughout the month of March, I’m challenging myself and my readers to make the most of their mornings. So every week day morning at 9 a.m. EST, I’m posting a short Early to Rise post. I’ll share a few of my thoughts on the day’s passage from Early to Rise, tell you what time I got up that morning, and encourage you to leave a comment to tell us what time you got up and how you’re doing on the challenge.

Don’t Be Average!

It’s the last official day for the Early to Rise challenge here. I have been so blessed by each and everyone of you who participated, commented, and/or read along with this challenge this month.

You all were such an inspiration to me in this challenge. And I had one of the best months I’ve had in a long time — thanks in great part to faithfully getting up early.

I want to close out this challenge by encouraging you to continue to use your mornings well. Just because the challenge is over doesn’t mean that you need to stop getting up early or being productive in the morning. Find someone locally or online to be your accountability partner and keep with it.

You were made for more than average. Don’t settle for the status quo. Wrap your life, your time, your efforts, your priorities around those things that are going to matter in 25 years.

You’ve only got one life to live. Make the most of it!

What Time Did You Get Up This Morning?

We had another late night last night at a family gathering so I skipped my crazy-early morning wake-up time and “slept in” a little. 🙂

What time did you get up? Leave a comment and let us know!

Join in the Chatter!

Want to blog about this challenge? If you’re blogging through this challenge with me, be sure to leave your link to your direct post for today below. Plus, if you’d like to post your daily posts to the Early to Rise Group Board on my Pinterest page, just shoot me an email (moneysavingmom @ gmail dot com) and I’ll invite you.

Want to follow along on Twitter or Instagram? Each week day morning on my Facebook Page, my Twitter account, and my Instagram account, I’ll be posting a picture of my alarm clock as public accountability. I’d love to have you do the same or join in the discussion on Twitter and Instagram. Just follow hashtag #EarlytoRise to see what others are tweeting and Instagramming about this challenge!

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  • I got up at 6:00 this morning! We’re taking a family day trip to Alabama to watch my husband’s cousin play baseball, and our goal was to be on the road at 7:15. With two small children and our own tendencies to hit the snooze button, I wasn’t entirely confident that we would make it.

    My husband and I both got up at 6:00, ate a healthy breakfast (together!), and high-fived each other as we pulled out of the driveway at exactly 7:15. The best part? We’re nearly an hour and a half down the road and still haven’t thought of anything we forgot.

  • Robyn says:

    It was our first day of spring break and I actually slept in today! I think I will challenge my Facebook friends to do this with me during the month of April. I too experienced one of the best months I’ve had in a while and want it to continue. Thanks for leading the charge!

  • I didn’t wake up early today. I was up most of the night with my son who is sick with a bad cough/fever.
    But, I am still carrying the “spirit” of the challenge. Thank you for hosting this! I have enjoyed it very much. I look forward to next month’s “Spring Cleaning” !


  • Shelly says:

    Today I was up at 6:05. I woke up at 4:00 but then decided to stay in bed as I didn’t get to sleep until 11:30. I know I am going to have a busy day today with family coming to visit for my son’s birthday so I didn’t want to be tired.

    I have so enjoyed this challenge. I have wanted for a while to start getting up early and always had some excuse. This challenge was just what I needed. I have started exercising each morning and getting some writing done too.

    Thanks for hosting the challenge.

  • Tracy says:

    I did not join in this challenge. I would like to join in the spring cleaning challenge. I want to thank you for being inspiring, relevant and real in your blog posts. I enjoy reading your blog and visit several times a day. Thank you for being encouraging. It is what so many people need. I feel like you are my personal cheerleader leading me to do what is right. Telling me that if I wasn’t able to accomplish it today, then I can still accomplish it tomorrow. Whatever “it” may be.

  • Anna says:

    This challenge is great! Having said that, I have been dragged out of bed at 6 am against my will by my sweet 8 month old every day for the last three weeks! I have tried adjusting his bedtime this way and that, tried topping him off with food before bed, nothing. Then today, randomly, he slept in til 9:30. 9:30!!!! Best day ever. If I could bottle the secret, I would lol.

  • Sarah says:

    Today was our Spring Break holiday, so I slept in till 7:20am. It was wonderful! I am so proud to say that other than the one day I forgot to set the alarm and one other day when I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed at the last possible moment, I successfully rose early for the entire month of March!

    Thanks so much for the idea, inspiration and support, Crystal! I am really looking forward to the Spring Cleaning challenge.

  • Andy Traub says:

    Crystal, thank you for leading your friends in this journey and for helping spread my book to so many people. It was awesome hearing the changes people made in their lives. Bless all of you and thanks for purchasing my book and supporting my work and family through that act.

    • Lucy says:

      Thank you for your inspirational book, it was way worth to read your book. I love how you write and easy to read and motivated me so much every single morning. I’m so cheapskate, always download free book from amazon to my kindle, but your book was very worth to purchase, and changed my lifestyle and midset so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

      And Crystal, I love you, I love your blog, you inspired so many people. you are so gifted. Your positive energy is motivating us so much. Thank you.

