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The power of actually telling someone how much you love them (instead of just assuming they know!)

The power of expressing love

I recently read The Life-Giving Home by Sally and Sarah Clarkson and one of the chapters was on the power of expressing love. I was really inspired by this quote:

Just as a plant needs to be watered daily, affirmation and encouragement need to be communicated over and over again.

Think of the people in your life whom you love dearly. Have you been watering them with words of affirmation and encouragement? 

Don’t hold back or wait until it’s too late to tell someone how much you appreciate them. Go through your days looking for ways to encourage and uplift others with your words.That day when you realize your "little kids" are no longer little any more

Here are some examples Sally gave of ways to share love verbally to others:

  • I’m glad you are my friend.
  • You are a gift from God to me, my precious child.
  • My life is so much more fun…richer…happier…fulfilling, because I have you in my life.
  • I believe in you, your dreams, your potential, your faith, your integrity… YOU!

Ask yourself: Are the words you are speaking to other people life-giving? Are they breathing hope and motivation and encouragement into their hearts and souls?

Our words have so much power. They have power to hurt and power to heal. I know I’ve been on the receiving end of both kinds of words and I’ve been on the giving end of both kinds of words, too.

That day when you wake up and realize your "little kids" are no longer little any more...

Sally shared in this chapter how she made a commitment to regularly share with the people in her life exactly what they meant to her. She said she wants them to know beyond a shadow of a doubt how much she cares about them.

I love this! I don’t want the people closest to me to go through life wondering where they stand with me or wondering if I care about them. I want them to know that I love them wholeheartedly and care so incredibly much about them.

Don’t assume that your family and friends know what you think about them or know how much you care about them. They can’t read your thoughts.

Tell your kids how much you love them. Let your spouse know exactly how you feel about him or her.

The power of expressing love

Take time to express appreciation and affirmation for others in your life. You never know how much one small phrase could affect another person and impact them in a positive way for the rest of their life. Your words could very well change someone’s life, or at the very least, make their day a little bit better.

Speak those words to others… today. Because there’s no better time than now to express to others how much you love them. 

What are some ways you love to express your love for others (or ways that others have shown you love)? Tell us in the comments so we can be inspired!

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  • Rebekah says:

    Great post! However, I am wondering where you got that shirt for your son in the voting picture. We are just finishing The Green Ember right now and my kids would love that!!

  • Tanya says:

    What a powerful message. I wish I did more of this. I always tell my kids how much they mean to me but I need to be more intentional with others how they have impacted my life.

  • kathy wallace says:

    I want to thank you for bringing this to my attention. I don’t do this enough and you never know what a positive comment to someone can do for them.
    Thanks for all your hard work on your blog, I love it and I will be checking out the book too.

  • Bella says:

    I do need to be more intentional giving compliments and thanking my husband and children on the spot. Thanks Crystal!

  • Leanne says:

    I was really challenged this year when I VERY sick and spent most of my February and March in the hospital and recovering… this is what I tried to do…
    1. Wrote real thank you notes (one friend received 3 on accident! I was on a lot of meds!)
    2. Continued to text, frequently, with one of my closest friends whose son has been fighting leukemia for 3 years– she is always such a powerful reminder of joy and faith in the midst of truly life altering circumstances
    3. gave small gifts to certain people when I could– a favorite candy bar, THM healthy chocolate bars, a small, sweet candle, and a willow tree angel, and flowers. The biggest splurge was giving two friends who helped me so much with carting around my kids while I couldn’t drive, Vera Bradley tote bags from their outlet (they were still 50% off! and they loved them!)
    4. and saying THANK YOU in person…. I know from personal experience that the power of those words can encourage and inspire when life just seems very heavy!
    great article! love Sally Clarkson

  • Kariane says:

    This is so important. I try to do this every day with my family, but an encouraging reminder is always nice and helpful.

    Crystal, I appreciate your honesty and insights. 🙂

  • Love these pics of your beautiful family. 😀

  • Love this and LOVE you, friend!

  • Darcy D. says:

    This is a great reminder for all of us with all of our relationships – family, friends, significant others, etc. It’s easy to assume someone knows you care for them, but it’s just as easy to fall into a negative trap of loneliness that may not truly exist. Why leave any doubt? 🙂 Make sure they know!

    There are the obvious choices: verbal affirmation, spending time with one another, physical contact – hugs, kisses, etc. For local friends I make a conscious effort to plan time together – in groups and one-on-one.

    And other ideas: Send a random text, email or photo to let them know you appreciate them! If you see a card in the store that makes you think of them, go ahead and buy it and send it to them (or buy blank cards to keep on-hand for this). Send a random gift for no particular reason – just because you thought of them and wanted to remind them of it. 🙂

  • Daisy says:

    I still need to improve on this, although I’m getting better at telling people I love them and appreciate them on a daily basis.

    Love that last picture of you and our beautiful family in the kitchen.

  • Guest says:

    Love, love, love this! I’d expand it to include those who care for us/serve us/etc. as well. This seems so ridiculous now but I was terrified going in for a colonoscopy and the nurses were AMAZING. I had custom cookies made for them and took them to the hospital and they seemed genuinely blown away and so touched. I’ve sent a text to our wonderful cleaning lady to thank her for making our home peaceful and beautiful through her hard work. If we keep our eyes and ears open, there are people all around us doing things all the time that are worth commenting on. I love praising boys and young men who hold the door open for me for being gentleman. We get what we reward in life so praising and rewarding these, seemingly small, behaviors are encouraging others. LOVE it!

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