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That Day I Was The Mom Who Forgot To Bring Snacks

That Day I Was the Mom Who Forgot To Bring Snacks

Last Saturday, in the last few minutes of Silas’ baseball game, I heard one of his teammates say something about the snacks after the game. And my heart skipped a beat… Because I suddenly remembered that Jesse had told me the week before that he’d signed us up for snacks that day — and I had completely forgotten to put it on the calendar or buy the promised snacks!!

It was one of those Worst Mom Ever Moments. Not only did I let all those little boys down, but I was sure I had completely embarrassed my son, most of all.

I started telling myself all sorts of things about how I was probably the only mom who had ever forgotten she was on snack duty. I started beating myself up for failing, yet again, to get my act together. And I just felt shame and guilt and failure.

Jesse was so encouraging and told me that it was his fault for forgetting to put it on the calendar. Which was kind of him, but I still I dreaded having to apologize to my son for being The Mom Who Forgot The Snacks.

When I apologized, however, Silas shocked me by smiling and saying, “It’s okay, Mom! I should have remembered to remind you and I totally forgot, too!”

And just like that, I realized how we can often beat ourselves up and make up stories in our head about how we’re such failures and how everyone must be so disappointed in us… When usually, the stories are entirely fabricated between our own two ears.

Moms, give yourself grace. And if yesterday was rough, know that today is a new day! We’re in this together, we all have our struggles, and we’re all going to mess up.

That’s why there’s this thing called grace — even for The Mom Who Forgets to Bring Snacks.

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  • Deanna says:

    Oh man – I’ve been there! I was snack mom and working mom for my sons preschool class last year. I just flat out forgot. Luckily one of the moms covered snacks for me but I still felt awful. I think it happens to everyone once in awhile. It was a humbling experience.

  • Ashley says:

    That was me this past Saturday too! I completely forgot snacks for my son’s soccer team. I didn’t even think of it until the end of the game. I felt bad, but decided to just quickly leave so that the guilt didn’t have time to set in when all the kids started asking for snacks! lol “Let’s go son, Mommy forgot snacks!”

  • Robin says:

    This was me last soccer season! It’s the worst feeling, but it happens. I made up for it the next week with really awesome snacks and the boys were SO excited for double snacks 🙂

  • Julie says:

    I’ve been that mom a few times. Luckily our ballpark has a concession stand and I quickly bought snow cones for everyone after the game!

  • Carol says:

    My son wrestled – no team snacks! Everyone feeds themselves!! Hallellujah! With allergies, some being vegan, some being GF, and some just wanting to be “super healthy” I’m surprised this practice continues.

    • Carol says:

      I thoroughly agree! My son wrestled – no team snacks!!! Yay!! I, too, am surprised that this practice continues as you said.

  • Briana says:

    I did this yesterday and have been feeling guilt and shame ever since. It actually kept me up for part of the night last night thinking about it!! I was so embarrassed and felt terrible and all the little boys started asking where their snack was. So I apologized profusely and now I’m planning on bringing all the kids something special next week to make up for it. Let me tell you how happy this makes me that I found out this is not the only time this is happened. And that other mothers have done this as well! Nobody’s perfect!! So glad to hear I’m not alone.

  • That is so sweet! This story tells me a lot more about how good of a mom you are, that your son was gracious, cared for you, and was willing to take personal responsibility for his part. Keep it up, mama!

    Also, I *almost* forgot once as well. It hit me as we were leaving for practice and I remember having a major freakout moment about the possibility of forgetting entirely. I’m glad our current teams have given up the snacks, as they are usually very unhealthy and unnecessary, doing more harm than good.

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