    • Paula says:

      Thanks Andy for your book!

  • Melissa says:

    Up at 5:08am. Not bad for a Friday! 🙂

    When I read about what ‘average’ people do or spend, I always cringe whether it’s what the average square feet of homes happens to be or what the average family of a certain size spends on groceries or what the average credit card debt load is. I definitely aim to not be average in these arenas. Thank you for encouraging us to challenge ourselves to be different and to make the best choices for ourselves and our families!

  • Melodie says:

    Up at 6:05 this morning!!! This challenge has really changed my life! This whole week I’ve actually been to work BEFORE my scheduled time instead of after :-). Plus it has been such a huge blessing to start my day off with a relaxing morning routine and time with the Lord. I’ve even been contemplating changing my work schedule so I come in half an hour earlier…because I know I can get up early enough now!!! LOVE it!
    Definitely joining next month’s challenge…although we’ll be moving right in the middle of it 🙂 I love reading your blog; it has always been so encouraging and rewarding. It’s nice to know there are other Christian, homeschooling, debt-free ‘weirdos’ (according to others’ views!) out there, who live a life to glorify God 😉

  • Anne says:

    Thanks to you Crystal and this challenge. I can’t wait to see where I’ll be one year from now!

  • I was up at 6:38 this morning just as my son was crawling into my bed asking if we could have some cuddle time. Needless to say, after cuddling, talking and playing, I didn’t get out of bed until almost 7:30! It was so worth it, though. 🙂

    I am so sorry this challenge is over. 🙁 I am going to definitely do my best to keep up the momentum and continue getting up early.

    Thanks Crystal for hosting this challenge all month and to Andy for writing such a practical and helpful book!

  • I can’t believe it’s over! I’m still getting back on track.

    I’m so thankful for all your hard work in encouraging us.

  • Kelly says:

    I loved this challenge. I am a morning person so it wasn’t much of a stretch. I stuck to my goal of 5:00 AM everyday including spring break and weekends. It really helped e keep on track and accomplish more than I would have if I stayed in bed or didn’t start moving early.

  • K Quinn says:

    I can’t believe this is almost done. I woke up late this morning. I need some B vitamins and iron in my diet. I’ve been just tuckered this week. Spring Break is next week and I have some big plans for this house. The mess that can happen in homeschooling! Tsk, tsk !

    • Jenni says:

      You may want to look into Rainbow Light vitamins – I have never been one to take some until I realized how much better I felt when taking these, and no, I don’t sell them, just love them. Look on Amazon.

      • K Quinn says:

        Jenni believe it or not I take a full on vitamin. I take Source of Life multi in the liquid form. I’m allergic to soy so vitamins are one place I have to be very careful. I usually take a B supplement with my multi but I had been omitting that for about the past month (just being lazy). I learned about 20 years ago how important supplements were in my diet. It’s the iron and the B I’ve been slacking on that’s how I know. Source of Life doesn’t carry 100% iron which is good because my hubby takes it too.

  • Amy Johnson says:

    I ran across this series of post midway through the month and had already been considering a new, earlier morning routine. What I have read so far put me over the edge and we’ve been doing the new routine for a week.

    I really didn’t start waking up much earlier (6:45), but started the routine and activities earlier. We had been frittering the mornings away while waiting for our usual YMCA time of 10am. Now we go to the Y by 8:30, which also allows me to take some great classes, so I get a better workout. Then we’re home around 10:45 to begin school, after the kids have gotten some exercise too.

  • Sandra says:

    I set the alarm for 0600 and awoke at 0550. Worshiped, made breakfast, got ready and off to my training class for work. Popped into Walgreen’s for the Cottonelle deal and now I’m home getting ready for my family to arrive at my home to celebrate Easter! A Blessed Easter to all!

  • Ann says:

    Just found out about this challenge from another reader so I’ve missed it. I will however challenge myself for the month of April. This is perfect timing because I began my PhD program Apr 18!

  • Shannon says:

    This challenge changed my life and habits and one of the best things I’ve ever done. Thank you for hosting this challenge Crystal and thank you for creating such an effective and inspiring challenge Andy Traub!

  • Paula says:

    Crystal, this was such a great challenge so I secretly wish we could extend it for another….month…or two. (smile) Thanks again to you and Andy!

  • I’ve been rising early during the week for the past year and half and this series was so refreshing and motivating! I’m starting back to school (online) to become a Lactation Consultant. With a little one, a husband and a household I want to make sure it runs smoothly. This series helped me develop a plan for rising just a little bit earlier (and to bed earlier) to accomplish my school work and household tasks, all the while enjoying my little family. I’m eager to wake up early because it will help accomplish goals that are meaningful to me and my family. Thank you for this series!

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