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That day when you realize your “little kids” are no longer little any more…

That day when you wake up and realize your "little kids" aren't so little any more!

It’s so amazing and kind of crazy to have kids who are so self-sufficient! “Mom, I’m going to make burritos for lunch. Is that okay?” And then she proceeds to make lunch and set the table and then call us all to come eat.

Moms of littles, I know it’s hard right now. You feel like all you do is make food, clean up messes, change diapers, say the same things over and over again, do endless piles of laundry… And you wonder if these little people are ever going to figure out how to do anything for themselves.

Hear me out: it’s going to be worth it. Don’t give up!

The day is coming when you’ll wake up and realize those little people aren’t so little any more and they are capable of doing so much and are becoming such good help, are so fun, and that you just love being around them (most of the time, at least!)

It’s a beautiful thing!

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  • Alicia says:

    Aw, how sweet!

    My oldest is 7 and so independent. It’s awesome and amazing watching them grow, but it also kind of makes me sad and I miss my baby. They grow up SO fast!

  • Kim says:

    How wonderful to have your child make lunch for you and your family!!

    I wonder if this is a “girl thing” because my 11 year old son doesn’t do anything on his own. My 6 year old daughter, on the other hand, is a totally different story…little miss independent!

  • Renee says:

    It’s so true. They grow up way to fast, and then we want to slow them down so quickly. We have a now 17 year old, and an 11 year old, and it seems like only yesterday, that they were toddlers. I love seeing your posts on your kiddos. They seem like very responsible, and awesome kids. You should be very proud, and I know from your posts, that you are. What a blessing.

  • Monica says:

    It is a wonderful thing! Having children in a broad age range (from 5 to 21), I can say with certainty that every season is rewarding in its own ways. When they are able to do for themselves and others, it’s like a little win for everyone involved! Great job, moma and daughter!

  • Guest says:

    This train of thought was JUST in my mind over the weekend. Ours are 6 and 8 and I heard the back door opening early Saturday morning and smiled knowing that one of the kids was up and letting out the dogs and feeding them. Around 4 years ago we had friends over who have kids a few years older than ours and they were saying that their kids got up on Saturday mornings and made their own cereal and played to let Mom and Dad sleep in a little bit (’til 7 something – ha) and it seemed so far out of reach like it would never happen for us. Yet here we are a few more years down the road and our kids are doing so many things for themselves and even the time we have together is so fun because they’re able to play more advanced games and have such great conversations with us.

    One of the biggest challenges I’ve had as a mom is remembering that the current phase is just that…a phase.

    A final thought..if we teach our kids skills and responsibility from a young age they are wonderful partners in the home. But we have to teach them and hold them accountable!

  • MomofTwoPreciousGirls says:

    Mine are 6 & 8…the 6 yo has always been a bit independent but the older one wanted nothing to do with it! They have been gathering their lunch stuff each day (I still make their sandwiches in the am bc they don’t have time and I personally don’t like sandwiches from the night before!). We are on spring break and so far they have made their own lunches every day. They feed and water the cats and put away their own laundry. It takes SO much off my plate!

  • Jessica says:

    Thank you for the encouraging post! I have often thought of your posts like this as I tackle the laundry, food prep, and cleanup with my three girls. My oldest is 6 and I’m getting a taste of what you’re talking about.

  • Jennie says:

    And then they ask for keys and help filling out a college application. It’s a bittersweet process. But I wouldn’t miss it for anything!

  • Gary Armour says:

    Last week I spent the day with my almost 17 y/o grandson, mostly just hanging out together, having lunch at a park, and getting to know each other. I couldn’t help remembering that day in May of 1999 when I held him on my lap the first time and we rocked in a rocking chair. My how the time flies!

    As I dropped him off that afternoon he asked if we could do it again this week! I proposed an activity together this Friday and he responded with eagerness, looking forward to the time together. His working mom is single, dad remarried and living 250 miles away, and no mature male in his life. I thank God he wants to spend time with his old “Grampy”. Soon he’ll be gone, starting a life of his own. How sad, yet wonderful life is!

    • Gary Armour says:

      P.S. It’s fun to watch your young ones grow, Crystal. They are precious young souls and they will bless you one day with children of their own!

    • Brandette W. says:

      Ahh, I love the “grampy” reference. I was the first grandchild and named my grandfather Grampie. Your post made me smile and feel so happy. We lost our Grampy 11 years ago already. Thank you so much for this happy reminder.

  • Tina says:

    I had a “whoa” moment the other day… Last September, Mini met one of her newest cousins. Baby Cousin was about 2m old at the time. I took a pic of them then and another this past weekend. Baby Cousin is HUGE now (she’s a chubby cherub!) but Mini has just aged. She looked so grown up! I couldn’t believe it. She’s going to be 9 in June and she’s losing that “little girl” look and becoming more independent by the day. 🙁

  • Mary says:

    thank you for that encouragement! I have 3 littles, and just changed diaper-mishap sheets:) so it’s nice to hear. looks like you’re doing a great job w your kids!

  • Joanne says:

    I’m impressed by how perfect her burritos look! She’s probably a better cook than many adults

  • Theresa says:

    Two days stand out in my mind. The day that I no longer needed to carry a diaper bag, and the day I stopped subscribing to “Family Fun” magazine! Mine are all grown and gone now – my youngest (20) just moved out of state last month. It seems as if the little stage will last forever, and then all of a sudden, it’s just over. Definitely bittersweet, but the Grandparent stage is lovely. 🙂

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