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Clutter-Busting Challenge Day #6: Today’s 10 items

Every week day in May, I’m challenging my readers to try to find at least 7 things to get rid of. These can be big or small things, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you actually throw them out, sell them, donate them, recycle them, or find someone else who can use them. Think you’re up for the challenge?

I took the girls out this afternoon for a Girls’ Afternoon Out together, so I didn’t get around to my clutter-busting until later today. But we had such a fun time together, so it was totally worth being a little behind on my to-do list!

I cleaned out the bookshelves and pantry in the basement today, as well as the junk drawer in the kitchen. I worked ahead since I’ll be in Pennsylvania the next two days. So you’ll have to wait to see what all I found to get rid of in my posts tomorrow and Friday. 🙂

Today’s things I got rid of:

  • 5 books
  • 5 miscellaneous pen parts found in the junk drawer

How did your clutter-busting go today? Link up your blog post and/or Instagram pictures below. Or, leave a comment telling us how many things you got rid of. Let’s clear our homes of clutter so we can be more productive and efficient!

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  • Sharla says:

    I really want to thank you for starting this. The clutter in my house was so overwhelming for me that I just didn’t know where to start. The fact that this challenge is only 7 items a day makes it feel achievable for me so I haven’t felt the urge to quit or that feeling of “why bother trying?”. I’m hoping that by doing this every day this month and having to do it because I am now accountable to my blog readers, it will create a habit for me that will continue beyond May.

  • Jessica says:

    3 placemats (donate)
    2 placemats (trash)
    cat toothpaste (trash)
    2 pairs womens pj pants (donate)
    woman’s long-sleeve t-shirt (donate)
    4 books (sell)

  • Carla says:

    1-3 We got rid of three knick knacks from our living room today. A real relief to have these gone, out of the house. I never liked them from day one.
    4. Old sponge went in the trash
    5. Cross wall hanging- donation bag
    6-7. Disposable table cloths- donating to church tomorrow.

    I may spend some time tonight to find other things, but did my 7 for today.

  • Marie says:

    I am continuing my way through my season switch over of children’s clothes. My youngest is two and I am letting go of all my children’s clothes up to her size. I have held onto everything with hopes of more children but am now ready to let go. We have three miracles and 4 in heaven. So the reason I am finding soo much stuff is because I haven’t really let go of the clothes until now.
    I have 37 items for garage sale and 43 for consignment. It’s bitter sweet letting it go but my oldest are 6 years old.

  • Amanda says:

    I haven’t taken the first picture but we have been decluttering too. I also have sold some things on eBay! yay! Donated plenty and mailed in some things to Thred Up. I enjoy seeing the pictures that you and the other participants. Keep up the good work.

  • I didn’t update my blog yet, but we went through the kids’ closets. 4 kids. 4 hours later we got rid of 4 bags of clothes, had 2 bags of trash, and a pile of things to put in the “for the younger sibling” bin.

    I don’t have a got-rid-of-number. Maybe 100 if you count the individual socks 😉 ?


  • Amy says:

    We were out of town this weekend visiting my mother-in-law and attending a wedding, when on Sunday my husband unexpectedly had to “de-clutter” his appendix! We got home a day later than planned and much hasn’t been done around the house. But, my husband feels better than he has in weeks so hopefully we will get much done!

  • Tracy says:

    We donated a ton of stuff today. Made me feel so good about getting things out of our apt that we don’t use or need anymore. We ended up donating the following items:

    A wedding album
    2 makeup bags
    A bag of women’s disposable underwear (got free never planned to use)
    A girls diaper bag
    Several baby clothes that was not my style
    Kids puzzle
    Easter decorations
    Unused CD’s
    Several pairs of scrubs
    2 books

    They was a couple other things just can’t remember. We also donated 3 bags of food from our pantry that we’ve gotten cheap or free that we would never used, to the local food bank. It feels so great cleaning out our apt making room for our new baby and getting ready for summer to arrive!

  • Shelly says:

    I found some more paper clutter to get rid of along with some parts of toys that have long been gone from our home. Another day down and less clutter in my home, I am loving this challenge.

  • Merry Jo says:

    I’m going to be at the CHAP convention too! And I was so excited to see that you’ll be there! Safe travels, and I hope to meet you “for real.” 🙂

  • Patty says:

    I clean out clutter on a daily basis (as I clean) so I thought this challenge wouldn’t apply to me. Yesterday our sink sprung a leak and a lot of items are soaked. I decided to throw away a kitchen mat and two vases (not sure why I have so many since I only use them once or twice a year). Thanks crystal!

  • This morning my girls were complaining about their clothes to wear and I decided to use it as an opportunity to get rid of more clutter. I told my kids if they were sure they would not wear it I would get rid of it. It worked great. They each gave me two items and I found a few more from my closet.

  • Dallas says:

    I love this challenge! Here’s my big pile of stuff I’ve gotten rid of the past week:

  • Melissa says:

    I didn’t identify anything new to get rid of yesterday BUT…I did take a bunch of items previously designated to the ‘sell’ box to the second hand bookstore to see what they would purchase. I got $18 for my efforts. Not bad for unwanted clutter! 🙂 We splurged with that money and got our favorite locally owned carry out for dinner and had $0.75 or so left over. yay! 🙂

    I also loaded up the car with all the ‘donate’ boxes but those will be dropped off tonight. There was a bad traffic accident on the road that leads to the thrift store yesterday so it was better to wait to brave that journey until today.

  • Allison says:

    recycled some empty containers from my dog’s medicine and some old papers
    threw out a broken hair tie and a sock

  • Viki says:

    I’m not sure if I made it right, just wanted to share my link -I write a much more smaller blog and it’s Hungarian, and this post, and the Clutter-Busting Challenge made a lot change in my life and wanted to thank this and share that there are reader’s from Hungary and so good you posted this, thank you! 🙂

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